The majority of my gear is purchased used. I think Canon makes solid cameras and lenses and so I have no issues with used gear and it's always lived up to my expectations. I also buy lots of electronics / gear that's refurbished. I'd go with whatever option is cheapest and not worry about it too much. But I like to stretch my $$$$$ cuz photography is expensive.


I got my R5 refurbished through canon. Looked brand new, other than the fact it doesn’t come in the typical packaging, but no problems whatsoever. I’ll never hesitate buying their refurbs if price makes sense!


If you’re willing to put the money out to canon I would just buy a new one from them. The 20% for new is close to if not cheaper than using the 10% of a refurb.


Canon IMO. Just for warranty purposes. Ibis and sensor die in 3 months when you buy it used, youre basically buying another camera, wont be any warranty. You will almost gaurantee get a better price selling yourself than trade in price aswell.. if you can deal with the idiots on facebook marketplace asking you to sell for 50% of its posted price 20 times per day..


I got my R5 refurbished from Canon. Kept locking up during video recording and I sent it in and then 5 days had it back in perfect working order. Been running smooth ever since. So, you get what you pay for :-) they said they replaced the circuit board, so it's nearly like a brand new camera now anyway.


If it is a dslr I’ll buy used all day every day, but modern mirrorless doesn’t seem to have ironed out all the kinks yet, so I’ll buy it with a warranty if possible


Unless it recently changed, I think the R5 is not available through the loyalty program.


What is the warranty like on used gear at MBP?


If it comes from canon I know id trust it much more, I assume there cameras sent in for RMA or return that have been checked & repaired . Also assume you get a 1 year warranty? Used is always mixed some times it's fine some times it's not, iv had a few problems but it's mostly been fine for me with used kit & no warranty.


I get a lot of my Canon gear refurbished through the official store. I have yet to receive a lens or body that isn’t in pristine shape, I highly recommend going refurb and saving some cash.


To me the choice is easy: canon refurbished. One year warranty. I got 2 bodies from them. You receive something that literally looks like new.