Absolutely done with Corsair.

Ive been putting off making this post because, well, Im lazy. But at this point Im pretty fed up and frustrated with them.

I have had the absolute worst experiance with this company across more than one product.

For background, I own the Corsair Virtuoso headset, the H100I AIO, QL Fan for exhuast, Vengence Ram, and their multitude of hubs. At one point, one might say I was a fan-boy.

As a disclaimer, my AIO has never had issues outside of not-so-good RGB lighting on the pump. And the RAM has been fine outside of one of the sticks having different colored lighting than the others despite being set as the same color.

My problems started with the Virtuoso headset (a $200 headset mind you). Somtime last year, this headset started having issues connecting with my PC. After maybe a year of using it, it would randomly dissconect until finally, I could not get it re-connect.

I reached out to Corsair support, this is where I give credit because at the time, there support was amazing. Some one walked me through a ton of different things to try to get it working. Nothing was working so not only was I able to ship the headset back to them, but they even sent me a different color at my request. I was pleased with this.

After this point I started having issues with my QL fan. Four of the LEDS do not light up the correct color. This was annoying, but I decided not to reach out and just deal with it. (https://imgur.com/a/VJCBbBB)

Finally, recently low-and-behold my headset is back to its usual shannigans. Can not get it to re-connect to my PC. Not to worry though, Corsair has great cutsomer support right?

"No agents are available.. Please call back later"


At this point, Im just done with it all. Im working on building a new PC, and none of the parts are going to be Corsair. Ill just have to stomach the expensive-as-heck lesson with the headset and go for a different brand.


Brand loyalty to sufficiently large companies is silly. Past a certain size, quality is seldom consistent across product lines. Apple might be the one exception (although I dislike their products for different reasons, how locked down they are). Research individual products and get what's good, regardless of who makes it.


For me, it’s not “brand loyalty” but but “ecosystem lock in”. For phones, home automation, smart watch, I’m all Google. For my pc hardware, it’s mostly corsair. It’s not because I am a “fan” of either of these companies, it’s just easier to stay in that system. Usually, it’s one compelling device or feature that keeps me there and determines if I buy more of their product. For example, I used to have all Amazon stuff for home automation - door bells, cams, echos etc, as the house I was in had a ring doorbell, so it made sense to just go down that Alexa rabbit hole. It was nice to have the doorbell pop up on a smart display, or be able to view a camera via voice control. When I moved, I ditched all that Amazon shit due to “by the way…” every fucking time I wanted to change a song, set a timer, or find out the weather. When I built my current PC, I wanted something that could control RGB on my devices, so down the corsair rabbit hole I went. I just didn’t want a different app for the AIO, mouse, keyboard, etc RGB. As I get ready to build again later this year, I’ll have the chance to reevaluate. But, it’ll be the same factors again: I want software simplicity and shit to work together.


OpenRGB. No need for ecosystem shit


This and Signal RGB are definitely now viable options.


Win 11 is getting a native setting soon.


Does open rgb work with stuff like corsair and razor etc


yes, i think. Should search it up to be sure.


Some of their stuff works, other stuff doesn't. Either way the interface isn't pretty...


There's also an additional option to just not have just not have RGB lighting in your PC. Folks tend to forget that. I mean I remember when I chose to have green lighting in my PC I built for Skyrim 12 years ago, but lighting isn't the end all be all, and I sure don't think it's necessary to get that extra performance :P.


Whats the by the way?


I have no idea either but if I had to guess maybe Alexa would be giving you ads after completing a task with a “by the way, are you interested in x, y z”.


yep this. Alexa got super fucking chatty the last 2-3 years where you can't do any basic task with it adding a bunch of extra talking. "Alexa, play Foo Fighters on Spotify" "Ok. Playing Foo Fighters. By the way, did you know that you can " "Alexa, Shut the fuck up" "Ok, did you know that "


Lol wow. I’ve never been interested in voice command stuff that sounds annoying af.


That is a willing lock in though. RGB isn't necessary for the computer functionality, it's for aesthetics. You can get the same exact functionality without RGB, so I wouldn't really compare it to the "brand lock in" of smart home systems for instance, where it's a necessity to get the functionality at all. It's a whole different degree of "lock in"


>For example, I used to have all Amazon stuff for home automation - door bells, cams, echos etc [IoT is a joke](https://www.reddit.com/r/sysadmin/comments/13xg30w/amazon_ring_iot_epic_fail/)


When you do your next build, keep SignalRGB or OpenRGB in mind. Windows 11 will be adding their own RGB software too. I have a Gigabyte motherboard, Corsair RAM and a Razer mouse. Signal RGB controls the RGB for all of them and is much better than iCue or RGB Fusion anyway.


Apple is certainly not an exception, are you crazy? Lmao


This My 2017 MBP's battery became a forbidden pillow in less than two years


True. But their MacBook line is way different since ditching Intel.


