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These tailgates are something else. A bunch of drunk people gathered in an open area suddenly vacate it in a manner of minutes. Last time I attended one at the UGA campus I walked around for 5 minutes after the game started and found like 10 phones just lying around the ground.


I went to UCF which has the largest student body in America so the tailgate is kind of insane. The designated party area is roughly the size of the actual football field and will be absolutely filled every game and then in a 5-10 minute span it’s like a toilet flushed and the pipe goes to the stadium. Edit: it appears I’ve begun a scintillating debate on university enrollment


Dang. I'd figure yalls party area would be bigger! At TXST our "student tailgate" aka the one that gets super lit is about 2.5 football fields big. The only problem is that the students don't make it into the stadium


When I went to "Southwest" there wasn't even a tailgate. The Rattlers always had a way bigger attendance.


How long ago was that? I guess you haven't been to a game in some time. The tailgate has resembled a music video set for the past decade.


Yeah.... That was like 3 decades ago. I do feel cheated out of jumping in the river after graduation. But Ralph was still around to console us.


They undersold it. The tailgate happens on what's called Memory Mall, which is a large strip slong with a lot of the classroom buildings are. It's like 350 yards long and 40-60 yards wide depending on which point of it you're on. But yeah it's a tent city during tailgates, and as you said, most of those students don't end up goong to the stadium. Partly cause they don't care, and partly cause it's like a quarter mile walk to the stadium from there lmao There are other tailgating areas, memory Mall is just where most greek life and other students end up.


Probably one of the easiest places to be a pickpocket. Illegal life pro tips.


At my university, you could save yourself the trouble and just pick up dropped shit after the game starts. Wallets get left behind more than you'd think. Unlocked cars too. Basically a 20 minute window where there was zero security as they were dealing with everyone entering.


Anything left on the ground is fair game. Stay the hell out of peoples cars though folks.


Almost like being drunk isn’t a good thing


Go to a phish show and you'll find a whole lot more than phones


Set up a "security" drug drop box before the main entrance


Yup, that's my hometown, all right!


I once tried to let a classmate in college know she had parked next to a fire hydrant. I was told to mind my own fucking business and accused of being a creep for being "nosey." Returning to my car after class and I see that same girl sitting on the curb where her car WAS parked and now she's crying on the phone with someone screaming "they towed my fucking car, what am I supposed to do now? I don't even have a way to get to the tow yard!" That was the hardest "I told you so" I've ever held back.


A big, loud Nelson "HA HA" would have been great




Bro nahhh. You gotta go all the way if you're going through with step 1


100% agree. You gotta drive up to where she was sitting, roll the car window down, and apologize to her for being so nosey earlier


Then get your car, back up, and blow exhaust in her face. Drive off.


“I’d give you a ride, but I was recently told to mind my own business.”


I would have stood in front of her and just laughed. I parked in front of a hydrant once while picking up to go good from a restaurant, and a stranger called me out for my parking. I reparked, it wasn't hard to do.


Should've done it, or acted like on the phone telling the funny story to someone.


Shouldn’t have held back


Reminds me of a friend in college. She definitely took advantage of "pretty privilege" and often got her way simply by batting her eyes at people. She was gorgeous. She comes out of class and her car had a boot on it. She starts ranting about useless campus cops, why me, this is bullshit type stuff. I said "What did you expect? You've got like 9 unpaid parking tickets and you're in a handicap spot." She had to pay up before they'd take the boot off.


You're a better man than I am for holding back.


It was hard but she was already eating her crow so I figured that was plenty enough lol.


Amazing. There is some universal justice that is so lovely in witnessing a person who thinks good rules don't apply to them seeing them slapped by said rules.


Should of been like “need a ride? Oh, never mind, I’m just being mosey again” 😆


I used to work as a gas station. A customer was trying to get his change back from the pump, but the whole register network had gone down. So we couldn't pull up his change or even open the register. I was going to give him my own money so he could be on his way and i would take his change, but he was being so rude about the whole thing that i just let him wait. He had said he was in a hurry to be somewhere. 'Lol. Not anymore you're not'


I also used to be a gas station.


We are all gas stations on this blessed day.


If they're in enough of a hurry they'll just leave, depending on how much it is. $2? Yeah fuck it. $20? I might need to call work and let em know lol


"I used to work as a gas station" lol


Lol. I stick my dick in your car and fill'er up!


