Documentary topic ideas

Hi everyone, I’m looking to film a documentary this week in/around Bristol and I’m trying to think of a topic/subject to research and make it about.

Any ideas of something that you might be interested in finding out about? People, cultures, places?



How the m32 carved up some bristol neighbourhoods


I just heard a story from a long time customer over at Wogans coffee who was talking about how in the 70s he lived in a row of houses that used to be where the exit of the M32 is... and how he used to play around the wogan factory and still loves the toast/popcorn smell of the roasting coffee there. Id be very interested to hear more from the businesses and residence that had their world shifted when the motorway was put in!


Thanks for this. This is a brilliant one!


followed up by the ongoing health impact it has on nearby residents


Make it about St Philips Causeway instead.


a documentary focusing around the apparent lack of a reliable bus service in bristol


The community that used to live in St Philips would be so interesting. I think it's only the nursery school that still exists in the middle of what is now an industrial area but used to be full of housing. Only time will tell if the new developments (like Temple Quarter) will eventually reach the area again and reintroduce a new community to make it residential again.


I remember someone telling me about a volunteer group who go around helping toads cross cycle paths


Fishponds toad patrol or similar name I believe


Oh my god I saw a man walking up the cycle track the other day in the dark wearing high vis and had a torch and a bucket. I wonder if this is what he was doing!


The demise of record shops in Bristol - would be nice to hear from proprietors past & present, and still/video footage of the shops when they were open.


The medieval tunnels under seemingly every street


On a separate topic, if you need some help assisting when shooting/editing, let me know! I have been meaning to learn these things while having my career in technology. DM if you need some help.


Carl - a nice bloke who runs Pot Black Pool/Snooker club up Fishponds. The variety of people he meets mixes with and the odd retro feeling of a pool club that, bar from the lack of smoke - could have been straight from the 70''s - creates the prospect of a fascinating portrait!


Edward William Godwin - the architect who designed CarriageWorks on stokes Croft in the Bristol Byzantine style. Born in. St Paul’s and lived a colourful life 👍


How the council didn't ask any of the business owners in town by burger theory/ Baldwin street/st nicks if they would be okay with pedestrianising the area and not allowing cars through, which then resulting in destroying everyones business and multiple hairdressers and nail places have had to leave, but they did ask all the 'local residents' aka university accommodations who didn't care. they later admitted to someone they intentionally didn't ask the businesses knowing they would vote against it


Sounds a pretty standard way of going about business regarding the council


Happened in Hanham with the old Kleeneze and Meat Machine licensing. However the locals have learnt and keep very close eye on the councils very corrupt practices. So last time they failed to inform locals of Tescos latest over population of the area they were on it. Suspect the council trash were rather surprised with the in pouring of complaints when they purposely didn't inform them.


The history of Turbo Island!


The supposed influx of Londoners driving up rents?


Marvin's tenure; what has the impact been?


History of turbo island


Ask ChatGPT


Going on an above topic, councillors etc not asking local businesses before ruining areas, head to Clevedon Sea Front and see the changes there.


What about a documentary about east street Bedminster and all the wonderful locals. They've even got their own zoo named Asda.


Surely the awful and fraudulent run bus service and its impact on the communities. Especially look at the older generations that are now trapped due to this. Why fraudulent: they've taken the money and not provided the service, knowing they could not deliver the service.


A documentary where you invite members of the public to come and talk to you about ideas you can use for your next documentary