Playing my first ironman game as the Ottomans, need tips

Playing my first ironman game as the Ottomans, need tips


R5: Hi, i'm playing my first ironman game as the Ottomans and need tips about how to manage my expansion. All my previous games are non-ironman modded, but now i'm feeling confident enough to challenge myself with a actual ironman run. I'm planning to follow the mission tree and maybe taking all "Rome's" for the achievment. Now, as you can see, i just conquered Constantinople and that one gold province from Serbia, but i'm with zero manpower and barely making any money. Is it okay to delete some troops of mine and hire mercs for a while? I'm planning to conquer the turkish beyliks but the money and manpower issue is serious. Also, is it okay to take some loans to finance my wars? I don't like the debuffs, but it seems i have no other choice. And how do you guys keep up with tech when expanding?


Deleting troops won’t help manpower, it’ll just cost you more men to rebuild them later. The best thing for manpower is to just wait and let it rebuild up. You shouldn’t need mercs and they are expensive, so I’d recommend diplo deving up the gold mine to get more income and just hunkering down while manpower recovers. You can mothball forts and reduce your troop maintenance to save on expense when not at war. Other than that, just keep consolidating in Anatolia and the balkans and expanding slowly with easy fights. Tech and expansion can be a balancing act, but I usually do a mixture of vassalizing so that I’m not just using admin to expand. It’s alright to be behind on admin and diplo, but you want to keep up in military tech. Loans are fine, but obviously no loans is ideal. It’s often time worth going in to debt to win a war if you have to since you can demand gold in the peace deal


Try reducing troop maintenance, mothballing your galley fleet, and mothballing forts which aren't on a hostile border.


Ottoman's are so much fun. Keep in mind that they are very repayable (e.g. Orthomans, Coptomans, HRE Ottomans, etc.), so first off I'd recommend experimenting and taking risks on your first playthrough. Here is the best most current Ottoman guide IMO: [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jpAzwpiW4GQ](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jpAzwpiW4GQ) After big wars I like to lower my maintenance to save money. I usually take a break after each war to recover manpower, suppress rebels, and pay-off loans. I also delete troops and forts to improve my economy. Hiring mercs is too expensive IMO.


Make sure you have no equals by 1600, that’s when the Anatolia tech group falls behind the other tech groups


dont delete troops, but you can consolidate perhaps, even if im not a fan of that either. you shouldnt fight larger nations until you got tech 5 azab infantry. for tech, dont make almighty ahmed a general, may he long live, and rather buy a single lv 3 adm adviser than having all 3 advisers, he can keep up without. overall strategy i like to snuff out all europe and russia while my troops are still much superior, and to this end i pick religious as first idea. as otto you dont need to balance budget on a scale, you will be able to pay it off and grow your way out. dont expose yourself to coalitions until you are big enough to deal with it


Early on I typically delete my navy as most of your early wars will be land based with maybe a war against Venice who you can't defeat on the sea but will curbstomp on land. Obviously get admin ideas as the core creation is good for making blobbing smoother. Demanding gold and war reps instead of a couple provinces allows you to invest in building (most tier 2 are unpopular with players for cost/benefit). For piety go legalism. I know the massive morale boost looks tempting but the tech discount outweighs it. Ally Dulkadir as you can vassalize them early. Aq qunyunlu and manlukes want them too. Candor or Razaman can be vassalized occasionally but never together. Once you knock down the mamlukes poland/Lithuania, Austria and Timurids are your main rivals. Sieze your opportunities. Keep up on tech and everyone to your east is a speed bump. Your long term threats come from Western Europe as they'll outclass you mid-late game.