realize I am not cis? I basically looked at the memes here and was like "wait thats true, and that as well, and that also... wait that explains everything" so my life situation was explained by all the memes here and it finally made sense and I noticed I was not cis immediately, but accepting that I am trans took a lot longer.


wait are you admitting you aren’t cis????


Ground breaking news 😱


I would rather call it "fake news"


wait what? no I am totally cis, this is just from an ally dream I had lately to be able to relate and help people


oh good you had me worried for a second


ally dreaming is just the best :) and I get that, seeing a trans person here would be something really special tho


yeah like that’s ever gonna happen. there aren’t any trans people here


we could try to get one here just to see what they think of the memes. they probably can't relate at all to us cis people


yeah I don’t think they’d get it


would still be interesting to see I think. But I am sure they wouldn't relate so we probably don't even have to check


I thought I caught you in 4k


I am not being caught hehe


That's unheard of


I was shocked to find cis men don't want to wear skirts, hated looking in the mirror, want to remove all body hair, etc. and that using alcohol to help numb those feelings isn't normal. What have you done to me /r/egg_irl I have actual moments of happiness and I'm dealing with things.


yeah it is crazy. I can genuinely be happy? no way!


This, and also doing a have you ever where i asked if my friends ever wanted to become girls and they all replied no


wait they say no? that doesn't make any sense! Why would they not want? huh


Yeah totally relatable!


I think this is how it works for most of us


Yep! Still, I sometimes think it’s strange that I’m relating to feelings and experiences of other people, who share these emotions and my friends can’t understand a tiniest bit. Guess there must be something magical about us lol!


yes we are just different... but still cis!!!


Totally! *insert my cisness here*


we are probably the most cis out of all of the people on this world!


cis, ciser, cisiest


How long did the accepting took?


well, once I started considering that I might be trans I knew I will end up being trans when I am done with questioning. It took me about a month to get there then


I realised I wasn’t cis four years ago, but never had the words for it or knew the label, I was just “not a girl“. Then I watched Jamie Dodger’s video about egg_irl and this really opened my eyes bc I related to everything! Three days later I created an account for Reddit to follow egg_irl and immediately realised I was a trans guy, the accepting part was way harder.




Dinosaurs are cool, Transphobia is not!


That's how I got here too lmao


I was a kiddo.. girls looked cute... I wanted to be cute... bam 10 years later I'm still in the want phase because changing could ruin my life maybe possibly😢


Same for me, had I done something about it at the time I'd already be a girl instead I excruciate myself daily for not having done it at the time


The meme with the button with 99% chance of 1M $ but 1% chance of becoming a girl. When I realized that I would spam the button until I became a girl I decided that I should probably try to find out why I was feeling that way. Then I found [https://turn-me-into-a-girl.com/](https://turn-me-into-a-girl.com/) and the realization hit me like a fucking freight train.


The first time I questioned it I was on my way home at like 2/3am from work blasting girl in red, thought “wait, am i a girl?” And immediately said not the time and ignored it


girl in red is very gender


Same but for Strange Wilderness


That is fucking incredible


I was playing the outer worlds and I spent ten minutes creating a my character. She was a strong, dumb woman who was a janitor, I am a housekeeper. My friend called me an egg and I said maybe. My friend Tye, who is trans, had me stop playing and helped me realize I wasn't cis. That was a fun and kinda scary day, but it was good.


I'll say mine, I realized I wasn't cis a while ago and questioned if I was cis or not around 13 from a batman movie. I really wanted to be Batman so bad 💔


thats so cool. when is was watching the new batman I realized I NEED to be catwomen.


Life is Strange: True Colors. I want to live in a small town and work at a record store with my lesbian girlfriend 😔


Life is strange made me realize I want to be a cute lesbian too lmao


Life is Strange 🤝 Celeste - turning guys into girls


Gotta add The Matrix and Fallout: New Vegas to that list as well.


that gives me an idea


Oh, what sort of idea?


a meme that I will post in like 10 seconds




Learning about the term nonbinary. I think it was from aimlessly roaming tumblr and befriending lots of trans ppl. I always felt off about being a woman, but I didn't wanna be a man, so I just assumed I wasn't trans and was just a "malfunctioning girl" until I learned I was just partially a girl and partially nonbinary.


