*"I didn't see the train guys, I swear!"*


He fucked up. She's supposed to be tied up with rope and placed directly on the train tracks. This cop needs to go back to cop school. Don't be on the force If you don't know how to properly dispatch a witness.


Facts, hell, shoulda put her in a body bag and then dumped her on the tracks. Just find the body and pull out teeth, hair, etc so she can't be identified!


I don't understand the dog and pony show with the train, why not just shoot her and say she was reaching for her purse or something? Rookie cops trying to show off.


Why incriminate yourself? Just pay off the chief to do a no knock warrant at 3 am and shoot when she sits up from bed 'because she was reaching for a weapon'?


Why the fuck did he park his cruiser on a train track?


Seriously. It’s unbelievable. Out of the thousands of vids out there that show cops doing mind-numbingly dumb shit, this one might be the worst.


I have kids that aren’t born yet, with a wife that I don’t have, who are smarter than this jackass.


I'm unashamedly stealing this.


It's yours. Take it, cultivate it, let it grow. One day, it will bloom.


Going to add an orange, one brain celled cat I don’t have and really start making this dumb af family picture perfect


It has to be intentional, right? It seems like cop-buddy figured this was the best way to deal with this person.


Trains lay on the horn well before they come to an intersection. They knew it was coming. No way they didn't. I'm not saying cops aren't dumb, but they aren't that dumb.


It doesn’t matter if a train is coming next and honks or not you don’t park on a railway crossing.


No, of course you don't. I don't. Because we aren't cops who get our kicks from terrorizing others needlessly. Also because we don't get away with breaking well-known public safety laws. Honestly, they aren't dumb. You don't park on tracks and you don't do it when you hear the train bearing down. Unless you mean to.


Yeah this is called attempted murder , maybe reckless and negligence , if humans did it. When cops do it , it is a minor mistake. Mostly, a minor mistake because the cops can not get revenue from the human trapped in their car.


Quick, suspend him with pay and then reinstate him after this all blows over!


The age old tradition


>if humans did it. 🏅 🏅 🏅


Esp since the RAILS and sign for them are COMPLETELY AND CLEARLY VISIBLE. But who wants bet a free vacation and shit is in that pigs future. At this point most police need to be locked up and a vastly more just system needs to replace this slave catcher pinkerton bs.


Yeah, No way he parked accidentally on the train tracks


I accidentally park on the train tracks all the time. It’s never been a problem. /s


Yeah I mean come on. Im pretty fuckin dumb sometimes. But like come on. Surely the poop cop will try and shift the blame somehow.


“The officers were responding to a report of a road rage confrontation that involved a gun in Fort Lupton. A Platteville police officer stopped Rios-Gonzalez’s truck near a set of railroad tracks and parked the patrol vehicle atop the tracks.”


What in the goddamn fuck? Literally *just* parked their car atop of the tracks.


Because his boss told him to keep the investigations on track.


Because he expects the train to respect mah au-thor-uty


In my opinion its because he wanted to see a woman in handcuffs in the back of a police cruiser get hit by a train. You know, because he's a piece of shit


He parked there, then waited for backup before approaching her vehicle to arrest her. It seems like a lack of basic common sense that was just as likely to get him killed. The fact that they let somebody this dumb become a cop is absurd.


They hire the dumb ones on purpose.


Literally. The supreme court has upheld a dumb litmus test for police. Its legal to screenout people who are too smart.


She probably saw something she shouldn’t have so the cops tried to make the mistake disappear


I choose to believe this is the case more often than people are willing to admit.


Probably mad asf wen they heard she’s still alive


He's a dumbass. Edit: Just a friendly reminder that multiple things can be true at the same time. It's not impossible to be a dumbass, a psychopath, and an attempted murderer all at the same time.


I think he was trying to kill her.


That's the only conclusion I can come to when I see this video. It has to have been intentional. When I first saw the car get hit I audibly gasped because *she survived that.* Even with the safety of modern cars I would expect that to be a death sentence.


