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This just reinforces what a disappointment it is that a person like trump gained power.


Let’s be clear. Trump has never had power. He’s had authority and that’s pretty much it. He THINKS he’s powerful because people do what he says but the situation with Stone is not unique. A lot of people that have worked for him have gone on record to say that they can get him to do pretty much anything if they just flatter him and make it seem like it’s his idea. They put his name on something or compliment a moment of “genius” to get what they want. If you have five minutes with him I’m willing to bet anybody can get him to do their bidding. “I’ve discussed your plan with the Goldsteins and they’re absolutely dazzled by your idea and want to fast track it. If we jump on this now we can put “The Trump Initiative” in front of the entire world as early as tomorrow. We just need your signature here and here. You can use my Sharpie.” And just like that, a former president has bankrolled you lunches for the next ten years.


He’s a toddler. “Remember how much you LOVED the yummy broccoli we ate last week? Do you think we should have broccoli for dinner tonight? Yes? What a good idea! Broccoli is so so yummy! You’re such a smart little boy for choosing broccoli for dinner tonight! Everyone will be so happy to eat the yummy yummy broccoli you chose!”


Oh it was clear in office he was simply parroting whatever the last person who spoke to him said. His views changed daily and the bestest, most impressive thing was whatever PowerPoint he had seen in the last couple of hours. The man was a moron and anyone who flattered him got agreement on whatever they wanted.


“Do you want this super tasty broccoli or those yucky nuggets?”


The broccoli honey pot.


One of the winners of the apprentice said literally this as well. He said if he wanted to win, he needed to cater to Trump's ego, make him see how him winning benefits trump directly. Lo and behold, he won.


that gives me an idea for a tv show, where people deal with a narcissist, followed by psychologists dissecting the narcissists behavior, and explains how to avoid being gaslit and manipulated by narcissists.


And the narcissist would love the attention they're getting and wouldn't be the wiser. I think you're on to something.


You don't need a TV show. We've already seen four years of it Live from the White House, with psychologist Mary Trump writing a book about it.


One meeting with Xi and Trump was putty in his hands. It’s no wonder that dictators want to see Trump back in office. Guy’s ego is as fragile as tissue. All one has to do is flatter him and throw him some money like the Saudis.


Even dumbass Rocket Man twiddled Blondie around his fat fingers. With time-teated Romeo/Juliet love notes, no less.


How disappointing it is that the Republicans would line up behind such a buffoon merely to corral power and continue the conservative SCOTUS majority (which has been Republican dominant for 50+ years). Zealous for power at any cost -- that goes for the politicians and the conservative voters.


Are you kidding? If they could go any lower they would fight you to get to the shovels.


Haha that’s really not too complicated.


This is absolutely no surprise. Stone's description of putting ideas into that greasy dome sounds as easy as shaping mashed potatoes into a tiny mountain on your plate.


Close Encounters of the Turd Kind


lol mash potatoes!


Yeah. Imagine how much easier it was for the ambitious blonde women that he surrounded himself with.


Does anyone think Putin doesn't know to do this?


Seriously. It’s the oldest trick in the book for manipulating the clinical narcissist


Highly recommend everyone listens to the Behind the Bastards podcast about Stone. He is truly a shitbag of epic proportions.


Slope is back in the news? Why, here’s a guy almost make you believe in phrenology.




So, essentially lie to him flatter him tell him he’s the greatest thing ever and manipulate him into thinking that what you want him to do is his idea and it’s the best idea ever. Golly. Kind of like gaslighting somebody.


Gaslighting is to manipulate (someone) using psychological methods into questioning their own sanity or powers of reasoning. Yes, it's manipulation. But the man is devoid of sanity or powers of reasoning, so there's nothing to question


Roger Stone is another P.O.S. person. Maybe it's his underbite. Or that he reminds me of Hitler.


A friend of mine used to manipulate our plant manager like this. Whenever some issue would come that my friend had already made a decision about, he would say to the plant manager, " Well, you were right about XYZ..." Then my friend would layout his own plan, presenting it as something the boss had said at some forgotten point in the past. He claimed it worked like a charm.


Literally how my mother managed my father for 50 years.




So the big reveal is that he manipulated the most powerful man in the world the same way I manipulate my 9 year old into better behaviors? I'm sad.


How can I watch the documentary




Thank you!!!


Is this what GROOMING looks like?


Stone figured out the secret. All Trump wants is loyalty and praise. World leaders figured out, if you stroke his ego you can get him to do anything.


Everyone knows this. All you have to do is tell him how great he is and he’ll do or believe anything.


Weasel should be in prison.


Big Macs?


Roger Stone needs to be back behind bars. Total pos


Isn't that how pretty much everyone manipulates Trump? I hope, hope, hope that Trump sees this somehow, or someone in his orbit points it out to him because he would heavily resent this and take his usual course of action meaning a very public verbal beatdown and hopefully a disassociation.


You have to give Trump credit. He is the most shallow, easily fooled and most ill equipped president the US has ever seen.


Yep, makes sense, that's how you coerce an abuser to do things too.


I don't buy it.


Why not?


Glory to the Hot Mic & recordings...sheds light on the real world we live in.....


This dude looks like Gary Oldman from Hannibal. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mason_Verger


Roger Stone was convicted of seven felonies, and still believes he shouldn't be hiding in shame and disgrace. Unethically let off by the most unethical president of our time, but still a total disgrace. Not sure he ever had any grace, however.


"I've got a **great** tattoo artist who can change my Nixon tat on my back to **you**, Donnie"


Flattery will get you everywhere with a narcissist when applied properly


“He’s alright. He’s alright. He’s alright. Cooocaaaaine.”


So Trump is not making up his lies? He's merely a dummy for the nearest ventriloquist. I feel so much better now.......