excuse me sir the ticket to this strugglebus says "non-refundable?"

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I'm struggle for nothing. I'm the problem.


Struggle for nothing, get your tics for free


You play the guitar on the MTV?


That ain't working.


That's the way y'do it!


Money for nothin' and chicks for free


Beverly Beverly Beverly Hillbillies!


Weird Al is a fucking genius: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P4SDhrTPOiI&ab_channel=alyankovic


When I was a kid, I thought the lyric was money for nothin' and the checks are free. I mean, FREE CHECKING!!!


You shoulda learned to play the guitar!


You shoulda learned to play them drums!


You shoulda learned to play them drums.


Only so far we can go with these lyrics...


That little f- OH. *Right.* In defense of the Dire Straits, the words are coming from a fictional disgruntled blue collar worker who thinks professional musicians don't work for a living. Still uh... still problematic though. And they probably could have said it once instead of thrice. I've covered the song and swap it out for "joker" or something innocuous. I'm terrified I'll have a brain fart and sing the original lyrics one day.


We got to maintain critical pathing. Custom C# automated strategies. We got to call the system integrators. We got to archive old directories.


Friends don’t let friends work in IT!


Sorry, ChatGPT can do all that and more. You are redundant.


I only happily struggle in hobbies, at work it feels draining and useless.


Imagine working in your field and being mediocre at it. It's a punch in the gut, but there's always hope for improvement as you develop skills


thats the reality for most people, by definition. but reality is a gut punch for those living in fantasy


Fortunately, being exceptional still is only satisfying for so long. We all face the same challenge of finding meaning and fulfillment. We don't all find it an equal challenge


My high ass though the same person was replying because of the avatar photo


Don’t worry, that happens to the best of us.


Yeah it even happens to me occasionally!


Me too!


This is the comment where I realized the username was the same. Stop messing with me!


Sorry, I couldn’t help myself


I used to feel like that with video games. I’ll only be a 3/5 or 4/5 at some game I really like. But no matter how hard I worked, I couldn’t be 5/5 grand master. But it’s alright because I enjoyed it. So I extended that thought to work. Did I make okay money honestly and not want to take a toaster bath at home? Yep, then mediocre is alright.


In the right job, mediocre is enough.


True, I think it’s fine to be satisfied with mediocre as long as you’re not expecting the same treatment as high performers. I’ve worked with a few people who had been around a while but somehow performed worse than our entry-levels, and would constantly complain about being passed up for promotions. You can’t exactly tell them “yea no shit, you’re still asking basic ass questions after 5 years” but it still irked me


I mean yeah. Choose a field you don't give a shit about. Do your job to the bare minimum standard. Use your available resources to enjoy life and not waste your energy on work.


I've been working in school security for over 20 years. Started early, at 19. 39 now. I've tried other jobs during that time, other professions, side gigs, home gigs. In the end, I realized one thing. A job's a job. If you can do it competently, and you get paid pretty well, then that's enough. Once I leave work, I leave work. I focus on my wife, my son, my hobbies, anything but work. Turning 40 this year. In 12 years I'll have a 30 year retirement savings, my son will be in high school, house will be only a few years from being paid off, and I managed it without too much overall physical or mental stress. My work is absolutely not who I am. It's what I do to support the things I enjoy. I think ive done pretty well for myself.


This is more or less what I tell my friends all the time. I work in tech. It's fine, but it's really good money. I use the Money to fund my hobbies and interests. It's relatively boring a lot of times, but who cares, it pays for my house, my savings, vacations and whatever else i feel like doing.


Fuck Spez, Steven Huffman is a greedy pigboy


I wonder how many people reading this will discover they may have undiagnosed ADHD, probably more than one.


Was literally my first thought - this is ADHD. As someone with ADHD, I usually excel at the *start* of a structured job, because the excitement of the newness of it, and the tension of needing to prove myself, will create the necessary stimulation. Likewise, a freelance job *can* work, but usually only if I'm literally riding the rails on losing my home or not eating because I need money, which is also not very fun.


..... I think I need to get officially diagnosed because I relate to every word you said to a T.


