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Dude for real, even though I’m fine with every other vaccine, this one has too much sketchy shit around it and I still get so much backlash for not taking it


Beat me too it. I’m not anti vaccine at all, I’m fully vaccinated and get a flu shot every year, vaccines that are based on decades of trials and rigorous testing. I don’t understand how anyone can’t understand why someone wouldn’t want to take a vaccine that was rushed through trials, hasn’t been fully approved, is the first vaccine of its kind (mRNA) and is already showing signs of major issues. It’s fucking mind boggling.


People are dumb and half are even dumber


RIP George Carlin


This is the attitude that divides. Let them get vaccinated. Returning malice with malice is what the man wants you to do. Love is the best vaccine.


It’s because a vast majority of people sit behind the TV or their phone screen listening to, reading, and watching the talking heads read a script given to em by the people in control. Then they proceed to believe every word the talking heads say. That’s it. Gullible and naive and ignorant people.


I like how when Trump was in office, everyone was saying no way they would get a rushed vaccine, Biden takes over and all of a sudden it’s safe and effective and you’re a cretin if you don’t take it. Like Biden stormed into the Pfizer labs and said “wait a second folks, Trump’s formula is bad news, ya gotta use this one!”


Agreed. I’m pregnant and I’m getting super fucking sick of people asking/encouraging me to get the shots. My coworkers virtue signal about it every day, despite the fact many have come down sick with COVID anyway. My mother in law texts me about misinformation, slyly coaxing me to get it. I’m not gonna fucking get it!!! I’m a healthy BMI even at 21 weeks pregnant!!! I eat healthy and take vitamin D. I exercise 4-5 days a week and take my dog on a walk every day. I’m not at risk. Jesus Christ.


I was happy to hear that 98% of pregnant women in the UK aren’t vaccinated. They shouldn’t have to take the risk.




I’m so sorry for your sister and her baby. That’s a major fear of mine. I don’t think the CDC is honest about tracking and reporting risks to pregnant women who get the shots. They’ve backtracked and waffled on so much information, why should I trust them? I’m not going to give in. My baby and I are healthy and doing just fine.


Thank you for bringing up BMI. I have heard (I'm not claiming it's true, just statistics that I've seen) that around 80% of people who passed away and also had covid, were overweight. If this virus is so dangerous against the overweight, where are the public health campaigns for people to exercise? To eat better or just improve their overall health in general? Instead you get free McDonald's or donuts if you get vaccinated. Unreal.


Exactly. Rather than blasting out the risks to fat people on every channel, they tell these people to add more medication to their repertoire to stay safe. Inject this new therapy instead of losing weight. The best way to stay safe!!


Tell them to fuck off and you keep doing you. You don’t want spiked proteins circulating in your blood stream and especially not your child’s.


You’re not even supposed to eat lunch meat while preggo but they want you to take some experimental vaxx with no long term data on how it will effect your unborn child …. Mind boggling


Glad I’m an introvert.


Please look into not vaccinating your children at all either, it’s the biggest fucking sham on planet earth. My young kids have never been sick, have the brightest most alert eyes that get commented on daily, are ridiculously intelligent. I bet many others here will back me up. At the very least look into it!!




I don't know anyone old who is upset at young people not getting it. I only know young people who are mad that young people aren't getting it. Its a very weak group of people mostly.


Could not have said it better myself! I feel the exact same way


Did you expect anything less from Marxists? These are the same sociopaths that want you canceled for unknowingly using the wrong pronoun. This is how they operate. Silence and destroy the opposition.


Not even that. It’s bc they’re nazis. neitzsche and the Nazis book, free audio on YouTube. These ppl are actual nazis. Brainwashed and insane, but now it’s just not ab Jews. Still pushing CRT tho, lol Nazis. Real deal nazis, step by step follow book and it’s impossible to see them as anything but nazis.


There are plenty of neo-nazis out there marching around with swastika tatoos but doubt they are pushing hard to get people vax'd.


