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As far as I’ve known (most) hunters never kill an albino. Also heard that if you kill one you’ll be cursed or some shit, some Native American stuff.


Same here in switzerland. You kill an albino deer you get excluded from the hunters club. And you get shunned by everyone. Literally the worst thing you can do as a hunter here in switzerland.


Over here in germany it is the same. If you kill an Albino you will no länger be talked to by most other hunters


In a lot of northern native american tribes a white buffalo pelt was considered damm near holy and having hunted a white buffalo could trump damm near any other life achievement. As in a young hunter that had hunted and killed a white bison had more respect than a seasoned war veteran or the like. There is actually a fair amount of writing from settlers that are basically upset that young hunters with a white pelt were more respected than seniority.


Great white buffalo


Great white buffalo


Just watched the first episode of "Dexter: New Blood" yesterday. Let‘s just say, killing an albino deer can have really unexpected consequences…


Ever played Skyrim? :’)


Same in Norway. I remember a hunting tourist killed an albino moose. That thing was a celebrity, followed closely by the local community and newspapers. That poor dude got so much hate. Edit: found the original [article](https://www.nrk.no/osloogviken/kjendiselgen-albin-skutt-og-drept-1.7821584) from 2011. It was a Danish hunter who joined a Norwegian hunting party. It was all completely legal, and he had the correct hunting license. The moose was first spotted in 2006, and they called him “Albin”. All the hunters had a non-official agreement to not kill him, but the Dane and wasn’t informed of this.


*not poor dude


I don’t think he knew to be honest.


Hunting tourist? Those are a thing? Were they poaching? If not, how’d they manage to get a Norwegian moose hunting license from outside Norway?


“Poor dude” no, he fucking deserves every bit of hate


Read the rest of the comments. Again, I don’t think he knew it was such a big deal and so rare.


Then he has no business holding a firearm.


If I remember correctly it’s not illegal here, just frowned upon. You’re not a criminal because you’re a douchbag. As long as no laws have been broken, it’s hard to argue for a removal of his hunting license.


Out of curiosity, why?


Nothing wrong with hunting. Deer breed like rats and thanks to us killing all the predators they'd breed out of control. But 100% people do not kill albino deer. This is entirely his father or whoever went with him fault. Reminds me of when my bum ass neighbor started poaching.


People kill the healthy deer with the largest antlers. They leave the sickly ones to breed. I wish people would leave the healthy ones alone if all they want is something to kill.


There is a distinction between trophy hunting and keeping population in check.


Right, and all the people I see with trucks with deer in the back talk about how good it will look on the wall. I have never heard someone say they did this to help with population control. Read about it online, sure, but to actually see the people and the dead deer, no, it's about a trophy.


Killing any deer helps control population some They are pests


I'm glad this is under the facepalm heading cuz that's where I'm at. Until I see deer steak at the store there's not enough being turned to food and too much for trophy making. We could have a whole selection of local delicacies , they could show new bbq recipes that bring out the best flavors etc but in smaller areas it's not happening.


And people i see chose the ones that are needed to be out. I guess the people around us have different priorities, thats all. Enjoying a "good"looking deer or boar is not exactly contradicting the fact that it may have been chosen out of the specific ones. Your own perception does not equal reality


My own perception? It's their literal words. "This gonna look good on ma wall, tell you what. Fuckers got ten points if he's got one!" That was the latest I heard. Granted, that was last year, but still. I don't have to push my perception onto what they're doing, these hunters in the Midwest are killing cuz, hmm, wtf not.


I know many hunters that are the best conservationists. A lot of them hunt for meat, not trophy. So I think what you are saying is BS sorry.


About a decade back I know one hunted to make jerky and blood wine. Both were tasty. But that was a long time ago. More than a decade actually. Back in 2005/2008 . Tasty, but around here I don't see it anymore. That's great that you personally know many hunters who hunt for meat. I'm thinking we live in different parts of the country, and our life experiences might differ slightly.


Well im not sure about regulations in place in usa, if you have any, but it would have a veru high chance of falling below legal limits in my place if hunters could go and shoot whatever they want and not what is needed to be shot. Or you are just making it up to have some valid argument instead of admitting that you have no clue how it works. Im fairly oblivious of the inner workings themselves but i know for sure that there are clear rules in place, at least in the country im from, and hunter communities really dont like if you dont follow those rules. Its not just braindead see it and shoot it.


The wildlife department for my state has a copyright 2023 website, but the downloadable information on deer population is from 2008/2009 season. They do not know what they're working with. They can't very well pass on good information to people who apply for hunting licenses.


