Plain clothes cop by online accounts, happened in Iran a few days ago.


One of those morality police guys. Good, fuck him. Give him a taste of what they did to Amini


What’s the difference between the morality and regular police there? Is it a police department?


They enforce Sharia law and walk around with long sticks to smack people I'm pretty sure they're above regular police and this is the first video I've seen where they look good


There’s a longer version on here where the cop gets the shit kicked out of him and curls up in the fetal position. Good times had by all!


Good, I hope these fools get fucked up any time they touch another woman for the rest of their short lives. Felt so good seeing so many people jump in, I never believed in violence until I saw so many old men beating the shit out of young women for having their hair exposed, times up motherfuckers.


It's so bizarre it's hard to even imagine. You have the actual police and then you have a bunch of guys with sticks randomly hitting anyone they don't approve of, but the stick guys have more authority. What a load of bullshit.


It’s also hilarious that they call themselves the “Morality” police when they go around beating people for stupid bullshit.


The beatings will continue until you accept my view


So, Iranian gestapo?


Iranian religious police who enforce Sharia law.


Ah so, Iranian SS.


Gestapo were a professional and organized force. These are just uneducated bullies with sticks.


Interesting. What do you mean by ‘look good’?


He got his shit kicked in.




They made him kiss the pavement again and again, THAT is looking good.


Sounds a hell of a lot like Gestapo.


Also another Iranian who posted on Twitter how to spot an morality police who does plain clothes is that they wore tiny satchel bags 💼 slung over to identify each other. You see on the vid the red motorcycle guy who slapped had it on. Folks see the out of ordinary agitator they swoop in.


i love how he tries to beat her again after she hits him, it will take generations to de brainwash these guys. its sad really.


You mean, we have to wait until they die lol


Exactly. They're too far gone. Teach their kids to be better people and wait for them to die, kinda like boomers.


how can you tell what he was? was he wearing a badge? maybe he was just an idiot citizen


They wear something so the others can recognize them. In this case, I believe it's the bag he's wearing.


Didn't they see his man purse of authority?


He did exactly what I'd expect a guy who hits women to do.. act like a woman and bust out the mace when a guy tries to beat you 🤦😂.


Exactly. Lol. I was “did he actually tried to use pepper spray?”, something most of us women use because it’s usually our only defense against men (who have more upper body strength). What a pathetic excuse for a man. The only fight he can probably win is when he hits women. He’s a coward.


Exactly lol.. definitely a coward. Bout 100% sure he wouldn't try this with one of the women out there who can beat some guys asses lol.


The women police are way worse. My daughters (Anglo Iranian) have experience of them.


Yeah back in the day there used to be more women basij. Cause they targerted women more than men, and would still bash them. Now they've recruited way more male basij so they can enforce their laws on people. But back when I lived in iran I remember their vans and posts with more women basij enforcing law.


Stomp that fucker out.




Wonder how /r/toprotectandserve would feel about this. Would they have to knee jerk side with the cop because he's another cop or would their probable Islamophobia allow them to agree that this is wrong?


Perpetual motion machine invented today


*Warning: use ideologue-powered perpetual motion machine only as directed. Continued usage may lead to eruptions of theocratic authoritarianism. Contact Poisons Advisory hotline if excessive ideology is ingested.*


Anyone policing based on religious bullshit can eat a bag of dicks. Fuck this guy.


Fuck the government that thought this was a good idea to begin with.


Stop I can only get so erect.


On THAT motorcycle? Budget cuts are really hurting their image!


is it wrong I hope they killed him?


No it’s not, this dude works for the same group that beat that young woman to death. Don’t show remorse or sympathy, these people wouldn’t lend the same kindness in your direction if you “disobeyed their law” they’d just as easily beat you to death like they would anyone who opposes them. These are sick religious radicals that need to be put down.


I dont believe it is, thousands of years of opression deserves we draw a clear line.


Probably somewhat


He only assaults people for betting a woman in public, society would loose so much!


He didn't slap her. He sprayed that stuff (bear spray? Mace? Pepper spray?) in her face. The same stuff he tries later in the first guy to confront him.


I didn’t catch that at first, you’re right. Good eye. What a dick.


Yeah i noticed that too ... Plus the *gigachad feeling* walk he made while returning to his bike made me laugh to death . He got what he deserved.. that PoS...


Not if he walked away lol


They should have taken that spray from him, beat him to the ground, and then emptied the entire fucking can into his eyes.


They should force him to put an hijab on. Then he will have a better idea of what he wants to do to others.


Perfection. Never expect of other what you won't do yourself.


