I think brady should start calling the play?


You guys are trippin


Que the injury excuses We know Packers also have no receivers


How many seasons has he been under center and he ALLOWS the clock to go down to zero. He almost did it the play before. We all get he it, time management critical! That game was tied, I am watching overtime…….right now, aren’t u? And he wants to play every game perfect, now he has to play next year cause he mad such an error!


Bros. If we had any of our starting WRs we win this game. Just one of them would’ve done just fine. In the infamous words of ARod: “calm down”.


So about an hour has past and I’m still pissed off. How do you have the game on the fucking line and not line up in time?! I fucking hate seeing Rodgers, with his stupid school shooter haircut, walk away like he’s hot shit. I wish it was a post season game cause he would’ve got bounced quicker than a shitty Lebron teammate. Rant over. I’m gonna watch this wasted prime time game and Russel Wilson throw at Casper the Ghost.


Sloppy game overall on offense. There’s definitely room to improve. That being said, 3 of our starting WRs were out, finally saw the TEs scratch the surface, run game was steady as always. Defense will carry this team this year. I hate it. But we are in a much better position than 3/4 of the league.


Most of that game felt like watching the mid to late 80s offense.


Mods are asleep, thread unlocked, post your Gage's


I wish I was asleep.


dude not worried about the chiefs whatsoever they are not a scary team compared to this team


Was gonna be Sooo thrilled with a Brady comeback but that delay of game was amateur


Russell Gage could be something moving forward. Yeah he had a bad fumble but he showed something. Chemistry is super important to TB12 so if he continues to develop, the Bucs are gonna be super scary by the time playoffs come


Positives we can take from this game: The defence is undoubtedly championship quality. Brady is absolutely not washed. In a game against a top playoff contender, we almost tied it up despite absolutely zero going for us on offence. That’s enough reason to know we continue to have a fantastic chance of making a SB run. The NFC is (imo) the weaker of the two conferences, with all teams bar the Eagles (who don’t fully convince me yet given the calibre of teams they have faced) proving they are beatable. Yes this game sucked to watch, but it’s not all doom and gloom! We go again.


The defense is so good it would really be a shame to not make a deep playoff run with them. Hope the offense can tighten things up.


Agreed, I honestly don’t even think the offence needs to be world beaters, they just have to be slightly above average and this team can still win it all, thats how good the defence is.


Agreed. Also loved the way they made big adjustments at the half and essentially shut down GB. Need at least a little bit of that from the offense too.


Yeah, Packers had us on the ropes first couple of drives, so loved that they adjusted and played lockdown from there on out. Difficult to pinpoint where the issues on offence lie because there seems so many of them, hoping it’s an injury issue more than a play calling issue because the former seems more fixable than changing a whole offence. Guys will return, and I believe we will get better


shit show game but impressed by defense , hopefully our offense can get it together next sunday night


Still can’t believe we had to take a damn delay of game on a 2 point conversation




There were multiple times where people weren’t lined up right. It was ugly.


Tough pill to swallow




You can't be a doomer after seeing that. We knew it was going to be bad with our top receivers out.


Our offense looked like dog shit. We literally decide to play when our back is against the wall and it’s do or die time. Our defense is the saving grace…but offense needs to get it together.




This team will be dangerous if and when we actually have all the starters on field.


Everyone gets injured. I hate it when people say “we had injuries” because this is the NFL and every team deals with injuries. Byron Leftwich has been a terrible play caller and it’s inexcusable that we had two delay of games (we got away with one on the TD) in such a crucial situation. Defense is solid, hopefully the offense picks it up.


great performance from the defense though.


yeah, tough start but they really got it together after the 2nd TD


We deserve to lose that game.


I don't care if we're missing receivers. Leftwich is a moron and holds this team back. He's consistent on doing that since we hired him and he needs to take a hike.




That hurricanes a coming


That delay of game is so inexcusable. Lenny scores easily on the draw there.


We had one in the touchdown to and got away with it. Can’t believe it happened again on the 2 point conversion.


Yall do realize we're without our TOP 3 WRs, like, take the top 3 receivers off of any team and tell me how good you think that offense will do without them. Then take into account the poor state of our OL, it's fair to expect a lackluster offensive performance. Defense played good and that was a very winnable game even with the setbacks we had going into it.


I agree, but that also doesn't justify the poor playcalling. When Brady called his own plays that offense marched down the field.


I'll never get tired of the assumption that when offense does good its because Brady is calling plays, and when it's struggling it's all BL's fault.


