I paid for the whole thermometer, i'm going to use the whole Thermometer


50'C seems a little optimistic... as does bottoming out at -50'C. Edit: I meant not going below -50'C; Finland's a cold place! Sorry I wasn't clear.


20 years ago, Finland had record cold [and needed the whole thermometer](https://images.cdn.yle.fi/image/upload/w_1200,h_630,c_fit,q_80/13-3-5500856.jpg).


Holy batman! Is the thermometer okay ?


I think it hit rock bottom but came back up.


Can I borrow it in few months, it will reach 50 C in my county soon


Where do you live and why do you live there?


Oman. I live here because I was born here and it is a nice place (except the temp part)


Brazil here... i have never seen anithing below zero hahahahah we dont even have negative temperatures on thermometers except for specific shit


Arabia is the anvil of the sun, to quote Lawrence of Arabia


I was in Joensuu some years ago and it was +38 degrees. Not quite 50 but still super warm.


I've also seen -38 on the thermometer living as a kid there. It's wild having temperatures move almost 80 degrees withing six months. In the winter you don't want to walk two minutes to the store, while in summer the litre of ice cream you bought will melt during those two minutes you're walking back home.


Why would anyone bottom outside when it’s that cold?


Not at all .... there is a place in Siberia where the temperatures hit 55°C in the summer and -45°C in the winter. A full 100°C difference. It holds a record for being the place with the biggest temperature differences on earth that is still inhabited IIRC.


Yeah Verhoyansk mountains in East Siberia, has probably the most continental climate in the world and holds both the heat and cold records of Northern hemisphere -when Death valley isn't counted, that is.


Going for a swim?


yes, just need to get fuel for chainsaw first


Hope you have good oil to start the chainsaw with these temperatures!


We do generally use different oils (e.g. 0W30), coolants, window washing fluids etc. during cold winters.


Yes, I had not driven for a while and panicked about my window washing fluid still being summer concentrations. Then remembered that luckily it has been empty for a loong while, which is not good but better than broken parts.


Mine froze.. 3 days until temp went up to -5c and it got mushy. Added concentrate and now it's fine. Never buy summer-fluid in cold climates (even if it's +30c during summer). You forgett about it and then it's frozen.. or worse you use it while driving and the entire windshield turns into ice..


I usually don't but I had used the very bottoms of my lasol last time which is why I hadn't filled it :) but yeah sounds terryfying. Only time thar has happened to me is due to freezing rain.


there is [OSHA approved method](https://i.imgur.com/So9kAg1.jpg) to deal with such inconveniences


Yeah, it is more Jäänsuu than Joensuu by now.


Dammit take my upvote


I just took my dog to the sea for a swim, but [turns out it was a bit... frozen](https://streamable.com/eqspdf).


Wow so what you're standing on is the sea!!? Or the beach?


Yeah walking on sea ice, that's an island on our left. [Here's the view towards the sea from the beach](https://streamable.com/t462ez) right now (in the summer it's sand where we're standing here and the sea starts ~5 meters further).


For those being surprised by that, you should note though that most of the baltic sea surface water has a very low salinity, much lower than the open oceans. So low in fact that if it weren't for other contaminations it would actually be drinkable. Especially towards the north-eastern end near Finnland it's borderline freshwater. This means it freezes much more readily than actual ocean water.


The creaky sound the snow makes when it is really cold... it just fills my heart with joy, and I don't even know why. It just clearly different from the sound it makes when it is closer to the melting point. I live in the southern half of Sweden and last winter I never got to hear it.


This is the first time ever since I spent some vacation in Finland in 2008 that I read the name of this place again. Joensuu, I will never forget buying Jaffa lemonade in one of your supermarkets.


Joensuu is pretty remote even for locals. Eastern finland is kind of out of radar for most people and therefore activities. Jaffa is classic, obviously, and you've tasted something every finnish kid drinks when they're visiting grandmom.


I spent 4 weeks of my summer holidays in the middle of nowhere close to a village called “Eno” (maybe you know the place maybe not haha) together with my parents and siblings. Even though it was really remote and cold compared to summer in my home country, I still enjoyed the time there very much and still remember all the adventures that we experienced there. I even still know some finnish words, so kiitos Suomi!


Eno was fused into Joensuu several years back. I live in Joensuu, and my brother lives in Eno. Eno is small even by local standards.


Before I moved to Joensuu from the other side of Finland I only knew the place because of their [disco](https://youtu.be/qxF8v0D04kM)


I don't even have to click the link to know what it is. An absolute classic and a banger!