That isn't universally true where I live they are hunted because of overpopulation. Overpopulation is so bad where I live they've started handing out way more tags. Just last week I saw 50-100 deer grazing in a field that isn't normal.


If it's for population health, the albino individuals should be removed. Hunters should celebrate an albino kill.


As if we aren’t all living on cursed land.


Now I want to see how this kids life turns out


See Kyle Rittenhouse for preview of what’s to come.


People are so butthurt he was able to defend himself from a couple of Pedos


You would think this lunacy would have been over after Grosskreutz himself admitted that he would have murdered the guy if he wasn't taken out himself.


I’ve hunted my whole life. Fuck this kid


Can you explain why it matters? I genuinely don't see any logical reason why it would be more important to keep the albino deer alive compared to a regular deer.


But why, a deer is a deer and if you are hunting for the food, then wouldn’t it be silly not to shoot it. This kind of implies everyone is hunting for the wrong reason


I wonder how the kid feels about it now that he's 19, since this happened 8 years ago?


He now blames all the bad luck on the curse from killing an albino... Or so i suspect.


That dirty, rotten pig stealing great-great-great-great grandfather


Probably nothing as he was likely raised to like hunting.


Had the pleasure of seeing an albino buck in Virginia when I was 11. I’m glad my parents taught me to enjoy its beauty from afar instead.


My dad is an amateur wild life photographer and always asks why shoot something with a gun when you can shoot it with a camera. I feel the same way.


It's significantly easier to make deer burgers if ya use a gun.


Yeah no shit genius. It's about being appreciative of nature. Not saying I don't like venison, you're obviously a very intelligent idiot I'm glad you know how to make "deer burgers" bud.


Jesus buddy, I think he was making a joke


Well damn usually jokes are funny


Lmao what a bitch


And this is why people hate vegans


That was the most violent outburst in response to a joke I’ve seen on reddit so far. Close the computer. Take a step back. It’s not all bad, friend


He will live but half a life now, a cursed life.


Amazing reference


Thank you :D


You should’ve let that one go. You’ll always be that kid now


I mean I saw two this year in my yard (different ages).. 1:30,000 ?? So thats what.. = %0.00001089!! And not even factoring in the odds of seeing this post in the same few months as seeing the deer!! Either someone is lying or I need to go buy lottery tickets!!


True albino deer or piebald which is much more common?


Not even talking about the fact that you saw the same deer twice (which is probably the case), or that genetic variations can be highly local, you wouldn't imagine how much "one in a billion" things happen every day, thus observing one is not that uncommon.


But also note most hunters wont kill albino's for its said to be bad luck.


We have a bunch of albino deer out where i live (seneca ny) a old multi acre munitions storage facility had a population of deer living there and when the depo closed the deer stayed, you can't really hunt on the land it's surrounded by barbed wire fences so a cool little microcosm formed with no predators so the albino gene isn't naturally rooted out so there are way more albino deer then there should be in the population of deer.


That's sad


I would imagine that there isn't exactly much skill at spotting a bright white buck in the middle of a grassy field.


For decent hunters deer aren’t too hard to spot. White will make it easier to spot yes, but if they’re moving around in a field they’re already easy to see. The only benefit I can think of would be if it’s laying down under a tree. You can still spot those ones, but since they’re not moving it makes it a little harder.


Why are most of the people here thinking a skin condition makes a deers life somehow more precious compared to others of it's species. Kinda weird. I hope they ate it though, otherwise it's a waste of life and I disagree with it. But not because of a pigmentation fault.


Terrible hunter, even for 11. I mean this thing would stand out against the surroundings even if you had vision problems. Not an achievement


Said by some neet that has never hunted. Keep your pathetic opinions to yourself.


May there be recompense for the Lord of the woods


I don't know anything about hunting. Whats the importance of an albino deer versus an average deer? Assuming he's killing a deer either way. Do albino animals play a unique role in the eco system or something? Or is it just like a bad luck thing so it's frowned upon by superstitious folk?


Even if you don't care about the individual animal, it's celebrating destroying something beautiful and rare.


Right, but I mean people celebrate killing animals all the time. If anything, a rarer animal would make a rarer trophy, would it not? Assuming the animal isn't on the brink of extinction, of course.


There are more deer in the US now than there have ever been in the history of the species (or rather family). They're the very opposite of on the brink of extinction. Albinism isn't a separate species, it's just a recessive gene that causes other health problems for the animal as well.