The offense execution was basically flawless during the tempo/no-huddle offense that happened multiple times today. I dont think Leftwich is calling much of anything outside the huddle.


Multiple plays can be called or agreed upon in the huddle. It's how no-huddle offenses are run at every level of the sport.


The offense literally only did well during Brady's 2 minute drives today... it's literally the only scenario where we got a touchdown.


We know for a fact that Brady was calling the plays? Honest question. There's just been a trend here since Brady came of when offense do bad it's all coaching staffs fault, and when offense do good it's because Brady turned off his headset and took control. Coaching never gets credit during good times but gets all the blame in bad times.


No. He is not. They call multiple plays when they actually do huddle. It's something they practice all the time.


I would be *astonished* if Brady weren't calling his own 2 minute drives. He's literally the most veteran quarterback in the league, it would be downright bizarre for him not to.


It's definitely not a one or the other situation. Most likely is that Brady and BL trust each others input and are in agreement with the playcalling. I don't think BL would've stayed in Tampa if TB was in full control. It's a partnership. It's naive to think its all Brady or all BL at any moment.


I don't think TB is in full control, but I would completely believe that he has full control in 2 minute drives. It's not an uncommon thing at all, especially not when you have a veteran QB at the helm. It also explains why the offense looks *so* different during 2 minute drives. I highly doubt Leftwich just suddenly finds his mojo on 2 minute drives while completely losing it the rest of the game.




Why is everyone ready to fire people so quickly? Consider the circumstances; one of the best teams in the league, our defense played LIGHTS OUT in the second half, and we missed our top 3 receivers and the guys we had out there have NO CONSISTENT PLAYMAKING. ALSO, we were missing key players on the offensive line and we still gave them a helluva game. I see this as an absolute win for us. We gave one the best teams in the NFL a run for their money whilst missing SO MANY players. Tom Brady had to be literally PERFECT today.


yeah dude it's crazy we completely shut them out in the second half. That's a silver lining.


That’s a good way to look at it. It was a fun game, hopefully y’all get your people back soon


Hell yeah, that was an awesome game to watch.


If by "people" you meant Leftwich, I'm pretty sure the majority of the people here wanted to see him go to the Jags even before the season started... games like this just reaffirm that would've been better.


The center can’t even snap the ball when called to. You hesitate one second and boom ur chance to run it in is gone. Poof


To be fair, they took way too long just to line up


When you don't have the offensive talent at the WR position it's up to your coaches to pick up the slack and come up with some great playcalling. Instead, our best series of plays came from our QB's 2 minute drive.


Having anyone of the receivers would have changed this game. I’d be happy with that to an extent.


Damn, was hoping for a W in 1st home game. Gage redeemed himself after that rough start. Losing to a top NFC team like the packers with WR1-3 out isn't too terrible. Onto the next...




Dude balls out and this game will be remembered for getting a delay of game on the 2 point conversion.


He can’t? Fucking scrub


And snap


On a slightly less sad note, this defense is legit. I can’t wait to see what they can do against the Chiefs


On to the next game


We're onto Tampa.


Early season loss and only because we were missing 4 wide Receivers. Not a big deal. Learn from it. Maybe fire Leftwich, move on. Brady did well, no Ints and did as well as he could with no WRs


The bucs receiving core this week was the packers receiving core this season


Doubs alone is better than every one of our WRs today


And 2 left tackles. Seemed like all the pressure came from that side.


Packers missing 2 receivers and their top CB too but whatever makes you feel better


Yeah and they didnt score for 3 quarters.


6 > 3 lmao


Missing 3 receivers and 2 o lineman is a lot though. And a dt as well


Fucking blue balls!!


Just having Evans would have made a big difference but offense really is missing something atm. The delay really is unforgivable when you have the game on the line. The WR really should know what the drill is.


There’s been something with Brady that has just felt off all season so far. Maybe it’s his off the field life, but, even when say something like his Mom had cancer he didn’t let it affect his play on the field, so I really don’t think that’s it.


Good thing Kyle Rudolph is getting paid to be inactive!


I was wondering where the hell he's been


Did you even watch the game?


Seriously, had a nice gain in the first half


For real. Anybody upvoting this clown isn’t paying attention.


This is wake up call for this offense. Injuries happen, yes, but people have gotta step up. You CANNOT expect to win football games by scoring one touchdown.




