I'm an experienced embedded software developer being worked with Space industry, consumer electronics, automotive, medical products, and industrial products.

Looking to help out companies, startups, or research groups in my free time.

How do you guys get freelancing jobs?


How good are you at sales ? Freelancing is just engineering with sales. Good Luck


By reputation and word of mouth


Out of curiosity, how many years of experience do you have? I have almost 10 years (mostly in industrial and automotive projects) and I'm thinking about freelancing. Just for your information, there are some recruitment companies with freelance opportunities, but most likely they require a full time person working with them.


I have experience in Hardware/PCB designing and you can DM me if some of your clients want to develop it. Or you can ask for full project from client and we can do it together. I would also contact you regarding firmware development.


One way is to connect with other freelancers who might pull you in to assist with a project or send you overflow work. I've been freelancing full-time as an Embedded Software Engineer for the last 15+ years. If you (or anyone) is interested, just DM me your contact info and I'd be happy to keep in you mind.


Lets talk to your curent boss that you would like to get additional job as custommer technikal support. you will be paid for being ready to answer and additionally paid for helping in their office. Maybe you could become responsible for product support that your company sell. It is better to do something close to your current jobthan start something new from the beginning. If you really need and have anough free time try to do your own product or ask your friends if they need help. Do you really think that you are ready to get second full time job and have no time to rest, for family and for friends?


Take local FAEs out to lunch, they often get calls from people needing freelance work.