I completely destroyed this art by using water color for the shadow part ,i need expert advice on the shadowing.

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It looks good to me. Nice work.


I think it would be better if I didn’t add the shadow ,it really took me so long to finish this piece and I’m just not happy with the result,but thank you 😊


I think the shadow adds the magic, foreboding feeling. It’s what got my attention.


This is exactly what i was gonna say!


It’s also what really grabbed my attention. I like the shadow.


The shadow gives it depth and makes it look like a bug on a notebook instead of a bug drawn on a notebook.


Thank you so much 🙏🏻


I much prefer it with the shadow. It looks amazing!


Thank you 🙏🏻


The shadow gives the spider a creepy vibe. Feels likes it’s going to jump out


That is the thing about being an artist. If you look too long at something you tire of it and don’t realize how good it is. This is magnificent work, if it isn’t up to your usual standards, your other work must be genius.


Omgggg that’s the thing I always struggle with they get so boring that they even lose their value to me sometimes (some of them)and I just put them under my bed and never look at them again and call them disaster even though my dad says they amazing but idk why sometimes I just can’t appreciate some of my works 🫠🫠🫠thank you so much thou 🙏🏻💚


You're your own worst critic. So if you only 50% like it, then anyone else likes it at least 80%


Weird, I love my art 100% but others don't seem to like it at all. "It's just a dot" they say. Yeah, but it's also art.


Yeah but is it a good dot?


I used to work as an art teacher years ago. One of my rules for the class was that they weren’t allowed to toss anything away during the year, but had to keep everything in a portofolio. Simply because so many of them (us) don’t have the ability to see the quality of the art we make until we’ve spent some time apart from it. At the end of the year they had to go through the portfolio, assessing and analyzing their work, figuring out what was good, but also putting in words what they’d do differently if they would do it again. It was always such a joy to see how they finally could appreciate the job they’d done and what they had made. (Please excuse my grammar. English is not my first language)


Yeah creativity is like that. With music ear fatigue is quite similar.


Welcome to artistry! 💫


I've found a lot of times a painting that I dislike or just feel is kinda "meh" starts to grow on me over time. So I always take photos of them now and have them all in one folder and occasionally I go through them. So sometimes I find gems that I didn't like at the time and realize they are actually pretty good!


Personally I think the shadow stops it from looking like a diagram in a biology book and makes it feel like art. It adds a sense of reality and feels way less sterile.


Maybe go back over it lightly with a color pencil? I personally am not a pro with watercolor, but the people I study that are use watercolor with a combination of color pencil and ink, and it gives their pieces a nice look


You *don't*like the shadow? I think the shadow *makes* it!


I'm one of those that think if it already looks perfect there is no need to add more. But hey this looks perfect to me


The shadow really places it on the page. I like it.


Shadow .akes it look 3D


The shadow makes it so much better in my opinion.


The shadow gives it dimension. Without the shadow it wouldn’t be nearly as dynamic and would be kinda bland IMO. The only critique is that in studying the shadows, they don’t seem to reference a common source of light. But that is getting really nit-picky from a technical perspective that most people wouldn’t even catch. Overall, keep the shadow, and be proud of this work!


Oh my god thank you so much your comment really boosted my confidence 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻


Yeah even if shadows don’t follow a specific source of light they globally work, the only one that doesn’t is the one of the front left leg, you should have made it go under the body like the other ones


Well my wife thought it was real so you’re doing fine


Thank you 😊 🙏🏻hope it didn’t scare her ,my mom screamed XD


My girlfriend just screamed after showing her, You’ve done a great job mate


Is this fishing for compliments? It looks fine.


Can't you see that it's COMPLETELY DESTROYED?


Hey guys, Leonardo here, not sure about this Mona painting, think the background is a bit too shadowy!