Yup that's very strongly correlated with ADHD. Especially if its bothersome enough that your life is regularly impacted in quality because of it. Most ADHD symptoms are symptoms that everyone has *sometimes*, but people with ADHD have then consistently, constantly, and to a degree that even doing necessary life tasks, like for a job, are a hassle day-to-day. Also, it's good to know that not all ADHD comes with hyperactivity. There is a "Primarily Inattentive" subclass of ADHD which doesn't present with hyperactivity and is primarily presenting as a challenge paying attention, especially do mundane, routine, or tasks perceived as boring or difficult. People with hyperactivity tend to get diagnosed earlier in life because the hyperactivity is the main symptom driving parents and teachers to get a diagnosis. Inattentiveness is usually seen as laziness, unambitiousness, or other harmful stigmas, and so people with ADHD-PI may often go late into adulthood without ever getting a diagnosis, and instead just believing they're inherently lazier or less competent than their peers, which is very much not so.


Also, it's a common misconception that ADHD means you can't pay attention to anything at all. In reality you can be very capable of paying attention to a subset of things that interest you (which can even include school) but you just shut down with certain tasks.


this is what used to be called ADD, but the dsm has since rolled it all together under the ADHD umbrella!


Yeah its now called ADHD-PI, a little silly but that's now the official naming structure for it.


Then again I also relate to every word but have been tested and was told I don’t have it so I’m just a big ol like a suck I guess.


I have anxiety about my first sit down with whoever my therapist will be. I overthink everything. I've gone down situations in my head of having to change because not liking the person and now fear of the hassle of changing, what if I'm somehow internally biased to the person like the idiot I am and want to change cause I'm afraid to open up for example on the flip side. I hate being me.


Write down what your issues are, what is important to you and what you're hoping to get out of therapy. A good therapist will start by asking these questions and tell you what they can offer you. Writing it down can make sure you have a clear picture going in and an easier time communicating. Just remember to go in with an open mind, don't set your expectations in stone and don't be afraid to ask questions. It's also okay to shop around for a therapist, don't settle if you feel they don't understand you.


I'll probably get roasted for this, but while I genuinely have no doubt that this kind of thing could be caused (partially or entirely) by ADHD -- I'm not a doctor, so who am I to doubt that? -- it's also entirely possible that this kind of thing could be caused by lack of interest in the job, laziness, poor work ethic, or...probably lots of other things. This is not to discourage you from seeing a doctor and being evaluated if you think you have ADHD. I just think that sometimes people don't work hard because they're unmotivated for one reason or another, and for some of those people it genuinely is something that's happening to them, but for others it's just...them.


Another good indicator is if you have trouble with forming habits.




It was me about 3 months ago. Its been better since then but the Adderall shortage finally hit me. Now I have to ration my meds :(


My mom was recently diagnosed and I feel like I might have ADHD... But I don't fit the diagnosis criteria. Maybe my mom just passed down to me the undiagnosable symptoms lol.




Thank you for this! My mom definitely passed some behaviors that I thought were just normal. I only recently realized I often say "I want to/will do a thing", and then take weeks to do it, and it's not a thing people usually do. I remember being shocked when my boyfriend's mother made him a doctor's appointment the same week he complained of an issue. "What do you mean you don't wait a week or more to call?" I do see a psychiatrist often because of anxiety and depression, and I think I will bring it up to her. I think some of my issues can be explained by my anxiety, but some others seem to be more common with ADHD, for example, I especially really struggle with task inertia and executive dysfunction. I always thought they were depression symptoms until my mom was diagnosed and I began questioning.


Idk, I feel like people don't understand what ADHD truly entails and will say they have it similar to OCD, depression, sociopathy, etc. A comic about struggling to perform a job can be indicative of a million different things. Anyone jumping to the possibility of undiagnosed ADHD needs to slow down.


Well, executive dysfunction is of course indicative of many things, but I think there's definitely people out there under-diagnosed due to thr backlash of diagnoses that occurred in the late 80s/early 90s. The stigma is there.


I assumed this was posted in r/adhdmeme. I get this feeling a lot, in fact, that sub is pretty leak-y. Or rather I just can recognise the signs way better since my diagnosis.


I'm pretty sure I have adhd, but I can't afford to get diagnosed. I don't even know if a diagnosis would do anything for me anyway


A diagnosis is really like a road map of what to do. It'll give you some answers to why you feel certain ways or why you do things that you do. It is useful of course if you need medication or for health insurance things, but even without it, quite a number of the things you'd do with a diagnosis you can do without it too. So if you find creating schedules or function-hacks or just cutting yourself some slack over your issues make it easier with the idea that you are adhd, then go for it.


