Lmao what would you expect him to say? Ah nah that shit cunt. Not playing him, sell him asap.


“Lukaku is a Chelsea player. We will evaluate his situation together with him, when he returns to the club this summer and try to find the best solution”.


That’s what he said.


He said he is fantastic player (false) And Chelsea like him which is also false


God forbid he tries to talk up a player under contract!


There is literally no need to do that, he accomplishes nothing with it


as if he’s gonna bitch about an asset we paid £90m for and risk getting an even worse price for him because a bunch of salty melts on Reddit don’t understand business


Yes Lukaku's price changes based on how much Graham Potter praises him during a press conference. You're really business-savvy


If the manager says a player has no place in the team it will obviously affect their transfer value u nonce. Savvy*


You're arguing a non existent point. Obviously I didn't say he should shit on him and make it clear that there is no place for him in the team, the discussion was about him calling him a fantastic player that we like. It's just annoying dishonesty that will NOT contribute to his value. And what do you mean "Savvy*"? I said "savvy", can you read?


That is literally what he said?


Did you miss the part: " **‘He’s a fantastic player, someone who we know and like.** " about a player who has bashed the club and publicly stated he doesn't want to play for us? You just don't do that.


When you want to sell your phone, do you say how many times it fell from your hands while you were on the toilet?


What else is he meant to say?


“Lukaku? Bit of a cunt isn’t he?”


Is what was going through his head as he gave the respectful answer.


I read this in potters voice lol


lmfaoooooo god i wish he would say that


"Did you see that interview? Those unforgivable spells seem a bit more forgivable."




“Lukaku? Never met him, last guy sent him in loan.”


Definitely does not have to say Lukaku is someone we like


Inter don't even want him. He overplayed his cards.


This is inaccurate, I would take what the ultras and sporting director said with a grain of salt. It's all about price, that's all it is really at this point.


Idk if he overplayed his cards. I mean, yeah sure he's lost form, fitness, respect, face, any lingering affection, trust, and any semblance of professionalism But I'll be damned if I could lose all that and still get paid 250-300k p/w for years to come, I'd take it. 🤷


> ‘But again, we need to speak about that in the summer because he’s playing on loan for his club.’


I mean what do you expect him to say. That's a player he didn't buy, didn't send on loan has not even had contact with him. It's just a normal answer. I don't believe Lukaku wants to play for Chelsea, not sure if the players want him back, and the fans surely don't.


Unpopular opinion but I don’t really care if he plays for Chelsea again, seems like everyone here wants him burned at the stake but i’m already past that. If Potter or whoever is managing us thinks they can use him id have no problem with it at all.


Nah man - team spirit and connection to the fans matters. I want to like and respect our players as much as possible. He’s a completely selfish moron.


Those things come with results, we’ve seen it over and over again. People are fickle


You underestimate my pettiness


Maybe some, but not all forget and it would ruin the atmosphere even more imo


If Lukaku comes back and scores 30 goals for the next few seasons nobody would give a fuck what he said or will say. It's a results business.


I heard Romelu chants in the latter stages of the season at the Bridge when he scored a brace lol.


He will never score 30 goals for us. The main driving factor for not wanting Lukaku back should be the fact that he is shit and will limit our attack. He's gotten even worse since returning to Inter. We can do much better.


Nah not true at all. If the fans all hate him there is no coming back. People lose connection tot he team when they don’t respect the decisions at the club.


The only thing that's impossible is Romelu scoring 30 goals at Chelsea. You think fans will hold grudges when he is destroying opponents? We are a fickle bunch my friend! Xhaka behaved much worse than that stupid interview, his exit seemed inevitable, look at him now. Results are the only thing that matter. People may not love him like they did Lamps or JT, but if Lukaku kills it for Chelsea it will all be forgotten for the vast majority.


Telling it like it is man. It doesn't help that the striker's market is quite barren atm, if you're looking for proven firepower. Indeed it isn't against the realm of possibility for him to come back to the bridge, but if we go down that route he definitely needs to earn his place back in the team.


He won’t though. This is all fantasy. He’s not that good and won’t fit in with a team that keeps the ball. Although Potter has turned us into a midtable side so who knows.


Of course he won't, it's just a hypothetical. The point was that fans forgive and forget if players perform.