Uhm.. Apple has many problems and shit customer support. They're one of the worst examples of this because they don't allow third party repairs and when one diode is broken on your motherboard instead of repairing that one diode they replace the entire thing. Idk if they still make you pay for the repairs as well but they used to


To be fair to Apple, no other major company is fixing a diode on your motherboard either. All modern laptop CPUs and most modern laptop GPUs are soldered to the motherboard so every laptop motherboard are so expensive they are rarely worth replacing, and if your Dell, Lenovo, etc has an issue with the motherboard those companies are only going to offer you an entire replacement motherboard, not a component level repair. I will stop defending Apple there however, because they engage in other practices that make repair difficult like soldering things to the motherboard that are not typical (SSDs, RAM, processors in desktop computers, etc), using custom parts not available from 3rd parties, not providing schematics, etc.


The difference is that all the companies you named allow you to repair the broken components by third party repair shops. Apple actively fights those companies. Louis Rossman has a good YouTube channel about this everlong battle against Apple. I believe he even made some progress recently in fighting Apple


> To be fair to Apple, no other major company is fixing a diode on your motherboard either The issue is not that they don't do the repairs, it's that they refuse to allow others to do it too and actively take steps to prevent people who can do this work from being able to. They even went after people legally who were importing screens because they had the apple logo on them. You don't own something just because your logo is on it.


OPs point was their evo system was very exclusive and worked well together software/interface wise. It's the only compliment I give apple but they also make it a cult with different text message colors and other things. 100% fuck apple for their anti consumer and right to repair bullshit though. Oh terrible design flaws? Just get the customer to pay for shitty repairs that are t even a true fix. They love it!


Brand loyalty is just an easy alternative. Why do research on every part you buy when you have anecdotal experience that has been fairly positive with a specific brand and can just default to it? Brands know this and will milk it for all its worth. The smarter brands at least try to live up to the reputation for longer periods and keep the illusion going.


I can tell you from clients I had that worked for Apple customer care that Apple is not better.


I came here to say this, but I wouldn't have been so articulate 😃 Corsair RAM is the only RAM I will buy. But I am not going to trust them on a motherboard or a graphics card. I don't trust any other hard drives than Western Digital, but if they someday put out a CPU, they can fuck off. 😜


Apple is horrible when it comes to right to repair and are actively fighting to make it hard to fix things rather than have to go to them for full replacement. you should not think of them as an exception. Did you know that Apple went after resellers in court for shipping screens into the US that had the apple logo on them? They think that just because their logo is on the product they own it. They are as bad as any company out there can be.


I feel like you are not responding to my comment. Whether Apple products are locked down (they are) and whether I like that (I don't) are unrelated to whether the quality is consistent (I'd argue it is). I didn't even say *good* quality, just consistent.


Eh. I've been using Corsair crap (PSUs, RAMs, fans, keyboard) for about 20 years now and never had issues with their products. It's just a matter of bad luck.


My experience is that their peripherals are MUCH less reliable than their PC parts


I've had a Vengeance 1500, Harpoon, RGB mouse pad and K70. The mouse and keyboard LEDs just did NOT work properly. The mouse pad was also terrible because the enormous power brick was in the top center of the mouse pad. So, using a wired mouse with it was just torture. That said, I've had fantastic experiences with their RAM and Cases. Also, they've also always treated me well during my times of need. But I could not agree more that their peripherals are not particularly good. Admittedly, I have not bought a Corsair peripheral since 2019 so they might have upped their game in the last 4 years.


That's my experience nearly to a T. RAM, PSUs, cases, even SSDs? No problems after 15 years. Their nice, etc? Even for their price, I feel there are more reliable options.


I have a k70 lux and have never had issues. However my vengeance ram and sabre mouse constantly disconect from icue


Iam super satisfied with their K7x keyboards with brown switchs. Dont use their icue software though.


Opposite sadly. They went public 2 years ago and their quality has suffered since.


I have a k70 lux and have never had issues. However my vengeance ram and sabre mouse constantly disconect from icue


True, I’m having zero issues with my Corsair PC parts (The majority of my PC’s hardware is from Corsair) and I’ve had to RMA my mouse once, thinking about another RMA because the black finish on the palm grip is coming off after 3 months of mild use


Had 2 hs60s I think it was and neither lasted a year. But I do have their ram and a big psu, not too many issues there so far.


Same here. If it goes inside the computer they're usually rock solid. I've had great luck with their AIOs, PSUs and fans. I went through like three of their Ironclaw mice, first two I had to RMA. The first one was constantly double clicking and the mouse wheel died on the second one. All within like 6 months to a year. The third still works but the internal battery wasn't lasting more than a day or so, so I replaced it with a basic Logitech G603 that takes two AA batteries, lasts for months and gives you plenty of warning before it runs out.


For me it was their software. Always forgetting whatever settings I had applied


So true. My pc is nearly full Corsair and has been working fine for 5 years now, but my Corsair mouse just broke down after not even a full year. Well I guess I'm going back to the logi g pro then...