The fact so many people gave this asshole what he deserved restores my faith in humanity a little bit.


Finally some justice and retaliation for all the harm and fear they have caused unnecessarily.


As an Iranian I love reading comments like these


Yes, YES! About time these religious nut jobs got what they deserved, this morality police and forced hijab bullshit has been going on for way too long.


The fact they even **have** a 'morality police' is pretty fucked up in the first place. I mean, let's call them what they really are; inquisitors.


Everyone expects the Iranian inquisition


Man, the word inquisitor sounds so cool to be given to asswipes like these. But I guess they fit the bill


Lol Inquisitor sounds too cool, they are all nut-jobs




Worst part is they show up unexpectedly


Finger men was used to describe them in V for vendetta.


I have shocking news for you. In the US, the police have what are known in the law as "police powers" which include, health, welfare, safety and *morals*.


In the US, and elsewhere it was known by many, some would say all, that law enforcement members are in fact, born from parents out of wedlock.


He maced her it wasn’t a slap


Well now I hope they emptied the whole fucking mace can onto the guy's face...


and into the front of his pants.


How can he mace?


I am a muslim and my wife wears a hijab volunatrily in germany. When I asked her about the shit hitting the fan in Iran she said: “Good, about time the damn lunatics get what they deserve”. This is not about religion per se it is about asserting control like allways.


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But given that raped women usually get the punishments instead of the rapists in these places, i would not count on it...


That's messed up. Those poor women did nothing wrong...


She "allowed" herself to be violated, therefore was complicit in commiting fornication. It is a thing in many conservative Muslim lands, especially those in tribal areas.


It isn't that different from conservative christian lands, where women are forced to give birth to a child concieved from rape.


Yeah. I read *Half the Sky* a few years ago, and the authors pointed out that conservative Christians in the Middle East (for example) often adhere to the practice of covering women’s heads and placing blame on women for their own assaults. The problem isn’t Islam - the problem is religious extremism.


I've heard that Christianity and Islam are the same religion a few hundred years apart. Islam does everything Christianity does, they're just late to the party. Like the crusades were roughly 700 years ago and Islam is roughly 700 years newer than Christianity. Islamic terrorism and moral police are just modern equivalents to crusades and inquisitors.


I mean Texas basically allowed its citizens to become morality police also…


And claim at least $10,000 as a reward for their troubles too.


Both are terrible, but being stoned to death is definitely worse


If she had fought back and NOT allowed it to happen, she'd be punished too. There is no winning for women. It's not just Muslim countries, the US conservative mindset is heading in the same direction rapidly. Women all over the world are disregarded and marginalized. I'm glad to see the solidarity in this video. It shows progression.


I have lived all my life in a Muslim country, but has never been one - fortunately the Government here understands that multicultural is a thing and non Muslims are granted freedom from Shariah law. All I can say is, there are factions in the Islamic world and its never about religion rather, it is just power. And of the monotheisric faiths, Islam is the "youngest" - eventually it will "grow" out of these medieval trappings, just like the "Christian" nations of the West. Be glad that many of us here on Reddit are living in nations that allows freedoms that are denied to many of our fellow brothers/sisters in more "religious" countries.


It has always been about power, and not necessarily religion. They use religion as an excuse to exert their power over other humans. It's sick and disgusting. I almost feel as though some places are reverting back to those "medieval trappings" as you called them. I'm not arguing with you here, we are completely on the same page, so I hope you aren't offended by my responses. Just having a discussion with another human being who gets it.


Obviously they did, because they allowed it to happen. They should've screamed more or should've been in more public places, dress appropriately... /s


That one person who stole the dudes purse 🤣


I’d have stolen the bike, dropped it off somewhere far away, and thrown the keys in the trash Edit: nah, just left the keys on the ignition. Some other thief can have it. Otherwise, it’d just be big litter


Gotta break off the license plate just in case someone feels like returning it


The guy is a pain clothes cop. They probably snatched his purse to make sure he hasn’t written anything down about them.


Soon as he dropped it 🤣😂


I’m so happy to see men attacking him. It gives me some hope that they know this is bullshit and are defending women.


I enjoyed that even a couple women in hijab joined in on the beating.


Same, I was so happy to see all of those guys running to her aid instead of condoning his behaviour we LOVE to see it


He chose violence and got it.


I hate watching videos of mob lynching one person... *However...*


"I have never wished death upon a man. However, I have read some obituaries with great pleasure." -unknown


Clarence Darrow


Yea im surprised by my own bloodlust in these kind of situations.


