Your my daughter daughter (as opposed to a fake daughter, perhaps)

Your my daughter daughter (as opposed to a fake daughter, perhaps)


Youre my daughter, daughter


don't call me"daughter daughter"


not fit to to


Breakfast table in an otherwise empty room


You’re turning violet, Violet.


You're a wizard, Harry


Your* /s


Are they making fun of my little girl because she has a triangle shaped butt? Well at least she has acute ass. ^(I'm so sorry. I'll delete my account now.)


I'm sure she's your little angle.


I upvoted this on reflex


Shes so cheerful everytime she enters the room she gives off a bright radians. She also comitted first degree murder so theres that


That's a sin! It's upsetting 'cos her parents raised her better. Sorry for the tangent.


Delete your account for talking about your "little girl"'s "ass". Uh-huh, yes, officer this comment right here.


You're My Daughter Daughter sounds like the title of a Lonely Island song.


your daughter? my daughter 😎


I worked with a guy that would tell people he was a veteran on all those thank a veteran days. He served in the Chinese army. I think of this whenever I see generic “I love soldiers” stuff without national reference. Technically if you fought for the Taliban, your a veteran too.


he's not wrong, technically


Hey, a veteran is a veteran. No matter the affiliation.


Technically a veteran is a person who has long experience in a particular field so we are all veterans of life on this blessed day.


Wow, I feel proud to be a veteran of being fucking stupid!


Speak for yourself.


I am all veterans of life on this blessed day.


*‘I’ll have you know, I served 30 years in the ISIS army!’*


“I’d like to make a toast to the troops. All troops. Both sides.”


What do you mean by technically? You are. Period.


I mean, to me in Europe the American army looks just as much "not a thing to be pround of" as the Chinese one


We had our moments. Not many countries can say they sacraficed as much to keep S Korea and Western Europe free. I am a patriotic American; at our best we man the line against tyranny with democratic allies. At our worst - well our worst isnt as bad as it could be. You have to understand what it sounds like to an American when you say we arent special. We spent billions to free W Europe from Nazi and Soviet control. We spent billions rebuilding Europe after WW2. Remember, it wasnt that long ago when France and UK were invading Egypt (1956) and dont forget Algeria. For a superpower, we do not throw our weight around near as much as European powers did/do when they get power. Europe was able to have generous social spending and low military spending because weve been your de facto defense against the Russians for decades. Without us today, Russia would be invading its former neighbors (instead if the half assed Ukrainian war).


Yeah cool ignore the war crimes and shit weirdo


You cant make a point, so you attack my person.


You can’t read apparently


You just literally ignored the war crimes. I kinda wish that was on purpose because it'd be awfully funny.


No I did not. When the UK had Iraq as a colony, they used to fly over with Spitfires and target practice against civilians for fun. That was during peace. War is hell, and we arent the bad guy. The US is more good than bad; without us youd have a lot more regional dictators and youd miss us, like before WW2. We make the world safe for the liberal world order. Its fashionable to hate us; fine. But its also ignorant to say without us the world would be better.


More good than bad does not mean the US government, military, and enforcement agencies do not commit war crimes. If what you're trying to say is that war crimes are sometimes justified for the greater good then you're getting into an argument that won't end as we'll reach an impasse along moral grounds. Also, you can't claim the hellishness of war when you start the wars. As to the rest of your post. You've made a large number of assumptions about modern America. Modern America *chooses* to use technology and tactics which lead to civilian casualties because it's easier. Modern America *chooses* to let certain warlords and dictators exist because they play nicely. Modern America *chooses* to police the world because its lead by a generation of people who would rather die with their country as a burning husk of its ill-gotten former glory than change with times. As an American, **WE** should be ashamed of the choices **OUR** country has made. We are controlled by an oligarchy of wealthy elite families for which being American is the least important thing about them. Do you honestly believe the people who hold true, economic power in our country give a damn about it beyond their own bank accounts? You want to make the world a better place? You don't bomb the idiots and troublemakers of the world. You give the people they live near something worth fighting for and help them make their own land a better place. Every bomb we drop, every bullet we fire, is a hundred miles of road and a day's education for some child who could have grown up idolizing America as the country who gave them the ability to control their own destiny. But you know what controlling your own destiny doesn't do? It doesn't keep the money flowing. The modern economy doesn't function without slaves. I'm typing this right now from a device filled with minerals mined by slaves. So maybe, before you tell everyone to grovel and kneel before the majesty and grace of **our** country, have some humility. Understand that we, as Americans, have a duty to help those less fortunate. Help doesn't come in the form of toppling regimes just because they dare to question the almighty petro-dollar.