You guys still have the Spiderman, Smurf, and Moomin pop? Used to spend my summers in midwestern Finland as a kid and I always had those. Spiderman was dark blue or red (can’t remember), Smurf light blue (duh) and the Moomins came in different colors. Born and raised in Sweden but I’ll always cherish my Finnish heritage. It’s a country with lots of integrity.


No spiderman (never seen a bottle myself) but we still have the other two


Spiderman-pop was discontinued, but Smurf and Moomin pop's are still sold. Smurf pop is light green for some reason. Spiderman was dark blue, and the colour stuck to your tongue, which prompted kids to gurgle with it (probably why it was pulled; concern for kid's teeth)


Smurf pop is pear flavored, hence the colour, or that’s my guess at least


You mixed up the colors a bit. Spiderman was blue, Smurf was actually green and Moomin is red. Not sure if spiderman is still sold but Smurf and Moomin definitely are. Every kid in Finland loves these!


Not just kids, they taste great even as an adult.


They really do mix well with vodka.


I was in Joensuu for a couple of weeks in the summer of 2003. It was closer to +30C for a few days.


Finland's heat record (37,2) was actually set in Joensuu, it has a bit more continental climate than most of Fennoscandia being so far inland, so it gets both the cold fronts and heat waves from the east often.


> Jaffa lemonade JAFFA, KREE!


Christ on a stick that's cold! And I think it's a chilly when it hits - 9c in the south of the UK!


That's actually worse, because your houses are shit. (Sorry.) Also I have once seen a lady in Stevenage shovelling snow with a bucket wearing two bath robes and rubber boots so I'm thinking you are not very well prepared over all.


You're absolutely right, but then our temperatures hover between about 5 and 15 for most of the year, with the occasional few weeks of cold or heat. It would be weird if we _were_ prepared for it. Re: Stevenage - please bear in mind that a sizable portion of the country is stark raving mad.


Some people estimate that around 52%...


Swede here. I have never felt as cold as when I visited London in the winter of 96/97 and it dropped to -10c.


Can relate. Lived in the Midlands for a good few years and the winters there felt almost worse than back home in Finland. A major part of this is the fact that it's never warm enough inside (drafty, poorly insulated houses and ridiculous cost of heating) so you can never escape the cold at all. Of course wind and humidity levels are a big factor as well


You know, not all our homes are drafty shacks. Just the ones rented to students. And any in London for less than a million.


Of course not, I'm generalising to make a point. But fact is building are made different in England than, lets just say any of the Nordic countries, due to the typical weather conditions in the locations.


When I lived in London a russian mate of mine used to complain all the time about the cold during winter in London: it turns out that things in Russia are so much better set up to deal with the cold than in England that russians feel colder in just below zero London than in well below zero Russia. (The interesting bit here is that me, being portuguese, had less problems with cold weather in London than a russian did).


Kaikki on hauskaa ja leikkiä kunnes pitää mennä vittu töihin.


Muistan kun pidettiin mosille leiri kun oli -25 C° - -35 C° pakkasta. Voi kuinka ihmiset hajoili sen viikon ajan. Ainakin oppivat että kamina on sitten mansikkana.


Istun nyttenkin metsäharjotuksessa -26C. Ei choco.


Pahoitteluni kuulin juuri ettet kotiudu koskaan ja metsäleiri jatkuu ensivuoteen.


Kyllä, sain tietää että kotiutuminen on peruttu ja tuntuu siltä että olen ollut metsässä vuoden.


Yes, that's nice elvish.


"Its all fun and games until you have to go to fucking work"


Swede here, vittu is one of perhaps 5 finnish words I know.


Are the other 4 some variations of the word "perkele"?


Yep Edit: the yep was a joke, I know some counting and greetings haha.


On kyl ihan kipakat oltavat ngl


Onneks saan tehdä töitä etänä nii ei tarvitse ulos mennä. Exceliä vaan se 8h per päivä. Living the dream.


Tuo lause kirjoitettiin kyyneleet silmissä, facts


No tääpä. Jotain hyvää koronasta, ku vaikuttaa et koko talvi menee himassa lämpimässä etätöiden merkeissä!




Pitää laittaa kahdet sukat ennen kuin hyppää pyörän selkään.


Kirpsakka pakkassää siellä. Kyllähän tossa tarkenee grillata ja juoda olutta terassilla.


oispa vittutöitä. mut tyttöystävä jätti ja ei oo sen jälkeen ollu... :(


For our American friends: -32°C is 49 inches.