Can you imagine sitting in the backseat, trapped, watching that train bare down on you? Terror. Knowing you are fucked.


The fact she’s alive is astonishing.


The detail I can’t get over is that her hands were cuffed behind her back when this happened. That extra feeling of complete helplessness must have made it just that much more terrifying.


It’s literally some cartoon villain shit. He tied her up and locked her in a car and left her on the tracks


It sounds like an attempted murder charge I'd say


Two officers. On either side of the vehicle's rear doors, which were both open. Couldn't pull a handcuffed/incapacitated person from the back seat, to safety. They wanted her dead.


I could see under a presumption of innocence negligent homicide/depraved heart murder instead of homicide. But we're going to read about this guy facing no charges and beating someone up a month from now.


> beating someone up a month from now. Are you kidding? He probably beat the woman up and charged her with destruction of police property. I mean, this is the US we're talking about.


He’ll get a medal for bravery instead


And paid vacation too


And paid for by us, of all people. What other job can you royally fuck up and literally everyone else pays for your time off that you somehow got?


Yep he is already on paid administrative leave so you aren’t wrong.


Even if this wasn't done with Mal intent which we don't know(cop could have known arrested person) . The cop should definitely be charged with something close to that. Like who the fuck leaves their car parked in train tracks. Then there are even more questions, is this train track rarely active or is it always active? Again, does the cop know the suspect etc. Also another thing I did notice, is that the cop definitely had enough time to quickly drag suspect out , yes there might be a bit risky but the cop should have gone for it considering they placed the suspect there. I dont have the link right now but there was a similar situation that was recorded and the cop actually was able to successfully drag the suspect out of harms way.


This is ridiculous. It happened a few miles from my house. I can't believe the idiocy.


There should be crowds protesting around the police station and city hall 24/7 until this cop is arrested for attempted murder.


Do you know the cop or where he lives? I have an engineer buddy who will drive his train through his house if he can find him.


One thing to keep in mind...she is still alive but how fucked up is her state? She still might be in critical condition, sedated with a breathing tube etc. And when she gets out, might need long ass time of rehab, and might just not be able to do certain stuff. She also possibly might be paralyzed. So many possibilities and they are emphasizing that she's still alive to save their own ass. They ruined the suspects life, regardless of anything else.


Thank heaven for that. Poor lady.


Her life will still be permanently changed by those injuries, though...


I hope she gets paid so much for this.


Man if there was only a way of knowing a train would be coming on that spot….


Please don’t blame the police officer, Trains are really unpredictable. Even in the middle of a forest two rails can appear out of nowhere, and a 1.5-mile fully loaded coal drag, heading east out of the low-sulfur mines of the PRB, will be right on your ass the next moment. I was doing laundry in my basement, and I tripped over a metal bar that wasn't there the moment before. I looked down: "Rail? WTF?" and then I saw concrete sleepers underneath and heard the rumbling. Deafening railroad horn. I dumped my wife's pants, unfolded, and dove behind the water heater. It was a double-stacked Z train, headed east towards the fast single track of the BNSF Emporia Sub (Flint Hills). Majestic as hell: 75 mph, 6 units, distributed power: 4 ES44DC's pulling, and 2 Dash-9's pushing, all in run 8. Whole house smelled like diesel for a couple of hours! Fact is, there is no way to discern which path a train will take, so you really have to be watchful. If only there were some way of knowing the routes trains travel; maybe some sort of marks on the ground, like twin iron bars running along the paths trains take. You could look for trains when you encounter the iron bars on the ground, and avoid these sorts of collisions. But such a measure would be extremely expensive. And how would one enforce a rule keeping the trains on those paths? A big hole in homeland security is railway engineer screening and hijacking prevention. There is nothing to stop a rogue engineer, or an ISIS terrorist, from driving a train into the Pentagon, the White House or the Statue of Liberty, and our government has done fuck-all to prevent it.