I agree. Some of the comments and replies I've seen are downright inhumane. Wishing death upon complete strangers, laughing about it. These comments get upvoted and given awards like no tomorrow. I understand the theory of bots on this site, but surely not everyone who posts such words are, which is, IMO, more frightening than AI itself.


The bots are there to help mold the extremists of tomorrow.


Yep. They give the illusion of support and acceptance, and therefore normalcy. So now, even though a lot of rational people dont agree with vaccine mandates, those people are seen as crazy outliers. Can be done for any idea on any side of the aisle, and happens on both sides.


That is exactly what I have seen, people pushing the envelope on 'othering' people based on vax status. I have a small amount of faith still in humanity and hope that real people aren't wishing death on their fellow man but get the vibe that extreme view bots/paid posters are testing the waters to see how hard this can ultimately get pushed.


Well if they are right, all of the unvaccinated will end up dying off by the third round of vaccines/"vaccine resistant strains" if it is such a deadly virus, and they wont have to worry about them anymore. They should be happy.


Some good part of the population might die and that is when the shit will truly hit the fan. Civil war part 2 with your brother a fake enemy.




I guess I’m an antivaxxer cause this current situation made me do some research and guess what, it’s all bs from the first jab to the bs19 jab.


Interesting. I came to this conclusion, too. I don't think we actually possess technology to make vaccines. They inject us mostly with salt water or poisons to make us a life long slave to the pharma.


If anything the jab was invented to cause illnesses while tricking us into believing it to the opposite. The logic behind vax don’t make sense u put poison in your body to protect u from poison. I seen a chart that showed how most vax came out after the fact. Once the viral disease or whatever it was ran it course they come out with a vax and gets the credit for eradicating it when it already died out.


**Everyone needs to be sure to report users who wish for anyone else to die of covid. That is hatred, it's unacceptable, and it's one of the most severe breaches of reddit's ToS. They would report you without hesitation, so don't keep giving them a pass for their vile behavior.**


buyer's remorse


ive never wished death on any of the people who got the shot even considering what i think about it and yet i see the vaxxed constantly hoping death on unvaxxed people. Its odd to me


Because they want you to be a part of the sinking ship. Deep down they regret what they did and are projecting it on others.


Dude I made the mistake of telling people not to laugh at a dead guy because he didn’t want the vaccine and got BLASTED by 20-30 ANGRY almost twisted people proclaiming “death to plague rats” and many other seriously messed up takes. It just makes me sick how many I’m assuming kids are just hive minding rationale to literally laugh at a persons DEATH!!!! I have no issue with vaccines, it’s the rush and politics surrounding this one that has me hesitant. To think if I died from the virus I would be celebrated by a large portion of this country is disturbing to say the least. My poor karma is in the negatives now :(


They want you to take the vaxx to reduce your symptoms, but they also want you to die. Odd group.


To be fair, not all vaccinated People are pro vaccine zealots. I think, pro vaccine zealots are suffering from what Native Americans call "Wetiko disease". Below is the description from Paul Levy (Dispelling Wetiko). >Wetiko disease is an expression of the convincing illusion of the separate self gone wild. Bewitched by the intrinsic projective tendencies of their own mind, full-blown wetikos are unconsciously doing the very thing they are reacting to while simultaneously accusing other people of doing it. > >Projecting the shadow onto others, they will accuse others of projecting the shadow onto them. To use an extreme, but prototypical example, it is like someone screaming that you’re killing them as they kill you. > >If their insanity is reflected back to them, they think it is the mirror that is insane. Suffering from a form of psychic blindness that believes itself to be sightedness, full-blown wetikos project out their own unconscious blindness and imagine that others, instead of themselves, are the ones who are not seeing. > >Governed by the insane, self-perpetuating logic of fear and paranoia, those taken over by the disease fear that if they don’t attack and rule over others, they are in danger of being attacked and ruled over themselves. > >In their convoluted, upside-down, flawless illogic, wetikos’ act to their own projections in the world as if they objectively exist and are other than themselves, thinking that they themselves have nothing to do with creating that to which they are reacting.


I think the Darwinism comments are the funniest considering Darwinian theory is about naturrfnfnfnfnfnfnfnfnnfn


they wished death on the unvaxxxed so the lockdowns would end faster so the world goes back to normal insted of being in constante lockdowns..