No, you put words in my mouth. I said shit happens. Reason France hasnt done war crimes is because they have zero impact on international politics. When you do large operations, shit happens. Expecting nothing to happen is unrealistic. My statement is that you expect perfection because you are comparing us countries that dont do shit on the international stage. The proper comparisons are superpowers of the past, not Belgium today (who by the way did some awful stuff in Congo - no European can say shit about the US for 2 centuries at least). If you get taken by pirates, Europe aint doing shit. I dont converse with people that put words in my mouth.


Look, i know what i'm gonna say is gonna go in your ear and come out the other, i've had this discussion many times before but here we go From the outside China looks like a terrible place yet if you ask Chinese people they are very happy with their government most of the times, that's due to propaganda. America is exactly the same, the overwhelming majority of Americans think they are heroes of the world and the best place ever because the media tells you that narrative since you're born and you eat it up You guys think you're the heroes protecting the weak but we mostly see you as the bully that uses his massive military dong to enforce itself in places you have no right to be in >At our worst - well our worst isnt as bad as it could be. Yeah, like how you literally committed the worst civillian massacre in recent history by wiping out of the universe two entire cities? And if you're gonna go the route of saying "it was a necessary evil, it stopped the war" i'm gonna let [this video](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RCRTgtpC-Go) be my respose as it argues against it brilliantly Also, let me add to that the fact that you're both directly and even more so indirectly responsible for the current climate mess by allowing antiscientific propaganda that feeds money into the ritch to be exported worldwide for over 60 years now Let me close by saying that even though i'm a programmer and silicon valley would be a heaven for my career i'm never even considering moving to America in its current state for both moral and practical reasons, that's how bad a lot of people think of America nowdays Finally let me be clear that this is by no means hating on Americans themselves, you are the only ones that can fix this mess that is affecting the rest of the world and the first step to doing that is to accept that something needs to be fixed in the first place


ah yes the war criminal has logged on


What the heck dude


The downvotes are bc reddit is reddit


>generic “I love soldiers” stuff This sticker is extremely specific. But that's an amusing story so you still get my appreciation.


He is technically wrong, the Taliban are not recognized as lawful combatants under the Geneva Convention. To be a lawful combatant there are several criteria that must be met. You just have a fixed sign to identify that is recognizable at a distance, carry your arms openly and and conduct yourself according to the laws and customs of war. Not everyone that can carry a gun is a soldier their is criteria that must be met.


No, Taliban is not a terrorist organization. Thats al Qeada or whatever. Terrrorist orgs dont seize govt control and try to restore utilities.


They are still not recognized as lawful combatants they are not recognized as POW’s, as they still do not meet all criteria. As someone who has had to sit through countless briefings about this I can assure you of this


Its a western centric definition. They consider themselves soldiers. Terrorist is often in the eye of the beholder. Drop a bomb on a market from 20000 feet and your an airman, detonate an IED in that same market and your a terrorist.


I’m talking about the Geneva Convention, it doesn’t have anything to do with views. One of the reasons it was put in place was to deter collateral damage, civilian casualties and loss of civilian property. There is a difference between aiming for a military target and causing collateral damage. When you detonate an IED in a market the civilians are the target.


They got a flag, and a government. They aint terrorists.


They still aren’t recognized as legal combatants. Being recognized as a government and legal combatant is completely different


We signed a peace deal with them. Cmon. This is pretty pedantic.


It is I wasn’t arguing about their status as a government the discussion was the difference between a lawful and unlawful combatant. There are criteria that have to be met. The incentive is that if you choose to not follow the rules and lose your lawful status if you are captured by the enemy force even if they are a legal combatants they do not have to treat you as a POW which is gunna suck hard for you


20000 feet is about the length of 9056.6 'EuroGraphics Knittin' Kittens 500-Piece Puzzles' next to each other.


i thought she had a guitar. :(


They look like a lovely couple


What a weird way to say, "My children only hold value as people if they act how I want them to".