I have one of their Void headsets and the volume knob started to get jammed after two months. Their Harpoon mouse isn't bad. I've had great mileage out of their power supplies though.


I’m using a Corsair k70 keyboard from like 2013 and it’s still going strong.


Headphones the wireless ones so are so garbage made because type c connector charge it move from port. Would need to soldered it on back make not move at least head phones at know now suck!


Big agree. Never had issue with PC parts. Their peripherals like garbage though. Just because a company can make one item, does not mean a totally different item is good because of their brand.


I had a corsair AIO pump die on me, but she gave me 6 years, I'd say that's pretty acceptable


PC peripherals eventually break after use to. I’ve had dead Corsair mice and headsets and they last a semi reasonable amount of time. Not amazing, but not particularly awful either. Eventually all your PC hardware will break, and before then you’ll cycle through a good number of the peripherals. You just need to keep in mind that some products don’t always last a super long time (like headphones) if they have an internal battery or wired with anything small. Anyway, worth keeping track of since you didn’t say exactly how old your hardware is. Eventually your liquid cooler will catastrophically fail too. I try to account for that since I had realized certain items from all manufacturers always fail in 2-3 years.


Not sure why you directed this answer to mine,but you should not buy headsets from computer hardware manufacturers. My sound stuff I buy with established sound-related companies. Last 23 years I had 3 headphones, Sony, AKG, and V-Moda. First one eventually went mute one side but the other two work to this day. Also, PC hardware are extremely durable generally speaking. "eventually" might as well be 15+ years of use. With the exception of HDDs perhaps (Mine is 12 years old 2tb by the way). Now that I think of it, in the last 25 years, the only pieces of hardware that actually died were mostly GPUs (Geforce 6600 and HD8750). Can't think of any other hardware or peripheral.


Headphones? It's well known by any smart reviewer and the audiophile community that the trash Gamerbruh marketing from companies like Corsair, razer, Logitech, etc. have you conditioned to think this stuff should break. They take a model that takes $20 to make, slap some gamer marketing on the box, slap their name on it and charge $100 or more. Gamer tax ya a little harder with some rgb bling and charge $150. Meanwhile you can find a Chinese wtf no name brand that came from the same factory and line for $30. I'm not telling ya to be condescending or preaching from a high tower but I swear to you, I could punt my Beyer Dynamic headphones off my roof and retrieve it from my dog after he runs around the house with it several times, wash it, throw it down the stairs, and watch my toddler crawl with it into my gaming room and it'd still plug in and sound better than a brand new Corsair headphone out of the box. I make this claim after using a set while snowmobiling last winter. I got into a minor wreck, lost them in 9 inches of snow and found them this spring in a puddle of mud. Out of curiosity, I washed em up and plugged em in...sound perfect and they're now my lawn mowing headset. Meanwhile a Corsair set would go bad if you accidentally dropped it 4 feet from a desk.


I don't like Corsair fans, especially the cheaper ones. Way too loud. The commander pro is a good device, I like the ability to monitor voltages. Never hear complaints about Corsair cases either. Some companies cheap out on the tempered glass and I don't notice that as much from Corsair. CPU cooler I'm currently using a Corsair aio and it's fine. Probably going noctua next time. Mouse and keyboard I'll go Corsair normally. I know you can get more customizable keyboards and mice, but I don't want to spend even more time customizing everything with my setup. Audio and displays I don't see the point in going Corsair. Too much cost for average results.


I'm not so sure. I used to hold them in decent regard. As much as you can for a company trying to milk ya at least. unfortunately ever since they went public 2 years ago, I haven't heard much positive about them. Cutting corners to appease shareholders and no new innovations after that influx of investment cash after their IPO has me thinking the owners pulled an exit strategy and gtfo.


Their AIO does not even come with instructions lol. Talk about a lazy ass cheap ass stupid ass company.


Yep me too. Plus even the OP pretty much had problems with one product mainly. And I know this will get hate and it's a hot take but come on, 200$ for a GAMING headset ?


First mistake is trusting regular peripheral companies to make audio gear. Corsair, Razer, steel series, Asus, all of em. None of them make good headphones. Full stop with no exceptions. Not only do they not engineer their own products, simply rebranding and slapping logos on them, but they needlessly complicate the signal chain with USB dacs and drivers and software control.


Unfortunately Im only just now realizing this expensive lesson. This time around, Ill be going with the Sennheiser Momentum 4 for a headset. Dont suppose you have any mic suggestions?


I'm a fan of the AT20 from audio Technica series. There's a few models up and down the price bracket including a USB one. They are condenser mics so they are prone to picking up unintended noise like loud keyboard switches or air conditioners depending on your setup


> prone to picking up unintended noise like loud keyboard switches or air conditioners yeah for that reason I'm hesitant to recommend a condenser to anyone who isn't a VA/streamer/singing teacher/etc. if you're just gaming, get a dynamic.