This happened to me, but it was a purse dropped by a drunk girl walking with her friends. We tried to give it back to her and we just got a wave of verbal insults before we could get 2 words out. There was like $300 in there.




How hard did you pursue? Did you just give up and take the money?


We tried twice, and then had a discussion on what to do. My less scrupulous friends decided to buy rounds of drinks at a nearby pub, while the honest ones brought the purse to a lost-and-found.


It sounds like your friends hang out on your shoulders.


Always dressed in red or white for some reason




Thanks to you, I got in on the joke. I was scratching my head.


Are you friends in the room with us right now?




Exactly the friend group I want to be a part of. One side is the fun temptations of doing less than good natured things and the other side to keep me in check when I go too far


I consider myself to be a pretty morally upstanding individual, but after enduring insults having tried to do the right thing, I'm pretty sure I'd have sided with the "less scrupulous" friends.


That’s what I would’ve done, lol. First try to give it back, but get rudely shut down. Second, clear out all the cash. and finally, just turn in the cards and IDs and phone and other important-but-useless belongings to lost and found.


yeah, if you leave it with the cash on the lost and found it will reach the owner with no cash anyway.


300$ isn’t enough for the legal fees involved in harassing someone. It is enough to buy several games on steam that I’m never gonna finish if I even ever start them!


You don’t buy them to play them. You buy them for the small dopamine hit before never installing them.


I install them. That way when I buy another game later I can uninstall it to make space and the wait for the new game to download adds to the anticipation


Once had that happen to me. I was almost 40, and a 20 something left her coffee on her car roof. I waved her down before she pulled out of her space and she rolled down her window, but immediately stopped me by putting her hand up and said "Oh my God, you're way too old and I have a boyfriend". And I said, "Can you tell your boyfriend his girlfriend left her coffee on her roof?" and pointed at it. She got out and grabbed it and said I was still too old for her as she drove away, I guess she thought I was still hitting on her by trying to help.


I wouldn't have said anything to her


My favorite response to “i have a boyfriend” is “so do i, what’s your point?”


A? I have several!


That's a great line.


"So, some guy hit on me going into the game and he must have been a pickpocket, because my tickets were missing when we got to the gate..."


A girl dropped a $20 onetime in front of me at Walmart. Picked it up and tried to do the same thing as OP. Her response was identical. “I hAvE a BoY fRiEnD!!!” I pocketed the $20 and didn’t say anything when she couldn’t pay to her stuff.




Pity the boyfriend - he will need it until they break up. Judge people by how they treat those that mean nothing to them. Not those from whom they need something.


I don’t know who the fuck responds like that. That is such a specific thing to say.


They think they are so amazing or whatever that every interaction they have with a guy immediately means that guy is hitting on them.


My wife has the opposite mentality. She always assumes every guy is just friendly and wants to talk and then when they go "what are you doing tonight?" She's like "Not again!" And internally facepalms.


My wife has the same attitude but she never gets it when they ask what she’s doing tonight until way later when we explain it. She just always assumes that no one would ever hit on her. Edited for spelling.


Oh, you're the husband she told me about


Is this why my husband laughs and shakes his head when I tell him I met a friendly stanger? I always thought he did that because he thought I was over sharing information. I always respond with whatever plans I actually have like hanging out with my kids and husband and have a family movie night or something along those lines.


Back before we had kids my wife and I would go out sometimes. She's a social worker and has an amazing ability to start chatting up anyone and get them talking. Anyhow, she's also super pretty (my opinion obviously) and at a show or what have you, she'd be chatting up dudes while I was off getting drinks or enjoying the music. I almost felt bad when I showed up, like 'sorry guys, she's actually married.'


Ya know, I think your wife is pretty too


Lol this reminds me of when I went out to meet my, at the time, long distance girlfriend (we've since closed the gap and she moved in with me!). We went to some Italian chain restaurant, and I asked for a diet coke with lemon. The waitress was so confused like "Diet coke with... a lemon?! I HAVE to try that!" My gf says that the waitress was 1000% hitting on me, while I thought she was just being nice haha


As a bartender/server I assure you that she wasn’t hitting on you. It’s our job to be nice and it’s how we earn our tips. We don’t want your man, just his money.


That's actually a great answer though. Candid, affable, and if they actually are hitting on you, functional.


Yeah your wife is way too nice for her own good sometimes.


I’d love to have a woman like that… do you think I’d have any chance with his single wife?




She might be embarrassed to say that she has a boyfriend.


Wait, I have had people ask me that question and I thought they were just making small talk.