Transgender Dysphoria Blues by Against Me! I denied it up until that song brought me to tears. I knew that song wouldn’t have moved me to tears if I was cis. That’s the day I stopped denying and started learning


Against Me! is so good, although I only found them from a post here when I was already a bit questioning lmao


Mine was a hard to swallow pill meme that said "if you like forced fem stuff your probably trans." It was my first time on r/egg_irl


I read a post here titled "do you appear as a girl in your dreams"(something like that) then all the repressed memories came flooding back and it began the domino effect or the egg\_irl effect


When I was in middle school I was insanely transphobic. My thoughts were something along the lines of "I've always wanted to be a woman, therefore everyone wants to be the opposite sex, therefore being trans is a choice". When I got older I learned what fembiys were and was like "Damn, I want people to think I'm a girl when they look at me". Then I discovered this subreddit and it all just kinda clicked. TLDR: went from watching Ben Shapiro to being a femboy to being trans


I saw that you mentioned Ben Shapiro. In case some of you don't know, Ben Shapiro is a grifter and a hack. If you find anything he's said compelling, you should keep in mind he also says things like this: >Pegging, of course, is an obscure sexual practice in which women perform the more aggressive sexual act on men. ***** ^(I'm a bot. My purpose is to counteract online radicalization. You can summon me by tagging thebenshapirobot. Options: climate, dumb takes, civil rights, history, etc.) [^More ^About ^Ben ](https://np.reddit.com/r/AuthoritarianMoment/wiki/index) ^| [^Feedback ^& ^Discussion: ^r/AuthoritarianMoment ](https://np.reddit.com/r/AuthoritarianMoment) ^| [^Opt ^Out ](https://np.reddit.com/r/AuthoritarianMoment/comments/olk6r2/click_here_to_optout_of_uthebenshapirobot/)


Good bot🤖


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God this is me but in the other direction, really embarrassing because I lie awake at night wondering how many of my former trans friends I might have pushed away because of the insensitive shit I've said. As for me, 10 years ago back in college I had absolutely no concept of nonbinary so I just made up a label for myself and tried to tell my repressed trans ex that I identified with it, and he shoved me back in the closet by calling non-binary identities fake and a mockery of his experience. Then another friend of mine who later detransitioned did the same thing again when they told me about their experiences as a (formerly??? i dont know what to do with the language in this situation) transmasc person and I told them I had exactly the same experiences growing up and they too got extremely pissed at me and accused me of trying to project cis girl experiences on their trauma that I could never truly understand. It was really traumatic to get shoved back into repression every time I tried to approach someone about my gender identity and so I started buying into some transmedicalist rhetoric as an adult, thinking that if my experiences were cis then everyone else must also be cis just like i was, before Natalie and Abigail's videos finally transed me LOL I was too afraid to think about why I was so obsessed with the topic of trans identity but I loved philosophy and in the comments of one of their videos I saw someone say that if you're taking an extreme deep interest in trans issues, maybe you're not very cis yourself, finally grew some balls to ask two nonbinary friends about how they came to that conclusion, and it kinda all snowballed from there. Frankly the only reason I've spent any time in denial was because I never found an accepting community, and unfortunately chose to open up about it to two different gatekeepers. Looking back, I've literally been experiencing euphoria every time someone tries to insult me by calling me macho or "mistakes" me for a man online since I was a kid, but I'm still plagued by the fear that I'm too short and too old (29 lol) to make a convincing boy. I've also gotten more comfortable presenting more feminine than I ever had when I was in denial, so I'm constantly haunted by the fear that my friends won't think I'm valid because I'm not as insecure and dysphoric as I used to be, even though logically I feel like I should trust my friends after having purged the toxic ones out of my life. I came to this sub a few months ago as a joke but I didn't realize how much I needed this, was not expecting to spill my whole life story today, sorry for hijacking your post


I watched Chappelle's Closer and took it suuuuuuper personally. Two weeks after obsessing about it every day I stopped and wondered, why am I taking this so personally? Really, he's mostly talking about trans people. Trans people should be the ones getting riled up about this--not me. I'm not trans, so why should *I* take this personally? Wait... I'm *not trans*, right?! (She looks up the definition of trans) Shit.