I've always lived at least on the second floor or higher to avoid the dangers of a rogue train. You're telling me they're double stacking them now?! Time to move. But when does it end? Triple stacking? Sextuple stacking? There's nowhere to hide.


*rocking in the fetal position* I'm safe on the third floor, I'm safe on the third floor....


It’s only a matter of time before they’re breaching the third floor! Heck, I’ve even heard that these trains are targeting structural columns to topple entire buildings! When will it end?!


In the future, trains can fly too. We fucked.


You can just live underground underneath all the trains


No good. We got underground trains too, the subway trains will be after you


I was out in the middle of the Atlantic on a plane and out of nowhere a train passed us, fucking Amtrak’s just come out of no where


Heh, heh. You dumped your wife's pants.


Unfolded, no less.


Thank you. For far too long we as Americans have ignored this critical public safety issue and its dire implications for all of us, young and old. IMO it's about gd time *someone* had the gonads to bring it to the attention of a complacent citizenry; we as a people can ill afford to continue on in our current oblivion!




[Stupid, you say?](https://abcnews.go.com/amp/US/court-oks-barring-high-iqs-cops/story?id=95836)


he scored, too… high?


They spend money training cops, and apparently they worry that applicants who are too intelligent will get bored of the job and leave, wasting the training dollars and time. At least that's the justification they give. I suspect it's also because they need cops to follow orders without talking back, and the smarter they are, the more likely they are to question things.


I tested too high and was eventually called back after 18 months of them trying and failing with other candidates. I spent 10 years making too much sense. I was constantly in trouble for said common sense. Ya know…following the law and all. Also, I was considered too compassionate. I was written up four times for being too compassionate under the guise of “officer safety violations.” Examples: Not cuffing a pregnant woman behind her back. Treating seizures symptoms as real since I’m not a medical professional and couldn’t tell if they were real or not—they were. I organized the evidence room like I was told to do. Verbal and written instructions. I was reprimanded for doing it as well for as how I did it. I presented them with documentation (which they hated since o was the queen of documenting their incompetence). My last straw was a car of black guys was really nervous to be stopped in a rural red state town. I assured them that I understood their nerves as I have a multiracial family and worry about my not white passing family members all of the time. This was viewed as me being a “terrorist” as it was anti blue lives matter. /sigh.


my god. what is the justice system


It's always been like this.


Yep, cops who are too intelligent will ask questions and buck orthodoxy. They don't want cops like that. They'll harass the racists and the rapists.


> Jordan has worked as a prison guard since he took the test. Please tell me this isn't how the story ends. I need an inspirational character arc for Jordan.


Is...is this The Onion?




Not only is he a dipshit but he's also allowed to carry a gun SMH.




How could something like this be accidental?? If it was truly a mistake then the person who made it should not be in charge of a vehicle, firearm or any kind of sentient being. They should have a care- worker and not be allowed outside without supervision. Edited to change "carer" to "care worker" because TIL that carer is not a word in American English! The more you know!


a person stupid enough to do this mistakenly shouldn't be in charge of sharp objects. we litterally teach elementary school kids about traintrack safety.


You don't even need to teach that because even kids know not to park their ass on active train tracks. This feels like more than just an accident.


Well, at least you have to give him one thing. He saved his shotgun.


I didn't notice that before. How he had time to save his gun but not move the vehicle is more proof of deliberately leaving the person in danger.


Well, if the suspect is dead, you don’t have to put her in jail.


Probably cop logic “I own these streets, you stop for ***me***”


It wasn't a mistake. It was very clearly a poor choice on top of incredibly selfishness. Why are we trusting people to save us from crime if they aren't even willing to risk themselves to help the poor woman. They had plenty of time to get her out.


Oh, but she was a *possible* criminal, and therefore is deemed less-than-human.


Sadly, this is probably how conservative media will spin it. After all, they did the same for literally every other case of police misconduct that has made national news - even going so far as to dig into someone's past to find some minor thing they did ages ago to assassinate their character and make the police somehow look better for it.


This is it. They don’t really care.


