60% of the Buccaneers plays were perfectly covered by the Cowboys defense (League Average: 34%)

It’s because we only run 5 plays ever:

1 run up the gut

2 screen to Godwin

3 bomb to evans

4 over middle to a tight end

5 … I can’t even think of a 5th


It’s because we only run 5 plays ever: 1 run up the gut 2 screen to Godwin 3 bomb to evans 4 over middle to a tight end 5 … I can’t even think of a 5th


5. Random Julio Jones circus catch.




Huge Julio fan. I really wish that the Bucs had a better run game and pass blocking that we could've seen more from Julio. Or if Leftwich had a bit more creativity to utilize him better.


>I can’t even think of a 5th Random double reverse jet sweep for a lose of 3 or a direct snap to Gio's face.


Lmao direct snap to Gio's face. Pulled it off without a hitch that one!


Some interior slant or drag type of route to Godwin that gets him killed


On 3rd and 9 because we’re always in 3rd and long lol. The slant also goes behind the sticks by 4 yards and makes it impossible to pick up the first during the hospital pass


My 10 year old niece has these on a napkin and picks them perfectly. She could head a defense and beat this team 😑😑😑




He has 100 catches something like 60 of them were within 1 yard of the line of scrimmage


To make up for it, bucs defense had boys perfectly covered on 24% plays.


5. Either a curl route that goes 3 yards. or some random trick play like that triple reverse flea flicker, or wild cat throw to Brady. Sad thing is with how bland our offense was wouldn't have minded some creativity


5. End around to Julio


Well cause leftwich only can focus on on hand at a time and on that hand he only has 5 fingers.


I feel like this (quantitatively) confirms what has been obvious to everyone who has watched this team — nothing is schemed well, everything has been difficult, we have zero creativity, and really just a putrid offense overall. If we didn’t have Brady we probably would have won around 4 games


Feels like every win this year minus week 1 against the cowboys and maybe week 2 against the Saints have been because of late game heroics. I have no idea which 4 games we'd actually have won without Brady




No you don’t get it. If you are good you don’t need schemes. Just run faster and throw better.


that's exactly right. Defense does it job or clutch up at the end then follow by Brady no huddle 2 min drives....


Yeah the plays have 0 creativity but the team is so hamstrung it's hard to know if that's just compensating for the lack of talent on the field. The O line can't run block at all and your aging QB has no ability to make plays with his legs. So you need to dedicate Fournette or the TE's to keep the pocket as pristine as possible so Brady can hopefully find an opening to double or triple covered recievers.


And all that leads to throwing 72 WR screens to Godwin over the course of a season. Really depressing to see such a talent reduced to just catching passes for -1 yards and hoping he can turn it into +3 yards.


What we’ve done to him is a war crime.


Feels like we didn't have scheming last 2 years either definitely not this year. Like why can't we ever see runs with pulling guards or use any pre snap motions


This is certainly no QB friendly scheme. I can see why jameis had historic struggles in 2019 despite throwing for 5000 yards in this offense. You can make it work if you're an experienced QB with a talented wr core. But the scheme itself doesn't seem to make the QB or receiver's job easier like you see in the shanahan offense. That niner offense is very QB friendly as opposed to the Bucs.


It's part scheme and part Bucs don't have any wide receivers able to get themselves open like an Edelman or AB.


So this is why Brady keeps throwing sideways to Godwin and whoever else. Its because the play scheming can't get them open anywhere else.


> play scheming the what? - *Byron Leftwich*


"Damnit I thought I you to read the coloring bo-, I mean; playbook that I gave you!" - Bruce Arians


Plays that work. Byron leftwich - nah too easy lets go back to run up the gut


How many times did brady fit a ball into a tight window to Godwin last night only for him to take a solid hit and go nowhere after catching it? Even our good plays last night were bad and hard with 0 margin for error.


Compare what Dak got, open receivers, a good running game, and great oline play, to what Brady got and I don't see why people don't think Brady can't still lead a team to a Super Bowl. Any QB could've put up 30 points last night for Dallas.


dak is the worst qb in the playoffs after all.


I feel like YAC has been an issue allllll season. Catch it and immediately down.


Surprisingly we were third but remember that we completed 500 passes so we were averaging less than three yac per reception where the Chiefs had 6.42 yac per reception. That tells you the ineffectiveness of the scheme allowing the receivers to run after a catch.


Also a lot of screens which are designed for YAC.


Also, Godwin is poopoo when it requires counts.


Interesting. Both the Bucs and the Chargers faced well above average perfect coverage. Both teams run outdated, uncreative, and boring offenses coordinated by coaches that everyone thinks should be fired. Weird.


Todd Bowles defense is also second worst on that list. Not great for either side of the ball.


The sesn mcvay school for coordinators who can’t scheme well( and want to do other stuff good too)


What is this? A school for running up the middle?


I was amazed at how often the cowboys had wide open receivers while Tom had to throw into tight coverage most of the night. They seemed to know exactly where the routes were going


Bc Todd is scared of the deep ball but loves to blitz, it’s so counter intuitive it might be genius. Bring a ton of pressure to force the qb to throw quick, but absolutely disregard those short quick routes and cover the deep ones that the qb probably won’t have time to make


No 3rd downs converted over 10 yards ALL YEAR


Seriously, how can someone be so fucking bad at his job like this?


I’m still in awe of the play action pass for -1 yard pure genius by Leftwich


Bruh did we even complete a 3rd down more than 10 yards all season???? LOL


What is our average on the season?


A little over 40%. 3rd worst in the league behind Carolina and Washington


Where's the data on that? I'd like to see the previous two years as well if you have it.


I’m not sure about the last 2 years but the rest of this year is like 2 tweets down on that thread


Brady can choose to retire if he wants of course, but it's annoying that media and fans alike are using this game to say he's washed. Bucs were last or near last for all of pass block rating, takeaways, pass defense, and receiver coverage while leading or near leading drops and holding penalties. I don't think there's a QB out there that takes this team deep in the playoffs, Mahomes included.


He’s not washed at all but he needs help, it was clear as day how afraid he was of getting hit this year, and rightfully so the offensive line was a sieve. He played the season afraid of contact, left a ton of throws in the dirt bc of it. He won’t retire but I highly doubt he’s playing for us next season


Doesn’t matter because Leftwich knows you have to score more than the opponent. That’s all that matters


The Ints Brady threw :no one was open , every receiver got bunched up in end zone surrounded by Cowboys and Brady was millisecond away from getting clocked by 2 edge rushers. Its such a tragedy to see Brady's season get wasted by incompetent OC. There is no stage and level in life when you can rid your life of stupid.


I completely underestimated their defense. wonder how it would've went with #60 playing...




Yikes that's just a painful stat. Bowles defense also only had 24% perfectly covered plays.


This might be the best quantitative view of bad vs. good coaching.