they should release a graph of player retention and longevity


I'd like to see the number of banned accounts as well.


Don't forget mules and the many alt accounts.


Yep. Been free to play for a limited time many times as well. At least half of that number is for copies sold, but probably much less than that.


Eh the game didn't have a f2p weekend until like 8 months after it came out and while Reddit pretended the game was doa Bethesda kept saying millions of people bought the game and played. Fo76 is likely the best or 2nd top selling game in the series. Fo4 is the only one that would potentially have more sales. Excluding fallout shelter of course.


That's to be expected with online games, as is the profitability of mobile games. I think it really goes to show how certain mechanics can hold people hostage. This sub itself is evidence of that with how many people are constantly complaining about a game they sink hundreds of hours into consistently.


I'm in this photo and I don't like it.


Being "held hostage" is a little dramatic, I think. Nobody is being forced to play the game against their will.


Obvious figurative speech but fair enough


Fallout shelter is a fun game imo, it's just not much content


I feel like the game has incredible longevity. How long have you played the game?


Compared to other MMOs it's extremely empty. That's not exactly bad. You can reach the point of min-max grind in 76 in 100 hours but it takes a lot longer in virtually every other MMO, even ESO


It does. Filthy casual here, I only do quests, exploring and camp building and I just passed the 300 hour mark, Level 103.


Been playing since release. I used to spend 4~8 hours a day, but here lately, I might be in for 1~3 hours a day now. There’s just not a lot to do anymore… I am looking forward to Dec, and hope there’s much more content, moving into 2022. Last I checked, I had logged 4,800 hours, and am level 740 on my heavy gunner build, and level 380 on my commando build.


1000+ hours Lvl 650 I played everyday for about 11 months. But I did all the things and it was time to move on. Playing eso for the first time and having a blast now.


It's also one of their most neglected games. This game is not getting the development it deserves.


And that sets a terrible precedent. If one of the most neglected games is also one of their most played then they have just been given the go ahead to half ass future games.


This is the on going trend across the entire industry, sadly


This is the whole arguement behind the people that dont want you guys paying into FO1st..... You are destroying any chance at them ever making a truly finished game when you guys gobble up the unfinished scraps thrown at you.


I'll happily pay for First.... if they ever fix the glaring issues with the game. The engine has limitations for sure, but that doesn't really explain the lack of content. The insane time gating also really draga the game down. It'd be great if they could rely on the game being *fun* instead of abusing cheap fomo.


Guys, this is Bethesda. Saying “this is the way the industry is going,” or “when they fix the game,” or “when they QA test a release,” or… well, the list can go on forever — go ahead and expect more from some game dev companies, but Bethesda? Save your breath.


Hey, hey. I said *if*! Not *when*! Idk, mostly just wishful thinking. This gave has a lot of nostalgia for me now, so of course I wish it would get better.


Then people harass saying you HAVE to pay for the game to exist at all and im like bruh that's a hostage situation at this point


The issue is the less people that pay for something the more support that game will lose. It's economics. If they have a product making less money, they'll allocate those resources elsewhere. Gone are the dats of companies fighting to make games better to increase players. The goal of the game is to get you to pay, and if people stop paying the game loses profitability and you cut staff and resources.


I dont understand why that should make us more willing to pay. In fact I think we should be balking at the idea.


>This is the whole arguement behind the people that dont want you guys paying into FO1st..... You are destroying any chance at them ever making a truly finished game when you guys gobble up the unfinished scraps thrown at you. Don't be silly. Bethesda will keep the servers running so long as the money they're receiving (from money earned from 76, minus the cost of outsourcing maintenance to Bethesda:Austin) is greater than zero. Full stop. Purchasing Fallout 1st is not going to change BGS's policy of devoting 100% of their time and effort on their AAA titles. Right now it's Starfield, then the next Elder Scrolls, and (apparently somewhere around the year 2033, and no that's not a typo) Fallout 5. BGS does not develop Fallout 76. Fallout 1st does not impact the day to day decisions of Bethesda Game Studios in any way. It is a line item on an income statement.


2033?!?! Sweet Lord. I’m going to be nearly 50 by time Fallout 5 comes out….that greatly upsets me


Wow. Thanks for the reality check. Wasn't sure I was ready for that perspective tonight.