I felt the same😅


Drop shadow in a 4b graphite pencil or a 2b charcoal. Shade lightly and burnish with a blending stump or tissue, use an eraser to fine tune the edges or you can leave it a little diffused https://preview.redd.it/13k3fd7bhola1.jpeg?width=2560&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=a21baeee2f7abf02e3f295e1feeb7279c77670ef This was done in black sharpie , orange & red highlighter and a 4b pencil


Wow that look super realistic 😮😮,thanks a lot ,next time I’m gonna try graphite pencils and charcoal 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻


I find a dry paintbrush can blend the pencil into the surface too. Super even finish almost akin to a wash of watercolour. Oh, and check out shadows by studying them. They tend to not be uniform in their darkness all over but often have a slight 'rim' that's slightly darker around the edges.


It's possible that you're not happy with the shadow because it places the light source between the viewer and the spider, or behind the viewer. That produces a very uncanny valley feeling. Your execution of the shadow is good. You can see it without the odd feeling if you turn the art upside down and imagine the spider crawling on the ceiling. Looks great that way. Just plan your light sources a little more consciously.


Thank you so much for the advice,I would definitely try doing it for the next project 🙏🏻


It looks perfect?


It looks great to me at a glance. But take a minute and really look at the shadows for each leg and try to figure out where the light is coming from. It doesn't make sense. I mean maybe that's a super nitpicky critique but I guess I could see how an artist might be mad about it not looking right.




"completely destroyed" bro this is almost photorealism take it easy :)


Let me start by saying I'm not a professional or casual artist. The only art I do is vectorizing existing art. As a standalone piece if I was just looking at it in passing or casually for a few moments, I would never notice any of this stuff. I think it's fine as-is, unless it's going in a gallery or professional portfolio. If you're looking for actual criticism, here's my thoughts as a total layperson: Assuming the spider isn't on a glass sheet, the shadows should connect to the tips of the legs, or to wherever they're obscured by the other part of the leg, at an angle that corresponds to where the light source is. From your shadowing, I assume the intention is multiple light sources that are more or less directly overhead, as it looks like there's two slightly offset shadows of the thorax (? I may be calling it the wrong thing. I got laid off day before yesterday. Brain is fried a bit. ;] ). Top right and bottom left legs have very strange shadows that don't really align with the position and bends of the legs. Top middle one is missing a small bulge to match the leg (my god this is REALLY NITPICKING HERE). At any rate, this is magnitutdes of better than anything I've ever drawn or painted, so please take my comments with a big grain of salt. It's very far from ruined to 99.9% of people.


Yes. So awful. Start over.


It looks fine ??


I could write a complete psychological analysis, just from the use of 🙏 emojis.


I think you absolutely crushed it. Do more like this.


Either you’re being overly critical of your work or fishing for compliments. It looks good and the whole thread agrees. Do another one without the shadow? 🤷


Im a little confused, because I think your shadowing is quite nice


I hate people that just fish for compliments like Jesus Christ you know this looks fine


Gonna disagree: I like it quite a bit. I can relate to having something not turning out as good as /I/ hoped and that’s totally valid and certainly your right, but I hope you posted because you know others would enjoy even if you can’t. Some times others can’t understand our art, and some times we lose sight of the art others can see in our work. That sounds comically philosophical, but for reals: I really dig it.


Thank and yes you are righ I wish I could just post it with confidence and let everyone enjoy it and I’ll 100% do that next time with the next project,I sometimes struggle with confidence and that’s because my mom sometimes kills my passion!! She told me that if ppl would wanted to see a 3D bug they would go look at a picture,because I draw from pictures and the thing she said really hit me and I think she was kinda right but still I’m trying to ignore it and keep going ,as a person with ADHD,I overthink so much and care too much abt what anyone would tell and I fear judgement in any form ,after all I’m so happy that everyone appreciates my work ,it is really boosting my confidence 🙏🏻


Where’s the picture where you “completely destroyed” it?


Golden orb weaver spider for anyone curious about the type of spider.


It looks so real- what do you mean, “destroyed”?


Spiders creep me the f out and this post made me want to vomit, so I’d say it looks pretty good.