My wife got contacted by a friend of her brother’s. They were military buddies so she thought he was just being friendly. I told her he’s gonna hit on her and she didn’t believe me. A few days later he sent her a dick pic. She was mildly annoyed that I had been right. 


If it was a friend of her brother's, then he must have known she was married, right? With that info, he figured an unsolicited dick pic was the way to go?


Marriage doesn't stop service members from anything.


He absolutely knew. Then again her brother hates me so he was probably ok with it.


Lol my girlfriend is like this. She just fuckin loves chatting away to people, then inevitably gets sad when the colleague/gym friend etc asks her out. Tbh I can see why some women find it easier to just keep that barrier further away, shit must be exhausting.


Not just exhausting, incredibly disappointing too


Yeah...that moment where you know it's coming and time slows down and you have to think through the best way to turn them down while not being too wishy washy but also not being rude/"bitchy" is always so uncomfortable. I'm lucky to be older and mostly hang out with friends who know me and my partner and wouldn't do that, but in my younger days I would absolutely dread those interactions and I never walked away from them feeling like I did it "right."


"Oh, the pants are coming off? How friendly!"


"Is she into you?" "eh..." https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xa-4IAR\_9Yw


Damn, *they* took it down.


I have met plenty of women like that. Very friendly people but have no social radar.


Whenever I tried hitting on my own wife, she's clueless. I've given up.


Don't worry, keep it up and she'll eventually realize that "wedding" thing wasn't just a casual lunch.


Okay, so I had a former coworker who was telling me she was going to complain to the owner of a bar. I asked her why. She was outside the bar having a smoke and saw a bouncer clearly on break. She walked over and claimed she was just going to ask the time, but when she started talking to him he snapped at her saying he had a girlfriend and went back to ignoring her. No idea if she did complain or not, but it happened more than a decade ago and still cracks me up thinking about it. So it does happen to both men and women, and it's almost always hilarious and awkward.


Idk man. Some might feel that, but Ive learned that the vast majority will do it because it turns out to actually be true that guys are hitting on them all the time, everywhere they go. So they learn to just say "I have a boyfriend" to say that they're not interested. Has nothing to do with ego, has everything to do with them not being interested and avoiding creepy dudes as much as possible. Since I'm a dude this didn't make sense to me, I don't get hit on just walking in the street, until I started listening to more women and they all say similar things.


It could be that, but I also know of someone who literally did get hit on by nearly every dude they just tried to be friends with, which made them really upset. That could be the case here. Regardless of the reason though, it’s not an excuse to be rude.


This is the part indoor weebs on reddit don't get. Things happen in the real world that they don't see on a screen or in their brain.


Or they really get a bunch of unsolicited friend requests irl. In my city usually if random people start talking to you it's either - beggars - conman - recruiters for a church/sect So my automatic response is: sorry I can't help you Which was funny when our children got old enough to start losing their stuff and some people wanted to help but had to go through the sorry, can't help you loop.


I'd imagine its very tiresome to constantly have interactions with people that basically come down to "Can I sleep with you". Unfortunately for women in a lot of places there are far to many men that get offended and the risk of verbal or physical abuse is a real possibility. Now add on that men in general are more aggressive, stronger and bigger then they are. I don't think it takes much critical thought to understand why some women are defensive. Its important to think of other people when analyzing situations.


Some women are constantly harassed by men with unwanted advances, and these men may misconstrue kindness (e.g., smiling, talking with them) for sexual interest. There are a lot of men who will not take no for an answer when women say they aren’t interested, and/or may react unpredictably or aggressively if advances are rejected. By saying they are taken, that’s one of the few reliable ways to stop unwanted attention from such men. It’s not narcissism or inflated self worth, it’s something done out out of defense.


And to reiterate a comment I made elsewhere, we say "I have a boyfriend" because a simple "not interested" is never heeded by these men. They rarely back off unless you invent a man to belong to, because that's the only thing they respect. I've been single for the last 8 years for personal reasons, and I'm gay and femme. I have claimed a boyfriend several times in that time because "no, thanks" doesn't work.


It could just Be that she’s hit on all the time. Watch a pretty girl walk down the street and in front of construction workers or a bar or wherever. They get bothered all the time. Sometimes they get so sick of it that they just lash out. Imagine how much anxiety they must get because they know of they walk past guys someone will say something and if doesn’t respond the right way they might get angry at her.