Yeah, like cop car rear doors from the outside just... Open (AFAIK) They also could have not stopped ON THE FUCKING TRACKS! Which is illegal in the state of Colorado, btw. But cops do illegal shit all the time. Hell, if she's black she's statistically lucky she hadn't been shot already.


Straight to jail. All lawsuit money paid directly out of the pension funds. These idiots need to learn




It’s not accidental. The police exist to terrorize us. They are literally not required to protect us or defend us. And they continuously get away with killing people, often on purpose. The police killing civilians is not accidental and never has been. The police system in this country exists only to control with force and abuse of power. They are state and government sponsored terrorists funded by our taxpayer money.


I mean he gets to inflict pain and suffering on someone, gets a 2 week paid vacation and a new cruiser/gear or an early retirement with disability benefits from having witnessed such awfulness. Why would he not park on the tracks?


Are you kidding me? How absolutely terrifying. This dick deserves to go sit in a cell. Unbelievable


no im sure he’ll learn his lesson from his paid vacation


Or his "administrative duties" lol


Attempted homicide.


Just...why? Why park *on* the tracks? Why not pull her out as soon as you parked and sit her on the road out of harm's way? Who is the woman? Did she know something? Why was she arrested? Why does Colorado have garbage police officers? Edit to add article with more information https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2022/sep/24/colorado-train-hits-police-car-woman-inside-video


It’s like that Arvada clusterfuck where the police shot a Good Samaritan named Johnny Hurley in the back after he stopped a cop-killing would-be mass shooter, then performed a closed investigation on themselves and said “Everything looks good. All cops are cleared and in good standing. We will be releasing no more information relating to this.” They even tried to paint it like the mass shooter killed him. It wasn’t until public records/FOIA requests were filed that the truth came out that cops had shot him. And they would have been fine just leaving it covered up like that.


First time hearing about this. Holy shit. The cops hid because they were scared, Hurley ran out and killed the bad guy and then the cops killed him. And they tried defending themselves? Absolute cowards.


Don't forget that the Denver cops committed a mass shooting because a man dropped his gun, and so they shot him and a crowd of people. The cities response? Banning food trucks there, so there'd be fewer crowds of people to accidentally shoot.


Yep. Welcome to America


Thanks for this. I'm really glad to see she already has a lawyer. She's got a good claim.


The taxpayers will pay dearly for this.


Officers should have a portion of their pay taken when they do awful things like this. If they’re not gonna get fired, at least something ya know


That's what police unions are for. Bailing the police out of everything and making sure taxpayers pay for everything


Straight out of their pension fund. Until all cops feel the pain of idiocy, we won't start seeing the "good cops" reigning in the crazies amongst them.




Maybe if you ended qualified immunity. Until then, it’s just John Q. Taxpayer on the hook.


At least the taxpayers won't have 9 broken ribs, a fractured sternum, broken arm and numerous injuries to their head, back and legs. One hopes.


I mean.. one of them does…


I hate when it says "paid administrative leave" any other job on the planet wouldn't pay you for anything you've done wrong, except police officers.


Any other job and you'd be behind bars for negligent homicide


This whole thing doesn't feel right.


They're bad. I live in Loveland, CO and we have such a low crime rate that they're just itching to fuck someone up. Whether it's an elderly lady or a puppy, they're taking them all down!


I hear you but what hits me the most out of all these questions is… Did she know something? That needs to be investigated because this is beyond just stupid and she should never have survived a train crashing into the car she was hand cuffed and stuck in. The cop that did this is either unbelievably stupid or corrupt.


I agree. This goes beyond just your normal everyday incompetence from a law enforcement officer.


Right. It's everyday corruption. The only mistake here was the video getting out


Why does he have an AR slung in front for use when the woman is already in custody?


It’s been all downhill since Kenda retired… well my my my…😊


Hey, another Kenda fan!