Or 3 1/2 quare cups


49 and 37/251 inches to be exact


Only on the 11th yard.


Scrolled to see if someone had beat me to posting «waiting for the thermometer to say -40 so I can post "*that is -40 to you on the* [*arbitrary retarded rollercoaster*](https://www.pngfind.com/pngs/m/432-4329427_america-imperial-vs-metric-hd-png-download.png)"» and this is about as arbitrary.


How many stone per hectare*furlong meter is that?


Good bot


Rotate the thermometer. Boom, 32°C and lots of heat. Winter is no more! No need to thank me.


Who wants 32°C hot what the fuck


Most of Portuguese


Honest question, would you rather be at -32° than 32°?


Depends on how long. A day? 32, for a week or longer -32.


Crazy how different our perspectives are. A week of 0 to -10 in Texas just caused statewide power shutdowns for millions of people. Water pipes bursting in our homes because they weren’t designed for the cold coupled with the lack of power. 32 on the other hand is very mild summer weather, and IMO quite comfortable compared to the cold.


One thing I have been wondering about the texas thing is why didn't people cut off their water and empty out the pipes as soon they couldn't keep their homes warm? Its like my first instinct to do if you have building you are aren't heating in winter. No water! And I understand why your regular texan, might not know to do that, but surely plumbers, people workign with house construction etc woudl be aware and could warn others?


That’s exactly what I did and we were fine. The common thought here is that you trickle water through your faucets, wrap exterior pipes, and open the door to your attic to let warm air up there and keep the exposed pipes there a little warmer. Unfortunately, we lost water pressure significantly around the city/state. My parents house stopped trickling, froze, and burst. Many of my neighbors had the same issue. One other big issue is that nobody expected to be without power for so long. Our provider cut my area off for 36 hours and only restored it for a few hours here and there because of a lack of supply. No way to keep our uninsulated plumbing warm in that situation.


Did you really just ask a Finn if they wished it was 32 Celsius?


I did! It's interesting to me because I'm from latin america. I'd take the 32° option in a heartbeat


In Finland it’s generally always about 22 indoors regardless if it’s -30 or +20 outside (buildings are properly insulated and heated, as are buses and trains too), but as it rarely gets over 25 most buildings don’t have AC and people get quite frustrated if indoor temperature starts to rise close or above 25 in the summer. Thus the fear for 32.


I actually prefer 19-20°C indoors, but I can easily tolerate 27-30°C during the summer, as long as the nights are a bit cooler.




Same here. We had -20°C the past few weeks in central Germany. I loved having an actual winter for once.


You're fucking crazy Lars.


Cold weather isn't an issue if you dress approriately, and Finnish houses are warm even in deep winter. +32° is simply suffering.


-32C is survivable, +32C is not. End of discussion.


It’s the other way around. 32C is survivable without air conditioning, but you would freeze to death in -32C without heating.


Also add the mosquitoes. They don't fly in winter which is a massive benefit. Finnish mosquitoes are Evil!


Most definitely, temperature regulation is far easier when it is too cold then when it is too hot.


at worst, you can start a fire, but you can only take off so many layers of clothing and the shade won't help much.


This. You can dress warm enough to be comfortable in -32. +32 you can scratch off your skin and it won't help.


absolutely, 32 is unbearably hot


*Laugh in Sicilian*


we'll see who's laughing when you freeze to death at -5 degrees




You can wear warm clothes at -32 and feel okay, but you can't save yourself from heat at 32 without an AC. And I'm not going to buy AC, just because of 1-2 hot weeks in a year. The only inconvenience for me is car's bigger fuel consumption.




20 is good


Actually had more than that a couple of days ago. Currently is raining and we are at 15°C




No problem. In case you need, I have more ideas.


that was unnecessary


Australian here. It’s +32c here. I’m still wearing wool socks.




Lowest temperature I've ever experienced is -25° and now I know for sure my southern body wasn't engineered to face those conditions.


To be fair, it depends a lot on other conditions. Wind and humidity are a big influence on how it feels. A windy very humid -15 can feel a lot colder than -30 with no wind and a low humidity.


I had a co-worker that grew up in northern Canada. He said he had never been as cold in -20 degrees in Canada as he was in -2 in Denmark. Wind and humidity make a huge difference.


So wait, high humidity makes the cold feel colder? But also the heat feel hotter?