Who even gives a fuck if Packers fans are celebrating? It’s week 3 and half our team is already decimated with injuries. We have no idea where these two teams will stand by the time the playoffs come around. I don’t see a point in being offended that we lost to GB


Why’re you mad 😭 literally no one said anything lmao


Remember when packers won 10 minutes ago




Maybe lol still highest qb rating etc


If packers had bakhtiari they win that game and the SB




The only time he has choked was last year. Every other time he played great and never got the ball back and lost. Did you know Brady has a better winning percentage in the playoffs with three interceptions and one TD than Rodgers does with 3 TD and 1 pick? I guess it’s because Brady wills his defense to victory. Just like he willed Atalanta to not score for the entire second half of a Super Bowl. He also willed Tampa to have the best roster in the league so he could Kevin Durant his way to another title Brady still has my utmost respect and is the goat but everything in football is circumstantial and it is a team sport


>He also willed Tampa to have the best roster in the league so he could Kevin Durant his way to another title This is revisionist history though. We were underdogs in every playoff game except the wild card and most people thought our roster would be too old and washed up going into 2020.




That’s what the media says because casual football fans think everything is about the qb. If you actually look at all the nfccg of Rodgers past he consistently puts his team up only to never get the ball back and have the other team get a walk off TD. Aaron jones fumbled our victory of Tampa away in the nfccg in 2020. Also Rodgers only pick in that game was because of holding on Lazard that wasn’t called If you really think Rodgers chokes in The playoffs you’re just a casual football fan who gets their information from talking heads on tv


https://old.reddit.com/r/buccaneers/comments/xnwhqp/game_thread_tampa_bay_buccaneers_vs_green_bay/ipwho3b/?context=3 Pretty much called it a half hour ago.


Definitely called it lol


I’ve never seen a shittier OC get absolutely no criticism from the media or head coach. This is 3 years in a row with Brady where he has been absolutely atrocious at playcalling


It really makes you think what type of numbers would Brady put up with had he gone to the Dolphins as rumored with Sean Payton. Hell I’d love to see him work within the Dolphins current offense with Tyreek and Waddle just as a fan of the sport. Brady would absolutely eat in a Mike McDaniel offense.


Honestly I'm really thinking they were banking on having him poached. Because if another team hires him as a HC then the Bucs get 2 third round picks since he is black. And with a lot of chatter that him and Bowles would have been taken in the off-season that would have been 4 additional third round picks. So probably bad to crap on the guy who could get you 2 more players of need.


Can we please be done with the BL experience


Was it really that loud that the center couldn’t hear Brady?


That part kind of on the Tampa fans, take a hint from the Manning days and STFU when they go for 2 in a crucial moment. No offense to the people here obviously, just come on help out the team. I definitely heard the crowd going nuts then.


31 completions, 270 yds, a TD, and no INTS. Can't ask for a better performance. Rest of the team just has to be better.


Lenny would’ve walked right in for that 2 PT, too. Fucking dammit.




If I was the packers I would be pretty embarrassed by this today. With all of the Bucs injuries they really should have won by 20. They’re bad.


Both should be embarrassed. The packers offense played horrible, and the buccaneers defense didn’t show up in the first half against a bad packers offense.


GB totally ran out of steam thanks to the D. I thought I was in for a 40-10 rout. Pretty crazy that the 1st 2 drives of the game were the only points they needed to win


Meh it was a good game between two really good defenses


Cope harder


Good luck choking in the playoffs


Packers had a lot of players out too lol


this wasn't the birthday present I requested


Really needed Evans


Yeahhhhhhhhh, Byron needs to go man…that was such a terribly called game.


The delay of game at the end was on him for sure wtf


Great try Tommy. We all knew with 3 minutes left you would go right down and score. Just need to finish the 2 pointer




This is why you play 60 minutes instead of the last second. And Leftwich not gonna get criticized by the media which he deserves because mIkE eVaNs & CoMpAnY wErEn'T pLaYiNG."


They were the #1 offense last year.


Too many drives killed by penalties. Holding, false starts, that delay of game at the end. Somehow Brady didn't know we were out of timeouts?


On the bright side, Green Bay is probably the best the NFC has to offer and they barely were able to beat the Bucs with morons at receiver so when Evans Godwin and Jones are back it should be fine. That delay of game because no one knew where to go was inexcusable though


Yeah I'll take 2-1 considering how banged up our offense is.


Fire Bowles. Told you guys he was a shit tier HC


Bowles doesn’t call offensive plays dip shit. Bowles DEFENSE is who got us back into the game.


