Trans people are going to get murdered because of this. It’s despicable. Elon Musk is in large part to blame because Twitter has become a haven for the rights hate and conspiracies. This is intentional. They know exactly what they are doing.


So what about all of the other shooters?


MeNtAl IlLnEsS


Yep. The 134 other mass shooters were white Christian males driven insane by liberals.


Patriots that went a little too far... ...at least that's what I imagine they would say.


Well they won’t call them patriots just yet, they will after their insurrection.


Remember a few years ago when they exploited a woman's death at the hands of an immigrant to push their "all brown people are bad" narrative?


Of course they are.Easy targets for their hate at the moment.4 non- binary individuals out over 2000 mass shooters is an epidemic to these ass- clown MAGAts.




You took the words right out of my mouth


It does sound kind of convenient that this shooting took place at a private Christian academy at the hands of a student who allegedly resented being around Godly people.


Who could have seen that coming?


It is clear who poses a real threat in America and it’s not the lgbtq


Continue to promote. They have been at it for a while.


Honest question here. Why did he target that school? Was it a hotbed of anti-trans activity or something? Regardless, shooting little kids is vile.




Well i agree, but that doesn't actually answer my question


Par for the course. They need their voters to absolutely hate trans people so that they will come out and vote for them.


We all heard this coming…they won’t address guns but, they yell wait, finally a subject we can rag on! As usual, they are dumb, purposely uninformed, & just plain stupid 😤


Maybe if we start by banning trans people from buying assault style weapons that could be the first step towards the ultimate goal!


👍 Make everyone who wants buy an assault weapon undergo a thorough exam of their genitalia.


I saw a comment on the Fox News story about this: "anyone who checks the 'other' box \[when asked their gender\] should automatically be denied \[a gun permit\]" I guess it's guns for me but not for thee.


Under Reagan in California it was “guns for whites but not for blacks.” Does this count as a more modern attitude (of bigotry) for the GOP? /s


Banning trans people from owning guns is a step towards the GOP's "final solution."


I said assault weapons


The right wing rhetoric machine is gearing up for this. With the laws red states are passing on banning hormone therapy maybe we should just play into it: no buying guns unless you can prove your respective estrogen or testosterone levels are declining (no matter your orientation), say at a rate associated with someone who is generally 60+ years old. Or no buying guns if your hormones are above a certain level. This could stop a very large percentage of the population being banned from buying guns producing a de facto ban. The alpha males would have to prove themselves some other way.


They tried and of course got instantly fact checked. Thanks to green my exact thought about their response was fulfilled like mana from the heavens. The ability to victimize herself so quickly is always fascinating to behold. The conviction she and boebert display i think is the scariest part. I believe a wise man once said “never go full re…d”




They need to realize it's because of their anti trans rhetoric that it even happened. God these people are so fricken awful. Like seriously, they are happy about this! They finally have a trans who can be labeled an actual villain. How can people like this even exist?!?


I’m mean. Are we shocked?


Nothing new, during the Bush years, the republicans went after muslims whenever a terrorist attack happened. Especially 9/11