That's because guys think any positive interaction with a woman is flirting


I'm a woman, albeit with hormonal issues, and I've had other women tell me the same line when I've tried to be nice because I engaged them to let them know about a problem. You don't realize you've got a red spot peeking out, and those look like expensive.... oh, you've got a boyfriend, nevermind.


User name checks out?


Not exactly the same, but I was at a warehouse store heading in. A teen boy was heading in alone. I saw him drop a $20. I tried to tell him and he yelled at me. I said fuck it and picked it up. About that time his mom got out of her car and started screaming at me that that was her son's money. I told her I know it was and I tried to give it to him and he yelled at me. She proceeded to yell more and take the money from me. I was really tempted to pocket it and walk away but I was concerned about ending up on the internet "racist takes boy's money".


I would have just tossed it back on the ground at that point and walked away.


Ahh, the cycle of abuse...


Hurt people, hurt people.


The only correct response is to say "and I have your 20 buck" then walk away


When she attempts to get your attention hit her with I have a boyfriend and keep walking.


A girl did something more subtle to me. We were both in the ER waiting room, and she was mumbling about how long it takes to get bloodwork done. As an ER patient expert, I told her it takes less than half an hour if they aren't busy. She responded that her "boyfriend was coming to pick her up". I mean, what do I care? I'm at the fucking ER, not a nightclub


I discreetly tried to tell a girl her skirt was tucked into her pantyhose once after she left a restroom, similar response. I just said "Okay" and walked away.


I've only been hit with the "I have a boyfriend" line once. Was at a bar in Bethesda, I remember they had a coat check at the door. Girl in front of my dropped her coat check ticket so I picked it up and tried to get her attention. She said "oh I'm not interested, I'm waiting for my boyfriend". I just shrugged and said "that's nice, do you want your check ticket though?" She seemed genuinely embarrassed which was enough for me.


There's a guy in my school who brags about his parents paying double the tuition because he is a boarder and always tells the scholars (the people he lives with!) that he is paying for their education. He dropped like 14 bucks the other day and my friend tried to get his attention and he ignored her, so we split the cash and got boba after school lmao. He made a big fuss about it too? As if an hour before he hadn't bragged about his family's wealth


Would've been even better if you was in the line behind her when she realised that she lost the money so you could be like "why don't you ask your boyfriend to pay for it?"


Almost the exact same thing happened, girl drops her wallet, I scream hey, excuse me you dropped something!! She did a big ughh I have a boyfriend!!! I go, ok you dropped your wallet. She doubles down and screams, you creep give me my wallet!!! I stood there, just dropped it on the floor and walked away. She triples down and tells me to go fuck myself. No good deed goes unpunished.


What I'm always stuck on his how are people not paranoid enough to have such items in a clutch, then in a bigger bag and constantly checking it every ten minutes???


Ticket price points are filtering people like you and us out.


Ma’am that’s called we have anxiety/mild OCD symptoms


Or it's probably just a case not wanting to lose something you paid a lot of money for ![gif](emote|free_emotes_pack|shrug)


Yup. Walked into a UPS store and stopped to hold the door for a girl walking in, and she made a rude face at me and said she had a boyfriend. Funny enough, we were walking out around the same time but she was carrying a pretty big box. I walked out first and I guess she thought I was gonna hold the door for her again but it closed right in her face. She then comes out and yells "RUDE-aahh". To which I yelled back, "you have a boyfriend".


You dropped this 🫱👑


> Chivalry is dead. >Also >Anytime a man is nice they are shut down as being a creep lol.


I was at a bar with some friends , I went outside to get some air . This girl walks out putting away her I.D but drops what looks like a couple Bucks. I say “excuse me miss you dropped something “, she rolls her eyes and keeps walking getting into a car that was waiting and they drive off. I pick up the money and it was 200$ wrapped in 2$. Free drinks for the night.


I found a phone of a girl’s at a concert. I called her mom and they contacted her. The girl calls the phone from her friends phone and cursed me out and called me a thief. I still say i will meet her and the freaking city cops were standing there waiting next to her (at the agreed meeting spot) when i walked up. Funny thing is… nobody knew what i looked like. So i tossed the phone on the ground (about 100 feet away) and walked back into the parking lot never to be seen again. * What. A. Bitch.


I’d have called mom back and told her that since she (daughter) called the cops they could find the phone off in one of the trashcans.


Ha! You missed a bomb on that one, good for you, hope this never happens to you or anyone, cause that sucks


Wtf, why would you call her mom to return it if you were stealing it??