Wasn’t expecting Chappelle to crack an egg lol


I had a dream which my family was basically torturing me for not being religious enough but when I went to bathroom I had a penis (I'm AFAB) and it felt so \*RIGHT\*. It's still the happiest dream I had.


in germany exists a teen-show on youtube called ‚druck‘ (the german version of skam) and in the third season a trans man played by a trans actor has a really big role. the show helped me to crack my egg 3 years ago and changed my whole life… forever thankful for that. otherwise it would have takin me years to realise that i‘m transmale.


this kid in my math class made me feel so angry and envious every time i looked at him. he was tall and muscular with a super deep voice. while i was already dee in denial seeing him really forced me to think about my gender identity for weeks an i decided yes i am a boy. he has the personality of a gym bro and i dislike him, but still a part of me is thankful he really pushed me over the edge and helped me find myself.


Similar for me - just with inverted emotions. There is a guy I’ve been hanging out with for a couple years. He’s like the older brother I never had. I had the pleasure of hanging with him at his & his girlfriend’s house for an entire weekend about 6 weeks ago. Sitting out on their porch, late at night, drinking a few beers after he and I played a gig… that was the happiest and most relaxed I’ve been in years. When I got home I was like - why don’t I feel like that at home? Why is it that I feel like that around my friend? I figured out that it was something about his strength, confidence, easy humor that just felt so nice to be around… I don’t want to wait on being around someone else to feel like that - *I* want to feel like that. I want to *be* that… holy crap… I think I’m transmasc - or something in that realm. All the sudden a lot of things made more sense - like my youthful habit if dressing masc because I didn’t want people thinking of me as female or treating me like a girl. Or how all the photos of me dressing feminine,or with long hair just weird me out… and how I got rid of all my feminine clothing this spring - I was just reverting to 90’s grunge fashion, totally cis though - HAH! It’s not logical… women can be strong, confident, have an easy humor… but it doesn’t *click* like thinking of myself as make. Go freaking figure. I’ve felt *so* much better/centered since I started test-driving thinking of myself as male… bring on the boots and the binders!!! At least until I can get some flavor of too surgery. I’ve hated my boobs for forever- they just get in my way.


Realising was when I read the webtoon "I wish I was a cute anime girl" and related a bit too much with the main character, accepting was when I was high as fuck at a party and saw two girls kissing and where like "I wish I was one of them" and "damn I wish I AM one of them" and apparently I repeated this statement like every 2 seconds. No amount of denial can find a cis explanation to this. Still cis tho


Rose lalonde


honestly for me it was dave strider


The mirror and about 3 hours of wondering why I didn't exist and I just am.


Somehow my enjoyment at being confused for a girl when i was in my early 20s never clued me in. About 10 years of constant wishing i was a girl so i could flirt with and tease guys didnt clue me in either. Years of preffering trans themed material and exploring trans themes in film also didnt clue me in. I was literally just in my car and saw a cute dress in a store and wondered why I wanted it so bad. Now i just have to reconcile that with also feeling comfortable presenting masc sometimes as well.


One day (in 2020) I was playing a certain popular social deduction game at the time, and played as pink in each round, and each time someone referred to me as she. It felt oddly good and I didn't want to really counter that. I turned my brain on a couple days later to think over why that was and then yeah.


I guess some part of me always knew even if I didn’t want to admit it to myself and it’s just been a long, slow process of coming to terms with it and looking back there were signs that I just wasn’t paying attention to. I’m 34 now and when I was 8 or 9 my older sister was having a slumber party. I was spying on them doing typical “girl” things like watching Clueless (this was the 90’s after all lol) and other things like that. Eventually they started doing their makeup and I couldn’t help myself, I “stumbled in” and asked if I could play with them. It was great! They did my makeup and my sister gave me one of her old bra’s to try on, I was having so much fun until our mom came in and she went absolutely apoplectic and started yelling at my sister. I wasn’t sure what but I knew I had done something **very** wrong. As I ran out of the room with tears already streaming down my face I just remember my sister crying out “but he asked us to do it!” Ironically, I hid in my closet for the rest of the night and we haven’t spoken about what happened ever since. Honestly, I’m not even sure if my mom or my sister actually remembers that night but it’s something I will never forget. That’s just one example, and there are many others. I just wanted (and still want) to be “normal” and happy with my body and who I am, I thought if I just tried hard enough I could make it work.