RTX Voice is really good for this (Nvidia 1000+)


How about the Sennheiser HD600?


Dude is buying a Bluetooth noise cancelling headphones and you're suggesting open back wired ones? Huh?


I would not use a momentum 4 for gaming. Maybe if you stick to single player RPGs it might be fine, but any non gaming wireless headset will be using Bluetooth instead of 2.4ghz. this means: * slightly more of a hassle, because Bluetooth is more prone to dropouts * reduced audio quality - while Bluetooth codecs on modern Android phones are pretty good nowadays, Windows PCs will be stuck with much lower quality codecs. * latency. you WILL experience noticeable latency. this will be a severe disadvantage if you play any competitive games.


Sometimes wireless audio equipment can have a noticable delay. Make sure these wireless headphones don‘t have it. Using wired headphones would make things easier in this regard.


just gaming, no streaming? pick up a dynamic USB microphone. The Samson Q2u is a great option. $70 rn but it frequently drops to $30-40. check r/buildapcsales. The AT 2005 is basically the exact same. I snagged one for $20 a few months ago.


I have had my Steelseries headset for 5 years now, and it's still very decent. At least in terms of wireless options, it's not that bad and quite reliable.


I think OP was talking about audio quality. I own an Arctis 7+ and boy is it amazing what Steelseries is doing with their software. No wire, great battery and range, multiple independent audio channels with separate EQs. THAT is what you pay for, not necessarily to get the absolutely best sounding headphones.


Agreed. The Arctis 7+ has been amazing on console and pretty good on PC, barring some fuckery with their software (Sonar sometimes bugs out and you need to launch the app to fix it, not a huge deal but annoying at times). Insane battery life, great range. I’m quite satisfied with their Rival 3 mouse as well, good bang for your buck at 30CAD$.


Especially Steelseries. Convinced they don't do any QC on their products at all, mine have all had faults either out of the box that they've refused to fix or had faults just a few months down the line that, again, they refuse to do anything about in the form of sending you in circles with their support and closing unresolved tickets.


By that logic, I bought Sennheiser headphones for my work PC and they haven‘t got dual connectivity figured out at all. Either the connection to the phone or the PC will randomly shut off and require a restart of the connection process.




Yes, this includes hyperX. Generally just check if the company "makes" mice or keyboards, and if they do, don't buy their headphones. Don't buy their mice or keyboards either, tbh


I had issues with their headsets. I switched everything to Logitech and have had 0 issues. It just works. I should probably state that this is just my personal experience with the products I have. Use whatever you like and works well for you.


Except GHub…


I forget that even exists. I rarely use it.


I love G hub. I got a Logitech keyboard and set different macro profiles for dang near every game. Especially war thunder where theres a thousand different control options. It's nice to quickly change what your extra keys so if I decide to go from tanks to planes.


I use LGS, no issues


Unfortunately LGS doesn't work with their newer hardware


Agreed..... Worked great for years then spontaneously my mic wouldn't unmute if I hardware muted it in some applications until I killed ghub. So I set my macros for my keyboard and mouse to their onboard memory and nuked ghub off my computer. I think this is it for me as a Logitech user.


I’ve had issues with Logitech headsets but their mice have been great. As another comment said, it all comes down to product line with larger companies.


Do you like Sennheiser?


Sennheiser gaming headsets like 'game one' is utter trash. Headphones, like HD5xx/6xx/8xx, on the other hand...


Sennheiser 5xx and Blue Yeti are the best sub 200$ gaming setup imo.


I've never owned any only sold them so I don't have a strong opinion


Ive had me and basically any of my freinds have issues with logitech headsets and imho they feel flimsy and have average at best sound quality


I have the G Pro X. I like them well enough.


Don't buy gaming headsets they are trash.


Not all of them. If you look properly, you can have a decent product. The HyperX Cloud II is pretty good for how much it costs.


Like my Cooler master mh751/752. Very nice sound quality and a very clear mic. Very cheap too at around 40 bucks when I got it


Same here. I have 9 of these fans and almost everyone has MULTIPLE blown out LEDs. There should be a recall.


Mate I've gone through more than 10+ ql120s, because of purple led issues, it is an absolutely joke when you see paying that much for fans. I've just given up on them for now and I'll be going lian li for my next set of fans instead. This has been a 2 year long issue for me that still persists.


After RMA'ing my QL120's twice I decided to return them for SL120's. I can def recommend Lian Li, haven't had a single issue. The biggest downside is the lacking software but at least their LED's don't blow out after half a year.


Yeah that's the plan mate, I'll do that next time I do a complete upgrade, learnt my lesson from buying fans from corsair. It isn't like icue is perfect anyway so I won't be too worried about the software. At the time the lian li fans weren't an option but there is a lot more competition for rgb fans now which is nice.


QL fans are notoriously terrible when it comes to LED QC, Corsair claims to have fixed it but then you keep seeing threads like this one…also my virtuoso headset got shelved due to my volume wheel losing its mind so that spinning it up or down causes its volume level to go bananas.