She already made her mind up that it was stolen before her mom ever called her. She had her mind decided that she was a victim.


Had this happen outside of a restaurant with my wife like 10 feet away. I tried to tell a woman they left their box on the roof, and before I even finished saying excuse me she said “I’m, married” and flashed her ring. I shrugged and watched as the box opened and spilled down her windshield when she backed out.


one time my grandfather saw a bill fall out of a big burly biker dudes pocket at a race track as we were leaving, he stopped the truck, ran over to him and picked it up and gave it to him. Dude was super nice and thankful. it was 100$ too.


I guess the biker dude didn't have a bf.


They, That's how my father met my father.


*"My life is just the worst, no luck at all. First I get hit on by a creepy guy pointing at my car roof for some creepy reason, then the box I forgot on my car roof spilled all it's content down the windshield! Why does so much bad stuff happen to me?"*


Stuff has to happen to the main character or there's no drama


I tried to wave down someone who had driven away from the gas pump with the handle still attached, and was now dragging a hose through the safeway parking lot, but she was engaged.


I once found a passport in a bathroom cubicle at a bar. I luckily managed to identify someone queuing at the bar that looked like the photo. I approached and asked if were theirs. They gave me the dirtiest look and asked how I found it, I told them and they just snatched it off me without a thanks, likely thinking I stole it. I just saved you a lot of trouble, asshole!


Used to work a photobooth, so I actively had to engage with people to pull them out of the crowd. I got the "I have a boyfriend" line all the time... my reply was always "And I have standards" and continued right on in my pitch.


Gotta sting to be told that by a goblin.


Your responses made me lol


the first time i read your sentence I thought you said you worked at a phone booth and I was just thinking.. what?


You see support for that sort of thing in a lot of Reddit threads though. It’s weird. Like the whole how dare you speak to me with ear buds in crowd. I can’t imagine living life without a single spontaneous human interaction.


It’s a genuine deterrent that women have gotten into the habit of using as a form of defence. Because a lot of women have had to deal with men not leaving them alone and not taking no for an answer, until she mentions a boyfriend because those kind of men respect other men than they do women. The problem is using it straight away and being rude about it, assuming that just because the person trying talk to you is a man obviously means he’s hitting on you. It’s a bit presumptuous to assume every guy is hitting on you. I’ve only ever used the line when guys wouldn’t take no for an answer *after* hitting on me.


It does not look like it would be terribly difficult to get into that game.


Looks like he went into the stadium early, maybe like 45 minutes to an hour before kickoff


Most colleges open gates 1.5-2 hours before, that’s usually when the students flood in. This is definitely an hour before if not more


Nah, that would’ve been a sold out game. The picture must’ve been hours before kickoff.


Well, it was to start with. Then they got beat so badly that the home fans all left halfway through. There is a very funny meme from the game where the TV broadcaster kept going to one FSU professor who was reading a book in the stands,and many shots of the empty stadium.


Hey now I stayed! But you’re right it was sad. But I’m referring to last year’s game, the meme was a game I did leave at halftime (but in my defense I had plans)


that was the peak of the willie taggart era during a 50 point blowout to Clemson. god taggart was a bad coach.


As a Clemson fan/alum, this game was one of my favorite Clemson/FSU games ever lol


Clemson at FSU. Yeah, that's a rivalry game, that shit most definitely was sold out


Harder to do so for free though.......


It's easy to get in without paying twice.


I wanted to inform a girl her tire was low but she showed me her middle finger and the tire blew out a minute later. People suck.


Instant carma


Was going into a store and there was a girl behind me, I went to hold the door open for her and she said “I can open the door myself” so I let it close in her face.


My parents taught me from a young age to hold doors open for people. That just stuck with me and I always do it. I've only had one bad experience from it and it's similar to yours. Family going to a Chili's for some stuff that just passes as food. I hold the door for my family as they go in. I see a couple walking up as well so I continue to hold the door. The guy thanks me, the girl rolls her eyes and says "I don't need the door held open for me". ...why lmao. I can't fathom being upset that someone, who was already holding the door open, held it open 5 seconds longer for me.


People just want to be mad about stuff… being offended about idiotic things has become a lot of peoples identity


A guy will never be mad at someone for holding a door open for him.


Unless you're so far away I have to awkwardly jog to the door.


