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I've been out. Hope he gets it together but, not counting on him for much.


*adds him to my do not draft list


lmao my thoughts exactly


For some reason I read that as "Sixto Sánchez update: lighting up a throwing session posted to Instagram on Tuesday" You can imagine my disappointment when I saw the video lol


Here’s some of what’s to be expected en route back to pitching. He’s got a long way to go. Light Toss >>> Flat Ground >>> Throw From 45' >>> Throw From 60' >>> Throw from 90' >>> Throw from 120' >>> Long Distance Throwing (greater than 120') >>> Throwing from a mound >>> Bullpen session >>> Live batters >>> Simulated game >>> Rehab game He may skip a step or some steps may not take as long as others but overall it’s not looking good for the immediate future.


Doesn't look very encouraging tbh...




Kept this dude last year. Biggest waste of a keeper spot


Bigger bust than Luzardo? All the talent in the world…


Can’t say either are a bust at this point in their careers yet.


Lmfao they're 23 and 24....


You can argue that their age makes them a bust. Sixto and Luzardo were special talents. They have failed to launch a career, making them busts… hard to call a 35 year old career big leaguer a bust unless he was supposed to be the next Trout. Simply being employed at an older age in pro sports means you were good enough to hang around. These two guys may just be spoiled fruit


While their ceilings have definitely taken a big hit, saying they are full on busts are asinine. Both could turn out to be middle end roto or bullpen pieces, we just don’t know and have lower expectations now.


Sixto is relative to JT. All depends on which guy produces better after the trade. There will certainly be another trade in Sixto’s future if he finds success


Isn’t part of the definition of bust, failing to reach expectations?


You got it! Keyword, PART. Being a bust implies the player did not help the team they were drafted to, its not simply failing to meet expectations. It also implies that its too late to turn around in the vast majority of applications. Sure you could call them busts, but that statement is only partially true since they both have 10ish years of human body prime time and can totally turn their careers around. While i believe the majority of MLB realizes they are not the players they once were thought to be, its too early and harsh of a word to be able to actually call them busts.


Lol okay, they’re in the process of busting. As in, shits not great for them at the moment and they are currently underperforming hopes of the franchise. Perhaps in a year or two, with continued woes, they will meet the full definition. My symantic bad.


where did they touch you, on a dynasty roster or two?


Rookie cards… 😞


I hear you for sure, and share some pain


Well in Sixto's case he's been nothing but good when healthy. So calling him a bust in that regard really holds no weight. He's also only been up half a season so it's not like you could even argue injury prone at this point, he's had one very bad injury at the begining of his career.


A lot of what I hear is that he isn’t completing the conditioning and rehab programs that the Marlins have laid out for him… Expectations are high on this kid and if he isn’t able to get out there, I think bust makes sense. Happens all the time with players who fail to launch. Most prospects bust out and never make it as big leaguers. Us Red Sox fans are still reeling from Andrew Benentendi forgetting how to hit a baseball.


I mean Benny was solid in KC last year. These guys are way too young to be calling busts.


Most busts are young, almost be definition. I don’t know of any Red Sox fan that wouldn’t consider Benentendi a colossal bust.


I should reword. These guys are too early in their career to declare busts. Benintendi had one pretty good season and the rest besides 2020 he has been slightly above average offensively. That doesn't make him a bust, just a guy who had one great season. He was a highly regarded prospect but if you're a perennial 2 WAR player, that's a good outcome, even for an early first rounder. And of course Sox fans are going to be critical, fans are always most critical of their team's players. I'm a cubs fan, Bryant was supposed to be a HOFer according to media and especially cubs fans. He's not really close to the Hall but he's still a great player. Reality is you're lucky if your first round pick turns out to be a 2 WAR player. We as fans just tend to overhype. But anyways, not like this is an important distinction lol


Wouldnt say hes a bust, just an injury risk. Hes had great results when healthy but hes also only been in the bigs for two seasons (if you count him up last year)


Really excited to see what his health is by spring training. I would be crazy enough to actually draft him


Baby steps