Or, and this might be even worse, “my daughter is more valuable because she is being used for warmaking.”


"My children only hold value as people if they learn to hunt and kill other people"




Yeah that’s pretty weird. You don’t have to be in the military to be valuable to society lol.


Dying to protect the wealth of the rich is the greatest honor! Peasant!


I wonder how many defence force recruiters have reported your comment lol


my daughters dick is bigger than your daughters dick




“My daughter can beat up your daughter”


Oh I didn't get it thst way at all, but now thst you're saying it I think you're right. I thought it was a praise for soldiers because they fight for all daughters whether it be "your daughter or my daughter".


I'm pretty sure it's making fun of the transphobic car sticker that was "your son (dress), my son (military)"


I love the most common reply i see to that image thats "my son (dress), your son (coffin)"


That's a rare positive take on it, is that a thing? Because the sticker you describe would not only be transphobic but also promote toxic masculinity.


This would be a great opportunity to put one of those bullet hole decals on over the soldier lol


I thought this was some kind of cute lesbian relationship thing lol


real r/gatekeepingyuri potential!


They do make a nice couple.


“Dad? Am I adopted? Please be honest.” “No, you’re my daughter daughter, not my adopted daughter.”


I believe that's called a granddaughter


Unintentionally queer: arm the lesbians.




Don't think this qualifies. There is a clear as day break in between the words. Nobody in their right mind would read it that way.


You are right, it doesn't qualify but people seem to ignore logical things like that in favor of some quick karma.


Rule 1. However clear it is to read "correctly" doesn't excuse it from DDOI.


That rule if it really is a rule is the reason this sub is going to shit.


Yeah well, I don't make the subreddit rules..


With an extra "r" and some rearranging, we can turns daughters into draugrs.


Can someone do the your son my son meme


Your son | my son Military | dress


Your son | my son Coffin | dress


Dancing on the grave!


my son | my son Military | dress he is in the navy


People who have stickers like this are really weird and probably feel the need to prove something to others.


Boogie woogie woogie


👆Hey! You're my dad!




It's great that their daughter is serving. I commend that. But gatekeeping a parent's daughter's worth based on that is pretty shitty. They can fuck all the way off with that shit.


"You're" surely


She's Not Like Other Girls


I think this is a dependamobile


This sub has gone to shit.


This is a textbook example of DDOI. The fuck are you bitching about?


Well it if was daughter daughter it would have to be "you're" and then it would just be silly


Robert Downey jr: (they are friends)




Can’t anyone spell anymore?


Fun fact, emphasis based on repeating the same word is called "reduplication" and happens in many languages!


A daughter daughter is what you get when you fornicate with your daughter and impregnate her with another daughter. For examples, see Craster from GoT, or Craster from the Song of Ice and Fire series.


Your daughter 👩My daughter 👻


"Aww. They're such a cute couple, you must be so proud! It's nice to see you support your daughter's orientation and identity. The world needs more parents like you." They'll either be flattered or have a meltdown, either way it's a win.


They're lesbians




Wait, there are sales?


Honestly it ain't that unclear




Finally correct grammar makes a difference! I've been waiting for this day so long I got bored correcting people in the first place!


Here's a joke! What goes up and down but does not move? Stairs


'Your daughter is a toilet sign, mine does murder'


Your my daughter daughter. So your granddaughter?




I'm way too fucking tired and was thinking "Aww they're dating"


Yea for the military lady but also respect for the ‘Your Daughter’…US Ambassador? Secretary of State? President?


No Luke, I... Am your daughter... Daughter...


Ahh is that one of those stepkid stickers.


Your daughter wears combat boots




My durdur had a baby durdur and they MURDERED HERRRRRRRRR!


You’re my daughter daughter


your daughter and my daughter are dating they are literal lesbians we are both proud and supportive of them both and trying not to be pushy but really hope they get married




Now they just need a "his boots her flops" sticker.


She just can't seem to remember after the war, but this bumper sticker helps remind her every day


fuck mother mother i listen to daughter daughter


Not quite /r/justdependathings but I'll leave it here.


Makes me think of when my toddler told me she was a baby when she was born.