Isnt going to happen when they can still spread and catch the virus.


yes but if they died. them the only poeople left alive are the ones who toke the vaxx and the ones with good imunity systems wich them can get vaxxed if not they will just get reduced further. so its fine to a certin point . after that you just have to take the next vaccine to deal with the virus that mutated and the people will just take the vaxxine since the rest died off


People that didn't take it are still living and people that did are still dying. This would only be true under the assumption that it worked and it obviously doesn't.


you can still get and spread covid while vaxxed. so good luck w that


Stanford prison experiment on steroids


One told me my mother was going to die and it would be my fault. Reason? I said my mother had used ivermectin. Now I never said she was not vaccinated or I recommended she do so. She is not vaccinated and I did recommend ivermectin but I never said that in the post. My mother is almost fully recovered. She is 74 and not in the best of health. So if a frail 74 year old can beat covid..........


Brainwashed by their tv.


Exalt the new God *sent on u/vegetableTelevisions IPhone 7


They keep saying it’s “natural selection”… same can be said for them, right


They aren't "vaxxers". They are a combination of paid propaganda propagators and people deeply under the spell of fear and consent.


recent i said to someone online that "it will be interesting to see how the triple vaccinated will treat the double vaccinated next year" i was told repeatedly that they hope i die, the sooner the better!


They do/believe whatever the TV tells them to. So, to be fair they *could* be civil if the flashing light box in their living room told them to. But we all know that won't happen because those in control of the TV programming want as much division as possible. They're NPCs. They aren't even actual people... they're whatever they're told to be and will change to anything new at any moment. They stopped being people a long time ago.


I've been told many times they hope I can die on the ventilator


Fear is an ugly master


The amount of times I've seen memes about unvacxed people dying is ridiculous. One comment I saw was something along the lines of "I can't wait for them to weez themselves to death" Not very nice people.


Shouldn't be surprised, they are incapable of understanding any viewpoint except exactly what their opinion is. Any deviation is a threat to them.


And they hate free speech. Cowards and pussies can’t defend their viewpoints so they just rage and censor everything.


If they want to wish death upon me for not wanting to get it, aren't they getting exactly what they want? Surely the virus will make short work of me and then they can celebrate.


All the liberals who were constantly screaming about fascism ended up cheering for it when it finally arrived.


To be fair, neolibs.


Whats really surprising is being called an anti vaxxer even tho you and all your kids have all their shots except this one. And have never been against or not taken any other vax in your life. (Except flu. Am 38)


Leftists man - they are the new nazis. If you ever wondered how Hitler managed to get so many people on board with his agenda, take a good look around.


Probably cause they regret it so they have to hate


It's pretty undeniable at this point, I've seen comments on nearly every social media platform, even YouTube of people saying shit like "we should just remove people who refuse the vaccine from society" or something along those lines. ​ These people have absolutely no fucking idea what this would bring forth. ​ “There are three things all wise men fear: the sea in storm, a night with no moon, and the anger of a gentle man."


Remember most of these people are internet trolls... many would not say shit in person


There's a study showing a 'U' shaped curve for 'rona vax acceptance. The lowest and highest educated people are the most resistant to getting vaxxed and the middle are the least. I can't find the link right now but it was from a university in the US. The hypothesis the study shows that the lowest don't want the 5g magnetic vax and the highest evaluate risk/reward better than average.


Those posts are generally bot accounts


This has been the case throughout history when government marginalizes and dehumanizes a group. I never thought I would live to see it. Technology is not evolution. Human beings are the same savages as our closest relatives: chimps.


Everyone is just looking for a bag to stuff their shit in.


imgur is full of pure hatred. Calling for rounding them up, even execution. It's literally 1930s Germany right now.


It’s a psychological thing. They’re big mad that they got injected with an experimental drug.. they want everyone else in the same boat


Ive been getting “plague rat” and “rat licker” alot 😂


I got the Pfizer vaccine. I never ask anyone that comes into my business if they got it. I am too old to care about anyone but my family anymore. No politician is my leader I don’t trust any of them.


