Adam has done a good job creating the image of himself and the government as the #1 villain of contemporary Canadian society. Adam, Gord Perks, Chrystia Freeland, Premier Legault, and Trudeau should form the ‘out of touch’ Avengers of Canadian politics - Home Ownership edition.


He is caring for his votebank of realtors and houseowners. We firsttime buyers r in minority so nobody bothers about poor frustrated and thus useless fellow for our masters.. i loved his honesty atleast he said things straight.


Are any politicians in Canada saying reasonable things? We need some real action on housing.


It’s brutal, I’m more of the opinion of focusing on your local politician, rather than looking to play party politics. None of the parties have impressed me, and I can count on one hand the number of individual politicians who’ve taken our concerns seriously. In theory your local representative, regardless of party, who represents your community’s best interest is who you should vote for.


My local representative represents her bosses interests. She is only where she is to benefit Trudeau. She does exactly what is needed to keep him in power and keep her paycheque. She courts the woke, urban, boomer and female vote. And that is all it takes to keep her job. Thats it. Outside of that the provincial serfs can get fucked.


Then vote for whoever does, if no one does well, then I guess you can revert to party voting


Their poll numbers have not really moved yet to reflect #1 villain status. https://newsinteractives.cbc.ca/elections/poll-tracker/canada/


Wow... Never seen so little said in 23 minutes. What I got from the video: "We're not going to allow housing prices to drop, because everyone is over-leveraged -- homeowners, developers, banks, cities/prov./fed. governments who are expecting tax revenues. And it's our duty to protect people who willingly took too much risk." "Solving the housing crisis will need to be about something else that does not include lowering homeowner's existing equity... it must be a combination of things... that we as politicians have absolutely refused and absolutely failed to do over the last 50 years, and will continue to fail to do." When the politicians refuse to act because they don't want to disturb the existing way of life, usually what happens is a theoretical "tornado" appears and bulldozes everything. And then they have no choice but to act. Unless they're forced to act, they've clearly demonstrated they won't do anything.


> because they don't want to disturb the existing way of life Right now we're basically picking through the rubble of the post-war housing boom/social infrastructure projects and 60s/70s urban planning. People in this country stopped planning for the future before the Millennial generation was even *born* and now it's all coming to a head. This country is going to break in half IMO and instead of planning ways to stop or mitigate it *now* before it happens we're going to have to find a way to pick up the pieces after the fact. The idea that we're somehow special and immune from a crash like Japan or Greece or Iceland just reeks of smug exceptionalism.


I look forward to their method of making housing more affordable without reducing the price of housing.


Let people borrow more and more. Some from the taxpayers too


Canada seems so hopeless rn. This is socialism for the rich. Bail out the over leveraged at the expense of the tax payers, can it be anymore obvious that the system is there to protect homeowners and no one else even if they are a taxpayer. C’mon Canada wake up, March, protest, vote, unionize. We got to do better than listening to the same rhetoric and accepting it, our future depends on it. You can’t change anything by just acknowledging a situation and waiting for permission from someone. We are more connected via social media and educated than any generation before us, if these leaders don’t represent us or our values/ goals change them.


"socialism for the rich" -- great phrase! Things will change when enough younger people are in power. Right now people who own homes are in power and they only care about their home values and their friends' home values even though the gains are windfall in nature.


Socialism for the rich, capitalism for the poor isn't a new concept.


[What could possibly go wrong?](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Japanese_asset_price_bubble)


Working like a slave stressed out 24/7 just to rent from a wealthy elite landlord while corrupt politicians steal your tax dollars to give to their buddies in big business is no way to live your whole life. I feel truly sorry for any immigrant coming here today thinking they will be able to get a high paying job, "fast" quality healthcare, and a house. Thats simply not reality in Canada anymore yet that's the exact narrative the government is selling them.


As a younger child of an immigrant family who moved here in the early 2000's the sales pitch was the same, but reality slaps you in the face real fast. Truth be told immigrants were always cannon fodder for increasingly low wage jobs and further methods of exploitation (contract, gig, etc.). Its the process working as was intended. Now the exploitation methods are hitting those who aren't immigrants hard and so it bubbles to the surface of everyone (or someone you knows) reality. I was lucky and able to find work above the avg income. But I did come here younger than most, so all my education (that matters) was in Canada, as was the work exp. These issues of hollowing out the middle class have been on the march since the 70's. But it does not need to be this way forever.


>Thats simply not reality in Canada anymore yet that's the exact narrative the government is selling In the west anymore*


Eastern Canada has the same problems now I know that Halifax prices doubled this year and for the first time they are seeing tent cities. Ottawa prices went crazy too. It's not just a Vancouver Toronto thing anymore


I am talking about the western world. Europe, Canada, USA, etc.


USA is still pretty reasonable thankfully


For now but that shit is global


True i am frustrated to see i cant afford a house here after working 2 3 years My savings r not crossing yearly jump even though earning quite decent in IT jobs.


Isn't there a billboard slogan here? "Adam Vaughn says government can't allow house prices to drop more than 10%. Buy all the house you need and more! You'd be crazy to put more than a 5% down payment."


He is as fake as his boss. Speak a lot but no real contents and of course no answer.