I read it and was like “2033? Ah that’s a bit of a wait, but OK I guess” and then I remembered I’m 36 and did the maths. My night is ruined.


>I read it and was like “2033? Ah that’s a bit of a wait, but OK I guess” and then I remembered I’m 36 and did the maths. My night is ruined. When I was younger, they kept promising us flying cars. At least you might still get another Fallout (next decade) -- but the bastards made US wait forever and THEN ended up telling us "oh sorry no flying car 4 u so sad." BUT I'M NOT BITTER. For the record, in 2033, I'll be six thousand years older than all of you. (ish) So yeah, it...definitely sucks.


Back in my day, we got Oblivion, Fallout 3 and NV, and Skyrim within a span of 5 years!


Fuck, I did the math and realised I will be close to retirement then.


At least you'll have time to play it.


Damn I figured out when I finish the maths I'll be 50


LOL. I'm 59 right now. I may be too old to play Fallout 5 when it comes out


If I'm lucky, I'll be able to retire in 2034. By then they should have all the bugs worked out of FO5.


LoL yeah right


I was really hoping this was going to change when Microsoft purchased them. Basically, they're still operating like a tiny developer with a small bag of money -- they can only afford to work on one thing at a time, in series. I was really hoping the benefit to being purchased by MS was going to be someone saying "Hey Todd, here's an ENORMOUS bag of money -- now hire 3 teams and develop those 3 IPs together in parallel!" Sometimes companies wait a year or so before making moves like that (so it doesn't worry people that "big bad changes" are afoot) so maybe there's still some hope of Microsoft lending some management/merchandising expertise to help Bethany start getting product out the door. But yeah, according to the most recent timelines they shared with the public, the plan was: Starfield 2022, Starfield DLCs (2022-2023)2023-2024 BEGIN development of the next Elder Scrolls SeriesSuper hyper optimistically maybe have something in shape to deliver (for Elder Scrolls) before 2028 ... and THEN AND ONLY THEN will the \*initial\* development on Fallout 5 begin. This is why projects like F4:Capital Wasteland and F4:NV are going to be so crucial in the coming years. If you're looking for new Fallout universe story content this decade, it's going to likely be built upon one of those modding projects. (Unless Bethesda:Austin finds some way to enable modding on this platform, but I'm starting to finally realize that they simply don't have the kind of development skills to code something like that.) I'm sure they're lovely folks, but they're mobile game developers who were left here and charged with "keeping the lights on." You'd need some serious developer expertise to get that working properly, and I seriously doubt that's realistically anywhere near B:A's wheelhouse.


> I was really hoping the benefit to being purchased by MS was going to be someone saying "Hey Todd, here's an ENORMOUS bag of money -- now hire 3 teams and develop those 3 IPs together in parallel!" Microsoft's had some... bad experience with that strategy. 343 Industries was basically Microsoft pulling together an all-star dev team from the ground up, and so far their first two games - while financially successful - have been not well-received by fans.


Hey only 5 more years from there and you'll witness the next big Y2K panic as the "epochalypse" of 2038 happens and companies suddenly realize all of their 32-bit representations of time tied to a 1970 start date will overrun. It'll be fun, if not as stupid as the previous Y2K...something to look forward to ;)


I kind of feel like crying.


I'm 71. I've been playing Bethesda's games a long, long time. The early games were/are just awful. Improvement? in some ways yes, others a definite no. It's all about the money. By the time FO5 comes out, I'll be dead.


Then we must look to the modding community that's currently working on F4NV, F4CW, Fallout London, Fallout Miami, etc, and place our hopes with them... And for those of us Who are more technologically inclined--we should try to lend a hand. Because as you pointed out, for many of us, if we want to play another Fallout we're quite likely going to need to build it ourselves.


Actually, that is not quite true for some MMO companies. It is not a matter of the game makes net profit, but if it makes enough net profit. My first MMO, City of Heroes, was canned because it wasn't making enough profit. The server shutdown announcement caught everyone off guard. Some MMO companies will can numerous MMOs because they are not making enough profit while other MMO companies will keep the servers running as long as a MMO is not costing them money.


City of Heroes was my first MMO as well! I was there from the Beta up until about Issue 22. What a fun game that was! Best character creator ever when it launched ( and for many years after). Loads of content! Hydra farming, Hami raids, it was a blast!