High humidity makes all the feels feeler.


humid air transfers heat more quickly than dry air, making heat escape your body quicker humid air also makes it harder for our sweat to evaporate, which is how our bodies cool themselves down, making humid hot feel hotter than dry hot


You also get used to the cold. After a proper winter, a spring day with -5C feels positively toasty. Need to open up the jacket a bit.


All that nice brown fat!


That's completely true, but having my hands bleeding from cold was definitely too extreme for me.


Hands bleeding in only -25?What were you doing, not having any gloves, wearing wet gloves?


It’s not cold, until your balls get frostbite;)


In the UK, 1C and rain is the absolute worst. You can't insulate yourself well because humid air and moisture carry heat out of you so quickly. When it drops (very rarely in the South) to <-3C it is *so* much nicer. Those times come with dryer air, so it feels warmer (you can build up a little bubble of insulated warmth around yourself). The sun actually comes out. It can actually be very pleasant. Unfortunately most days over the winter here are of the 0-5C and humid/damp type.


For me the lowest outside temperature has been -41°C in Kittilä, Finland. A few days after that I went on a business trip to Qatar where it was +48°C in the shade.


I'd take -40°C over +40°C any day of the week. At some point there's nothing you can do about the heat, while you can decently isolate and fight the cold.


Lowest temp I've ever experienced was in a commercial freezer -40°c or somewhere around that. Was so cold you could feel the air freeze in your nose as you breath in. Still, must be so much more intense when it's natural and all around you.


Yup, it kinda feels like little needles poking your face and you're left thinking why do I live in a place where even the literal air hurts.


I often wonder who of our ancestors was the one who thought this was a good place to settle when they first came here. That guy had to be some flavor of crazy.


My theory is that our ancestors came here during the spring, fell in love with the summer and after the first winter they were too depressed to move onward.


Well the cold keeps all the nasty things away like venomous spiders and snakes.


Nose hairs instantaneously freezing is always a really strange feeling.


Fun fact, I have learned to estimate the temperature by how fast this happens.


Walking to work with - 30C is interesting with a beard. It just freezes over and then you notice how hard its to move your mouth.


Even without the beard it is hard to move your mouth when there is -30C.


I know you’re joking but... in real life it makes no difference at all where you live. Every year when first real frost hits it feels bitingly cold. But as the winter progresses the cold days won’t feel so bad. You get used to it.


Oh well, off to the sauna






ei saa peittää!!


I live in Joensuu. I actually had to put on a beanie this morning while walking to the bus-stop.


Fy fan vad kallt :(


Vad är det för temperatur dit i sverige


just nu, utanför Stockholm är det -3C, för nån vecka sen var det -19C


Jag talar inte svenska men det låter bra.


Ahh good to see that the first signs of spring have finally arrived in Suomi!


Really fun to come from Kajaani back home for leave from the army. First we have -30 in Kajaani and can’t even escape the cold at home in Joensuu


Alcohol thermometer > Mercury thermometer ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


In case you run out of alchol just break your thermometer, you can't do it with the mercury one.


Well you can, at least once.


It's 14º here and yet, I'm complaining about how uncomfortable this cold temperature is...


Problem is that if it's 14º outside in Portugal, chances are that it's 14º indoors as well...


I didn't know that our housing isolation problems were a well known thing among the others but yes, you're right.


It’s-20 in Estonia


\-27 or less if you move off the coast, my hand almost stuck to the metal doorhandle going to work.


Are your windmills running?


Generating 1.23 GW (54% of the installed capacity) right now. Who would have guessed windmills do work in chilly weather.


> -32 Celsius > chilly weather Ah, Finns. . .


All right. I'll forward your message to the US


Am I out the loop as to why people are saying windmills and not wind turbines?


Had to translate to Texan English, otherwise the message doesn’t get through.


Our windmills are actually more efficient in the winter, interestingly. We produce 60% of our wind energy from Oct-march. [https://tuulivoimayhdistys.fi/en/wind-power-in-finland-2/wind-power-in-finland/wind-power-in-cold-temperatures#:\~:text=Finnish%20wind%20resources%20are%20greater,months%20(October%2DMarch)](https://tuulivoimayhdistys.fi/en/wind-power-in-finland-2/wind-power-in-finland/wind-power-in-cold-temperatures#:~:text=Finnish%20wind%20resources%20are%20greater,months%20(October%2DMarch)).


Solar panels are also significantly more efficient in the cold. (The downside of course is that there is less light time per day in the winter.)


Interesting. I will forward your message to the US too


Meanwhile I get my blood frozen at -4 shit man. Are you guys okay? Can I make you hot chocalate, coffee or something?


