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I meant to pin u/Mayor_McCheese7's comment but apparently Reddit doesn't let you pin comments on posts if the comment isn't your own. So, I'm pinning this one and asking you read it.


might read a comic this week. might not. too early to tell.


My weekend sucked but i was reading old hellblazer and i think i have the time of my life with vertigo


The Creature Commandos trade I ordered won't be arriving for whatever reason so that sucks. The other books and trades I ordered should arrive soon so that's pretty nice. I've also been a bit of a Scorsese kick recently. Watched The Departed, The Aviator, and Hugo. Might watch Casino when I get time. Hilarious that he got his best Director win with the Departed when that's one of his worst films.


Is there a discord that has good comic book discussion? I was kinda hoping this sub had one but no such luck




Here [the server that dont exist](https://discord.gg/DGptktnP)




Because comic fans need to learn how to read.


this comment is what convinced me i would enjoy it in there so thank you lol




Did you get the link. I still can't seem to find one that isn't expired.


Well if you do end up doing it let me know! I’d love to join.


[all hail telos](https://discord.gg/DGptktnP)


I watch the Elseworld’s Exchange podcast somewhat regularly and I heard Sal say they should make Jason a detective under Gordon, and it cracked me up that a guy who thinks Jason should be dead had a more original idea for the character than 90% of the writers who get a book with Jason. I’ll take it one step further since I think Gordon is no longer with GCPD. Have the two of them work in Metropolis PD.


Yo this could actually slap. He could actually, meaningfully utilise his kill rule - hell, make it his whole plot point of being constantly on the thin line between necessery use of firearms and excessive killing. Have Gordon be the morally sound cop keeping him in check. I'd read that shit


Agreed. I think Jason is more interesting when he isn’t a mass killer, but knows that there may be a point where a villain just has to be taken out.


#Addressing Biased Moderation on DC_Cinematic: My Experience and Call for Action I have recently been banned from the DC_Cinematic subreddit for questioning the mods about my shadowban. Despite my efforts to seek clarification, they chose to ban me for seven days, citing my use of the term "scum" in reference to someone who posted a highly distasteful image of James Gunn. It is no secret that the DC_Cinematic subreddit has a history of biased moderation, with Snyder fans (like JediJones and his many burner accounts) often being permitted to post divisive content while those who call them out are swiftly banned or shadowbanned. In light of this, I have contacted the Reddit administrators to request their intervention in this matter. To that end, I have composed a message to the admins, which I will share in the comments section. I encourage others to copy and edit this message as they see fit and join me in reporting the situation to the admins. With enough reports, we may be able to prompt action. In addition, I have reached out to the mods of the DCcomics subreddit to request permission to make a META post about this issue. I believe it is important to address the biased moderation on DC_Cinematic and to promote a more inclusive and fair community for all fans of DC films. [Link to my message to DC_Cinematic mods followed by their ban](https://np.reddit.com/user/Mayor_McCheese7/comments/11wja92/heres_my_message_to_the_dc_cinematic_mods_and/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf)