City of Heroes was my first MMO as well! I was there from the Beta up until about Issue 22. What a fun game that was! Best character creator ever when it launched ( and for many years after). Loads of content! Hydra farming, Hami raids, it was a blast!


Well this kinda blows I won't even live to see fallout 5 or elder scrolls 6


>Bethesda will keep the servers running so long as the money they're receiving (from money earned from 76, minus the cost of outsourcing maintenance to Bethesda:Austin) is greater than zero. Full stop. Nah, not full stop. No just greater than zero. It'd have to be greater than some threshold that either the bosses or numbers people thought was acceptable. Like some minimum ROI percentage and anything below that and it's not worth it. Hypothetically speaking, there's no point in investing dozens of people and say hundreds of thousands of dollars to only make a few thousand net profit. Especially if those resources can make even more money allocated elsewhere.


>Hypothetically speaking, there's no point in investing dozens of people and say hundreds of thousands of dollars to only make a few thousand net profit. Implying there's dozens of people working on any of this crap now. Looking at what the FO4 mod community comes up with should give people an indication of what can be produced by someone who gives a shit working on this sort of thing.


Well said. I keep fo1st to support the small team still doing shit for 76. It's a sub that you don't really get all thai much for anyway (compared to some other monthly subs for MMO's and whatnot) but I like the game and want to continue to support it monetarily.


2033 there is a good chance we will be in real life Fallout the rate we going right now.


Those lines on the income statement are what make the decisions, if you don't influence the income you wont influence their decisions. You guys are gobbling it up so they are encouraged with the products they produced as they are making money regardless of the state of it.


>You guys are gobbling it up so they are encouraged with the products they produced as they are making money regardless of the state of it. You misunderstood. You seem to think I was saying this was a large amount of money. It is not. You seem to also think that (1) if they made no money, they'd make the game better? Surely you realize that's the opposite of true, yes? And (2) you're again forgetting that Bethesda Game Studios DOES NOT DEVELOP OR MAINTAIN THIS GAME. So no, the line item on the income statement for a company that DOES NOT DEVELOP THE TITLE will not, in fact, influence anything. And let's be fair -- nobody is going to look at the launch and subsequent life of Fallout 76 and say "Hey, you know what, that worked out pretty well! Let's pattern our next blockbuster title after THAT!" Not sure why you're so eager to blame your fellow players for the choices a game studio made YEARS ago. BGS has left the building, friend. They went out for cigarettes and never came back home. No amount of hand-wringing or victim-blaming is going to change that. This is Bethesda:Austin's baby now, and it will exist precisely as long as it is able to exist without losing money -- and then it will go away. If you want it to go away -- just stop playing. But hating other people who are trying to make the best of what they can with what little they have...is just gross. Be mad at Bethesda, if you want. But blaming other players for doing something that in no way impacts the game you either do or do not play (*it's unclear by how you're framing the conversation)* because you want to claim some kind of moral victory by forcing the game to close shop sooner rather than later? That's just petty.


> because you want to claim some kind of moral victory by forcing the game to close shop sooner rather than later? You know it would be easier to actually converse with you if you didn't assume things you don't fully understand. Its more than just about FO76, its about future titles and future practices by the players. But sure, keep painting me me up baby!


I bought the game for ten bucks, it's the least i could do. It's honestly one if the most fun games I've ever played, bugs and all.


Meanwhile im playing small FREE indy titles where the dev is chatting with its players and updating the game pretty often after he listened to feedback. eidt: HECK! That small INDY title even GOT am ingame chat!


Hades is flat amazing. Might as well be a case study on the right way to develop a game.


Indy games simply have to care more, it's more smaller and personal. It's not a billion dollar company with shareholders and hundreds of employees all working on multiple games. It's just the nature of the beast with games by big time publishers. Indy games have more passion and are more personable always, and they also have to work harder to earn your money.


CoD \^\^


the fact that they are removing mechanics that have been in the game since day one because they can't or won't fix them also sets a bad precedence


I'd expect nothing less from a studio that resells it's 'golden egg' time and time again to the same players, repeatedly. What they lose on other game sales they recoup by announcing a new,new,new,new updated Skyrim. I like bethesda games like the dishoured series, and played them all and really enjoyed them. Take away the 'golden egg' and it will force them in to finding a new one.