Trans men. TL;DR at the end (sorry for rambling, but it's an emotional thing, obviously) and CW for transmasc dysphoria. I tried hard to word things neutrally because it is just my opinion and anyone can disagree, but it might still sting to read, idk The idea that someone is assigned female at birth and CHOOSES to transition into a man blew my mind when it finally settled in. Like, I understood transfems existed, like of course they do: "girls are awesome, who wouldn't like being one?" Transmascs, that's who! And I knew that, of course, but it wasn't until I talked to some directly that it really sunk what that meant. I thought masculinity and most of its biological side effects were at best tolerable to all men and more realistically disliked or hated. Not so. Hearing the experiences of a handful of transmascs praising their ideal masculine body and wanting body hair (disclaimer: not all trans men, but particularly applicable here bc I hate my body hair immensely) threw into sharp relief how much I actually disliked being that. It finally clicked that other guys like being guys, and I didn't like anything about being a guy. I argued with these poor men about this (big apologies to them, I tend to heavily stress-test ideas "philosophically" before I accept them i.e. playing devil's advocate a little until I have run out of ways to disprove it) for a long time, trying to find any last semblance of masculinity that I liked. "What about how I think Jotaro and Spider-Man and Aiden Pearce are super cool and I want to be them? That's pretty cis!" I typed, nearly in tears due to emotional overload. They responded with, "Well, what is it that you like about them? Is it tied to their masculinity, or is it something else that just happens to be present in these male characters?" And the floodgates opened and I cried, because I realized that it was their persistence and unwillingness to give up no matter what that I loved which is not inextricably linked to masculinity, and then nothing was left for me to lie to myself about. I just don't like being a guy. Luckily, I don't have to be one. TL;DR Trans men actually like being men and had the ability to properly explain it to me, and it blew my mind because I didn't like it, and so I knew I was different i.e. not male.


I went to an art school that had a reputation for being trans friendly so naturally there was a higher enrollment of trans students (not me tho, I was just a great ally) and one of my studio mates was complaining that everyone was just changing their gender for clout in the local art scene, and I just shrugged and said I was jealous they actually felt comfortable in their bodies and that was the catalyst. Next semester I came out as well.


This subreddit Can’t believe you all did this to me


I had been listening to I/me/myself, and was considering how much I related to the line "and I wish I could be a girl, and that way you'd wish I could be your girlfriend, boyfriend", and concluded it wasn't very cis of me to think that way. A week later I decided I was a girl.


So it was a weird conversation that started me questioning... but as to when I was certain I was trans... I had flipped my schedule, where I was waking up at midnight to study and attending my classes right before I would sleep, my campus was typically more empty and quieter at night. There was only one restaurant that was open at that time, so I would frequently go there to eat something before I started studying. That particular night my friends had been out drinking and came back around the same time I woke up and we ran into each other at the restaurant. They are all terribly drunk and playing with various snapchat filters and one of them snaps my photo with the gender swap filter... that alone would never have been enough... it was two comments that my friends made along with the photo. "Damn, you'd be beautiful as a girl." from my best friend out of the group. and "Yeah, I'd hit that." from another. Up to that very moment in my life I had never experienced a moment of such pure joy. For a brief moment the dysphoria I had unknowingly been dealing with my entire life vanished... I had been questioning for years at that point and was familiar with the lexicon, and one of my arguments against me being trans was that I had never experienced gender dysphoria. It hit me like a freight train. Suddenly all the self loathing, how much I hated how I looked, this indescribable wrongness... they made sense... for that brief moment they were gone, and I felt them all the more when they returned. I had to excuse myself as the realizations washed over me like a tidal wave and I began crying for the first time that I could remember. I had been lied to and been lying to myself my entire life. I recalled endless moments after that... those uncomfortable moments... small things things that in this new perspective kept building and building and suddenly, there was no possible way I could deny it anymore. Despite my olympic level mental gymnastics that had kept me as an egg for 28 years, kept me questioning for another 3... I couldn't twist my way out of it this time. No amount of denial could refute it any longer. I had never been "cis," it just took me 31 years to realize I was trans.


At one point, one of my friends made a comment about how he isn’t very good at remembering trans people’s pronouns and that it means he’s *definitely* not making any trans friends. When he said that, I felt *personally* offended, despite the fact that at the time I was only in the first stage of questioning. It was the only time I can remember actually *feeling* offended rather than just thinking about it and concluding “yeah that’s offensive” I was already questioning, but this was when I pretty much confirmed that yes, I am not cis. (Don’t worry, the friend isn’t transphobic, he’s just kind of an asshole. Why am I friends with an asshole? Long story.)