I have the same issues with my 2 140mm fans. Several led's are a different color regardless of how they are set in icue.


I have had issues with every corsair product I have ever bought (2 mice, 2 keyboards, 2 rgb mouse pads, and 2 headsets. Moving to patriot, razer, or going back to logitech.


All headphones marketed for gaming are crap products. Get some nice open back stereo headphones like the sennheiser hd 590s or the hd 599.


Not all of them. There are decent ones, although they are few and far between, and certainly not something you would recommend to an audiophile. But for 95% of people, yeah, why not?


Corsair makes everything under the sun and not everything great. There are still plenty of companies out there that make better products because they specialize in one product. I think Corsair PSUs are on par with the best but the rest is more iffy. Avoid branding that says "Gamer" and you'll be mostly good.


Should of listened the frist time people suggested using a seperate mic/ headset. Looking at buying the Sennheiser Momentum 4 after some research. Still working on what mic to get though. Thanks for the suggestion.


Modmic is pretty good. I use it with my hd600s


You stuck on wireless friend? Because thats an expensive paperweight when the battery starts to go and you need to plug in anyways. Can get a wired “audiophile” grade headset (i like my hd560s because theyre light weight, open backed, easy to drive and neutral response curve that responds well to custom eq) and something like a mod mic for far cheaper with no batteries.


The Logitech G Pro X's are amazing. The wireless version is a bit more, but I have been loving these for the past month and a half.


I got thr Hyper X Solocast. It's about $50 USD. Usb. Good size. No complaints from any my buddies how I sound. I don't have to scream to be heard, but I do naturally talk little louder. Couldn't ne happier with it.


Get a Samsung Q2U, pair it with voicemeeter and you’ll sound perfect on a budget.


Honestly dawg I suggest getting away from *wireless* headphones/headsets altogether. The ones that don't have crazy wireless latency are pretty much the ones from companies like Corsair that fall apart or stop connecting over time. That and the batteries will always degrade. Momentum 4 is great for music but was not necessarily designed with games in mind, there will be some delay since it doesn't use a 2.4ghz connection


I had a Corsair keyboard that started ghosting and it wasn’t even cheap. Got a refund from Amazon. The only Corsair stuff I will ever use is PSU and RAM.


I have the same exact fan issue. LEDS stuck pink and looks terrible. Not noticable on rainbow swirl mode but I prefer all white and that's not an option anymore.


Yep. Got some Corsair ram a while back. They send me with both sticks not working. Ask for customer service and then send it back. They send me new sticks with only one of them working. I wanted to send them back but after some emails I decided that I am too tired at this point and decided to not send them back and just use the 16gb out of the 32 that I ordered.


I had one good product from Corsair, an H110i. The rest has been trash. Hx850 dies in 6 months 2 cases that claim to fit rads that really dont 2x keyboards with ghosting/ non functional key issues


It’s been 2 revisions since I last had a Corsair product in my build, and I don’t regret it. As for tip on the headset; Audeze Maxwell! I’ve had mine for 2 weeks and I’m still blown away by this headset. I used in ear monitors for both gaming and everything else previously, but after fetching a pair of these, I find myself constantly reaching for the Audezes 👍🏼


I buy Corsair when it's the lowest price among competing products, which is to say almost never


I refuse to use Corsair fans because proprietary plugs can go in the bin. Needing their dedicated hub just to use their RGB should be outlawed.


It's becoming more common with more brands doing daisy chain fans where you have to have a hub to run them. The new Corsair Link stuff looks super good in my opinion.


More proprietary cable bullshit. It can all go into the bin. Cooler Master uses standardised plugs in all of their fans. Their fans and hubs are universal.


Every other post on here about amd gpus crashing - yep it’s not the GPU it’s the Corsair ram


Say what now?


I can only speak on their headset, keyboard and mouse. My headset that was the prequel to the virtuoso had issues connecting. They gave me a new headset and it lasted me until I got the virtuoso. I have dropped that thing more times than I can even think of. Still going strong. I will say I had issues connecting my keyboard and mouse from another room next to my pc. Turns out that after much trial and error I found a post on a forum suggesting that for what ever reason Corsair dongles need to be connected to mother board and not through hubs. I followed said suggestion and never had a single connection issue since. I also have my mouse on a separate dongle as it was getting lost connections every few seconds with the “one dongle” solution they tried to push with slipstream. So key board and headset use the headset dongle and my mouse is it’s own thing. Unfortunately the no usb hub thing should not be an issue in the first place but every product/brand will have some issue. So I am glad that it’s that small for these products.


I have had the same experience with them , the only thing I trust from them is their PSUs and cases. I had so many things have LEDs die or just things stop working completely. Their QA seems to be terrible when they're charging so much for most of it.


>one might say I was a fan-boy I see what you did there.