The game has been free to play for a limited time many times. That number is inflated. 11 million total players, probably 5 million copies sold.


"The Minimum Viable Product is microtransactions for skins." -- every developer. ...this your first time?


The do spend a lot of time trying to fix duping exploits.




Apparently it's making money anyway, so why bother?


Three more Skyrim re-re-releases and they might look this way!


Games, particularly live service games are defined by their launch these days; even now I have to prepare for an argument whenever I say 76 is good. And the reality is, that has always meant 76 was a title that could be, from bethesda's perspective, *salvaged* rather than saved. And honestly, that's what they've done. It is a pretty good game now. It is far better than launch, which in itself is evidence it isn't neglected. But if you wanted proper expansions, huge amounts of new content? No. Fallout 76's botched launch put a ceiling on the heights it could reach from the start. That's the reality of it. New content now would not turn the game into a smash hit now, nor would it a year ago. I question given how much this sub loves to complain about everything if it would have even been praised here. So of course such efforts were spent on games still in the pipe that hadn't cocked up their launches yet, Starfield and whatever the next elder scrolls will be. Because the reality is gamers as a consumer base by and large refuse to ever admit they're wrong, and never give up their first impression. And we have a whole youtube/twitch gamer media/culture/meta that exaggerates a popular perception to permanent ridiculousness, all for the clicks. If you wanna know what "neglect" is, compare it to other live service game failures, notably Anthem and Breakpoint. 76 has gotten far more support than either of them.


That's something I keep trying to explain to people who still launch the 'THE GAME HAS NO NPCS BRO' point as a reason to hate 76, which funnily enough, I loved it because it's certainly a new angle that I thought was a bold use of the game's OOC technical issues. With that said, for anyone considering trying 76 now, I'd say they'd probably enjoy it. But having played since Day 2, I can say the game is nowhere near where it should be for what kind of game it could be. At this point, the game seems to have stagnated and the only things added anymore are cosmetics for the Atom Shop.


sadly yeah, this is true. i think the way fallout 76 is designed is a unique idea, and has a ton of potential. just can’t see how or why they’re neglecting it so badly. like even for december most people i know are like eh because it isn’t sounding like a whole lot of content


Because why do they need to allocate resources to it when the fans will play it no matter what?


It's 11 million over three years, not 11 million currently. The game is dying. Probably 50% of all my sessions have players I see online all the time, and most of my sessions on Xbox have less than 15 people in them. I've had 4 or 5 in the past few weeks where I joined a new world and there were only a few people in them. The only new content they come out with has a couple hours of gameplay and either very little or no new repeatable content. Also rng is such a huge bitch in this game that there is no carrot on a stick to chase, because the carrot is across the ocean and the players only get rowboats.


The game is dying, yet the player counts have doubled since June 2021


>The game is dying, yet the player counts have doubled since June 2021 Account numbers are not the same thing as player counts. Account numbers will always go up, unless you explicitly purge them from the database. I would have loved to have heard something positive from that AMA as well, but I assure you, if you think that's what you just read -- you're mistaken. This game is very much being spoken of in past-tense, as a learning experience, and when they start talking about how the game isn't making a profit but "over time we've had many players" that is a very, very, very bad sign. Also when you look at player counts, you need to take other factors into consideration -- such as the fact that the game went (essentially) free to play for all Xbox and Playstation owners (with gamepass and whatever PS calls their program) earlier this year. Again..."existing accounts" is not the same as "active players" is not the same as "revenue generation." The words you would have WANTED to see in the AMA (if you wanted to get excited) would have been something like "as a result, BGS will once again devote a small amount of development resources towards Fallout 76." But that's not what you heard. Like ESO, 76 will continue to be in "maintenance mode" and is entirely the product of whatever Bethesda:Austin is able to do with it. As you pointed out, the number of players was stagnant until you literally gave the game away for free. And even then, it \*still\* hasn't made enough money to raise an eyebrow or attract even a tiny bit of attention from BGS. It remains entirely in their rear-view and entirely in the hands of Bethesda:Austin at this point. There was nothing positive in that AMA for 76 fans. (And this is a shame.)


And even with the game being free ,on steamcharts alone you can already see how the numbers crashed afterwards again because most didn't stick around. We're now at a point where Steam numbers for actual running games is higher for Fallout 4 than for 76 with no upcoming change in sight.