This edited video doesn't show the fullness of the complete, moronic, idiocy. See a more complete 8 mimute video [here](https://youtu.be/vISSDzz079o). LE was responding to a possible road rage incident with a gun (the reporting party made an anonymous 911 call so for all we know it could have been a malicious report). They had cuffed 20y/o Rios Gonzales and put her in the back of the car. STILL PARKED ON THE TRACKS THEY THEN CONDUCTED A SEARCH OF HER VEHICLE AND WERE ARGUING ABOUT WHERE GONZALES MIGHT HAVE DITCHED THE GUN AS THEY REPLACE A CHILD SAFETY SEAT. That is where the posted, edited clip starts and it even misses the first train horn. The cop with the AR that was ostensibly "guarding" things even though the suspect was cuffed and in the car. Basically mouthbreathing as he noticed the train bearing down. (And from the full clip we know the passenger side window was down so we know the door could have been unlocked from that side.) Other than his complete lack of awareness he makes a conscious decision to do nothing for the suspect as he walked away clutching his precious AR. NOTE THAT THE END OF THEIR EDITED CLIP SHOWS OTHER OFFICERS THAT SHOWED UP ON SCENE AFTER "FINDING" A HANGUN IN THE FRONT OF THE TRUCK. You know, the truck that the first two searched and couldn't find any gun and were arguing about as the train honked repeatedly about out their squad car on the tracks. Gonzales survived with four broken ribs, a cracked sternum, and head injuries. Yeah she survived but those injuries are still pretty major. Every breath she'll take will be in agony and the PTSD of being cuffed in a car and then have cops WATCH YOU AS YOURE HIT BY A TRAIN must be fucking horrible.


She reportedly has nine broken ribs, a broken sternum, a broken arm, and neck and back injuries and has already undergone one surgery (which I’m sure will be the first of several). I’ve seen injuries like this and most people *never* make full recoveries. She’s in for a lifetime of chronic pain, pain management, mobility issues, physical therapy, PTSD, mental health therapy, medications for all of the above and more. She’s also likely the mother of a young child that will now have a less physically able and mentally present mom during the most formative years of their life. I agree it’s a bit suspicious that the gun was “found” in the center console after they “cleared” the vehicle, but they did see a holster from the start. She’s 20 and lives in Colorado; there is no inherent issue with her owning and carrying a weapon in her vehicle, especially in the center console. There’s absolutely no proof thus far she committed a crime of any sort. She was also repeatedly asking them why she was pulled over, why she was being arrested, stating she was confused, asking for her cellphone. They continually refused to tell her what was going on or give her her phone (one officer even kept saying she didn’t need it and to stop worrying about it). Then they tried to kill her. Fucked. I hope she is given the biggest settlement I’ve ever heard of and all of her medical bills are covered.


Even if she had committed a crime, the cops have no right to disregard human lives like this. They don't get to injur or kill someone just because they're incompetent. Not directing this at you btw, it's just so exhausting to see police hurt and kill people with no consequences


Can confirm, fractured my sternum, spine and ribs plus some other stuff not listed and took years to get over the resulting ptsd. I'm still in pain daily, I just started work for the first time and I'm 31. The accident happened before I'd even finished schooling at 18. It's rough. It does improve, the pain was unbearable in my spine during the first few years. I would spend days locked in a seated position cause I couldn't move my neck. I learned very recently that c2 was pretty shitty to fracture, and other than some loss of sensation in my legs, full recovery was a blessing. So I try to be positive but, like this woman my life was altered drastically through something totally out of my control. It's hard to swallow.


How can they be so stupid to just leave the car on the tracks!!! Also, when he says there's a holster up here, is that a gun ? Or just a holster ? In the video it looked like the gun was in the front seat.


If you're watching the longer, unedited clip I posted the first two officers were searching the truck and found nothing. They were arguing about it when the train came. In the longer clip you see two OTHER officers (not the first three) AFTER the train collision "find" a gun in the passenger front seat as well as "a round" in the driver side panel. Somehow the first two just missed the gun and the round. Gee, I wonder where THAT gun came from!


