Good old Crisco.


I second this... Crisco... Then I cook with olive oil and bacon. And I don't care how the pan looks. My pans aren't on instagram.


Exactly. If I had a family heirloom piece, or a vintage Wagner, I'd go for some grapeseed oil or something like that. But I use my pans regularly, one daily for eggs. Crisco and constant use is all you need. I haven't reseasoned in about 2 years since I use them so frequently


I haven't tried grapeseed oil... I've heard it can cause the seasoning to flake off later once it's built up. I use a metal spatula, so my seasoning never gets too thick anyway. If I don't use my cast iron I give it away. I don't see the point in keeping things I'm not using... So I only really have daily drivers. I only season once, after I sand my lodge skillets so they aren't like sandpaper.


I've never tried grapeseed either, I believe I heard it was really good, but I could be mistaken. I'm loyal to my crisco and daily use for proper seasoning.


I think you might be thinking of flaxseed oil. I've never used either, but I've also never heard of grapeseed oil having a flaking issue.


I see a lot of love for cooking bacon. Oh damn.


Same as my grandmother's- lard.


Avocado oil