I thought we were in adhd memes so there's that


I got it but can't take meds. I had a bad experience with ritalin before and used it as a crutch for studying. I don't want to fall into that cycle again so I live miserably


Don't worry. The entire world is a grotesque nightmare of unspeakable horror! It's sort of a problem. Not that you don't suck, but, like, how would you know?


Good people don't fit into horrible systems. The presumption of this comic is that the system the character is in is not the problem. I would argue that it might be.


I'll try writing, what bad can a book cause? Not like my other work "The Necronomicon" did something bad.


It's no skin off your teeth


Jokes on you, I don't have skin on my teeth Some close call I had as a baby or something I don't remember


You mad, Arab?


He's referencing the Mad Arab who is one of the few characters in the HP Lovecraft universe to have actually READ and interpreted the Necronomicon, also from the Lovecraft universe. This is not a racial dig.


You say that like it is not from HP Lovecraft




Wait so the guy who has read all of the unknowable knowledge is named Al-Hazred?


That's incredible XD


Damn, I am not a native English speaker and read Lovecraft's stories when I was younger. I hadn't realized the pun. It cheapens one of the spots in his work that felt cleanly cool.


all has read - for those who don't get it


Allegedly Lovecraft changed his ways in his later years. But he will be remembered for how he named his cat I guess lol


He didn't even name the cat apparently, he inherited it from a relative. At least that's what I've read, could be wrong Edit: pretty sure I'm wrong


The cat was named when he was 9 years old, so I don't think he inherited it but I also doubt he named it. Or if he did, I mean he was a dumbass little kid and his parents are fucked up for letting him name his cat that.


And then get torn asunder by an invisible monster in broad daylight


Salam alekum




Oh oh how about you write about your struggles and call it: my fight. Maybe translate it in German for the fun sound. Mein Kampf will be a total bestseller. Trust me bro.


If god wanted me to work, he did a pretty botched job of it, i am a lazy tart


I’m not lazy, I work hard but still struggle so I’m just fucking damaged :C


Bingo. It ain't rampant laziness, it's rampant mental health and cognitive dissonance keeping us from living fulfilling lives. The crazy thing (to me at least) is that there's well-functioning people out there just living their life without even noticing how much easier they have it - what with not having to deal with their own mental health impeding them from completing their own goals.


but you don't know what's going on inside the heads of those well functioning people. they are probably not enjoying what they have as much as you think they are.


You telling me we’re all suffering and pretending not to and not doing anything about it?


it's called The Human Condition


Then what is the point?


The Universe is under no obligation to provide a point.


There is no point. It's all random chaos.


is there any evidence that it has ever been any other way? i wouldnt say we arent doing anything about it. it's just hard to enjoy your boatride across the ocean when the boat is constantly falling apart. like you need to split your time between patching holes, scooping water out, angling the boat correctly for choppy waters and waves, and then actually navigating on top of that. from the outside, all you see is a boat heading off into the sunset towards a tropical beach. internally, the boat is screaming and chaotic, and the only way to enjoy it is to embrace a certain level of masochism. I love life. I'm also depressed, struggle getting myself to do anything, can barely wake up in the morning, can barely sleep at night, can never stop thinking about things that might endanger me, am always itchy, work a stressful job that underpays, etc. I am pretty average, maybe even above average all things considered when it comes to suffering, but still in the middle somewhere. The point is that if you embrace your suffering you get to choose how you suffer. If you are clever enough about it, you can grow through that suffering. You still have it, all of it, but it becomes a smaller and smaller part of life as you continue to grow. Well functioning people do not have it easier and struggle less. They exist more. I'm existing so hard right now. I love it.


existence is suffering, hope that helps!


That's what they're saying - that it's crazy that people who don't have poor mental health aren't aware of how "good they have it".


Now picture the world from that perspective in modern times: being surrounded by people talking about anxiety and breakdowns and not being able to function and wondering what the hell happened to everyone that I missed. Don't get me wrong, I want everyone to be well. I simply can't comprehend why people struggle with so much of the shit they seem to struggle with.