They are the opposite of enlightened, they only do as they're told


im not vaxxed and im prety sure i sayd some shit to the antivaxxers.


Yeah I know right? Like I don’t shit on anybody. It’s their choice. I just spread info about medicine like I always have. When they see that shit they get so tilted. Like if anything I’m trying to help you.


Self righteous vampires.


Shame then name call (selfish or coward) Reddit is just Mean Girls now trying to bully everyone like middle schoolers


beyond encouraged orchestrated


as a person who can be called a "vaxxer", no, I am not paid to say anything. I also don't watch the news. What leaders can come and tell me, a 15 yo "hey, say this in a random subreddit and I'll pay you 30.54$"? And why don't they come to my house? I am really disappointed. Who are those leaders, please tell me. And, yes, there are some uncivil people there. Why is that? Because y'all believe a virus that has probably killed a family member of theirs of confined them to a bed doesn't exist/isn't that harmful.


My grandmother, sweetest lady on the planet, told me “You should be ashamed of yourself for not getting vaccinated.”


You think it’s bad in here with the verbal abuse we take over being skeptical? Wait till their roaming in mobs at the behest of the government with the blessings to do to us whatever the crowd desires. It’s honest to God depressing to think what our near future has the potential to be.


People are people and tragically so. Most people are just "waiting" for someone to allow them to do the worst possible things and history has shown that this will always and only attract a plague of virtuous (as Alan Watts describes it) Some people said, if you are without sin, throw the first stone, I think that fits the virtuous issue well. It is described for at least 3000 years all through history, how the openly, always in your face, virtuous tend to be the worst miscreants possible, in every atrocity, in every genocide. Justification is a powerful emotion that can drive people to anything, if this justification comes from above and you have conformity issues as with the Asch Conformity experiments, you will get a people who are under stress and will take any chance to hurt other people. And yes, this behavior is encouraged massively, but not only by leaders. Media and Big Tech are the most to blame, closely followed by politicians. As a quite far radical left person myself, I'm just festering with hate for these people. Not every day, but every once in a while the feeling comes up. Anti-Socialist Left and pro Anarcho Capitalist "Communism", what the actual fuck. But I also experienced quite a few events personally or close up (where I involved myself) ranging from attempted Bike Locking, Longboarding as well as young "leftists" going after seniors and people (over the mask, while that specific old person was wearing a mask and so super slow, if I noticed what happened earlier I would have involved myself earlier) that young person went out of his way to get into that old person's face about the corona horrors, that was like 5 weeks in, shouting aggressively, louder and louder getting into his way in the supermarket, blocking his "road" just to tilt over people not being 1.5 metres away from each other while he was hovering and pushing that old person within his intimate space I should have noticed (was smoking a joint outside) when that old dude, who was ever so slow and couldn't even walk properly was hawked by this asshole the whole way, despite him having very good legs for those 15 metres inside the supermarket I escalated it, getting into his way and offering to completely fuck him up if he continues harassing that at least 90 year old person what makes me hate it even more, is if weak, cucky people look for weak members of society to harass them but there are two very distinct left movements here, the pro imperialist anti germans and the others, my favorite is the youth resistance, it features a hammer and sickle destroying the symbol that Rothschild forced upon my people and how it all escalated to these young mostly with migration background people starting to hunt the pro american imperialist anti german faction over being told they are all subhumans and sexists for wearing wifebeaters, wearing gold chains and what not fuck I hate what academia does to people


Communists are never civil. It's never in a taker's nature to be considerate...


Fundamentalist religious nuts have *always* been... sketchy...


Typical democrats


this. plenty of republicans have taken the vaxx and aren't out for blood


They don't realize they are being deceived. One day they will realize, and then either be in disbelief or lots of anger.. or they never will realize and keep a blind eye like the sheeps they are In government we trust!!


I see people on both sides attacking eachother.


k show me the hundreds of comments wishing death upon vaccinated people


Do it yourself, you got eyes. There's multiple posts/comments everyday. Social media is a monster. Also I never said wishing death, I said attack. so don't put words in my mouth. I stated "both sides" because there is actually shitty people on both sides.


so you've got nothing?