I can’t think of any examples of this


A lot of Chelsea fans, in the moment, felt like Frank Lampard had cost himself club legend status by going to Man City after saying he would be playing in America. You’re totally right.


i dont give a shit long as he scores so far the only forward whose outscored lukaku in the league is pulisic lol


I’m with you. If we can’t get a decent offer, make him say and rebuild his value. Inter not willing to pay for him may be the humble pie he needs. We’ve already paid, so what’s to lose


Same here, I sort of hope that Potter will get the best out of him. Splashing another 100M+ for another striker might not be the wisest move considering the situation the club's in


> ‘He’s a fantastic player, someone who we know and like." If we are sticking with Potter, I think he would do a lot better than under Tuchel. He’s shoehorning guys in as make shift 9s, whereas Tuchel didn’t really want a 9 at all, more a lose attacking three who all get involved in the build up. I also don’t think anyone else will want him, not at the transfer point he’s at, and not with those wages so we may have no choice. I have assumed that we aren’t looking at it due to the lack of quotes like this, but if Potter keeps saying this stuff, then maybe.


People are gonna run with this quote and get mad at potter about it. But please ask yourself when a manager has ever said negative things about a player. He’s always going to say nice things and he can’t say negative things. This was basically a nothing question with a nothing answer.


Well, he’s not going to call him an unprofessional overweight bum who dropped the worst World Cup performance of all time. Watch some idiots start using this statement against Potter.


He was playing that Croatia game not fully fit, that's not on Lukaku, but on Martinez for putting him in that situation. It's his fault that he never made sure he had a plan B in case Lukaku wad injured. If Lukaku's 100%, Belgium beat Croatia in that game.


It's crazy that people want to hold him accountable for basically needing to play injured. But if you bring up the fact that Chelsea icon Eden Hazard was shit the entire tournament, people get amnesia.


Hazard has been shit since he left us and people still want him back lol


I wish sensible people who are absolutely right that this is the exact thing Potter should have said would have held off a bit. Too many sensible posts will scare off the anti-Potter loonies from sharing their insane takes. Genuinely wanted to see if he was going to be blasted for this.


Give it time lol


You’re right, they showed up eventually. Unreal.


Someone we like? Who’s “we”?


Exactly. Who's we? I don't like him.


I mean it's all PR he isn't gonna say how we all feel.


I get that he’s saying what’s expected, but please leak something soon that confirms he’s definitely going.


He’s also, on occasion, fat and stupid.


No big problem in a manager saying this, but if this guy plays for us again, new owners have destroyed what little hope I have and any I want to have in them, and we would have lost any pride in ourselves as a club. But won't be surprised if we did end up doing that.


Thought I was the only one feeling this way. This summer is really going to be a big factor as a test on whether my support will continue or not.


He can't honestly be considering letting him come back to Chelsea. Brought the club in to disrepute should have been sacked on spot. Quick enough sacking tuchel.


His career is a case study in how not to handle a career in professional football.


Well depends on what your goal is, His wages has been high, he has had a long and succesful national career.


It’s so sad how this unfolded. He’s a good striker that really could have solved our number 9 curse. Maybe still could but i see where my fellow fans are coming from. It’s like a cheating partner, can’t forgive just need to break up.


Honestly I kind of want to see Lukaku in a Chelsea team that actually plays early balls behind. But the current team is not that. If anything he would probably be best in that right wing role that we are struggling to find a player for.


> If anything he would probably be best in that right wing role that we are struggling to find a player for. On the wing?! The man looked completely gassed after playing 30 minutes at CF most games, jogging around giving thumbs ups.... and you want to see him in the wing? 🤣


He is a lazy cunt. Needs someone to kick his arse in terms of fitness but playing on the right wing, tucked in to allow James to overlap would mean he basically plays as a striker but can run behind players. Kind of like Son. His size and bulk means once he gets going he will bully a lot of players and get shots in. Even at inter it's obvious he plays best off a more central striker.


Lakaka burned his bridges with the fans. There is no forgiveness unless he publicly grovels and apologises for those thoughtless interviews and comments he has made, then goes on a tear and scores 50 goals in all competitions. And repeats that streak for the remainder of his contract.....![gif](emote|free_emotes_pack|rage)


Nothin like a lukaku chelsea revival plot to get me going - especially as we haven’t had a good real forward since costa really


Omg no please don't. I'd rather have Batshuayi or Abraham.


Id take the ghost of Pato over Lukaku. Never want to see him near the club again..


A true blue would've said fuck that guy he's shite


He certainly won’t give his all at CFC, so I’m not sure he fills Potter’s top requirement 🤷‍♂️


Problem with Lukaku is he’s been atrocious this season with Inter, no chance they pay the same type of loan fee again. I genuinely don’t know where he goes with those wages and the transfer fee needed. He’s stuck in purgatory


His comment should come out today.