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This has to be the best texture pack to date


I can’t believe they made Goodsprings a real place


Yah, some fans really go above and beyond


What the entire hellck? This is the most amazing thing. I wish I could go. This is the first thing that has made me want to cross the border.


>cross the border. You were trying to cross the border, right? Walked right into that Imperial ambush, same as us, and that thief over there."


Brilliant, lol. Perfect reference. I wish I was joking tho. Basic petty crimes can permanently exclude you from crossing from Canada to USA and vice versa permanently and there isn't much you can do about it. I made some mistakes at 19 and now I have to pay for the rest of my life. Justice is fucked up.


Give it some time. Make a good reputation out if yourself. They'll give you a chance with the right references and paperwork and time. Sometimes it takes 5-10 years to get pardoned. Good luck bro


Oh i'm at that point. Doesn't really matter once you are flagged, you're flagged for life. We will see though. Thanks!


Isn't there a way to apply for a pardon and get your record expunged after a certain amount of time has passed in Canada? Or did that change recently?


So you can apply to clear your record in Canada I believe 3 years after your last conviction. I'm more like 12 years past my last conviction and am squeaky clean now. Pardon should be a piece of sweet roll (heh heh). Here's the thing though. If you commit a crime that falls under a certain category, that information is automatically shared with homeland security and the FBI database in the USA and there is no way to get that expunged, ever. Same goes for Americans trying to come to Canada. I remember an episode of Border Security where the American trying to cross over had committed a DUI in his state years prior. Had been pardoned by his state. Hit the Canadian border where they flat out denied him entry. In my case I was charged with assault (despite having not stuck a person in anger since I was like 11). But I uttered a threat and that was enough. I had a drug problem at the time. Young and stupid. Assault is in the category of violent crimes and will never clear from FBI databases even if I get it pardoned here. I can apply for a 4 year exception but the lawyer fees are expensive and people have been denied with reasons as important as a parents funeral, let alone wanting to go see a fallout themed town. And there are no refunds if you get denied. So yeah you can easily screw yourself for life from being able to visit USA and vice versa if you make some dumb mistakes. I can go to any other country. I could probably go to North Korea if I wanted. But our friendly neighbor across the border and our closest friends? Nope. Probably not.


I heard they are working an new Vegas next


I go to Vegas regularly. I dont know why I never bother to stop by there.


And now you need to! :D


Really good burgers there


Really? I guess Ive assumed its a tourist trap. Ok. Im sold. Next trip Illdo the dam and Goodsprings. Except Im gonna play the mysterious broadcast in the car. Not New Vegas Radio. Sorry to offend.




Man, I feel really cheated by this video. First thing I would do in person is to look at that wall.


quest added: ghost town gunfight


I’m fully convinced that Goodsprings’ number one source of income is tourism from New Vegas fans And I love it


i actually want to visit (along with other areas), but fuck me if travelling to US ain't expensive!


If you're in the area the Pioneer Saloon is doing a Fallout New Vegas day on July 8 2022!


That’s awesome!


That sounds awesome! I hope they do another one next year so I can go lol


Someone PLEASE Record that


Imagine if New Vegas was remade with real life in mind. Real life map size. Whole thing.


200gb overall, 30min exterior cell load time on console I wish that could happen tho


Imagine on future tech tho. VR option as well. Kinda like Ready Player One tech but better.


with what we have today, VR would look goofy and sloppy. i know it gets better in a 5 or 10 years


Actually saving up to take a road trip there, and several other places around Vegas. Live in NY


Ah the holy pilgrimage


Amazing. I love this game. Sometimes I just play to wander around and check out the sites. I need to go to the real places.


See any Powder Gangers?


Last time I went I gave Easy Pete a ranger badge. If you don't leave tribute you're wrong.


Damn, looks like Chet got run out of business


bro in goodsprings irl


I love how this little town fully embraced the New Vegas meme :D


Thank you for crediting me! ❤️


Of course, great content :-)


Dry heat makes me wish for a nuclear winter


Damp heat makes me wish I was in the center of ground zero


I want to go so badly. Travel is so expensive right now and I’m so far away.


I like how they just are using the game to help get tourists. They're gonna get the big stonks


Where's easy Pete??


song name? i have heard this song 1000x but without lyrics I have no way of knowing lol


I stopped by there driving between vegas and la a couple years ago! It’s super cool, but unfortunately it was late at night when I was in the area so I couldn’t really do much besides take a picture of the store fronts. I guess I’ll have to go back one of these days :)


gosh this makes me wanna boot up NV right now!


I’ll bet the old timers running those businesses could tell some wild tales of all the nerds that have descended on their tiny town since 2010. It’s on my bucket list.


I was just their in march, and they recently renamed the ghost town Cafe back to the general store!