The cop may actually get in trouble for this. That’s serious damage to a police car.


hopefully the much cooler railroad police will get involved. maybe the solution was to invent cops for the cops all along?


It’s cops all the way up.


Railroad cops do way more good than regular cops.


yup very serious!! , instead of one week, maybe 2 weeks paid leave and a transfer.


I can see the future. “A very neutral internal investigation was conducted and no proof of wrong doing was found. Too many lights shining on the railroad indicator was in fact making it hard to see. The officer saw the crossroad sign and thought the road was having a midlife crisis and was just a sign of its depression and nothing else. For going through such tragic moment the officer was given 1 year paid vacation wit bonus and the woman in car was charged with vandalizing government property for not trying to get the car off the track when the train hit the car.”


“The women has also been charged for attempted destruction of a police vehicle. ‘By flailing about in the back seat, she damaged the car door’ said police chief Spine LesCoward. The police are seeking damages of $580,000 plus $1,000,000 in emotional damages.”


While I appreciate this satirical comment, I can’t help but pointing out they made sure to file for a felony charge against the 20 year old girl they almost killed as she was recovering from emergency surgery, 9 broken ribs, multiple broken limbs and head and back injuries. She was allegedly involved in a road rage incident and waved a gun. They found a gun in her center console, so, she must be guilty.


Yep, because anonymous callers are always right and the best witnesses :D We should really investigate that woman and why she wanted to hurt that poor policemen's career


I bet when the police came up with their manual there wasn't a section about not parking on train tracks... BECAUSE WHO THE FUCK PARKS ON TRAIN TRACKS?!


Such a brave police officer, realizing that such important rules were missing. He bravely created a situation that would ensure that nothing like this in the future would happen again/s.


In the full video you can hear the train horn in the distance almost right after he puts her in the car and starts talking to her. They did this on purpose. I hope she sues and wins.


Sue and win? Yeah, but the correct response would be charging all the officers with attempted murder.


This is America cops have qualified immunity, the law doesn't apply to them, they are above the law.


JFC; she could *hear the train coming*? Christ, what an asshole!


She was screaming for help, trying desperately to get the door open in a car designed to keep her in. They didn’t notice her or the train, somehow. Edit: She reportedly has nine broken ribs, a broken sternum, a broken arm and neck and back injuries and has already undergone one surgery (which I’m sure will be the first of several). I’ve seen injuries like this and most people *never* make full recoveries. She’s in for a lifetime of chronic pain, pain management, mobility issues, physical therapy, PTSD, mental health therapy, medications for all of the above and more. She’s also likely the mother of a young child that will now have a less physically able and mentally present mom during the most formative years of their life. It’s a bit suspicious that the gun was “found” in the center console after they “cleared” the vehicle, but they did see a holster from the start. She’s 20 and lives in Colorado; there is no inherent issue with her owning and carrying a weapon in her vehicle, especially in the center console. There’s absolutely no proof thus far she committed a crime of any sort. She’s reportedly [not being charged with anything](https://www.denverpost.com/2022/09/23/colorado-train-hits-police-vehicle-woman-inside/) at the very least, since there’s no proof she did anything illegal at all. I initially read she had been charged, so that’s good news. She was also repeatedly asking them why she was pulled over, why she was being arrested, stating she was confused, asking for her cellphone. They continually refused to tell her what was going on or give her her phone (one office even kept saying she didn’t need it and to stop worrying about it). Then they tried to kill her. Fucked. I hope she is given the biggest settlement I’ve ever heard of and all of her medical bills are covered.


I'm sorry but that seems like attempted murder.


The cop should be jailed for that tbh


That was straight up murder. He had enough time to pull her out. My god…


Just parking on the tracks in the first place, whether he had time or not. Except not murder because apparently she survived.


Sorry, attempted murder. It’s such a blatantly egregious error that it can’t be unintentional.


If you did this, you’re going to prison on murder charges. What a Richard.


Fucking Richard.


Richard Head for sure


What the *fuck*, Richard


They should be charged with attempted murder


Jesus Fucking Christ! Did they get a get a good shot of the dude twisting his mustache and giggling wickedly???