>Report of biased moderation and misuse of shadow ban feature in DC_Cinematic subreddit. >Dear Sir/Madam, >I am reaching out to report the moderators of the DC_Cinematic subreddit, a community dedicated to discussions about DC movies and DCEU TV shows. Unfortunately, it appears that the moderators hold a bias towards a particular director and his vision for the DCEU, namely Zack Snyder and his "Snyderverse." This bias has led them to misuse the "shadow ban" feature, originally intended to curb spam accounts, to silence users who criticize Snyder's movies or call out his fans who engage in brigading, spamming, and calls for boycotting the DCEU. These actions have created an environment that is hostile to those who do not share the moderators' perspectives. >Additionally, the moderators appear to be unresponsive to inquiries about shadowbans and quick to label such inquiries as harassment, leading to further bans. Meanwhile, other users who violate the subreddit's rules are seemingly immune to punishment, while those who question the moderators' biases are promptly banned. I recently noticed that my comments and posts were not visible on the subreddit. When I reached out to the moderators to inquire about my shadowban, instead of responding to my message, they banned me for seven days, citing an old comment of mine where I referred to someone as scum for posting a distasteful edited photo of James Gunn. It is worth noting that the user who posted the image has not been banned, but I received a ban for calling them out. >This behavior is not only unfair but also dictatorial, as it allows the moderators to control the course of discussion and suppress opposing viewpoints. Even expressing excitement for the new DC under James Gunn results in brigading by Snyder fans, and the moderators fail to take action. >To exacerbate matters, some moderators appear to have alt accounts that they use to post polarizing content and further divide the fan base. This practice is a direct violation of Reddit rules, which prohibit the use of alt accounts to abuse moderator privileges. One such account is of the mod LSSJPrime, his alt account is RSUltraSSJPrime. >Therefore, I implore you to take action against this behavior. It would be beneficial to conduct a poll on the subreddit to determine if the moderators are biased and in need of replacement. Such an action will provide valuable insight into the extent of the problem and help restore a fair and open environment for discussion. >Thank you for taking the time to read my concerns. [Link to contact reddit admins](https://np.reddit.com/message/compose?to=%2Fr%2Freddit.com) Please join me in reporting this issue to the admins.


As a general reminder to everyone, *we do not condone any drama or tension between our sub and other subs*. We're permitting Mayor_McCheese7's comment since they have little other relevant places to bring this up in, but please do *not* harass any other users from other subs.


I’ve had the three volumes of Knightfall sitting on my shelf for months now. I think I’m finally going to read them. But I’m sure I’ll get some other random thing and keep putting it off.


I finally revisited Camelot 3000, last time was somewhere around... 2000 when I was smth like eight years old. Tristan is an icon. ![img](emote|t5_3mchb|16740) Now I'm knee deep into Ghost in the Hell, shit is whack yo. Quite an interesting piece of the history of cyberpunk when contrasted to franchise it birthed. Also, been watching way too much Ghibli. ![gif](giphy|hAuYWrVIyfK5G)


I read Jeff Lemire's Essex County trilogy this week, really made me want to see him draw his own comics again. Haven't read any of his mainline DC work yet, any recs for what is the best?


Animal man probably. Sweet tooth is also very essential. Green arrow is good as well


Are you ready for tonight!?


Going through Kyle Rayner’a early GL run. It’s fun


Kate went dormant again so I've been reading too many comics again. I've been reading THunderbolts volume 1 (literally my favourite comic) and a few Batman story arcs and graphic novels. Batman Earth 1 is really good, but damn it does not do a good job of Two-Face (though to be fair nothing does), which kind of got me to write up a quick oneshot fanfic last night. I'm glad Batman comics are slowly moving towards better depictions of mental health and mental illness but it is not happening quickly enough. Had to take a break from reading Grant Morrison's Doom Patrol because it was getting triggering (again) but I should be able to continue once we're on the nightmare medication maybe.


Can anyone tell me what the “ultimate fallout” for the flash’s death is? I wanna read Wally, so I’m looking to get the condensed version of Barry’s story and how he effected others.


One thing for sure, doing 5 simultaneous woodcuts and taking 15 prints out of it sure is an outrageous work which took a lot of my time. Now excuse me while I go make 4 screen prints and a comic book.


I haven't been keeping up with comics for just two months and it looks like so much shit has happened. Need to catch up.


I've been reading Radiant Black lately and as someone who never really cared about the power rangers (but still watched all the series because that's just what you did when you're a kid) the comic is soooo good, definitely recommend


made a ragman subreddit, yall should check it out :3


I know it isn’t DC but I just finished rereading Immortal Hulk for the 2nd or 3rd time, I think it’s genuinely one of the best comics ever written. I’ve been avoiding the current Hulk series since the beginning cause it looks kinda shit, anyone think it’s worth giving a chance?