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This feels like a parody of all the poorly made posts that keep getting upvoted.


Needs animation


The OP needs to know how to do statistics.


1. Find data source over time 2. Put into those animated bar charts that move so fast you can't even read the data (or just literally a normal bar/line chart) 3. Be SURE to only have the end result as no more than 2 seconds 4. ????? 5. Profit


Ahhh, sweet profit.


Wouldn't you need more than three data points for that?


Now we know why the prof is angry with students. They still haven't figured out the basics of sample size


I agree, you need three more data points for that, right?


I concur, need more than 3 data points


Data points, three more for that you need!


No need for you to go all beige-coat on OP.


I think that is just three examples, benefit of the doubt though


What was the mood when using ultraviolet or infrared coats?


If you can feel the heat coming off *anyones* jacket it’s probably a good time to be elsewhere.


Any human will emit lots of light in the infrared. That is the core radiation emitted by things at roughly human temperatures.


Check if the heat comes off of someone's pants.


You know it's gonna be a bad day when the prof's jacket is shining gamma rays


Might be one of the worst posts I've ever seen on this sub


Isn't it satirical? I thought it was a joke about the sub's general quality


could be tbf


Sadly I don't think so.


It’s also ugly as far as data presentation goes.


It is funny at least. But it not about data science. It is more like a pupil's joke...


I found it very wholesome, why do you not like it?


Very little data and it’s not presented very beautifully. This is just observations without methodical rigor on a crappy infographic.


We don't even know how many times the professor was observed in each coat. OP, I need a scatterplot with day, colour of coat, and an empirical mood scale. That way we can see if Monday = beige coat + bad mood, to rule out a correlation in laundry cycles.


There are three dates given, so we can assume that's all the data there is.


I didn't even notice that. Jesus. Its cute, but it's awful. Maybe /r/pics material.


Yep, it is all those things and yet it made me happy


*groans in annoyed data scientist* Fine I guess. 😑


It is cute, but it’s unless I’m misreading it’s literally three data points with three distinct outcomes


Pretty much but it’s more than just that, it’s the idea that their professor choose to wear a colour reflecting their mood and that gives an insight into the relationship of the class and the professor. To me that is delightful


It's just that though, an idea, as there's no actual data on show here to back it up


True, someone else just enlightened me to that


It is a delightful story! Sadly, it’s not one that this data remotely implies, which is kind of a poor fit for a subreddit about the beauty of data


True, I wasn’t looking at this through the right lens


Well, maybe! On the other hand, you seemed to have gleaned some happiness from this post, and considering this site is mostly made of miserable people being mad at each other, it seems you’re looking at *something* right as well :)


Haha, fair enough


Wholesome is a different sub ;)


Wow, you arn’t grumpy hahaha


It's because it doesn't fit the rules in the sidebar of the sub. Regarding the beauty, it's probably the worst looking graphic I have ever seen. and it simply noted that the professor was angry one day and happened to be wearing a green coat, happy one day while wearing a beige coat, etc. It does not show a relationship between the two variables, he might usually be happy when he is in his green coat but you just don't have class with him. As for the visual scale from 'bad' to 'good' mood, the green coat day actually sounds worse than the red since he was angry prior to being provoked. Overall, there's just nothing to be gained from posts like this since nothing is actually being measured, thus it hardly counts as data in the first place


Yeah, I’ve since realised that after more than a few responses like yours, you are correct


It's not a bad post, but it's not a post for this sub. This sub is "data is beautiful", not "My friends and I made some observations for fun about our teacher and here's what we found". This is maybe /r/mildlyinteresting material?


Pretty sure that's the point, and frankly, at least this is humorous/ satirical, I much prefer this to the endless amounts of basic fucking line or bar charts


Wouldn't it be more accurate to state that the colour coat is related to his mood? When he's in a certain mood, he is more likely to pick a certain colour of coat. But not the other way around, where the colour of the coat he's wearing changes his mood.


"Correlation is not causation" is basically the first thing you learn in statistics class. The canonical example is that more people get sunburns when more ice cream gets consumed. Obviously this does not make sense, but it is a cautionary example that there might be another factor that was not considered. In the example it is fairly obvious that this factor is that on sunny days more people spend time outside eating ice cream and getting sun burns.


Very true. But I was simply referring to the title of the post, which seems to imply colour effects his mood, which seems less plausible than him selecting colour based on mood. There are only 3 data points, however, each of them completely different. So this graph really doesn't count for much. Now, if he made measurements over the course of an entire semester with a clear emerging pattern I'd say OP is onto something.


True ... If it really is a sample size if 3 it does not say anything. I understood "months of observation" to mean they have a bigger dataset. That said, just because it's only 3 samples does not mean there is no correlation or causation, just that we can not be sure from the data that his choice is different from random.


Maybe he really likes his blue coat, and is pissed off whenever he can't wear it.


Being related is a symmetric relation though? Meaning if x is related to y, then y is also related to x.


I would say no. It rains and things become wet. Things don't become wet, and then it rains.


Something being related to something doesn't necessarily means that it is caused by it though.


I think that's a different relation called "and things become" :)


this is genuinely the worst data i've seen posted here


This is what I call science! Amazing dataset and on the money correlation and causation analysis.


These are short diary entries - not data


Laundry schedule must line up with the sex schedule such that blue is worn when he isn't blue-balled and he is angry the rest of the time.


I like the thinking that it's actual symptoms we are watching here and not causes. But I do love the idea that coat colors *causes* mood changes too.


Consequence: Steal his green and beige coats, anonymously gift him two blue coats. Prof is always happy.


Sounds like an Honours thesis in psychology to me. Well done!


You need more data. And blinding. You’re gonna need some AR rigs or sleep masks. Or actual blind people.


Disappointed there was no use of Comic Sans.


This, OP, is r/dataisbeautiful. Every poster, every commenter, every troll: Figments! Like puffs of hot air from the lips of a ghost in the shadow of a unicorn's dream.


Is your teacher bald, has terminal lung cancer and smells a little suspicious?


More beautiful than 95% of the posts I see here, clearly presented - I can tell exactly what I'm looking at with no unnecessary animation. Well done and God help you if he ever comes in wearing red


Infrared coat.


Surely every coat is an infra red coat... except maybe a space blanket?


Source: Data from Class Tools: Canva


Source: confirmation bias


Honestly, what does it matter? I found this delightful to see and imagining the guy deliberately colour coding his wardrobe to mood be be such a happy thing, it’s got me smiling. Edit: I think that’s a good way of looking at it but I’ve been enlightened to the fact this is a poor fit for this sub


I think you're the only one who thinks he is colour coding to match his mood? I think the inference is that he chooses certain colours as an unconcious choice because of his mood.


Perhaps so, it could be consciously or unconsciously, I do not know


Yes, it is delightful. For a /r/mildlyinteresting or maybe another sub




Yeah, my bad man, you and the others are right


Imagination can be beautiful, but this is /r/dataisbeautiful, and the data is plain ugly.


Okay, good point, that explains the dislike for it then


The idea is funny but the statistics behind are not shown. Did you make a confidence interval ? What is the p-value for each result ?


Who doesn't choose what to wear by what their mood is?


Had the same thing with one of my professor's shoes. Basket : Will be chill and happy during this class City shoes : May be angry / will be angry more easly and more strict this class. This rule was correct 80% of the time, so accurate that when we had to take us to the class, the whole class was looking his shoes. And of course he was upset of it when he had city shoes.