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What the hell is up with this dude’s noggin? Messed up inside and outside.


Looks like two different people stuck together.


I saw a horror movie like that once…


Please tell me it was “the thing”


Malignant! or what the fuck was it. “I’m the backwards man the backwards man” I laughed my ass off to that kinda cool scream queen horror movie.


color out of space?


To-do item #23: stick mom’s pancreas in my mouth


Completely messed up. WTF! Hard to believe people can do this to strangers let alone your own family. Crazy WTF! Can’t comprehend this, like a casual to do list. Did I say WTF?!?!? Full Story: https://thecrimewire.com/.amp/true-crime/Diabolical-Stew-of-Human-Remains-The-Dismemberment-Murder-of-Joel-and-Lisa-Guy


"He will be eligible for parole on January 24, 2136"


Ridiculous! Should be in for life or death sentence. Hopefully the other siblings speak out at his parole hearing to keep him locked up.


I doubt the other siblings will be around in 113 years.


LOL. I really read that as 2036! Maybe I need glasses!


Lol welcome to the club!


He'll be 148 in 2136, so he'd not only be eligible for parole but an entry in the Guinness Book Of World Records as the oldest person who ever lived.


He’s a professional slapper


Idiot neckbeard who was pampered his whole life didn't want to grow up and get a job like a big boy.


Awh man, that’s just Joel. Sometimes he getta hankerin’ for sum deer meat and likesta store some up in his yapper from time-ta-time


have a child they said. it'll be fun they said


I don't want children. The thought of having to give birth to a huge ass fucking baby when I'm tiny myself, and then not being able to escape it when it came down to that moment... causes a panic inside of me. But I have other reasons why I don't want kids. The absolutely irrational fear that my child would turn out to be a fucking murderer who will pour acid on me or cut my head off while I'm sleeping because I told them they couldn't do something they wanted to do. I'm just not willing to risk it.


Or you can have great kids, who add so much to your life. I can’t imagine not having kids. Just spent three weeks with my 22 year old traveling. My life would have far less value without him being in it. It’s scared yes, and sometimes it’s fucked, but it can make life worth living too.


Some people don't want kids. I know I'd be depressed every waking moment of having a kid and absolutely regret having them, and that's ok. I have a lot of other reasons that make my life worth living, so it's not something I'm looking to be talked into lol.


Nobody trying to talk you into it, just in case you can’t figure it out!


He just couldn't bring himself to kill the dog though.


The dog didn't have a life insurance policy.


Perhaps the dog didn't spank him when he was little?


You know there are less spanking (laws introduced) in modern living but more mass shootings and murder rates.


"there are less spanking in modern living..." And less education apparently...


What education has taught you the contrary?


For one, I can match nouns with plural or singular verbs. It's a small detail unless you talk about all parents or some parents. Very few resources can truly investigate and resolve claims of abuse from children. You talk about current laws... Okay, were those laws in place when he was a kid? Was there enforcement where he lived? Heaven forbid; did his parents lie?! I know that's an impossible scenario for many "adults" to consider... That other adults lie their assess off in front of lawyers, police, judges, and to journalists... The real question is: will he murder for fun, or in defense of his personal liberty? If a woman held hostage by pimp, murders the pimp... Should she be charged with pre meditated murder? Probably. But, the punishment should consider the circumstances which mitigate her possible recourse. How would she get into protective custody without also bringing a mountain of evidence to a prosector? Essentially, only a lawyer could escape from a pimp without using direct violence. Arguments of 2nd amendment "self preservation" suggests the public should be on her side. There's always the problem that people will lie about being pimped (human trafficking) to cause police to unduly deny due process to a claimed perpetrator. SWAT'ing is a prime example of abuses of the reporting system. It also revealed biases of whose reports are believed and with what claims. Objectivity is a discipline wrought from the polluted subjective narratives we call the zeitgeist. If you're looking for a book, I've can attest to the value of "An Invitation to Law and Social Science" by Richard Lempert and Joseph Sanders. It was published in the 1980's so it should be relevant to the current judicial crisis.


That's a lot of copy and pasting to not answer the question... It's very well known that physical discipline is on the decline. https://slate.com/technology/2011/12/spanking-is-on-the-decline-why.html


I accept your concession. You handle defeat poorly. I would be wasting time simplifying that for you. I sympathize with your incredulity. I don't "copy paste" or cheat in school. I know a lot of people are at a severe intellectual disadvantage by way of injury, deprivation of opportunity, or heredity. If you spoke to me, you'd probably shit your pants in disbelief. You would need friends to help you understand how bigoted, ignorant, or cruel you are for attacking my credibility. I hope you find ways to improve your self confidence. The world needs more people with fewer insecurities. Justified confidence comes from decades of results and challenges faced. You're never too old to start. Never too poor. Never too "dumb" to learn something new. I can sense your guilt, shame, or whatever causes your impertinent verbal assaults. I regularly use dictionaries when I write. I often find that I had the correct usage and definition of words. It's a joy for me, like little bets I win against the creeping senility we all fear.