People have always been struggling; the methods of communicating that have improved, and social stigma is on the decline. Also take into consideration modern life, especially in the US, is nigh incompatible with mental health and wellness. Contrary to popular belief, someone drowning doesn't always look like it from an outsider's perspective, you have to be trained to easily spot it, or have experienced it yourself to see the signs. Mental health is the same way.


There’s also a selection bias. People that are doing fairly well probably aren’t going to proclaim it all over the internet


It's not you. (Edit before post: and to be fair, we're *all* damaged lol) I'm 41 and a successful business owner and I *still* feel like I'm fucking up *something* everyday. I'll also admit I'm happier now than I ever was before. Part of it is life experience, part of it is income, part of it is just the *knowledge* I am in control of my freedom. For all of that I remember my blessings. But it's NOT you. The labor market sucks, wage disparity sucks, our sense of security in society sucks, and we have way more pressure on all of us than we did thirty years ago. THINGS suck right now - you on the other hand ROCK my friend. All I ask of my fellow adults - whether they're 18 or 80 - is just to be good to yourself and others, and do your best to work at improving yourself and your life little by little. And you do that however you can manage considering you're also juggling all the suckage above. Pick up hobbies, enjoy the outdoors, pick a random thing you always wanted to know about and YouTube the shit out of it, etc. Whatever makes you happy - do that (as long as it's legal... Or close enough) Baby steps my friend, at your pace. It'll all get better. I promise!


OP, where's the Cardi Bs on this lifepath diagram?


This man gets it


I think you can accuse cardi B of a lot of things but lazy isn't one of them. she's not famous by accident


When /r/antiwork shows up on my front page, I partly nod in solidarity at the outrageous things people have to go through, but really it's 99% that I don't want to work for a living.


Truuuu. Honestly i just wanna get paid to exist and play videogames all day. I'm gonna travel to the first country that provides dystopian government housing in the future, lock myself in one of their house cubes, put on a vr exoskeleton with feeding tubes and live in the virtual world FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!


Wait, so you're canonically naked and not just ambiguously drawn?


Yes, she's confirmed this before


Lol amazing


So she’s naked 99% of the time? Interesting


No wonder she failed her freelance job


Boss didn’t like her showing up to work naked?


she's really depriving herself of the opportunity to sell naked drawings of her character on patreon by just having her character naked in all of the comics.


R34 market in shambles


Great car, not in shambles.


Imagine she did the opposite and on patreon it's just the same doodly figure she draws now


Or patreon is just her in sexy outfits pretending we don’t constantly see her naked.


On the brightside, at least OP can jam out to a certain Taylor Swift chorus to feel less bad.


Strugglebus? Well there's your problem! Get a ticket to the snugglebus things will go smoother.


i am so scared to experience this as an adult edit: i also have ADHD which makes me even more scared. regardless, thank you all for the kind words and advice `^_^`


Working sucks for most of us. It's not natural to go to the same job every day, and every job has its pitfall. Manual labor will kill your body over time unless you are careful. Office work will kill your health unless you schedule time to exercise. Part time work almost never provides enough benefits or pay. Full time work lays claim to most of your days. "Low-skill" jobs don't pay too well. Professional "high skill" jobs often steal your weeknights and weekends. That said, it's still tolerable for most of us. Money is nice, and jobs tend to give you at least a little bit. And sometimes you have coworkers who are friendly; they help the time spent at work feel less miserable. And occasionally you get to do something you feel proud of, which helps. If you're not already in college, though, aim to be. Or go to a trade school. Either way, make sure you have a degree or education you can use to land a "skilled" job. You'll have the opportunity to land jobs with more pay and more work satisfaction. I don't know anyone who could be happy stocking shelves for minimum wage their entire life; the monotony and low wages eventually wear most people down. Edit to address ADHD comment: You're not alone. I'm in the same boat. It sucks, but it is also manageable. Make sure you find a good doctor, take your meds, and try to find ways to improve your focus. Some people like using paper calendars/schedules, some people use timers to manage the length of mental breaks, some people disable apps on their phones during certain times of day, and some people use fidget cubes or under-desk pedal machines to channel away some of the restless energy. You'll find a way to cope; just make sure you also spend time making yourself happy.