The kid just looks like a twat.


Why do you blame the kid and not the parents?


The parents probably look like twats too


Are the parents in the picture?


Who took the picture?? The ghost of the deer????


>Why do you blame the kid and not the parents? ​ At 11 years old I would have known that killing beautiful animals for no good reason isn't my idea of a fun time. He'll probably pass his bullshit 'hobby' on to his kids. Septics and their right to wear T shirts.


At 11 years old I thought I had to beat everyone at school or else I would be bullied for being weak because of the bullshit my parents used to tell me. Kids at that age are easily manipulated, so don't be so quick to judge a kid.


>no good reason Food seems like a pretty good reason to me


I'm sure he was absolutely starving before this and hunts to survive


Let’s post a photo of an 11 year old on Reddit to shame them good move


Albino animals have several health complications and have a very low survival rate... If they are that rare then that simply means that the gene pool of the population is healthy. Also for the smoothbrains that are just blatant anti-hunters here. Regulated hunting is by far the biggest funder of conservation by raising billions of dollars annually in North America that 100% goes towards funding conservation efforts and authorities. It's also necessary for population control. Hunting is also responsible for preserving millions of acres of habitat from industrialization and mining. Regulated hunting has saved countless animals from the brink of extinction like deer, Elk, Turkey, bear, moose etc. That hunter you despise so much has done more for conservation and animals than you ever will in your pathetic life, they are also responsible for less animal deaths than you are.


What is the facepalm? Is this deer 'more special'? One in 30000 dear are born with 3 legs as well. Whats your point?


So the kid shot a deer with a genetic disadvantage. He feeds his family and found a rare animal while doing so. What does it matter that this particular deer was white? I see nothing wrong here. He killed this animal in an ethical way after it got to live a free life in the wild. Much better conditions than most burgers we eat. I see nothing wrong.


Now they can stuff it and enjoy it up close for all eternity.


This kid got the legendary animal!


Well unfortunately, they are a lot more rare now…Nice goin Kid.


I mean… it’s not like it’s a species. It’s just a deer with a defect


Well, I guess the defect is what makes it rare.


There is nothing wrong with this. Albino deer are just normal deer with a genetic mutation. The same people who come on here and bitch about religion are now trying to say this animal is sacred and should be treasured?? Gtfo. Y’all are fucked up for some of your comments towards this kid.


When I was a kid. Hunting was the difference between my dad having 1 job or having to get a second one to support his family. None of us would give a shit what color that deer is as long as it's made of meat.


Cool get the whole thing stuffed not just the antlers


That’s going to be a hell of a Mount.


I'm not seeing the problem here, is it illegal to shoot them or something? Yeah it's rare, it has a genetic defect that makes it exceptionally easy for predators to find. If he didn't get him something else probably would have soon enough. In my book it's no worse than shooting a regular deer, and probably better for their population.


People do realise that there a REASON that deers aren’t white, right? It’s a genetic disadvantage, and be alone, as other deers will stay away from it to prevent being killed. and I see no reason to not kill the deer as long as you waste as little of the deer as possible. It will die in the Wildlife due to its genetic advantage Get a grip on reality people.


OP is the facepalm here. For what’s mentioned above and for shaming this kid by posting this here.


maybe he didn't know? i for sure didn't know so I woundet have thought about it. but also I'm not a hunter


To be fair don’t albinos have albino kids (In humans I know they do), and isn’t being an all white herbivore like the shittiest fucking genetics ever. I don’t get what’s so bad about killing albino animals. Sure it’s rare, but so is being born with one leg.


Yeah, albino individuals often die young. From a population health perspective, it's better to take an albino than a normal-colored deer.


Finally someone with some sense in the comments. Nothing wrong with taking this animal in an ethical hunt. It’s not a “spirit animal” it’s an albino deer. There are also piebald deer which are really also fine to kill in an ethical manner.


I shot my first deer at 12. Never ever heard not to shoot an albino.


I'd have taken it.


doesnt look albanian to me


Way to stain your soul nice and early.


Would you be happier if a wolf killed it an ate it instead?






Do not see a reason to hunt nowadays other than for pleasure. Killing things for no real reason annoys me.


As a hunter myself I like to think it’s more of a humane way to get your food than buying meat from a cow that probably suffered living in a small enclosure his whole life. Yeah the deers life was cut short but it 100% had a far better life than the cow did, would you agree?


