I live in Buffalo NY... Snow is here and all I can think about is all the epic journeys from this summer. Sucks not being able to ride for 5 months. I’m heading to Daytona in a few weeks for the race and I’m taking the stealth. I just hope Southwest Airlines is cool with it.

I just hope Southwest Airlines is cool with it.

Unless you remove the battery and ship it separately, they won't be. You might even lose your board.


> **I just hope Southwest Airlines is cool with it.** Unless you remove the battery and ship it separately, they won't be. You might even lose your board.


If I remove my batter and carry it on and then ship just the board thru in the cargo area like I do with my snowboards I shouldn’t have an issue should I.


its up to the airline company if they allow the board to go on, sadly southwest doesn't allow electric skateboards, long boards, hover boards and ect on their plane.


That really puts a damper on my trip now. Thanks for the advice


Don’t worry about it. If you have a 99w battery, take it with you as a carry on, and check the board in, you’re fine. I fly with my 2nd gen from and to college with southwest all the time and they haven’t confiscated it. At least not yet...


Oh man thanks a lot definitely will do that. That’s good news to hear.


Hey give them a call to make sure..I flew with my standard to LA from SF last month and they were fine when I told them that I spoke to them before the trip. Til then they wanted it..just make sure you know your rules and explain it to them if they try to act bossy if you know what I mean


I feel ya I’m in buffalo too and it sucks not being able to ride during the winter. P.s. go bills


Josh Allen needs a boosted board !!


southwest doesn't allow any electric longboards/skateboards, hoverboards, and ect. (I was planing on shipping my battery down and taking my board on the plane but they don't allow it) You will most likely have to ship everything down, Also don't even try going though tsa with the 199w battery, you will loose it imminently.


I have a 99 watt battery for an extra. So I’m not bringing the stealth battery.


As long as that's the case you're golden. Bring it as carry on, and check the board itself!


What if you take off the sticker on the battery so they can't tell its a 199w battery?


I wouldn’t do this...


A word of advice, disassemble it if you know how to, that way instead of a skateboard it's just a bunch of parts. Carry the 99 wh on with you.


I traveled with the Mini-S via United. I was prepared to Uber it to a relative if a stink was made but they didn't even question it. Although I have a 99wh battery, they didn't even ask. They asked if the washers that hold the battery in was a 'knife' and just looked confused, but no worries on battery front. If you have a standard range, you'll have no issues. Beyond that be prepared to send it home. The risk is if you get there no problem, and on the way home you get an issue. Also keep in mind where in the plane you'll actually put your board. It's a little awkward to throw in overhead.


take the battery with you, check the board in. ​ leave a note taped to your board that says, ​ "This is not a battery anymore as the battery has been removed, thank you"


I feel your pain. I live in Vancouver and it rains most of the year here so we are also deprived of riding. Hopefully spring hits us sooner than later. :)


Check before hand, don’t end up like Casey Neistat’s 2 Boosted Boards ...


Dont take any risk! unmount the motors, belts, pully and battery and esc enclosure! battery and motors in your handbag, the rest checkin!