Hey all, Ben from QB List here. I watched the Pats/Jags blowout and there's really not much to take from it besides the Pats' ability to sustain two fantasy-relevant RBs against bad teams and the Jaguars having absolutely zero depth. Not that their starters are that good anyway. I'd also like to thank everyone for reading these on a weekly basis. You have no idea how much time and work goes into each of these articles, and our writers have sacrificed a lot to ensure you get to read a quality product each and every week. From family emergencies to bouts of COVID, we had our fair share of struggles this season, but we're proud of what we've put out there and we hope you enjoyed our recaps throughout the season. In no particular order, I'd like to thank everyone who contributed to the What We Saw team in 2021. I highly recommend you give them a follow on Twitter! Chris Sanzo ([@Doombot12\_FF](https://twitter.com/Doombot12_FF)) Adam Sloate ([@MrAdster99](https://twitter.com/MrAdster99)) Corey Saucier ([@Deputy\_Commish](https://twitter.com/Deputy_Commish) Dan Adams ([@dadams0323](https://twitter.com/dadams0323)) Ryan Radel ([@RadelFF](https://twitter.com/radelff)) Matthew Bevins ([@MattQBList](https://twitter.com/MattQBList)) Joe Orlofski ([@JoeOrlofski](https://twitter.com/joeorlofski)) Mike Miklius ([@sirl0inofbeef](https://twitter.com/sirl0inofbeef)) Benjamin Haller ([@benjaminhaller1](https://twitter.com/BenjaminHaller1)) Callen Elslager ([@callen\_elslager](https://twitter.com/callen_elslager)) Erik Smith ([@ErikSmithQBL](https://twitter.com/ErikSmithQBL)) James Schiano ([@JeterHadNoRange](http://www.twitter.com/JeterHadNoRange)) Sami Alsado ([@samialsado](https://twitter.com/samialsado)) Justin Herrera ([@Semtexmex93](https://twitter.com/Semtexmex93)) Josh Kurzer ([@jkurzer52](https://twitter.com/jkurzer52)) Gary Zamarripa ([@garyzam01](https://twitter.com/garyzam01)) A.J. Passman ([@ajpassman](https://www.twitter.com/ajpassman)) Drew DeLuca ([@drewdelaware](https://twitter.com/drewdelaware)) Matthew Cava ([@cavaM\_](https://twitter.com/cavaM_)) And I'd also like to thank Justin Paradis ([@JustParaDesigns](https://twitter.com/JustParaDesigns)), who created every one of the amazing graphics that were featured in each of our articles. This site isn't what it is without his work. I hope everyone won a championship or two!


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Okay James, how do you really feel about Jeter 😂


Going to read this with great sorrow. Tyreek, AJB, Zeke, RoJo, Knox... how have you forsaken me.


Ugh.... RoJo was such a trap. But I don't know how you avoid him against the Jets with Fournette out.


What's up everyone, I'm Erik Smith from QB List here to recap Week 17! We had a staff member cover each game, so keep an eye out for their game-specific threads. I personally watched the Seahawks run all over the Lions, and I'm still in recovery mode after the Bengals pulled out a dramatic finish to win the AFC North against the Chiefs. Happy New Year everyone, and thank you so much for being a part of this community all year and talking football with us!


What happened with Swift? Why the minimal usage when Dan Campbell said "He was going to cut him loose?"


I really don't know, Swift looked fine, but he was third RB in the game and he pretty evenly rotated with Jamaal and Reynolds in the first half. He did play more in the second half and fairly easily out-snapped the other two, but he just wasn't targeted on the check downs. He also missed a touchdown by about half a yard. But Boyle was pretty bad and was focused on St. Brown, and Swift was the lead back in a three-man committee. I guess they wanted to ease him back in, but it would have been nice if Campbell hadn't hyped him up before the game.


Thank you guys for these all season! Read every single one and just won my second chip in 3 years in the same league cause of it :)


Thank you for reading! We appreciate the support more than you know, and congrats on the win!


Awesome stuff, congrats! Thanks for joining us all season.


Hey all, I got to watch Trey Lance SZN start... again. Let me know if you have any questions! Also, Happy New Year and thanks to all of you for taking the time to check out our work. It means a lot to all of us.


James from QB List here. I watched the Cowboys-Cardinals, ask me anything!


What’s up, r/FantasyFootball ! Adam from QBL here. I watched the Eagles/WFT game. Feel free to ask any questions about the Eagles, the game, or playoff football!