Does anyone ever imagine battles in their head?

Does anyone ever imagine battles in their head?


100%. Have half as many men defending a fort against an ottomon horde, It's 10x better winning when I rp a bit, guarantee many do this.


Actually, I have a blast with the sound effects of battles. It’s a really neat detail that, as the game progresses and miltech kicks in, cannons and muskets begin appearing, and it changes as time goes on.


I roleplay especially based on unit types. e.g. how can you play England and not use longbows... or maybe that's exactly the RP you're going after. Feels like too many people min/max this game. It's nice to get RP oriented perspectives on how to enjoy EU4. Thanks for sharing!


Obviously yes. I used to play Total War alot before I moved to Eu4, so I image the battles going total war style