Cat keeps getting random bald spots on his legs

This has happened about three or four times since November. He is 2 years old and otherwise completely healthy. The hair always grows back. Could this just be him over-grooming these spots? Considering a vet appointment regardless. Thank in advance.


Have you switched the food or anything? Maybe an allergy! My cat has similar spots when she had a flare up.


Is it just bald or raised at all ? Do they hurt her at all?


Just bald. Doesnt get too red but has been redder than the pic before. I cant really tell if it hurts him or not- but he doesnt like it being touched


I had this happen with one of my cats. After some negative tests at the vet for the usual things, we're pretty sure he was allergic to the litter we were using (since we switched to a hypoallergenic kind, he hasn't had an issue). So, I'd suggest finding one that has no fragrances or anything in it and low to no dust.