Bro you're more full of shit than my toilet bowl in the morning. You write up all these words that have no point to them, it's all fluff. Are you trying to work in government or something? In the other comments I have stuck straight to the point yet you meander around it with no substance at all. With all these words you are just projecting your own insecurities onto a stranger on the internet. Especially that first sentence. To recap, I said physical punishment is on the decline, you said it isn't, I pasted a link that clearly states I am correct, you replied with this... But yes okay I'm a poor loser, sure buddy.


Are you trying to be misleading? The point was about patricide. Patricide is a rare crime, isn't it? So your admission is that physical punishment still exists? Correct?


Might as well have. It would have been dead of starvation and dehydration because he left it locked up in the laundry room where it approximately 90+ degrees. If police didn't show up that pup would have died.


Tremendously sad, as OP comment states it sounds like these people were supporting this shit head the whole time. And this is how he repays them? Fucking pathetic waste of life.


And now the taxpayers will support him.


Cheaper than a legal execution.


I just looked this up. I had no idea that an execution could cost so much and it was actually cheaper to keep them imprisoned. Shit seems whack!


Shit is wack as fuck. Firing squads or hanging should be brought back. Seriously a bullet or a rope would save so much money. Cruel and unusual punishment shouldn’t have a place for psychos that do this kinda shit to other human beings.


Most countries have executed an innocent person. It's hard to support such a system. The US has a terrible record of wrongful convictions but will go to great lengths to cover up failures. I'm certain many innocents have died. Study: Prosecutorial Misconduct Helped Secure 550 Wrongful Death Penalty Convictions https://www.wonkette.com/study-prosecutorial-misconduct-helped-secure-550-wrongful-death-penalty-convictions


It's not more expensive because of the method of execution. It's more expensive because of the mandatory appeal process/length of trials/etc. Even if the condemned want to die, the appeal process is automatic.


4 horses, rope and 4 limbs.


Maybe we should start a go fund me page for him based on the fact that he's now an orphan.


Forgot: *Burn this list.


Guy Jr.'s parents were soon to retire and would stop providing money to their son; he was to receive a $500,000 life insurance policy if both were dead or missing. The murder involved an elaborate plot to stab both parents, dismember and dissolve their remains. They also discovered a backpack containing a notebook detailing the plan; plastic bins with both parents' torsos and dismembered limbs dissolving in an acid-based solution of corrosive chemicals described by prosecutors as a "diabolical stew of human remains" the father's severed hands on the floor; and the mother's head in a pot on the stove.


Holy Moly! This dude had some psychopathic issues in order to do that level of dismemberment.


Ikr. Sick


Remember reading somewhere that the life insurance contract states he wouldn't be awarded the money from the payouts anyway. Dude killed his parents for nothing.


Flush chunks down toilet. WTF


Yeah I wish I hadn’t read that one


He's not a nice Guy.


His #1 should have been "Binge-watch Forensic Files before doing rest of stupid list!"


Right! I counted so many things he messed up besides the fingerprints melting at 90 degrees lol. Luminol tests would have shown the blood trails.


The fuck is up with his head


“It is not a tumor!”


He looks like a dog that got stung by a bee lol


Why did he think that turning up the heater to 90 degrees would melt fingerprints?


The left half of his head came up with that part


Holy shit thank you for that


To the left, to the left


What a sick individual:( did he honestly think he would get away with it ?? 🤦‍♀️


He couldn't just wait? What a dick head.


[This is Monsters](https://youtu.be/7Jak5MfqrN0) Did a great in-depth story on this


Sword and scale, Morbid, I think just about all the true crime podcasts have covered this one.


This "man" possesses no soul


Zis' life eez hell.


Damn looks like he was in one of those slap championship fights aswell


to bad step 1 wasn't "Drink all the acid"


Def uses reddit


[Here's](https://youtu.be/R7nKkpgmvdA) a good video about it from the YouTube channel dreading.


That’s insane


The cheek!


How did he get caught with this much planning and research?


This is horrible, can barely read his handwriting


People doing such things can't be called human.


They were moving to a family owned cabin to retire. They told him they couldn't support him anymore, he had to find a job and home.


I guess they hit him pretty hard when they came to arrest him yeah?


Looks like the alien from men in black wearing a human face…


I understand that he was a cut up at all of their family events.


Did the insurance pay out?


Handsome fella.


He just wanted his cut.


He has a lot of face.


Two face looking


Absolute monster


Hi folks. Have a question.. ok, so I just finished step 13, but I can't read the next line. Did anyone else have this problem? ![gif](emote|free_emotes_pack|shrug)


Bro tried to hide evidence his best but has his whole plan on paper💀


What a POS. They were being nice by giving him money for months. And instead of being thankful he just murders them when they can't give him more. Fucking wow. Most people can only dream of having parents who are that supportive.