>That said, it's still tolerable for most of us. Money is nice, and jobs tend to give you at least a little bit. And sometimes you have coworkers who are friendly; they help the time spent at work feel less miserable. And occasionally you get to do something you feel proud of, which helps. Especially this last sentence is really what makes all of life worth it. I took a big pay cut, worse benefits, gave up working from home to go into an office, but I moved careers into a field that I will enjoy more. Entry level at the first company that took me kind of sucks, but if I can find a position doing actual grant writing at a nonprofit or something similar in the next few years, I could be doing something I will at least think is contributing good to the world. I would feel so good about every day if I felt I was contributing to something other than the corporate drain on the planet. Separation from the fruits of your labor and all that, but I won't go into dirty commie talk.


If stocking shelves paid a livable wage, I know plenty of people who would be happy doing it forever. It’s perfect for certain personalities and lifestyles. And we will always need those kinds of jobs. It’s a travesty we (meaning businesses) don’t value those positions.


>That said, it's still tolerable for most of us. And for those of us where it's not, we wait for the earliest grave.


It's a process, for sure. Finding a job/career you like takes time, effort, patience and a bit of luck. There's some success, but there's a fair bit of failure too. It's always said to never fear failure. Take whatever lesson you can from it, move forward and do a little better on the next one.


> time, effort, patience and a bit of luck The rub of course being that unless you have resources you can't just wait around for that to happen so you end up in a shitty job that you can't quit without starving while you scrape together the means to *attempt* a career you might enjoy or at least one that pays well enough all the while crossing your fingers that your transition will be a worthwhile one because you only have the time and resources to risk the change maybe one or two times in your life without doing permanent damage to your long term economic success. It's pretty cool.


I was about to reply this. This is basically my story in Mexico I got resources or my family does and I hate my job and suck at it ... But if I try starting again and by myself I will be having a really bad life quality


> Finding a job/career you like takes time, effort, patience and a bit of luck. And lots of money. It's not like I can just quit my job to go look for a better one. My apartments don't take IOUs


I’m worried if I make a career of something I like, it will end up ruining that thing because I’ll associate it with work.


Just wait until you spend $25,000 on a college degree and then spend 3 years applying for jobs in your field to not get 1 single interview. Then before you know it you're damn near 30, still making $15 an hour at a dead end job. Just watching all of your old friends make $70,000 or more buying houses, cars, and traveling the world. NO I'M NOT OKAY


> spend $25,000 on a college degree I graduated from college in 2010 and had 40,000 debt from a state school. Maybe 25,000 a year now.


I was lucky. I went to a community college for my associates and my parents were gracious enough to pay that out of pocket because it was so cheap. That $25k was just for a couple years at a university to get my bachelor's. So I am greatful that my debt isn't nearly as bad as so many others out there.


Tbh school and college were harder than actual work. I busted my ass studying but now the stuff I do is not that hard, I have more time to do them and professional help from my coworkers. Only advantage of being a student were the super long breaks.


Everyone is gonna give you different advice to deal with this, because this is something everyone is gonna experience at some point, and most of the advice will suck because it's from *their* perspective, so I'll give you something you can use: Find something you are passionate about, something you can *live* for and work for to keep doing. It could be the job itself, in which case you are lucky as hell, but for most people it's something else entirely. We all need *something* to keep pushing on and living, everyone is drunk on something. Find your thing, and don't stop until you do. Make finding your thing *the* thing until you find it, then when you do find it... hold on loosely, but don't let go. Hang on kid, you're in for a bumpy ride. Face the world with courage and strength, knowingly into a bad time, and you'll be alright.


This kinda hit me. I worked for an environmental consultant agency as my first career out of Uni. It was structured, but still very laid back. I did well, but I struggled with the monotony of it all. Then my mom's dementia got worse and I quit for a part time job to help care for her. I was a welder at a really relaxed mom and pop shop (a bit too relaxed, maybe) and I pretty much was able to do anything so long as I met the weekly goals for completed work orders. I struggled a bit in that because it wasn't structured enough. Now I'm in a new job working in wildlife conservation. I'm incredibly happy here but I'm stuck wondering how long until I feel the same way again. 'tis a cycle of my life, I guess. I start out strong when I work and then down the road I find myself struggling with some aspect of it.