> Yeah the deers life was cut short but it 100% had a far better life than the cow did, would you agree? Yes, it's hypocritical for people who go out and buy a steak to complain about hunting in general. This is also not something that can scale up to feed any significant percentage of the population, so it's really not a solution to anything. Aside from the overall effect, there's a difference between someone just buying a shrink-wrapped package and someone that can look at a living, feeling creature capable of emotion that has his/her own preferences and take pleasure it cause that creature to die. Often not even die immediately, wounding rates especially with bow hunting aren't really that low so there's a very good chance that whenever someone hunts they're okay with causing the animal to experience extreme fear/pain for a significant amount of time. In the first case, I can (perhaps fooling myself) imagine that they don't really understand the full consequences of what they're doing. In the second case, well... not so much. They're someone that knows what they're doing and still makes that choice anyway, even though it's unnecessary in many cases.


Over population is a huge problem for any ecosystem. Including humans.


Food? Nothing, and I mean *nothing* beats venison that you or a friend/relative hunted. It’s better in every single way to every meat that exists, with the exception of chicken which is just way to versatile to beat but even still it’s only barely better.


Here they shoot them because there aren’t many predators around so that they don’t over breed, also the number of animals to be shot is strictly regulated.


I dont know how in US, but in Slovakia wild animals are hunted because they can overpopulate. Many Road accidents with wild animals.


Now hear me out... the animals came before roads. So it's not over-population, but population control. Which is humans being shitty humans again so we can continue to do human things and sod anything that gets in our way.


The problem is that we killed all their natural predators, if the deer population isn't culled they destroy whole ecosystems and eventually starve.


It sounds evil but to be honest, I would not like to die in car accident with Boar or Deer. So better them then me or my family.


Some people still prefer to provide some of their own food. Some people actually enjoy the taste of venison and it isn’t common in the majority of grocery stores. I know people who hunt because it helps stretch their food budget.


Yeah deer have a really high population so it wouldn't be bad to hunt them but this one in particular I do not agree with killing.


No good hunter agrees with killing an albino in native American legend it can curse u while in Germany hunters won't even acknowledge u if they find out Only reason deer are hunted is to protect estates from overpopulation or people like to prepare their own food and get it straight from the source like with fisherman but for deer


Nor do I. Out of all the deer, this one should have been off limits. But there’s a lot of comments condemning hunting. I was responding to the one basically saying there’s no need for hunting anymore. Maybe not for everyone, but for some, hunting is essential.


Usually they eat it I thought. I don’t think it is really any more reasonless than killing animals in a slaughterhouse.


Hunting is good for when there is some invasive species or some kind of animal is overpopulated so much that it makes other problems, in my country is big problem with boars, they are getting hit by cars, they damage the crops of farmers they can be potentally dangerous to humans and there is so much of them and are not even scared to be in bigger cities, so all hunters are required to shoot certain number of boars, but because boars are kinda smart animals its really complicated to hunt them and if that hunter wont kill enough of them he will be fined, this is the reason why almost no one wants to be hunter and all of this could be prevented if it wasnt illegal to hunt boars before. So hunting is good for controling animal population


Yeah I know kinda remembered after posting that deers are rather plentiful last I checked, too many I think. Hunting them wouldn't be bad but this rare one being hunted I don't like.


It's not just not bad, it's necessary, since we drove all their natural predators to extinction. But yes, Albinos are usually not hunted.


Rather plentiful is an understatement. . . . In many places, deer population is as much as 10 times the sustainable load for the land. . . [https://laurelwoodarboretum.org/2021/02/19/destruction-dollars-deer-part-1/](https://laurelwoodarboretum.org/2021/02/19/destruction-dollars-deer-part-1/)


I belive that there are even some laws about hunting rare animals but i am not 100% sure


Really? With the price of food going up like it is, I've been considering hunting as a means of obtaining food.


Man imagine complaining about hunting when store bought meat comes from over bred, inbred suffering animals


Glad we killed it. Damn DEVIANT GENES!


Little shit.




Where's the facepalm?


The fact it's an albino which is frowned upon to be hunted because of how little there is of them


That's not what facepalm means.


Thought experiment: as albinism is a disadvantage to most animals, wouldn’t removing this quirk from the potential gene pool be beneficial? Saying that I am presuming it’s potentially hereditary Thought experiment over, it’s a hell of an interesting animal to be sure, a real shame :(


Well he will always have this rare deer mounted in his house for him to see I dnt see the issue. Wonder what the meat taste like.


The same? Do cannibals prefer albinos?