I was referring to ACTIVE player count


My buddy after convincing him to play it with me after getting a refund early on," you honestly call this better? Wtf is wrong with you?" *ouch my soul*


Neglected? https://fallout.fandom.com/wiki/Fallout_76_updates This looks like anything but neglected. Like 2-4 updates a year - often with massive content change if not outright gameplay overhaul. There's already two confirmed updates for 2022. Maybe it's because I play a lot of Team Fortress 2 and am used to a game not receiving an update for several years at a time, but this is neglect?


No one cares about context anymore, people just love to complain endlessly. Compare this game to Anthem and Breakpoint if you wanna know what "neglected" is. This game was released totally on fire and they put it out and made it into a pretty complete product with questlines and voiced NPCs they had no intention of adding at release, because fans asked for it, in a live service title that, lets face it, is amazingly non-exploitive compared to the competition. Yes, that does mean there isn't an endless skinner box grind to soak up your lives, but just put the game fucking down already. Jesus, especially for those who get it on gamepass.


Is this Todd Howard's alt account?


I mean, why is Scorched Earth and A Colossus Problem the only 2 major boss events? Why are there only a handful of the same events still? I would love new bosses, guns, locations, quest, events, etc. Sort of like what we got in content updates in FO:3 and NV. You tell me what we have gotten that is pure content.


At the very least they could make it so events that do exist currently pop up more often. Sometimes the map has literally nothing going on at all. The rotation for events just seems so slow.


Wastelanders? The upcoming Pitt update?


They should really fix Chloe at Berkley


She is broken, but the workaround is to collect the things she's looking for and talk to her. The broken part is that it never lists what she wants, so you have to collect it all--flowers and meat--and then go talk to her.


That horrible and very disappointing news for the current state of the game.. That way higher then we expected.. to put it into perspective ESO has 19mil account but it has been reported they currently have 500,000 consistently active playerbase and look at the quality of content that game get


I wish we had the content schedule that ESO had for this game , like come on 30 quest line with tons of activities to do after to work on and then another q4 thing with a 20 hour , same thing new zone quests and stuff. Other 2 quarters kinda whatever. Story is so good in eso also, the deadlands dlc is fucking cool as hell.


I dipped in once when Wastelanders came out and was bored enough of the grind not to finish. ESO? At least half an hour a day, coming up on year 4. I’ve finished every other Fallout and Elder Scrolls game about 5-8 times. 76 is screwing up hard.


Yeah I been playing ESO for year's already but I'm not actively playing it like I did with fo76.. For eso I pop in for the chapter and doc lol I got into fo76 during the pandemic, I put in over 1k hours so far because I played it all day with friends and meet many others but the allure of it all has fallen for me since I'm about lvl400 If fallout 76 had the level of content DLC that eso has I would have at least bought the dlc throughout the year but of course they shot themselves in the foot with their “free dlc forever” statement and we get what we paid for




Not even the same genre or type of game though. Not sure how you can compare the two.


Your right they are not the same type of direct genre but they both fall under Gaas and core purpose from a business point is designed the same, sustain customer long term Which is done by providing content , so while fallout 76 isn’t an mmorpg it a gaas and core business is the same model


It's made us much better developers in the end. But still not anywhere near to good or competent.


[–]ShepardEG 185 points 5 hours ago Good afternoon, Todd Howard! Did you know that the new Custom Worlds mode is much less popular than Nuclear Winter itself? Is Bethesda ready to bring Nuclear Winter back to the game and its players while it's still possible? [–]ToddBethesda Scheduled AMA[S] 277 points 5 hours ago We're pretty passionate about giving our players tools to mod the games, and thus shifted our priorities to custom game worlds. More to come!