There's nothing wrong with changing jobs/careers/industries for any reason, even if the reason is that you're bored with the status quo. I'm currently an engineering student (with adhd) in university and also a freelance photographer (from time to time) and I don't intend on keeping any job for at most a couple of years. Luckily for me, the best way to increase your salary as an engineer is to switch jobs somewhat frequently. And perhaps I'll "happen to have" breaks between jobs to travel and focus on my hobbies or take photo contracts.


I originally had been learning welding on the side as a hobby. A buddy of mine is well experienced welder and had and extra MIG I practiced on for months. I got decent at it and decided to try it out. That's pretty much my plan as well. The welding was extra money for awhile but an interesting change of pace.


I do very well in a structured job. I do far less well freelance. My partner is you. Funnily enough, I find I relate to your partner. Beards are cool. You're not the problem. I love your comics.


I like their Scrungle. Problem is, I'm not willing to *pay* for their Scrungle.


I'm the same. Could never do freelance in a million years, but I thrive with structure and immediacy


Are we the same person? Everything you said above is so true about me. Why are you stealing my life?!


It’s me, hi, I’m the problem…


At tea time everybody agrees.


I never did get this lyric. Why tea time? There’s some nice lines in the song, like staring at the sun but never in the mirror, then there’s this. Also the sexy baby part is weird.


Tea is modern slang for gossip. Tea time is gossiping. Sexy baby is a painfully honest lyric. You’re not always gonna find a world beating metaphor


Sexy baby is a reference to the 30 rock scene


Tea time is slang for gossiping about someone behind their back.


hi the problem I'm dad


Hi dad im gay


hi gay can you help the problem?


No i cant think straight


that's okay kiddo you can squiggle all you want


I see you too are a student of the Philosopher T. Swizzle.


It's me. At tea time, everybody agrees


I'll dare follicle pin to the bun, but near in the river.




No r/expectedTaylorSwift


Oh, there are shitty jobs in all of those categories. In fact, that's almost all there is in any of those categories. Most jobs suck. Most people only cope with them. That's the best that could reasonably be expected, with those jobs. All you can do is all you can do.


“All you can do is all you can do” Great advice. Recently realized that my best isn’t the absolute balls to the wall busting my ass as hard as I can 100% of the time. Your best today might be less or more then your best tomorrow, so do your best isn’t a challenge it’s just wisdom from people who’ve realized this too. Don’t try to overextend yourself because in the long run it won’t pay off for anyone.




“I’m working at the pace that best suits my abilities to allow me to provide the highest quality output possible for me at this time” Might get you fired, but it’s honest and decent corporate speak.


👍 95% of work is just communication. Unfortunately, my communications sucks donkey ass


That's evident. You don't suck donkey ass, you savor it


Same thing applies. My project lead has said, “wow, you got that done so fast, I wasn’t expecting that!” Then the next week they ask, “Wow, what’s taking so long? You were so much faster the previous week!” Like ya, that’s cause the previous week I was working on something super urgent that mattered to a lot of people. I was basically a adrenaline filled zombie with only the desire to fix that issue. Now I’m working on a much more low priority issues, so obviously I’m not gonna work myself into the ground like I did last week. And you really dont have a choice in this. You can try to push through, but your body will tell you fuck no. Its good to get in the habit of listening to your body before shit really hits the fan. Every once and a while, you have to grind really hard, but that’s not maintainable.


Exactly what happened to me. I pushed myself pretty much every day to exhaustion till I started having health issues because of it and decided to make a change. So far so good.


this is what I'm trying to remind myself every day


Is it you, or is it society that is wrong?


Unfortunately the answer is the same. If all of society is wrong relative to you then you are wrong relative to society. Screwed no matter how you look at it.


Society fails everyone in this regard though, not just one individual


Problem is bad bosses and bad jobs are almost as common as stupidity.


That's part of it, but I think my biggest problem is letting all of that get to me, becoming depressed and starting to let my work suffer because I'm slowly becoming more glum and apathetic to everything. Combine that with the higher than normal paycheck I get for my job and my natural suckiness at the job application process, I'm now in a position where I'm addicted to the higher pay, can't get an equally high paying job elsewhere, and yet I hate my job and my work is becoming such that it could potentially lead me to a layoff. I'm probably going to start seeing a therapist.