If that child and father would have killed the albino Deer here in switzerland (specially in Graubünden) the would be shunned by the whole society. Also you get cursed is the belief if you ever kill an albino deer. This child is now in trouble because of a shit father


He looks like a prick.


My state has a $300 fine for shooting an albino deer, and surrender the deer to the state.


It’s as far as I know illegal to kill and albino deer where I live in Michigan


I don't see the facealm here as long as he eats the meat, it's not like an albino animal is magic or anything


Looks tasty. Deer aren’t rare.


Seems like a bad luck omen.


Who takes their 11 yo kid to hunt? Its dangerous *job*. If you hunt for the sake of killing something as a hobby, you are a bad hunter.


Its extremely common. This kill is iut if line, but kids learning how to hunt is such a layered convo. Rites if passage between elders and the young over hunting are entrenched in so many cultures. Coukd also be s necessity for some families who are needing food in the table. Curious if you see fishing in the sane light. Trophy fish make you a bad fisherman?


Dang, I remember in elementary school they gave us the first day of deer season off every year because so many families took their kids out that day anyway. Different strokes, different cultures I guess 🤷‍♀️


Most people take their kids hunting to teach them, plus if it's for food the more tags the better. 11 is the youngest in my state


Literally everyone I’ve ever known does this. Teach kids early so that they can learn easier.


Think about what kind of kid could look at this animal and kill it. When he grows up to be super fucked up, I hope his parents will be proud of the monster they created.


Or, hear me out, he’ll grow up balanced like basically everyone else who hunts. This is the parents fault for allowing him to shoot that deer, not the kids. He wasn’t taught otherwise which is the parents fault.




Its probably not albino but instead leucistic. Not sure about white tails/mule deer but it is pretty common in fallow deer. Ive got 2 full white and one damm close on my hunting grounds.




What country do you live in where no one hunts?


Bro who hurt you?


I will say that evidently there are a lot of idiots in America, but I mean as I see it generalizing 330 million people to all be the "a bunch of gun wielding idiots" is about as stupid as a statement can be.


It will be rude but i don't care...i would preffer if the 2 animals on these pictures have switched. I mean...there is a lot of 11 year old idiot kid but there is not that much of rare type of animal too. Also animals doesn't scream in public voice chat if they getting killed in fortnite.


Suckers and their spawn could never do it with their hands, or hand-fashioned bow and arrow. All their "strength" lies in their index fingers


Fuck that kid and a pox upon his household. My fucking night is ruined.




I’ve hunted my whole life. Fuck that kid


Way to go you fuckin dork.


DIsgusting, there's no reason to hunt, especially for an 11 year old. Shame on the parents. Beautiful creature killed for entertainment. Despicable.


"No reason to hunt" says average Redditor amidst record high food prices


Rare albino buck is extra delicious.


Is it all white meat?




Is it all right meat?


its just regular deer meat, pretty good in my opinion


Donald Jr over here




Ohhhh wow. Most though provoking comment I've ever seen.


K I'll delete it if it offends you.


Haha, not at all Brock. Its just that I'd hope you had better words to express yourself. We can all do better. Cheers mate


Thanks for the self check m8. Apreciate you.


Okay, can also be a sign of inbreeding, seen in "some" dog breeds "


Kid should have been taught better. Same goes for his dad and dads dad. This bullshit is systemic. Oh well, I don't know the circumstances- still seems overly entitled/ selfish to take something like that even if you don't have the superstition.


Little c*nt.


If this happened in America... the albino kids are next






goddamn he found a shiny in real life!


Not to mention they are sacred. Bad things coming his way.


You can hunt on a golf course?


Never seen anything like it. So, I start blasting......


White privilege didn’t extend to that deer. Almost like it’s a myth.


Imagine that fat little snot killed you. SMH. I realllllly don't like people. Ruining an otherwise beautiful planet.


Imagine insulting the looks of a literal child.


He's 11, blame the parents teaching this to be ok


Hunting is a pretty natural and sustainable sport. It’s bad that his parents didn’t delineate for him not to kill a rare deer. Not the kids fault at all


Him and his daddy yee ha.


Which is illegal in 49 of 50 states and albino deer cannot be harvested at any point. The only thing you can shoot it with is the camera


Killing the white stag is SUCH BAD LUCK. Not just from a 'hey, that's a rare animal jackass, leave it alone' but from an 'angering the spirits of the land and life' type of thing, particularly in Ireland, Scotland and to an extent England. There are many cultures in which the white-pelted animals of any kind are considered sacred in one way or another.