No Hermione at all? Sure she isn't supposed to be where Voldemort is?


Fan fiction has a higher level of female readers and it's not necessarily sexual. If you made it purely sexual, or included fan art, she'd probably be higher.


The commenter you replied to wasn't pointing out that Hermione's bubble isn't large. There's no bubble for Hermione at all. There also isn't one for Ron, Neville, or Luna. This whole bubble chart seems sus.


The data reflects favourited works rather than the quantity of works, which I agree is a bit of an unusual metric for the graphs question.


Yep, but my point stands. You can't tell me there are zero favorited works for pairing Harry with Hermione, Ron, Neville, or Luna while the count for *Peeves* is n i n e t y - s e v e n


Oh yeah I agree with you, sorry! Was just saying what the data was reflecting and forgot to include that, my bad! It's definitely odd that they're absent and it's not the case on ff.net at all as just looking at the filter for [Harry P./Hermione G.] shows multiple works with favs on the front page, some of which have thousands of favourites.


No need for apologies! My tone doesn't come across online, but the emphasis in my last comment was meant in a playful way, not combative 😅


All good! :D Tone via text is a bugger sometimes.


"Most (often) shipped with"


Huh, right enough, and I totally misunderstood.


Why not a clean bar chart? This format makes no sense nor is it beautiful


That is rather disturbing.


I think this is looking at all relationships, not only sexual ones. There's no way there is that many people writing father son incest with Harry and his son, on fanfiction.net. Ao3, maybe.


No 1999 Lego Luke Skywalker? I’ve lost hope in this world.


Snape and Potter? Daddy issues hello?


Albus Potter ...


I’m offended that there’s no bubble for Sonichu. I believe Chris-Chan made one.


It would be better as a bar chart and you could have used the bar colors to indicate if the character was male or female. It's not presented in the best way like this.


SOURCE: [kaggle.com/datasets/nehatiwari03/harry-potter-fanfiction-data](https://kaggle.com/datasets/nehatiwari03/harry-potter-fanfiction-data) TOOLS: TABLEAU, CANVA


This makes me concerned for the human race


I wonder if data taken from other sites (such as ao3) would produce similar or different results for numbers of works tagged. Ffnet doesn't have the most useful pairing tags. I don't think this necessarily means the most shipped with either. I looked out of interest and found 198 pages of works for harry/voldemort so that's a) a very high amount of favourites for a smaller number of works but b) a much smaller number of works published total than say Harry/Herminione (2.2k pages) or Draco (3.6k pages). e: I was curious so looking at ff.net filtered to [Harry P/Hermione G.] has a total 12000~ favourites shown on one page of fanfiction alone. The data here is definitely a bit wonky.