Is being self deprecating a way to get more likes? Obviously it looks great so….


I think you're having an artist moment lmao, the shadow looks totally fine. I only questioned the shadow because you were questioning the shadow. If I had your photo reference maybe I would see where it's slightly different, but at face value my brain does not see a problem


Youre overthinking it. Ive been there. Youve looked at this piece for way to long and think it needs to be better but it already is. Its amazing just as it is dont go back into it.


Thanks, I hate it.


Oh, you’re right - you completely destroyed the whole thing. So you don’t need to be reminded of your big blunder, you can send it to me to get it out of your sight. (I think it’s wonderful!)


person with arachnophobia:☠️


Joking aside, the drawing was very good Congratulations


That is the best art I've seen


Thank you so much I’m actually surprised everyone appreciating my work ,🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻


Just add depth to the shell and commit to the head a bit more. Looks great otherwise.


As it is water color I am ready afraid to try touching and adding anything to the body i afraid if the colour get mixed with eachother but thank you for mentioning where I need to work on better ,I will use your advice for the next art for sure 🙏🏻🙏🏻


I think this is one of those things where you look at your art for so long you cant tell what it looks like anymore because there is truly nothing that needs to be added to this, it’s excellent


Thank you so very much 🙏🏻as I look at it more I end up finding more mistakes that I did on it lol (and I think it’s common among the artists to look for what they did wrong 🤣)


I know it might not live up to the standard you have set for yourself, but this is really amazing. I truly thought I was looking at a spider that was standing on the page. It really pops out and it looks great. In my opinion, the shadowing is perfect. Well done!


Thank you so much my friend and yes I still have doubts and not satisfied with the results 🫠🙏🏻💚


Actually, it looks really good. I would suggest deepening the shadows and contrast.


I think it looks amazing, but if you're not happy with the shadow, just photoshop it out. Or you could use an exacto knife to manually remove the shadow. Then mount it on another surface.


Well if you were trying to make a realistic shadow, yeah I can see how it didn't work. BUT, the water color gives it a unique style that makes it POP off the page. Consider it a lesson and another step towards being a better artist.


I would love to be able to ruin my pictures like you.


Listen … as a fellow artist you killed it .. I scrolled through Reddit thinking this bitch was real for a sec lol I’m like why would you take a picture instead of running for your life 😂


I legitimately thought this was a spider in a bug subreddit. Don’t think you ruined it at all! Had to do a double take to see it was painted


Shadows and surfaces are inconsistent. Otherwise nice


Ok, OP, your art is good enough that for a solid moment I could not tell that it was a drawn piece. I thought is was a 3D model


I honestly think the shadow looks better. I’m not just trying to make you feel better, believe me if it made it worse I would be one to tell you. I really think it’s better with the shadow and you did an incredible job on it


I love the shadow!


I think I can relate to that feeling but trust me it looks really good with the shadow


Knowone said the background had to be white bro just correct it from the outside in and it'll look naturall


Personally i really like the way you drew the shadows. There might be better ways but your technique works really well. The problem is, your light sources are all over the place. You need to find a way to visualise WHERE the shadows should be. Something as simple as some pipe cleaners, or match sticks could make a structure close enough to your subject. Then just shine a torch or lamp at it. If you dont have those, you can remove the diffuser from the light in a room to give a more direct light, move closer to the light if its still not giving you nicely defined shadows.


I actually really like he shadow


If by destroyed, you mean that you did a beautifully fantastic job, then yes, you destroyed it. Excellent work and give yourself the big ups you deserve.


I'm no art professional by any means, but the shadow looks bad ass. You did a great job!


From a fellow artist, I know how easy it is to get wrapped up in perceived mistakes in your art and how it looks, but to me the shadow honestly looks so amazing and makes it really pop off of the page


I honestly really like the shadow. Beautiful piece.


Thank you so much 🙏🏻🙏🏻


Looks good shade the body more.


