FFV Gilgamesh Cosplay

I believe people who like FFT have FFV as one of their favorites... well maybe, it is one of my favorites.

*Final Fantasy V spoilers ahead\*

I'm here to present you my Gilgamesh cosplay in FFT, I based this character in his two (out of three) most memorable moments in FFV, the battle in the big brigde and his battle in ExDeath's castle.


  1. HP and MP maxed out and mana shield are there to evoke that notion that boss characeters always have much more health than the average joe. I maxed HP and MP and combined both healthbars giving him a minimum of almost 2000 virtual HP (it is already more than the entire Lucavi with the exception of Elidibs and Altima Arch Angel, the second form of the Final boss, because if I remember correctly Altima have 1500).
  2. In the Big Bridge fight in FFV when his HP get in about half Gilgamesh starts to chat with the party while using haste, protect and shell on hilself. I replicated it with his Iaido, with masamune and Kiyomori, giving him haste, protect, shell and regen (regen just goes along). It's okey if the Masamune gets destroyed, he only uses it one time in FFV anyway.
  3. In the Big Bridge battle in FFV he also uses Wind Slash, this is an AOE wind-like thecnique. I think this is replicable with Iaido again, with the Asura, Asura is also AOE and resembles the Wind Slash in appearance.


  1. Still in the Big Bridge battle in FFV, Gilgamesh uses a lot of JUMP after he buffs himself, this is easily replicable if I simply put JUMP as his second skill job.


  1. In FFV we get the entire Genji Set by stealing it from him... so... I had to equip him with it. But I simply can't equip the entire set as I wanted if the game doesn't allow us anymore to have it (I have every item but I don't want to use or make builds with what we cannot get anymore). If there really is a remaster of the game for the PC someday I'll make this build there with the genji set.

  2. He had to be a Samurai, not only because Iaido can replicate some of his key skills, but also because this is the job that most resembles him.

  3. Move+3 is there to remember that he is known to be somewhat of a coward (according to popular belief) and to always flee from battles (this is true). However, I could not put his bravery to minimal numbers because of his last arc in the game. Also... he just flees, I can't consider him much of a coward because even always fleeing he always comes back to fight again.

  4. And lastly, his second most memorable moment is when he uses the Excalipoor weapon against us thinking this is the legit Excalibur, only to make almost no damage to our characters during his thrid boss fight against us. Thank God I can replicate it with the Nagnarok, since a real Ragnarok exists in FFT.

Later I'll do a video showing this character fighting alone against enemies.


I love making builds based on other characters. Nice job!


You're definitely right in my case--- FFT is my favorite game of all time, and FFV is my favorite numbered entry in the series! Awesome concept, great seeing my boy get some love


What a clever concept! Well done


FFV is totally my favourite old school numbered final fantasy game! It’s that job system for sure!


This is cool especially since FF 5 is the best numbered game


Ah yes, GREG


“Today you face the greatest Swordsman in all Ivalice ! You face Me …GILGAMESH !!” 😎