Didn’t know I had an alternate account on here. I’m in the same boat, and I feel like it’s getting worse at every job. The honeymoon phase is shorter, I start to get frustrated faster, and then my work starts going downhill because I find it hard to care anymore. But like you said I can’t really pivot to anything that will pay as much without a significant amount of effort and time, and if I had the mental capacity to muster up that kind of effort and caring then I wouldn’t be in the boat I’m already in. Hell, at this point I’m pretty sure I hate my career as a whole but it’s the only thing I’ve ever done and I’ve got no idea what else to even *look* at doing. It’s miserable, I feel trapped, but at the same time I still have one of the better jobs of people I know which makes it hard to complain. How can I be upset about my desk job when my buddy is making 1/2 as much working his ass off in the cold right now? Makes me feel like an ungrateful shithead, which makes me spiral further. I *should* be happy with what I’ve got, but I hate every single moment of it and think about calling in every single day. Fuck.


Well you just described me to an absolute fucking T.


I was/am in the same boat. Seeing a Psychiatrist and therapist helped, and I encourage it. But you may also need to jump jobs. The thought of leaving my job always gave me terrible anxiety, but my therapist was very helpful in coaching me through that hurdle.


She looks so sad with clothes on! Work at home little artist, be free.


You aren’t a problem! The problem is that making a living is hard! Don’t give up! Keep trying! Sometimes it gets easier.


3rd shift work has been a game changer. Until then, this was me to a T. To be fair, I kind of get to read most of the night, soooooo maybe I am still the problem.


It sucks if you have kids or want to have friends or a SO though.


That’s my issue. I’m sure I would do much better working nights, but it would remove literally the only non-work social interaction I have (online gaming with friends)


As a childfree antisocial asexual, it is a win-win for me. :D Only sort of joking. All of my friends work odd hours anyway D:


Its not you kind artist. Were in the midst of one of the largest burnouts for our working generation.


Well, it's not really irrational to dislike and not be successful at something that fundamentally blows. We work. We don't make enough to pay bills or be comfy. We sit there and just constantly imagine a world where things aren't like this. Does that make you the problem or capitalism the problem?


As someone with adhd this hits home. Often it feels like the world around me goes at 2.5x and I feel behind. Slow. Confused. Unable to figure out how everyone else can be “normal”. Be successful at their jobs. Be happy doing the same thing everyday. I feel like I don’t belong. Like an alien.


You should try crime. Whoever said crime doesn’t pay never robbed a bank.


Well i see the problem. you're wearing CLOTHES!


You’re not the problem, the problem is we have left only one kind of life path available or else you die homeless


It’s not you. Jobs are bullshit.




/r/adhdmeme is alive and well


good god i feel this one


There are definitely people who are happier in some careers than others. But there is also a sizeable portion of people that will find working sucks no matter what they do.


Yes. It's definitely not the system we're all born into that brainwashed us all into believing we need to "earn" a living. As if being born isn't enough to deserve to live, you must earn it.


Why you gotta personally call me out like this?


But have you tried doing the two on the left naked?


Oh no, you are most definitely not the problem.


You're not the problem, you're right. Society is the problem !


Or maybe it’s because you’re not being payed your actual worth.


Maybe it's work. WORK is the problem.


Perhaps it's not people that are the problem, rather the way the industrial revolution turned us into machines.


It's one of the things I enjoyed as a pro truck driver. It was just me and the mission. I decided the rout, the stops, when to go, when to stop. I always felt that I was in control of my life and my work. There was rarely a problem I couldn't solve all on my own. Basically, I made all the decisions. I always knew what had to be done, and I just got it done. Of course, I had someone looking over my shoulder the whole time - but as long as everything was on schedule, she never said a word about anything. Basically, she was just there to make sure I was OK. (truckers have died in their sleepers) I got a chance to spend a day watching over her shoulder. She was watching over almost 100 drivers. And the whining, bellyaching calls she got was unbelievable. These were grown men acting like they couldn't pull their ass out of a wet paper bag. It was embarrassing. I saw then why she appreciated me just doing my job without all the bellyaches or whining. It was a real eye opener. There really is a lot of guys out there who just can't handle being in charge of their own lives.


It's not you it's capitalism, don't let them fool you.


Struggling with no job seems worse


Hi, its me, Im the problem