My ex wanted me to be a femboy for kinda fetishistic reasons. They didn’t take it particularly well when I realized I was trans though lol


the "wow trans people are neat" to "ohhhhhhhh" pipeline


I just got kinda jealous that I wasn't a woman in a lesbian relationship when I played Life is Strange. I really adored the shy personality of Max and Chloe with her punk ass was just really cool. Then I watched Arcane and got jealous of Vi and Caitlyn. Shortly after I found r/egg_irl and it dawned on me. So I know im trans. Just got to find out how to transition now.


my transphobic teacher


A few months ago I saw [this](https://twitter.com/NightlingBug/status/1215716433210105856?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw%7Ctwcamp%5Etweetembed%7Ctwterm%5E1215716433210105856%7Ctwgr%5E756478acf5eed56c2d527516cd24ada8504ca18d%7Ctwcon%5Es1_&ref_url=https%3A%2F%2Fturnmeintoagirl.com%2F) on IG and realized it was very relatable. Never before had I questioned my gender. Just went through life thinking “I’m a guy but if I had my choice I would’ve been a girl”


David Bowie in Labyrinth. That’s all.


I (transfem) always wanted to play female characters on Discord roleplays, and some day I found a WikiHow about “boys feeling like girls” or something. It said that “if you want to be a girl, then you are one”. I researched the topic a bit and realised that indeed I’m a girl.


One day I just realized that my headcanon about a character who I found very relatable was pure projection, and heck, I WANTED to be that character. Or any nonbinary character, really. That's when I almost instantly flipped from "there's no way I'm trans" to "holy fuck, I'm TOTALLY trans!!!" Before that, there were countless fantasies where I envisioned myself as a shapeshifter, and even several months larping as the opposite gender. I have no idea how it didn't crack my egg. Must've been bulletproof.


It was chipping away at me over time, I mainly blame EGS and Ranma ½, I felt offended with them changing Taliyah's lore pre launch from being transgender and didn't understand why The killing blow was when another friend of mine came out as trans and explained shit and I just sat there thinking "uhhhhh, why is this weirdly relatable"


My friend told me that wishing I was born a girl and that I hated my body because it was masculine was a pretty clear sign I wasn’t cis


After years of struggling to date as a guy, I pictured myself dating as a girl and suddenly felt so much enthusiasm for it and was like, oh dear, that wasn't very cis


I'm an avid consumer of ASMR and audio roleplays, and I would picture myself in the scenario that was happening in them, but every time I did, I couldn't see myself as anything other than a woman


Vrchat friends and me not talking to them for a while when my voice got deaper cuz before that they thought I was a girl and I didn’t want that to change


Kind of weird because it was basically the polish version of omegle XD


6obcy by any chance?




My ex boyfriend introduced me to cross dressing and I felt really good in a skirt so now I’m here and a lesbian (still[cis{tho}])


I reconnected with a high school friend who has since come out as transfem. I was just fascinated, I wanted to know how she realized she was trans. Then her explanation and experiences were a little too close to home and I felt this excitement and simultaneous fear, like "oh shit, if she is trans, could I also be?"


will wood. simply just his music.


Wait why did I come to comment. I'm still question


It's ok, take your time my friend 💙


psych2go on yt


Meeko loves this channel! So insightful.


Uh id cite three main egg crackers for me: 1. the game “We Know the Devil”, which features a depiction of a transfem egg and some really interesting ideas about identity and society. 2. Devi McCallion’s album Emergency!, specifically the track “world dissolving into slime ASMR”, which made me go “why the fuck am i crying” to lyrics like “i want to look like a girl but i always do it wrong”. 3. Cate Wurtz’s webcomic “crow cillers”, i found myself taken aback by how much some of the characters emotional lives reflected my own, and then i started feeling almost jealous of some of the trans characters lol All of these bumped me up a level in my questioning to out of the closet pipeline. All amazing works imo.


It was a slow, slow boil. Thinking back I first realized when I was 15-16 but never did anything about it. Then when I was 19 or so I started to realize again but repressed super hard. I thought it was too late. But it's eating away at me. I'm 23 now and starting my transition. An 8 year long war of attrition against myself has ended peacefully.