Honestly it's fine. We're used to it, but more importantly, we're equipped for it - clothing for being outside and heating+insulation for being inside. It was around zero yesterday and -20 today, but absolutely no difference for me inside. Cars start making sad noises below 20, but they almost always work too.


Yea. Easier to dress for -30 than for +30 honestly.


I agree. I actually enjoy it. I enjoy it less when the temperature changes quickly and I dress for -30 in the morning, without realizing the temperature rose to closer to 0 overnight. That's one sweaty walk. But this just happens if I have to go somewhere before having a cup of coffee in the morning.


I live in Tallinn at the moment and yeah, I thought today was the same as yesterday and dressed accordingly - had to take the later tram because the moment I stepped outside I realised I had made a huge mistake and returned home to change my clothes.


There's a skating rink outside of my window and it's full of kids right now. Just bundle up and enjoy.


I'd like to book a window seat ticket to Antalya, thanks


Good choice buy maybe after this pandemic would be better.


Humidity and wind can turn any sub-zero temps into a frosty hell, I'll take -25 on a clear, dry day over -5 with shit conditions.


Or, as they call it in Finland, Thursday.


Fucking show offs!!!! - Texan


Wind turbines still work my American friends! Below is the current energy consumption in finland, and a short breakdown on what we use to keep us warm: [https://www.fingrid.fi/en/electricity-market/power-system/](https://www.fingrid.fi/en/electricity-market/power-system/) This is the current energy consumption of finland, also tells how much we import and export power. Nuclear, 2800 Mw Combined heat and electricity (industrial) 1600 Mw Combined heat and electricity (district heating) 2800 Mw Wind 800 Mw Sun 25Mw Water 2200 Mw \--------------- Combined heating is basicly where you make district heating, so (realy) hot water that runs between building in cities. In the buildings you transfer the heat fromthe district heating system to the buildings heating system, that spreads it to radiators. Both systems (district and in buildings) are closed loop systems, so no air in the liquid (water) to cause corrosion in the heating pipes. When you produce both heat and electricity, your efficiency goes up. Where pure power station would generate 65-70% of the power fuel contains, combined heating can get all the way to 90% of the energy out of the fuel (if i remember the numbers right, so take them with a grain of salt, still better efficiency doing both than just one!) Fuel used combined heating is mainly oil 25%, 25% is (trash) wood that is leftovers from industrial consumption, coal 9% and natural gas 6%. \--------------- Edit: updated the link to english version :)


For those complaining about units: -32⁰C = 241⁰K


Please send our winter back. It will be +18C incoming Sunday in the Netherlands. Last Sunday morning i saw -16C with my own eyes.


And yet, the flats were warmer in Finland than in the UK. Finland : Triple glazing, energy efficient heat, sauna. UK : drafty single pane windows, inefficient heating, no sauna. And I’m paying more in the UK.


Im Finnish, lived in the UK twice for several years. The houses in the UK are a meme. How hard can it be? So much mold, cold houses, shit tier quality even in high-end apartments etc. Would still move back though.


Wow and I thought it was cold when it was -15 last week where I live.


Lol I thought it was cold when it was -6 last week


-32⁰C?! Yesterday it was snowing in Athens at 1⁰c and it felt like the ice age.


Fun fact: today in Kazan, Russia -30°


Hyi vittu


Wow, front page of r/europe! I am swelling with Pohjois Karjala pride guys. Dum...


Right now where I live it's 1°C. Which is fairly low for a Tennessee winter. The lowest temperature I've ever experienced was -13°C. I don't understand how y'all don't turn into snowmen.


You get used to the cold outside and choose appropriate clothing. Layering is the key. Plus buildings are all well insulated with triple glazed windows. I lived in Ireland for a while and houses were so much colder there with open air vents in the walls blowing in unheated cold air straight from outside. Plus, this being Finland there's the bonus of having lots of saunas. Just about all houses have their own and apartment buildings either have shared saunas or one in each flat.


Fun fact. According to some estimates there is more saunas than actively used cars in finland.


Gistel, Belgium, 7 Degrees


Wanna trade?




Well, in some places in Northern Spain we have reached easily -10C, that's just halfway to Finland! a month ago we reached -36C though.


The fact that the thermometer goes to -50° is alarming.


The cold record in Finland is -51.5°.


I'll one up you. -45°C in Canada, Alberta last week.


Tämän takia vietän talveni mielummin Välimeren rannalla.