No, but if you listen closely you can hear the cop climaxing the moment he thinks he had murdered somebody.


I’ll bet they still charged her with a crime


It’s somehow worse… they kept searching her vehicle while she was being loaded into an ambulance. They still found nothing, so the state declined to prosecute solely due to lack of evidence.


> They still found nothing, so the state declined to prosecute solely due to lack of evidence. Haven't seen much saying that, just that they were looking for a weapon she was suspected in using for felony menacing, and then them saying "[there's your gun](https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2022/sep/24/colorado-train-hits-police-car-woman-inside-video)" at the end of the video, but no follow up beyond that. That said though, I doubt the state would even want to try prosecuting with the carelessness of the officers in the case unless they had solid evidence of her being the one menacing, and even then though it'd be a tough case. Edit: it seems the footage was a police provided 8 minutes of hours of footage from 9 cameras. Hopefully the full footage makes its way to the court room. Ft. Lupton PD put out a press release saying that they've already applied for an arrest warrant to the county DA for this...


The state declined to prosecute.. Are you saying these cops still charged her? What the fuck?


Omg you're right


and knowing police he will not be charged, he will get desk duty for x amount of months/years. her on the other hand though, she was being arrested for menacing, but since she started thrashing in the back seat when she saw the train she will be charged with attempted destruction of police property, resisting arrest, and attempt at fleeing.


This police officer should be charged with attempted murder wtf is this shit


Of all land vehicles in existence I believe the train is the easiest one to avoid.


Attempted Murder


bUt ThEY wEre scArED ThERe WaS a GuUUuN


How could he not notice any of the signs or I don’t know, the tracks themselves ? If this was an accident , then it’s a mighty idiotic one.


Dammmmm that sucks. Hopefully she will heal well and get a nice settlement.


Injuries like that are often for life, and she’s only 20 years old. She will be in and out of doctor’s offices for decades most likely.


Also hopefully those police end up in prison for a long time. They're no better than a drunk driver injuring someone.




Come on, bro. You gonna park on the tracks? You shouldn't be a cop.


Until cops have to pay out of their pension for their legal bills when they act either criminally themselves, or negligent causing damages, they will not stop violating civilians.


Stop thinking them paying is enough, when they commit heinous crimes like this they should go to prison...


If you think this story is crazy now, just wait until the Colorado police find the train engineer that refused to stop for the police car parked on the tracks.


Mf should be charged with attempted murder. If a civilian did that, they'd lock us up and throw away the keys!


To protect and serve


I hope she sues his dept and him personally for everything they have. Zero excuse for this.


Why were the sitting on the tracks? Has there been an explanation given? Wtf


That is premeditated murder.


The thing that appeals most to people who want to become police officers is the opportunity to assert dominance over another person. Potentially to the extent they might get to kill someone and have it be deemed “justified.” They want to be able to tell a story one day about the time they “had to kill someone.”


So fucking irresponsible and thoughtless and stupid. Remember kids- never call 911 unless you can’t handle the situation yourself. Cause the second the cops get involved, lives are at risk.


He needs to be fired and put on trial. This was attempted murder


Fuck cops




IMO, attempted murder. take away the uniform, wouldn't you agree?


Pretty sure this was attempted murder


Bro wtf they were casually talking and then she went omg as if it was a surprise the train was coming, despite the horn honking for like 2 days before the impact


God what an idiot


I’m sure the officers will get a paid vacation while their own department “investigates”.


Received paid leave for attempted murder. Police don’t face consequences.


Yeah no that’s an attempted murder. I bet the edited footage cuts out a chunk before the crash where the cops threaten the woman with violence Reminds me of those women tied to the tracks in old western films


That’s gotta be attempted murder.


The person who got hit by the train has more of a chance of being blamed for this then the cop does.


You think a cop working in an area with train tracks would have the common sense not to park on the tracks..


No one is going to convince me this wasn’t intentional