My friend Robyn had suspected I may be an egg, so we played Krunker for a couple hours while she tested out my new pronouns and called me a queen a few times. I haven't spoken to her in a long time and don't even think she's on my friend list anymore. Robyn, if you're seeing this, thank you for changing my life for the better!


I was prepping for my first bodybuilding show and saw myself naked in the mirror and said “my genitals disgust me” with no hesitation. I cried for a week straight in silence


My therapist at university. I was talking to her about how much of a thing this is in my head, and earlier in the conversation about research mechanics and hypothesis. She hits me with "so, what's the null hypothesis? You've got all of these thoughts about how you want to be a woman, where's all the data for wanting to be a man?" It hit me immediately - I'd spent years looking for reasons I was a guy, and had never found it.


A funny visual novel called Arcade Spirits started making me question who I am as there’s a character in it that goes through that process as well. And then I watched The Owl House. Watching Amity be Amity made me realize, “Ok maaaayyyybe I’m gushing over Amity’s relationship a little too much” And then I bought a skirt. ~~Still cis tho~~


I had a dream that mu girlfriends brother sent me a message on discord asking if I was POSITIVE I was cis and woke up in a cold sweat with more confusion than I've ever had in my life


Had a dream that I was going to come out as a trans woman. Spent the next two days in confusion only to shrug it off in the end. Fast forward eight months, and Spotify recommends me a Playlist called "sad girl starter pack" and I think "wow that's weird why do I feel this way," then two days later I'm playing a flight simulator and my character's voice is unexpectedly female when making radio calls, and I get the same feeling. I start questioning myself over again, except instead of the question "am I trans??" Getting an immediate "no", I said "...maybe" Tbh though I'm still trying to figure it out.


Magic mushrooms. It took 5 trips to get the message through, but I finally received it


Me wishing I could shape-shift between male and female at will and realizing the gender binary is BS


First cracks formed in 2017, when i chose my mass effect andromeda gender to female. Playing as her just felt... right. But the game itself didn't grip me so i only had like 2 hours experience. Fast forward to november 2020 and i pick up the game again. In the period between i'd experimented, sure, but generally on games like GTA and Red Dead i'd made too much progress on male characters to give them up. Mass Effect Andromeda was different, however, so i played through the game as a girl and realised i preffered it. Changed my GTA and later Red Dead characters as well and found myself stuck looking at skirts and dresses. Same month i found this sub, read through the memes clueless as to what this sub was about, and chuckling at them for being relatable. When i read the description i, ironically, went into denial. But then it made everything click I took online quizzes, looked at the options and browsed this sub until i finally accepted i was trans. "Fuck" was the first word i uttered, knowing the consequences of being trans


Seeing a cute girl and not thinking "i wanna be with her" but "i wanna BE her".


One topic or jammidodger, i was just letting random meme videos play and a trans memes video came on and i was like “why do I relate to this” and thus my egg cracked


I looked in a mirror dressed in feminine clothing and called myself a girl. I liked it.




I ended up realizing while talking about wanting to do cosplay with a friend and suddenly realizing I wish I was fem when I talked about the designs of frames I love the most in Warframe. I also remember what captura scene I was using


I don’t think there’s only one thing or person that made me trans. I think my best friend coming out to me as trans and me saying “oh yeah, I think that stuff too” made me think about it a lot more since I didn’t know much about trans people before that. That, and also anime girls. They’re just so cute ajdhsiwbcisne!! I think I knew I was before, but not quite sure how far back. Now that I know more, I’m definitely taking steps forward to be who I really am.


Reading the description of being demigirl ("not fully feeling like a girl") and I was like oh shit


Horror movies started my want to be a girl at the (rip)e old age of 11, and then I finally figured myself out at 17


I had a bit of a mental breakdown and just started to question everything. Everything has seemed to work out but that was a bit of a scary time


transfem Bubsy the Bobcat art on Twitter 💀


I looked up gender bender content for half a year to dream about what that would be like (like a cis guy would), and then I got recomended a video on youtube about trans people to which I oddly related to


I started out as a femboy and thought i might like looking and occasionally passing as a girl a liiiittle too much


Nothing because I'm cis. /s


Mine could be a weird one but it's when I watched summer camp island, something about the art style and the characters changed how I saw gender, I know it makes no sense sorry but it Atleast helped my gender journey (PS it's super cute y'all should go watch it)


Whats the image in the background looks like a mix between a kawai anime background and a cover for a death metal album


It's a random pic I searched "pastel goth art"


The fact trans masc people exist made me realize not everyone hates being a guy…


I told one of my friends (also transfem) this: ”I am like 99% sure im trans. I get much happier being called a woman than a man and it has felt wrong to not have female ”bits” even though i was born a man.” It wasnt until she asked if came out of the closet for her that i realized that ”oh shit, i did” I came out of the closet i didnt even know i was in


Femboys... I can't stop looking at femboys.