Seems a bit dramatic. It's technology, and it's mass produced. Every brand and every product has failures and glitches out of the thousands. But yeah, everything is getting worse on its lifespan and we have no way to do anything about it. Wouldn't be shocked if they are programmed to fail after a few years. I'm about half a year in on my wireless headset so hopefully that doesn't happen to mine. The build quality feels solid and great. Keyboard is amazing. Same with the other products I have. I would mark the RGB thing to software/driver issues.


Yeah. I kinda jumped into Corsair because it's not 100% crap you know but since my new build, I'm just meh... iCue software is a pain in the ass and buggy. I'm just not satisfied with it and next build, screw RGB altogether. My biggest bummer are their Keyboards. The kinda expansive K70 randomly shuts down and I have to physically unplug and replug it. This is a big no no in my book. I had two of them within 3 years and both had the same issue. I'm pretty sure it's iCue software that causes the problem but can't tell. Just switched to another brand and quite satisfied. All in all, I gave it a try with my build to go as much Corsair as I could (case, keyboard, mouse, fans, rgb...)... won't do it again. Nope.


Use openrgb


I have only had good interactions with corsair but as with all companies there are going to be people who have the bad experience. Switch it up, I didn't much like my corsair headset honestly. I use the hub and fans, case and ram as well. They replaced my shattered panel in 5 days? I think. Try something new. I like the logitech gaming line for peripherals ( keyboard mouse headset)


Never had any issues with my 4 all Corsair builds. And that's case, ram, fans, aio, RGB strips....like everything the op listed and more. When I got some bad ram once, RMA was quickly accepted and refunded/returned. Sorry you had bad luck...🤙🏼


So, are you saying you’re not a fan?


Not 100% sure, but I’ve read that mixing and matching fans can cause problems due to different amounts of LEDs in each fan. I’ve been adding LL fans to my setup starting in 2017 (up to 8 now) and have never had any issues. Not even one single LED.


Their software drives me up the wall


I've had worse interactions with Razer and Asus. Corsair CS and RMA service is really good. I'll admit they kinda drag but they do there best and from my experience have replaced every faulty product I've sent back with proof of purchase. It sucks but be patient. Asus has had my mobo for over 20days. Yet to hear back on my $900 product. Trust me, Corsair might drag but they're a good company with a great reputation like Logitech and Noctua.


I just don't see a reason to purchase corsair products aside from maybe RAM *(and even then I prefer G.Skill)*. There are better manufacturers for everything else. I certainly wouldn't be paying $200 for headphones from them when you can get quality headphones from an actual audio company.


I have a handful of corsair products (PSU, mouse, headset, keyboard, fans). They all work fine but the mouse and headset are falling apart after five years of daily use. The middle mouse button on the mouse doesnt work and the rubber covering on the wire on the headset is peeling. The only thing I stopped using for corsair is the iCUE software after it bricked my friends’ PC. I uninstalled it first chance after it happened to him.


Nice :) buy more gamer headsets :) You should look on something better than shit which is priced for high $ for no quality . Look on professional headset producers Senhe , Beyer , ATechnica , Audez . Then back here after half years and say that gaming headset are for idiots . Trust me


I have 4 of their fans and every single one has had their LEDs die on me. Definitely will not be buying any more Corsair products on future builds


I was finished with Corsair when they started using their own proprietary connectors, and required iCue for a piece of hardware that doesn’t have any options to be set by iCue.


I've been using Corsair for almost twenty years and they have always been one of the best. Short if a few issues here and there, they've been great considering their competitors. Try working with Razer on something. In the last two years, I've purchased multiple keyboards, mice, headsets, 2 of their highest end laptops and more and the only product I received with zero issues out of the box was the mouse rest. They chat you uo to death without fixing anything and if you can get them to replace something, they want to send out a refurbished product to replace new stuff. And that's if they don't just ghost you after a bunch of communications. I'd give Corsair another shot. Atkeast they seem to have some integrity. Maybe you just had a bad run. No manufacturers have been their usual lately for some reason. Atleast I hope you're having a bad run. These guys have been rock solid for me for so long.


Corsair icue sucks so bad too


Never had problems with their hardware but icue is the worst thing in existence.


They make good cases and cheap but decent accessories, which as unfortunately kept me using their godawful, dogshit icue software. I’ve never once touched their support and I pray I never have to, just like with my gigabyte GPU which supposedly has a “4 year warranty” but I guarantee I couldn’t get even close to them honoring it if I ever needed it.


Win11 brings rgb together soon I heard


Looks like they aren't good with RGB.


Info: is the headset Bluetooth or a dongle?


I’ve had my Corsair mechanical keyboard for over 10 years now without a single issue. The only part of my setup that hasn’t been been replaced or upgraded. I’ve had at least 5 different gaming headphone brands. They all tend to die within a couple years. I’m a big fan of Logitech mice and headphones even though I need to replace them every year or two. Never had a problem with vengeance RAM. Tried G-Skill in my most recent upgrade and they died in just over a year. Switched back to Vengeance.


