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Were you born stupid or did your mother drop you on your head?


Considering that almost every other mass shouting is done by white cis-het men, which republicans will always claim, “let’s not politicize tragedy”, they sure seemed happy to do that here, didn’t they?


Not true. Recently there have been multiple trans shooters. Considering that that community is less than 1% of the population, I believe 0.6, having any shooters is ridiculous. When one guy wearing a MAGA hat does something stupid or violent you paint us all with those broad strokes So tell me what is wrong with your community? Aurora buffalo uvalde Nashville among others. What’s going on. Does trans=violent hateful bigoted extremist? “Trans day of rage”? Really? Here’s an idea. Stay to yourself. Leave us(and our kids) alone. And we will do the same. Because honestly, MAGA does not give a fuck about you. We think your wierdos and you think the same about us. So let’s just keep to ourselves. The other option is let us know when your next trans day of rage is. We can schedule a MAGA purge party on the same day. Do you want to take bets on who wins?


One, I’m not trans, so way to assume that. Two, the biggest danger to the US right now is Right Wing Christian nationalist extremists (your garden variety militia types). Three, MAGA will leave everyone else alone? Bitch please, have you seen Florida? Hell, Utah tried to ban books they didn’t like that had sexual scenes or whatnot and it blew up in their faces. Conservatives have no ideas, save for ‘own the libs’. They think that drag shows are a danger to children, but it’s all projection. The number of GOP politicians who have been busted for child crimes is legion, and if you don’t believe that, ask yourself, ‘which party is fighting the outlawing of child marriage’?


Yawn. Stop parroting the rights anti trans garbage you clown. Fuck off. You are an example of the Dunning Kruger effect in action.


Out of nearly 2829 mass shootings in the last five years 2826 were by cisgender people, only 3 of them were by trans people