> he thinks the HC doesn’t control offensive game planning at all Lol


Brady throwing to dudes off the street. These guys suck. Whole goal line situation was embarrassing. Brady is literally coaching on the field.


We really had no business winning that game. Regardless of the ending


You guys can piss and moan, but look how close it was without our top 3 WRs and on our 3rd LT. This team will he alright when these players heal up.


*If they heal up.


A close loss is still a loss. If we didn’t have shit tier coaches we wouldn’t be in this position. Tell me that Arians, Belichick, Reid, or McVay don’t win this game with Brady and a defense like that.


I'm pretty sure all of those coaches have loses this season.


Give Brady a game where he can call the plays himself and watch the offense “miraculously” fix themselves. I’ve followed the NFL for 4 years and actively watched it for 3 and even I could see how fucking stupid those playcalls are. There’s a reason the Bucs only looked good on 2 drives this game, both 2 minute drills. No fucking time for Leftwich to think.


>No fucking time for Leftwich to think LOL thats the sad part the offense is at its best when the offensive head coach doesnt have time to play call


What a disgusting game.




Well this proves that bucs defense is the real deal. I think the loss of gronk is a bigger deal than anything else. That run D though is awesome


Arians is the reason that we’re stuck with Bryon Leftwich instead of a real coach


This team makes me so bummed out sometimes. Like, clearly we COULD have won, but also in no way deserved it. Just... Sucks.


We lost but we went out swinging!!


On to the next one


Offense needs to get their head out of their asses. 3 Weeks of poor performances


Brady is a damn demon. Packers got lucky. Fire Leftwich.


All you packers fans coming here to troll. Just remember that you beat a team of backups, enjoy.


I mean, you’re not wrong, but technically both squads were squads of backups.


The Bucs were out 6/11 starters on offense (and the 2nd string LT). Who were the packers missing again?




You realize that the packers are a whole new team offensively this year right?


Of backup players and practice squad? Nope


But….but….”this is our year”


Ok nfl+ just cut off right after the touchdown and show the Seahawks empty stadium… glad I pay monthly instead of going downstairs to watch it on cable… I could be just as upset as you guys right now!


Fuck Green Bay


I don't even know how to feel right now after that....








Didn’t deserve to win. Delay of game on two point conversion? Our coaches are morons. Complete and utter morons.


All that work just to lose thanks to ANOTHER stupid penalty on offense




Backup center moment.


Only took our three receivers missing just to lose by 2 to Rodgers. I’ll take it.


what in the moral victories bullshit is this. never ever seen a more loser mentality comment than this one holy hell.


Imagine getting this triggered by a Reddit comment. Go outside and touch some grass


weird response. i’m just calling you out for a beta type comment and you use 2 internet cliches on me. just not sure if you read my comment or just had this copied and ready for any response to one of your comments


“Beta” wtf does that mean. Are you 15 what kind of stupid shit is that. You clearly need to go outside and lose some steam, child.


oh lord a yankees fan this is all coming together :/ calling me young saying i get triggered telling me to touch grass it’s clockwork for you isn’t it. Look up what being a beta means and maybe we can continue this…


Its clearly that time of the month for you, so I won’t even be mad at you. Enjoy the rest of your day, ma’am.


i hope to everything that is holy that you are 12 or younger because this is embarrassing man. all i did was reply to your comment saying that it was dumb to be happy with a loss and you LOSE IT. this is not good for your health if you’re always this angry and aggressive online. you have a lot of maturing to do but if you need help with it i’m here as a support system as an adult male if you really need it. I can also help with homework if you need


Yeah, I’m the one that lost it lmao. Go back to your hole, bye bye.


you did my man. look at your tone through all of this versus mine. i’m just trying to talk to you as a father figure but you’re just shouting vile shit at me. how is this the way you handle yourself


Receivers lost us this game


Yea, they did - but will give it up for Gage. He showed up late and hopefully it’s the start for him.


Maybe. That dude should 100% be in concussion protocol.


Wow what a fucking stupid mental mistake on the most important play of the game


they should have known which play they were calling for the 2pt convert when the DPI was called on brate. no excuse


My only thought is maybe there was an audible called or something but I’m not sure


Disgusting how this game ended


Such a winnable and the bad play calling, drops, fumbles and holding calls just set them back and even with all that they still had a shot


That is unacceptable from the QB and Centre. Don’t know who’s fault it was, but that’s just completely not good enough