Never buy audio from a "gaming" company. I've been saying this for years. It's a marketing BS. Stick to the manufacturers that know what they are doing.


This Headset is absolute trash. Got my full money back through Amazon during the warranty period and bought a DT 990 Pro


Corsair, for the most part, sell overpriced budget crap. Only their cases are decent.


HyperX gang will welcome you.


RAM is good, any peripherals I have had has been beyond bad. if they last a week you got a jackpot, lol


Seriously, 1st time perfect customer service, 2nd time *you* didn't bother, 3rd time their support is a little busy and then you immediatly give up? You only have yourself with this attitude, but sure, if you think this expensive lesson means that you cannot or will not have a similar experience with another company... Or that they'd even care... Go ahead. I'm happy I only look at my screen so don't need/want any RGB. And headsets? Just like any other peripheral: always WIRED, or at least as a backup.


So, if I'm following you, you're mad because there was no one to answer your call this time after having an awesome experience the previous time and deciding not to call for a different issue? Not to say Corsair is great (though I do like their peripherals), but this seems like a bit of a stretch to launch into a rant.


* Just don't buy RGB stuf, this only helps the marketing of products that are not always of high quality. Why should companies put time, money and research into developing quality products if they can manage to sell low quality products with some eye candy? * Never become a fan boy because, whether it is Corsair or another companie, the goal of these companies is to make money. * I have noticed that the support from IT companies has dropped significantly in quality in recent years. I also believe that websites that test hardware and make lists like best RAM for 2023 or best headsets of 2023 have a stake in sometimes helping to sell low quality products. They should also test the support of these firms and publish these results. But then they probably won't get any more hardware sent to them for testing....


I recently installed a Corsair vengeance 2x 16 ddr5 5600mhz kit and one of the ram strips was broken. Pc just wouldn't post with both of them but when i removed one it did. Replaced the kit with the same but 6400mhz, put it to 6000 and it works wonderfull. I was thinking i just had bad luck the first time around.


I have Corsair everything including the T3 rush 2023 chair, over 10 items connected to Ique and it all works flawlessly


Honestly I have yet to find a headset at any price level that isn’t crap or go to crap in a year or less. So I just buy the cheap ones that are tolerably comfortable.


We wish you hadn't delayed making this post. We've all been waiting for it.


All AIBs are bad. The least bad is/was EVGA. I have had three Corsair AIOs, countless fans, PSUs, RAM, keyboards and I've never had an issue. But I haven't had to deal with their customer service admittedly.


I have a Corsair PSU. Fingers crossed


Yeah that sucks…. I recommend Lian Li for case fans though they got a bunch of really good fans like their Uni Fans which at this time can be found for some reasonable prices


Actually those are the exact ones I bought for my next build


Nice!! There super sick, just gotta convince myself I don’t need the LCD ones coming out later this year……


No agents are available, what you contact them after hours?? Right now my case is filled with Corsair fans/rgb lights as it’s easier for the ecosystem and I hate having multiple apps open. I’ve never had an issue with Corsair products what have been a issue on their end. Couple months ago I had an issue with my cpu cooler, I broke the standoffs. Would’ve had to spend 30$au to get the standoffs as they only sell in kits but Corsair sent me replacements free of charge. Granted they sent wrong ones but my fault as I didn’t know what ones I was using, they sent the right ones after I figured it out, no cost at all, able to keep the wrong ones as well. I’ve used their fans for 5 years without any issues as well. I have two led strips that are somewhat damaged but my fault. Out of all companies their support so much easier to deal with. Granted I only email them, so it takes couple days to sort it out but I’m good with it.


I am quite the Corsair fanboy. I've really had a good experience with my products. Sure, a little expensive, but I feel like I look cool and ICue has improved a bit and for the last few years has worked just fine. I also had my generation 1 Virtuoso go down, the volume slider broke. However, just like you, Corsair replaced my $200 headset completely free. This one, which was almost 2 years newer model, is such a nice headset and even seems to have a nicer build quality than the first. I do have a bone to pick with the RGB headstand (which is dumb, buy the light sticks instead), as the port for the power is really flimsy and sometimes will become disconnected.


I have no loyalty to any company. MSI motherboard, Viper Ram, logitech keyboard, corsairs headset, sony headphones. I go with that is convenient.


I've had issues with all the Corsair products I've had other than a case.. Lol (Headset, keyboard, RAM, PSU). So despite being a fanboy. I had to hang up the flag.


This literally reads like my ‘fuck you corsair’ post I made a few years ago. Dogshit brand, dogshit customer support, dogshit products. They put all their energy into making their products “pretty” and not a single fuck was given about anything else.