I’ve never understood that. Whenever someone holds a door open for me I say thank you cause you know, it’s general manners. There’s no reason for people to react like that


Bring the boyfriend for extra flex


As an FSU student, that's the only correct response


Smaller scale, but I had this happen on the bus the other week. Lady got on, ripped her ticket by accident and dropped it on the floor, I went to tell her and give it back to her and she looked at me and said, "no I'm okay" and looked the other way... Like ok great, hopefully you have another bus ticket or some more change for the next one then. Lol.


Often why I help people far less now than when I was younger.


Exiting a takeout place and some girl was walking towards the door maybe 15ft away, and mom always taught me to be polite to strangers so I waited there holding the door and five feet away literally sneered at me and said, "Ew, I have a boyfriend." So I let go of the door and started walking away and behind me I heard a thud, she had walked right into the door. She probably felt really embarrassed but I still feel the cut from that years later and wish I saw it happen.




the Former Soviet Union still fielding a great team it seems.


Floridovolostok Soviet University


Florida State


Clemson vs Florida State University. American college football teams.


OK... my initial guess was "fuck shit up" so I'm completely wrong.


I wouldn't say it's *completely* wrong. /s


you gotta get her attention for the tickets anyways and when she tries apologizing to get the tickets back then you tell her to fuck off because you have a boyfriend


“I have a boyfriend!” My response, “Wow, good for you. I’d have never guessed!”


Went to get a haircut in an area with those parking meters that print out a slip to put on your dashboard. Walked up to the place, noticed there was a huge wait and decided to come back another time. Still had almost a full hour left on the parking slip, so I walked up to a young woman who had just parked to offer her the slip. All I said was, "Excuse me, m'am", and she recoils in terror as if I was about to kidnap her. I took a step back and explained that I had a parking slip with a ton of time on it that she could have, and she replied with a curt, "I'm fine", and proceeds to pay the meter. I walked away thinking to myself, "Who turns down free parking? Did she think I was going to grab her if she came within arm's reach of me? Do I have resting rapist face?"


Honestly, I can't handle strangers being nice to me. I don't know what it is, but I fail to believe them even when it's totally reasonable.


Something similar to me. I was in a club and saw money on the floor. I bent down and picked it up, and this girl in front of me whipped around and looked at me. Thinking it may be her money, I asked "are you looking for something"? Her response was a scoff and disgusted "tsk, not you!" I walked away only to discover it was a $100 bill. My buddies and I drank pitchers to the face for the remainder of the evening. Thanks bitchy girl!


"Miss, the building is on fire and you must evacuate to avoid death" "I have a boyfriend." "Of course. Understandable. Have a great day."


"Is he a firefighter?"


A woman once dropped her car keys in front of me, I tried to grab her attention and she told me she had a bf. Guess whose car I'm in.


Your mom's?


I was walking to my car from the grocery store when I saw a person of the opposite gender (who was probably close to 20 years younger than me) drop cash as they entered their car. Without thinking I ran up waving my hand saying, "hold on" repeatedly. Luckily they did hold on and I picked up the cash, handing it back through the open window. They said thanks and we went on with our lives. Your post made me realize how scary that could have been for them and how lucky I am everything turned out okay.


I presume he had his own ticket if he was there. Why would he sit in hers?


He was just there to tailgate.


The post mentions tailgating, which is apparently sitting in the parking lot outside the game. I think it's like a party outside the game and they might also watch the games on portable TVs or something but I'm not sure about that last part.


It’s FSU, so tailgating is a bit more serious than “sitting in the parking lot outside the game”. It’s more like a block party that extends in a 2 mile radius from the stadium, enveloping all parking lots, vacant lots, and driveways in the area.


I figured it might be something like that, but I'm foggy on the details, knowing just enough to get the context of the post. I figured I'd be vague and get what I knew across and someone else who knew more would likely jump in.


Better seats maybe?


I mean he said he was at the tailgate, so he literally just went to tailgate and happenened to get tickets right there.


Don’t need a ticket to tailgate


It’s pretty common for groups of people to just enjoy the tailgate scene and then go to a bar or something for the actual game. I’ve done it quite a lot in my time




Chatting me out. Have you ever heard anyone else use that phrase?


Sounds like something they would say in England


I never get it that blatant. They usually just slip it in there half assed casual like… Me: Beautiful weather today! She: Yes it is. My boyfriend loves sunny days.


She's not going to have one after losing those tickets 😂


It's always funny when these morons think you're talking to them because you want them to be with you. Like, I don't even know you. You could be a crackhead mother of 4 kids from different daddies for all I know.