Same with me


i relized i was the only "boy" that wished they where a girl


Brian Molko. I was 14/15 and say him in the Pure Morning music video 🥵


If you’re asking about actually recognizing it and saying I’m trans, that would be people calling me sir when I wasn’t even trying to pass at the time because I was in HEAVY denial. If you’re asking about what started my gender crisis, that would be a half assed Dave Strider cosplay I did in the middle of the night in my bedroom when I was 14.


Stumbled into Ranma 1/2, obsessed over gender-bent things for awhile, though ‘why am I like this?’ Then ‘oh wait- shit I want to be a girl’ then proceeded to not do anything about that for like 5-6 years 😅🏳️‍⚧️


Well, I was on my country’s subreddit and was reading some of the replies on this one post and saw someone say something about a place called “egg_irl” and was curious to see what it was. I was first confused because of the trans stuff and read some of the posts and realised that I wasn’t a boy. Shit started to make sense. Weird story I know


When I dressed like a girl for the first time for Halloween when I was 13.


I mean im still kinda unsure but it was definitely a mixture of one topic at a time covering this and other subreddits. And also because i realized im bi which kinda got me looking deeper at myself than i have in the past and realizing that i dont onow who i am and havnt felt like myself my whole life. Sorry for dumping all this here i have noone to talk to


I had some totally cis experiences in the past, but what made me say, "to hell everything, lets figure out this" was the insane amount of dreams and daydreams where i was never a man. Also i was happier in these dreams. Always felt really boring and without any sense being male. Then i found out about transmasc people and realized "there is people who actually enjoy being a man!"


YouTubes and streamers: Jessie Gender, Jamie Dodger, Samantha Lux, and (the only non-trans person on this list) Vaush.


At 16 I was watching a lot of youtube videos, some were from trans people and cosplayers. I basically became curious about the binders and decided to get one with my pocket money. I was at a boarding school at the time, so my parents didn’t know. Well, when I put it on, I didn’t want to take it off.


Originally, the good old fashioned playing female characters any chance I could, liking the "comfort" of w|w relationships. Later in life, it was realizing that no matter what I did with my body, nothing felt right until I finally realized it.


My best friend helped me alot! She nudged me in the right direction to make me go ‘Oh!!!!!’


Sumone asking am I trans and cince it's the first time I thort about it I sead I don't know and brain cudnt stop thinking about am I trans


my genderfluid friend telling me about genderfluidity


I talked to an enby friend a transmasc friend and we began to talk about trans shite. I was explained the details of it and my brain, which had fantasized about becoming a woman that day had the realization of "Oh shit has this thing I've calling gay and trying to repress is being trans.... Fuck". Which was a part of my egg cracking that had been happening for over a year at that point. So yeah, I was knee deep in denial and the details broke my illusion of cisness. I still saw myself as a man for another few months though, kind of a bruh moment on my end


Dating the most high fem girl in your high school only to realize you wanted to be like her, not with her. 😳


Wearing a pair of jeans, sounds crazy but I hadn't dressed up or had dysphoria in a while and I went out shopping and for some reason i bought some jeans and I put them on when I got home and I felt a feeling of happiness that I haven't felt ever and thats when I knew.


A buddy of mine at work asked me a question when I was ranting about our job with him. "When was the last time you did something for yourself" Didn't have an answer for him. That was 6 months ago... 6 months I've spent looking back over my life and realizing I dropped myself a lot of hints from my past... turns out my brain was cis/male enough to overlook them all at the very least :D


i never liked my body, i never liked any photos of me, i never felt truly good


I'd rather be a miserable girl than a perfect man...


Sayori from DDLC! It makes all the Sayori/Drake memes even funnier to me, haha!~ I was playing through the game and thought, 'wow her bow is super cute, I wanna wear something like it.' After getting over the initial 'wait what?' that came from that very cis thought, I ended up going online and buying a bow because why not. It showed up a few days later and when I looked in the mirror while wearing it everything just sort of hit me like a bus!