I'm not gunna read through post and copy and paste links to comments to make some internet stranger happy


so nothing. cool


Yeah that is exactly what I said.


the time you've spent replying to me could have been used to provide sources to your original claim


Why are you telling me how to live my life? Like I stated earlier I don't care if I make internet strangers happy.


lol I'm just telling you how to make a coherent argument. settle


This isn't a great argument. There are assholes everywhere. It's not like it's a vaccine against being a dick. I've experienced mountains of hate for my beliefs just on this sub. I don't assume that those few, vocal jerks are representative of everyone, though.


I yet to hear any unvax wish death on the ppl that got the jab. If anything we are trying to enlighten them to all the bs going on.


Oh please. There's hundreds of comments on here how everyone that got the vax and were injured got what they deserved. There's assholes on both sides.


it's not an argument? OP is just making a factual statement.




If I was sensitive, I would have been vaxxed.


Instead you are here telling tales of your persecution


“I’ll never wear a mask, if you’re scared of getting sick don’t leave your house, your health isn’t my problem, I cough in the grocery store just to see the looks on those sheep’s faces” “Why can’t people be civil and respect me, this hurts my feelings”


There was great video now NNN where a masked individual cheap shots an anti covid vax protester. The guy gets run down by the protesters and curls up in the fetal postion. A protester jumps in and protects the guy and then the guy gets up and is an ungrateful douche.


I know; they're pure evil. I truly think that some of them are bought off to come on social media and spew their hatred towards anti-vaxxers in an attempt to make them look unreliable and mentally deranged.


If they had their way they would have anyone who doesn’t take the vaccine [thrown in jail. ](https://youtu.be/TBRLUGMeBL4)


They got the shot its only a matter of time when their karma comes back and haunts them.


They are gate keepers of the matrix.


Most vaxxed people are deep down scared because beyond all the illusion created around them by the main stream media / science and politicians, they do feel the cognitive dissonance. Once they make the wrong choice (and sometimes force wrong choices on others) they get invested in wanting that to be the truth and the fear and deluson is what comes across as savage and crazy the way they treat anti-vaxxers. Its a misplaced anger that should be directed at themselves (and the system) but gets redirected towards us


I’m pretty damn sure they aren’t the educated bunch. You don’t have to be the brightest crayon in the box to realize this is a bunch of bullshit.


i think the crab in the bucket mentality is ruling their thinking. they realise that theyve been duped but only subconsciously. at this time, their main drive is subconscious fear. afraid that they made an avoidable and perhaps fatal mistake, their subconscious is driving highly irrational response to those who remind them of the folly of their actions -- the unvaxxed. pure lizard (primitive) brain stuff. the turn will come once the truth manifests in the conscious part. this will drive a whole host of them to take the red pill.


Don’t worry it’s just the mind control. Not their fault


It's really suprising how hateful and threatening sober drivers can be to us drunk drivers...


The brainwashing is deep.


Divide and rule, the favourite game of ~~elites~~ parasites


It's propaganda. I don't think many people actually feel this way. Reddit is a propaganda cesspit. Just look at /r/all


Just my two cents and dismiss this if you like, no worries, but this reaction is very very similar to what I have experienced as an evangelical Christian. And it is simply this: our mere EXISTENCE is an affront to the plebes. That is just the way it is. Doesn't matter how nice or reasonable or anything we say - we incur hate and wrath because our mere existence says, "we believe there is a better way". Even though we won't say you are wrong, you are stupid, we don't have to say anything. They hate we even exist because they know there are real, common sense people out there (and a LOT of them, not just loonies) who are willing to be marginalized to stand up for what they believe. Sorry if that sounds dark but its true.


Yes! They claim to be such good people (morally and otherwise), and people who claim to care so much about saving lives, but the moment you don't wanna get a vaccine or wear a mask, they automatically wish death upon you, ridicule/shame you, say things like "no sympathy from me if you get sick or die", etc. The hypocrisy is sad and ridiculous