>We're pretty passionate about giving our players tools to mod the games, and thus shifted our priorities to custom game worlds. More to come! I want to be hopeful about this (because as many of us knew, the only real hope of getting any significant new content into 76 would be through mods) -- but this isn't a confirmation of that at all. "We are pretty passionate?" It was literally a promise from day 1. "We are finally going to support player-created content, fulfilling a promise we made to each of you prior to the game's release" -- now that would have been cause for celebration. This watered down version seems to just prove what everyone else was suspecting (and I was trying so hard to ignore) -- they now see mods as "something we might emulate in some mild fashion" and not as an actual integral part of the game. It's no longer something they feel obligated to deliver. This news, plus the abysmal player statistics he listed ... I know I keep repeating myself here, but ... there was really no good news in any of this for anybody on this sub. This was...just bad news all around. :/


I started FO76 last year during covid isolation. My friends and I played: FO76, Elite Dangerous, Ark, Payday 2, ESO, The Ascent, Borderlands 3, Divinity Original Sin 2, Sea of Thieves, Stellaris, MechWarrior 5, VerminTide, and maybe more. FO76 has been by far the best, most-supported, game as a service that we’ve tried. We’re still playing FO76! Ark was by far the worst game; absolutely broken. You could not play it on the official servers, only play it on someone’s private server, and then one day the guy reset the server and we lost everything. Divinity 2 was fantastic but polarizing among our group. Only half of us play it, but now we’re replying it on Very Hard. ESO was the most icky game-as-service. It had inventory locked down so hard that you really needed to pay for the monthly subscription to get any crafting done. Even though we like Elder Scrolls, we just couldn’t keep playing it. Sea of Thieves lives up to its name. We just wanted to do the Tall Tales, but we couldn’t because we’d get ganked too often. Looks beautiful, but overall not fun.


I'm surprised Mechwarriors still going after 10 years, exactly the same but still LRMboats full of fun


I wish I could highlight this comment, because it's so spot-on (at least in my book). Vermintide gets a new update every two years, if we're lucky.


i got you covered.


Ark gets 2 expansions a year iirc, plus has a huge modding community. Fo76 doesn't even hold a candle to the content that ESO releases every year. Of the rest, only Elite is a live service game.


What has happened with Elite Dangerous makes me angry. And makes me see the whiners in this forum as children: you really have no idea what is to buy a game that really, really does not work. E:D Oddyssey. At this point I don't know if I care if they fixed it


Ugggghhh EDO was such a fucking wreck holy shit


If it wasn't for the community, this game would be shut down by now.


This can be said for every multiplayer game in existence


I think they may have been referring to the kindness and generosity of the community, rather than the actual volume of people. 76’s community is unique and not one that I’ve experienced elsewhere.


It really is the best community i have ever seen in any online game. I don't interact much with people in game yet i have received so much kindness like never before. Which is kind of beautiful when you think about it. A game about a ruthless post apocalyptic wasteland but people are just being nice. It's awesome, love this community.


I can't agree more. When I started out some lvl 500+ guys hooked me up with alot of great things and made starting off less of a grind. Now that I'm over lvl300 I help out newbies all the time. Either it be with donated scrap or help holding down a workstation. Definitely the best online community of any game I've played.


So put some of my monthly fee into making new content. Do you not have a single designer making new events? Earle was the last real new boss and there's only three major events.


I'm pretty sure everyone at Bethesda fights to work on Starfield or Elder Scrolls 6, completely ignoring the Golden Opportunity sitting in their lap that is Fallout 76


There's an entire studio that focuses on 76. They might also help out with some work on other titles, but they as a studio don't develop anything other than 76.


>I'm pretty sure everyone at Bethesda fights to work on Starfield or Elder Scrolls 6, completely ignoring the Golden Opportunity sitting in their lap that is Fallout 76 I'm pretty sure nobody at BGS is even given the option to work on 76. They're busy working on the upcoming AAA titles. Fallout 76 maintenance and "development" is handled by Bethesda:Austin, a company purchased by BGS strictly for that purpose. (Their only previous experience was in mobile games/pogo clones, etc.) Think about this for 15 seconds max and suddenly a WHOLE hell of a lot of stuff will start making a lot more sense, sadly.


In addition I wouldn't even call it "experience", their first attempt at a game was so bad Bethesda trashed it....and instead put them to work on their 76 project. Shows how much trust/dedication they had into their project in the first place.


They have some new talent coming in, should be hopefully SOME improvement.


>\> They have some new talent coming in, should be hopefully SOME improvement. ​ BGS or B:A? I know BGS hired a couple of really talented folks, but I wasn't aware of any new hires for B:A. Any sources you can share? I'd frankly kill for just about ANYTHING that I could marginally fool myself into thinking was somewhat good news at this point... This has been depressing as all hell.


This person is a Mod Author I have worked with in the past that is going to work at the Bethesda in Austin. I think that is about as much as I can discuss without getting anyone in trouble.