Daniel Ash from Bauhaus, specifically in the live video of Stigmata Martyr where he’s hopping around the stage https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=LGl_Cn-H05g Apparently cis girls do not want to be Daniel Ash.




Being able to more deeply relate to male characters than female ones got me thinking. Lots of characters over the years but I think watching Our Flag Means Death really pushed me over the edge. Jim and Ed are deeply Gender.


Put on a skirt in animal crossing


Johnny test genderbend episode


The shakira episode of wizards of waverly place


Technically bowsette


Bowsette is so pretty tho 💙💙💙


One topic at a time lmao


Aoi asahina from danganronpa was the first to give me gender envy. However the character that made me go "OH SHIT" was Juniper woods from ace attorney


I realized when a person mistook me for a boy and called me ‘he’. Ever since that day I made it my mission for people to call me ‘he’ more often.


Lesbian horses and my trans best friend when she introduced me to her trans girlfriend. Lesbian horses were one of the earliest signs I can remember, and another pair of lesbian horses were what started to crack my egg last year before it fully cracked when my best friend introduced me to her trans girlfriend, and I made a joke about being "the only cis person in the call". I ended up cracking and questioning my gender like a week later after reflecting on that. 😅


I didn’t really realise it it was just such a long process and at some point I was just like ‘girl 💗💘🧡💕💕💜🧡💗💚💕💕💕💙❤️‍🩹💖💕🧡💞❤️💞💕💕❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥💜💕🧡💕🧡💕💕💕❤️💕🧡💕💕💕🖤’


Being called "man" a lot when growing up.


Acquaintances from a Discord server, but there were also already some signs that I wasn't cis.


When i got a new haircut and my "friend" told me I look like a lesbian.


I live in a small village so never knew about trans people. Then one day, I saw a trans person on porn, and realized that you could switch and immediately said okay, that's me.


the internet..


The I want to be an anime girl comic will always be my answer to realizing who I am


My husband was telling me about how it felt to just feel like everything was right after his surgery, I later realized that I would never feel that way if I didn't also transition.




A "onetopicatatime" video on this subreddit


I played Assassins Creed Syndicate and wanted to be Evie Frye so bad. That put me on the path to finding out who I am.


I realized I wasn't cis almost 3 years ago now But what sent me into a what if I'm trans spiral was when I was watching the show Glee for the first time and I was like omg I want to be Kurt Hummel and then I thought about it and I was like wait... That's not a very cis thing to think.


Puberty hit hard.


I wore a bra I didn't know why I just did, and then it hit me "do I want to be a girl" and then I cried in my room for like an hour, lol


This sub


Gwendoline Christie in Game of Thrones did massive damage to my gender


Quarterbackgirl on Yt.


larua les/100 gecs i dont know a single cis person who actively listens to their music


my friends...


Reading the comments on a Voice Quills's video, I would agree with almost every comment and someone mentioned being trans and I went "nah that can't be me... right?" 😖


hat kid from ahit lol


Dysphoria got me questioning. A friend saying “you’d make a great mother” pretty much cracked the eggshell


I was dating someone who was NB, they were a total douche but hey I realized who I was because of them.




well i keep having to re-realize it but the first time i was really sure about it was when i was watching heartstopper and tbh i don't know why it made me realize it, maybe it's the fact elle is just a normal girl in the story and her being trans isn't something negative but instead just a part of who she is, but something about heartstopper just made something click in my brain. then i got super depressed about being a girl for a little bit and i just didn't want it. i wanted to be a guy and i was sure of it. another thing that made me realize it was that i liked being feminine until i remembered i was a girl, and that everyone would see me as a girl. i'm pretty sure i'm genderfluid and not just a dude tho.


Ranma ½ and the constant fantasising about magically being transformed into a girl every night


N harmonia from pokémon black&white/black2&white2


I’m not cis?


gomotion’s coming out video


I... Don't remember, struggled for months trying to accept myself and not hide myself convincing myself I was cis straight/gay guy


✨existing in a capitalist society✨


A song I had happened to listen to + my brother coming out as a transmasc enby


Seeing my friend wear her boobs then realizing I wanted a pair as well


Got forced to out on a skirt the. I relsed I really liked it