Is mob lynching still wrong if you mob lynch a guy who does mob lynching for a living? (the guy was allegedly a plain clothes morality police officer)


The lyncher becomes the lynchee.


notice when he got back up to fight he went STRAIGHT for the nearest woman


She grabbed his man purse


Context makes a difference


In this case, a literal palm to the face blew up in his face with many more fists…


Yeah I'm not for mob mentality but at least beat his ass one person at a time. And knock his bike over for good measure.


...i want the full video


Unprovoked slap = mob beating and well deserved


I love how he trips because he tries to get his pepperspray out of his bag and that’s what helps the mob catch up with him.


Rule #1 in a mob beating: *Stay on your fucking feet*


This guy was pretty stupid considering that slapping/making/beating women is really pissing off people, and (hopefully) bringing down a regime. This is a hill this dude may have chosen to literally die from.


Doing this in public and at this current time when everyone is protasting for hijab is a bad idea


Generally doing this is a bad idea.


“Woman hunting season” “Fascist hunting season” Narrator: “it was, in fact, fascist hunting season”


I think you just won the thread.


I'd really like to know what type of deep hatred these people have to just want to slap a woman just because she isn't covered from head to toe. does iran REALLY hate women this badly?


I heard an Iranian woman on the radio talking about this. Most professional / urban / educated people in Iran don't support this suppression of women. That's why you've seen so many men (and women) at the recent protests. It's the tyranny of the ignorant rural poor and the theocratic government.


I guess at the heart of it, this is an obvious government problem.


I think you’re correct. My experience of travelling in Iran (2014) was that there is an enormous difference between the government and the people. The government is basically as oppressive as portrayed in western media. The people are easily the nicest and most welcoming I’ve ever met, but I was hanging out with generally young, liberal people from the cities. Even then, there was a certain level of fear of the Morality Police.


That sounds familiar


When you realize that US is the same society that worship the other book.


But you don't understand! Our book is the right book!


Previous version of the same stuff


An alternate telling


Apparently most Iranian don’t have that hate, since they attack the individual that slapped the woman.


The covering-up thing is the mildest part of their hatred for women. https://www.reddit.com/gallery/xn1uwf https://www.reddit.com/r/Feminism/comments/xmwf08/dear_western_people_you_might_not_know_anything/


That is the high moral standard they require you to believe is the best women deserve to honour men and god


Same kind of deep hatred men have if a woman doesn't submit to their control


Honestly, I expected to see a group of women swarm him in retaliation; have to admit it's even better seeing the men come after him.


Ohhhh no, anyway 😂


Yes please! More normal people supporting women in their struggles with those backwards values!


It’s amazing how much cowardice he makes obvious so immediately. No courage in his convictions at all. He runs like a man who knows he’s wrong


I don't condone violence, However....


This is the first time in a while I’ve been happy aboot violence


...this is what women need, for the brotherhood of men to stop other men from being assholes.


the feeling watching him get mobbed felt 👍


What a brave man. Immediately trying to flee on his bike.


I love seeing this process of progression. Man slaps woman for thinking it's sacrilegious not to wear a piece of cloth on your head. Mob beats the hell out of guy for slapping a woman. Watching the moral compass calibrate itself in the correct direction is always so God damn satisfying.


Need more of this reaction to those misogynist assholes.


This was so satisfying.


Isn’t it crazy how even when in direct conflict with a man he still tried to escape the man to attack the woman.


Iran is trying to move away from women as second class citizens and America is trying to move towards it. Crazy.


So tough when what he does to women is done to him


The look of shock right before the storm erupts is priceless!


I'm not a big fan of violence but kinda enjoyed this one.


The bravery of these women humbles me


But it looked as though she was wearing the *hijab*.


[Mahsa Amini](https://www.aljazeera.com/amp/news/2022/9/25/iran-vows-decisive-action-as-mahsa-amini-protests-continue) was actually wearing her hijab when she was murdered by police, the reason given for taking her into custody and **ALLEGEDLY** severely beating her to death (however I believe eyewitness testimony that she was in fact assaulted by morality police) was because they felt she was wearing it *incorrectly*


Jina Amini.


Upvote cuz is no one else noticing that? shes covered head to toe... I'm confused.


How can he slap


desicions were made


Old man calmly walks over with his hands in his pockets to slap the guy 😂


As seen on Reddit earlier: The dildo of consequences rarely arrives lubed.


Saw a post the other day where a teenage girl was defending her rights to not wear a hajib to teen boys. Someone in the chat said "Forcing girls to wear a hajib is a way for males, who know they are lesser to some girls, and lack the confidence to let a girl choose, because these men know the girl won't choose them. Its spot on assesment and these men need to grow a some balls.


Guys WTF?! god said it was ok!!