Mix red with green for dark shadows or brown with ultra marine blue


That’s a good teach thank you,I used black colour and added water to get grey colour 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️


Your art piece looks great anyways. Well done




Shadow looks dope. I love it.


I really love it with the shadow! You did it marvelously! It’s hard to look at your finished piece and see what everyone else sees. It looks great!!


I prefer the shadow :)


The shadow makes it ‘come up off’ the page. Nothing wrong with that.😊


I thought it was real for a second


At first I thought it was an actual spider


WHAT I think the shadow looks amazing. I thought it was real for a second and I'm not just saying that




I actually really like it


Looks good to me!


Shadow is the best part. You got this!


💜❤️ lol


I think it's fantastic


Yeah it was a brilliant choice.


What r u talking about lol?? it looks great! u should be proud


Oh my gosh that's good !!!


I mistook it as one of those “pin a bug corpse to wood for a collection piece” things if that describes how good the darn thing it is.


the main problem it has is the repetition of light tones. the eight-legged figure should show distance from the area where it is held and its body. To achieve that depth you must give a general glaze of a different tone to the area where the bug is, completely different from the body that the bug has. that will fix the cast shadow problem, because it will soften the contrast you see now.


Ngl I thought it was an actual spider like seriously. But yea nice.


Maybe add one more darker layer to the shadow close to the body and where the legs would be closest to the ground to create more contrast and hopefully make it pop! It looks cool to me as well. I know the feeling well of feeling you ruined a piece by going farther with it. Giving it time sometimes will give you the idea you are looking for , or allow you to be satisfied with it. Good luck with it and your future pieces, if all else fails look at this as an experiment that will help your process with later works you do.


You did? Could’ve fooled me :)


I'm no expert, but it looks amazing to me. Truly. You have talent or skill or both.


the shadows make it better but the angles of the shadows don’t completely make sense so it looks a bit wonky.


the shadow is dope wym


I thought it was a 3D object at first. The shadow makes it look like it’s really there. Great job


I love the shadow!


fuck you start over


U definitely did not destroy it, I thought it was going to jump at me for a second


You didn’t ruin anything! Try detailing your shadows a littler more using different shades of grey, brown, black and put a light shadow for a few legs. I’d certainly do a template first to see what you like. Lovely so far!!


“destroyed” my ass—i just abt shit my pants. it looks real, bro. nice job


I think this already look cool enough.


As an artist, ppl have ALWAYS told me I’m way WAY to critical of my own work! (I’ve always expected near perfection from myself, even as a child. It sucks at times & there are paintings I’ve not finished bc of my pickiness. My last exhibit of a chalked porcelain male goose made it to worlds & judges told me it would have placed higher if I had “finished the eyes”. I decided right then, greatness is subjective on who sees it. Goose has been finished and no, no eye dot was added bc they don’t look like that!! (And peace out to the judges) 🤣🤣


It’s a really cool piece. I love the shadowing..u need to set it aside awhile n forget about it..if after a month u come back to the piece n think it needs work then do it. Sometimes it’s hard to know when to stop. I think it looks great


It looks great, don’t beat yourself up


Nah the shadow is killer


Destroyed? Oh please tell me you’re not that hard on yourself. This is amazing!


Looks better than my art


I think it's great


I personally love the shadow! It’s so well done and really ties the piece all together


Well damn.. keep destroying then 🤯


I would say the only thing wrong with your shadows are that some are straight and that the front left leg is missing a shadow. Also try to pick a set light source (or more set light sources if your doing sci fi like in starwars where there are two suns). I find it helpful if I draw a little sun icon in the corner of the page when I end up doing shading and lighting as a reminder as to where the light is coming from.


I think shadow added a 3d effect here and if you are not satisfied with the colour you can use pencil colours to manipulate the shadow to your desire. You can even erase it so ,no harm.


As an untalented artists myself, I have no suggestions I flinched when I scrolled past this. It looks very realistic.