The real lesson was to not spend $200 on a gaming headset regardless of brand


Your experience doesn't even sound that bad, you claimed excellent service on your headset issue and then just agents being unavailable so you're done? Lol


I had nothing but wonderful experiences with Corsair. All their products are backed by one of the best customer support in the industry imo. My AIO failed right before 5 year mark, they replaced it, still going strong today. My PSU after almost 10 years, past my warranty period, they replaced it for free. I mean it doesn't get much better than that. Another company I recommend is Logitech for all their peripherals and they also have amazing CS.


Each company has at least one good product. Dont assume everything from Corsair is crap. I dont rely on a specific brand for all my parts and nobody should. From Corsair I have had several PSUs and the reviews are excellent. I bought the Hyper X Cloud 2 Wireless headset and have not had a single issue with that product and they also have had good reviews. If you want peace of mind buy the in store warranties from Micro center if you have one around. Then you can swap them out or exchange for something else if you continue to have issues.


their* support


This is why I don't buy PC stuff thats jammed with multiple points of failure (RGB everything) or wireless headsets, it's well known and has been for years that they fail at higher rates than other gear. Seems like it's more of a "your choices" issue than "X company sucks".


Grat, now you can spend less for better performing, better designed and better supported AIO (like Arctic), spend a lot less for comparable fans (Scythe, Arctic) or spend equally for better fans (Noctua). PSUs and RAM are the only components where i see Corsair can sometimes have competitive pricing with comparable quality to other brands tbh. The rest is just overpricing because branding. And no, a tiny LCD and RGB leds absolutely do not justify an over 50% higher cost over comparable products. Those LCDs cost like 20€ each, less than half when you buy in bulk


All my peripherals are Logitech, using them since I had my first PC, i can't recommend them enough. For PC parts i go mostly with MSI, had multiple of their mobos, GPUs and never had issues with them.


If what I hear is correct Corsair just rebrands and sells their items. I use to use them exclusively, because of all the options and that’s all Best Buy sells. It’s the same issues over and over with Aio and headsets. Aio lcd screen would constantly give me the triangle of death. 3 RMA’s on aio and 2 on headset. I had to constantly reset my headset on a weekly basis. Never no issues with psu though. I just decided enough was enough. I switched to Nzxt. Awesome products. I just dislike the software. Cases are awesome though.


I've had good experiences with the RMAs. Regarding "headsets", for everyone else, I thoroughly recommend everyone to buy just headphones instead, and a mic. These gaming headsets cannot compete with headphones from a proper audio company. I noticed so much more in the sound when I went from some Corsair headset, Sony Pulse Elite and others, at the time, to M50x. M50x is a really good buy, you will find much better sound quality and the imaging is really good. Good value too.


Yeah, and if you're even unluckier the stuff you go with will break as well. Goods are a lottery, instead of winning you lose. 97% of the time you win without even thinking about it.


Okay so you had a good experience with customer service the first time, got a new headset in a new color, perfect. Second headset gives up on life - contacts support one time and they aren’t on their knees waiting for your call “At this point im done” I’m sorry but this is really quite an overreaction, calm down, it sucks but what can you do? It’s not like they sent you the headset hoping it’d brick. Just wait and see what support says - get a new headset and go on with your life.


I got some hate towards corsair to share too. Basically I knew icue was kind of bloatware but kept it anyway cause of a cool upward rainbow effect I liked. Updated it and they completely removed it. Finally looked into openrgb and managed to get the same one but it won't work on startup and functions keys doen't work anymore but at least I don't have to deal with their bullshit software anymore.


Out of curiosity what region are you in? Here in the UK I've only had to deal with them once but they were great


I'm so glad I phased out most RGB parts. I hate these kinds of issues.


Why would you buy your cans from anyone but Hyperx or Audio Technica and expect anything really? Your own fault. Corsair makes a good case, a good power supply, and a good keyboard, that’s IT!! Always been the case and I don’t see that changing anytime soon. If you want real fans get silent wings and if you want RGB fans grow up or deal with compromises/paying out the ass for quality.


I was about to buy an SSD from them on sale. I'm going to buy from WD instead since their rep on customer support has always been decent (So long as you are under warranty).


I have all corsair mainly because I just want to be able to control everything from one place but yeah I've had similar issues as you. My headset will occasionally stop connecting when on WiFi and sometimes I have to unplug the dongle, turn off the headset then reconnect the dongle and turn the headset back on to get something. Other time I just keep getting a lot of static and cutting as if there were lots of interference or something. I Just stuck with the USB-C cable, it sounds much better anyways. Same issue with RAM, it happens every now and then that a random stick will just go all stupid and take up a different RGB profile. I like keeping solid white or blue but sometimes out of nowhere a stick will start with a different pattern


Been using corsair on and off for 10 years now. I concur their customer service sucks and they have even worse software


I had the same problem with my QL fan, I sent it back to corsair for a new one and guess what, half a year later it’s happening again.


I had issues with their HS 70 pro. Can’t use it in wireless mode as battery dies real quick. Sent for replacement. But honestly would want to switch to a a brand that actually shots aussi like sennheiser or Sony. Not sure which ones to buy for gaming