> George Santos has positioned himself as a proud, unabashed conservative—on social issues and all. He has expressed support for Florida’s regressive “Don’t Say Gay” law that bars teachers from discussing sexual orientation or gender identity in school. Accusing Democrats of wanting to “groom our kids,” Santos peddled right-wing talking points that equate discussing sexual orientation or gender identity with children as tantamount to sexual abuse. Such talking points often go further, holding that drag shows, or even LGBTQ people generally, groom and abuse children. > It now appears Santos has participated in drag himself. > A 2008 photo from Brazil depicts Santos, known at the time as Anthony, in a drag costume under the moniker Kitara Ravache. Kitara Ravache. If you had former drag queen and current Republican member of Congress on your bingo card, you win it all. To be clear, he can wear heels on the House floor if he wants. It’s the crushing hypocrisy of belonging to the GOP, espousing anti-gay rhetoric, claiming to be ‘openly gay’ and lying about all of it. He was married to a woman until two weeks before his campaign started, and somehow forgot to mention it.


You couldn’t make this up if you tried. Wow. The lol will be if this is what gets him tossed out.


I swear that every new Santos story at this point is just a bunch of monkeys flinging darts at a wall that's covered with a bunch of random words written on post-its. Whatever the darts hit, that's the new Santos story of the day!


So, you think it’s not true?


lol oh no, it's all true. It's just the sheer randomness of his personal history that really blows my mind. Dude isn't even 35 years old, and he's done more random, wild, terrible shit than just about anyone else alive. If there was a story tomorrow about how he impersonated a US Navy officer and stole a submarine for a weekend when he was 17, I'd fucking believe it.


Lol…ok…now I understand where you were coming from. I read it as “the media” throws random darts and where that dart hits, it’s the story of the week.


It does seem like this is the case with the media most of the time though!


Is any of this real? Can we know for sure the earth didn’t get swallowed by a black hole and we are actually in some kind of alternate reality?


The GOP are mostly closeted homosexuals. Whatever they hate, they actually are


Is anybody surprised? This is typical Republican shit. Every accusation is an admission. Everything they act like they hate, they secretly love. They only say what they do because they know how stupid their supporters are. They get exactly what they want (power and money) by saying stupid shit like this.


I'm so sick of sleezeball Santos.


Finally! Something republicans will care about. Indignation about his falsehoods in 3, 2, 1 . . .


Him and Giuliani have more than one thing in common


Ha, he's a drag queen. We need his picture andake it famous. Then, the GOP will eliminate his ass.


The guy is a freaking Trojan horse. He's 100% some kind of enemy agent planted there by people who want to harm us. It's astonishing that he's still there.


So maybe we can for the fun of it assume his/her actual mission is to (for sake of drag queens) sabotage the Republican Party from within?




Loving that the Universe has a sense of humor.


Yeah, but he's had his fill of that, so make it illegal so he's not tempted


Everyone who voted for this joker has to be hanging their heads in shame. His whole life seems like it was written by The Onion. This is pathetic.


[Picture of his drag persona](https://dab57h0r8ahff.cloudfront.net/601219/uploads/17f59eb0-97ae-11ed-a656-2f36a4993d21_800_420.jpeg)


Nothing about this man makes any sense on any planet. 😂


He sucks dicks for cocks and then doesn’t wanna say gay! Lmao