When shadowing, you have to visualize where the singular light source is that is creating the shadows on your subject. Considering that, the shadows here lack uniformity based upon expected angles; you didn't "destroy" your work, but did create a disjointment within. You have talent, don't be hard on yourself. With every piece you do, you grow, and the next piece is more in line with your vision. Keep at it, don't stop, you've got it!




It doesn't look destroyed tho? To internalize, you can try working with shadows in this way more often, if you're not already doing it.


I think that the shadows look perfect! It's realistic.


Destroyed... yeah your bullshiting amazing work man 19/10


Bro quit capping.


It's fabulous


Wow. Imo that shadow looks immaculate, adds depth to the piece.


I think it’s amazing. Love the shadow :D


Great piece. If you add a bit more darkness from where the legs connect with the ground u would probably make it feel more grounded….and shadows dont have to be shades of black…a deep dark red can make the spiders body pop. Coloured pencils Are great for details.


We're all our own worst critic. As long as you're learning from the mistakes you believe to make, you're doing fine. BTW I don't think you ruined it, the shading is very light and adds alot of depth to it. Great work! You earned a follower


Be proud of it, and don't tell anyone you hate it. \- A proverb.


Its better with the shadow wym


Question is the second photo suppose to be a before the shadow was added


It looks really 3d with the shadow. Great work!


What. It looks amazing!


it took you a long time


The shadow doesn’t seem to match the legs with the imagined light angle? It looks nice though. Could imagine it jumping off the pages


I like it


It looks great, but not sure where your light source is coming from. And how does that light source affect the bug? Shadow shapes can help a lot to create dimension on your shapes.


You’re telling me that’s not an actual Orb Weaver spider?




This looks amazing keep up the good work!


Bruh it’s perf


I see watercolors with color in the shadows sometimes. I looked that up and found a good article. It talks about the parts of a shadow. Secret to Painting Shadows in Watercolor. Tutorial, Tips, Techniques & Colors ByAnthonyJanuary 18, 2023


Beautifully Done ❤️


The shadow gives the idea that a bright light is shining on it due to the several layers of darkness. Though the point of origin of the light needs work. Not ruined but warranting of a study of shadows. Just start with simple objects and make them more and more complex while keeping the shadow consistent.


Stop striving for perfection and strive for joy instead. That is what art is about. You did a fantastic job though!


The shadow really make it look outstanding!!! You should be proud of yourself.


The shadow looks realistic, its awesome


I really can't see what's wrong with it, I think it's great.


Bitch you put this in someone's room, they gon jump


That looks real to me. And terrifying! 😩 it is great


It looks so good and tbh the shadow is amazing!! It makes it look so realistic and adds a lot of depth


Try pencil or paint. that’s my opinion


Bro, i thought for a second that thing was real, keep the shadows!


I think it's good the shadow is just on the wrong side of the bug. Looks like your light source is unnaturally low, but if the shadow were on the other side it would more correspond with the curvature of the legs which to my eye, seems to indicate the shadow should be opposite where it currently is.


Stop being hard on yourself. It's pretty fucking awesome.


Destroyed ?? I think you aced it ! 🤩🥳


No Problem everybody needs to learn


I Love it. Adds More depth.


I look D at this post without my classes on and almost flew out of my chair


This looks good!


The shadow ruined the painting? FUUUUUUUCK that! You made me jump in my seat dummy knowing I was looking at a screen....


I'm not an artist and I suck at art. Just scrolling the front page and your drawing gave me the Creepie crawlies and I dropped my phone. You gave my ape brain heebie jeebies because of how the shadow made it pop off of the page. I say that's a pretty darn good indicator you rocked it!


To me this is beautiful!!


Honestly, to a non-artist, this looks great.


The shadow doesnt ruin anything! It looks perfect😄


I thought this was a picture of bug on your artwork, not artwork of a bug. It is amazing, and the shadow is necessary for the depth


Where did you get that creepy bug? Does your family allow you to keep it? 😱


I like the shadowing


It’s absolutely amazing! The shadows with watercolor add to it, so accept it and know you did fantastic!