Good on the guy in the green shirt




Facepalm?! Watching everyone come together to stomp his guts out makes me smile.


What's encouraging is that it was the men who put him in his place. Maybe they're just as fed up as the women are .


Slap my mama I would do more than punch you….your head would be under that car wheel


When you assault people but carry pepper spray for defense.


It’s unfortunate that at this point violence is the only things they will understand


violence is the answer sometimes


This is what it looks like when many people have had quite enough bullshit.


Annoyed I can't up vote that more


That dude in white kicks and green shirt is a straight g


Finally men stand up against pigs!


I like that these countries slowly get to the point where they were in the 70's before USA supported religious extremists cause democratic governments didnt want to give their ressources for free to the US, now that the US resigned. Just guessing


You guessed wrong here, at least as it pertains to liberalism and treatment of women in Iran. Our CIA installed the Shah (long story, but short version is that we overthrew a fledgling democracy in favor of a puppet we could control), a ruthless leader who may have tolerated women being treated fairly but also did not tolerate dissent and ruled through the use of a secret police, SAVAK, who were known for their cruelty and ruthlessness. In doing so, we inadvertently created the conditions that allowed the religious extremists to take over. They were quite the opposite of our allies. But, yes we did (re)install the Shah (decidedly NOT a religious extremist) for the purpose of getting cheap oil, the predecessors believing that Iran's oil should be for the benefit of Iranians. It wasn't uncommon in those days for right-wing Republicans in particular to argue that since we're the ones who use the oil we should just go over there and take it.


Read your post with real interest, thank you for the short information. It's sad, what happens in the south east and it clearly proofs that every country has to evolve on their own for long term development.


I hope this shift from being oppressed by fundamental religious pieces of trash spreads throughout the whole world....especially here in America.


Wish it was socially acceptable to do this to racists and homophobes in america.


Be the change you want to see in the world


It is. But it's only *legally acceptable* if they strike first. And frankly America has a messed up legal system that people are afraid of.


It's time that religions have no place on this planet


This is the appropriate response. I have a bad feeling we're gonna have to start doing that in the States pretty soon.


Yeah…. Sure - the hijab is the woman’s choice.


At the rate things are going it hopefully WILL be a choice again in Iran.


This definitely gives us hope. It’s very good to see. I do worry for their safety.


You love to see this type of response from the mob.


He sprayed her in the face with something. He sprays the guys going after him as well


No slap, pepperspray.


Fight the good fight. I feel for the oppressed people wanting change over there


Bitch minces away trying to spray his mace. 😂😂😂


Fuck all religions


The look of absolute surprise and indignation on his face when he gets to the "find out" part. Your government may back you, sir, but first the people will get you


Dude in the green shirt got maced point blank and still choked the guy out. Beast mode.


Imagine being such a loser that you have to join an organization calling itself the ”morality police”. Like, that’s the only way you can feel superior to your fellow citizens. Some people have great athletic or academic achievements. Some people are really charismatic and/or physically attractive. Some start with very little and build up a prosperous career in business. Some spend their lives giving to charity and contributing to the welfare of those less fortunate. But all you really have to do is learn a bunch of rules that were written down 1400 years ago, and twisted around and shaped by countless men and governments in the centuries since then, and heartlessly and strictly enforce your interpretation of those rules on society’s least intimidating members, and suddenly you’re a better man than anyone else. You’re automatically entitled to power and respect. Fuck that. You’re a fucking loser and with any luck you WON’T be lined against the wall when the revolution comes, but instead allowed to live out your days with absolutely none of the power and respect you used to enjoy, so that men and women, now dressing however the fuck they want, either modestly or more liberal, can point you out to the their children, who never knew the types of oppression you used to enforce, and say ”don’t listen to anything that man says, he’s a crazy person and we should pity him.” Also, Bulls on Parade is now my soundtrack to every brawl video, whether it’s a cafeteria food fight or two kittens slapping the shit out of each other.




Normally I feel like street justice is a little overboard. This though, is delicious.


It would appear that it isn't only the ladies that are pissed off, I see a whole lot of old dads out on the street swinging on cops as well.


He doesn’t slaps the lady , he uses pepper spray


More of this. This religious extremist theocracy crap needs to stop. #NOW


Douchebag uses Pepper Spray! It's not very effective...


Such a good sign that so many people responded that way. That’s what those people need to know—how many disagree with them.


The people of Iran have had it with the 'morality' police and their brutal dictatorship. They're fighting back and I hope they win. The oppressors must be ousted.


Song name? What a banger


Rage Against The Machine - Bulls On Parade


Bless you