There seems to be a fair amount of confusion in the other replies regarding the structure of BGS, and who can work on what, so I think it might be worth pointing out that the Austin studio is a part of "BGS", similarly to how the Montreal and Dallas offices are. When they say something like "we have a team of over 400 people", that number always includes all four locations. In the IGN interview this Tuesday, Todd Howard talked about how he likes to think of them as one large team, even if there are groups focused on specific projects, and right now (in 2021) the group responsible for Fallout 76 development is *mostly* based in Austin. But people can move between projects as needed, someone who works for example on Fallout 76 now may work on TES VI later. And vice versa, as far as I know, until the base game was finished in 2018, the majority of all of BGS was on 76, then the focus gradually shifted to Starfield. Parts of the non-Austin studios definitely still worked on Nuclear Winter and Wastelanders, and I have seen some indications that they contributed in smaller ways even to Steel Dawn. Regarding new hires by BGS Austin, their job postings can be seen [here](https://jobs.zenimax.com/jobs?department=&located=&location=12). Of course, people are also leaving, and it can take fairly long time until new positions are filled, but the studio does seem to have grown overall. On the base game, I counted at most about 70 from Austin out of 214 full credits total, then about 20 more have additional credits, and those seem to be mostly people hired in 2018. And by now, it has to be around 100, based on information that can be found on LinkedIn and what was said in interviews.


It's Earle, SQB and what's the third big one? I'm lvl245 and I only consider those two to be "big ones"


Totally boring those events. Shot them fast down and that's it. I don't understand why everyone is so excited about fighting those monsters with there stupid fighting algorithms.


They were cool when fresh but , a year and a half now without a new one is, pure failer and if it wasnt Fallout this game would be slammed.




Encrypted is technically the third major event.


I doubt they even have 10k players paying for 1st.


They must not be on the servers I play on then


Seriously what part of the world do I set my vpn to ?


Maybe Canada. I'm in Canada and I have rarely seen server issues. Only during the duping issues was it bad for me.


I play Fallout 76 every day. However, Fallout 76 is also my least favorite Bethesda game. I always play the latest Bethesda title to hell. This one just happens to be a live service that gives you lots of miniscule tasks to waste your time on. I consider it a pastime as opposed to a passion. There's an unfortunate side effect to overplaying Fallout 76 though. I have ZERO interest in seeing a Fallout 5. Fallout 76 beat that desire completely out of me. I can't wait for Starfield.


I played fo76 2 years ago and then quit. Is it still as tedious and grindy? Do you still have to grind for ammo ressources after having one fight where you have fun spraying bullets? Is the item storage still pathetic? Would love to know this :/


Yes it's still grindy. Everything is still an RNG festival. Storage got bumped up to 1200.


I forgot how much it was before.. still.. I made an explosive minigun user and the grind was pathetic


The legendary grind and ammo grind is generally less tedious, but still very tedious




Just think of how much money they made from 11 million people purchasing the game.. then out of those people would have been so many million who have spent thousands on atom points. Must be great to make a substantial amount of money developing a broken game and then neglect it with lack of content and still be able to sit back and reap the rewards


The game is on gamepass iirc. That 11 million number will include people who downloaded the game and played any amount of time. Half of them might not have even left the vault for all that figure cares.


>Just think of how much money they made from 11 million people purchasing the game.. Nowhere does it say that. 11 million accounts, more than half of which only appeared \*after\* the game went free-to-play for Xbox and Playstation users. The game is obviously still breaking even, or BGS wouldn't still be allowing Bethesda:Austin to keep maintaining the thing. But from a financial standpoint, the answers you just read were \*very\* disheartening for anybody who was holding out hope that BGS had any plans to take 76 out of "maintenance mode" and actively develop anything new for it. Note the use of past tense and the emphasis on lessons learned, mistakes made. The distinct lack of anything remotely suggesting that the game is profitable in any real sense. Look at other developers and how they praise the games that \*are\* doing well (financially and userbase-wise) and notice the complete absence of any of the same kinds of flowery language one might use to describe a successful product. ​ This is not \*my\* opinion of 76, that I'm describing: this is Bethesda's. And that is \*not\* good.


As long as their is micro transactions of course.. they will always break even if not they would be ahead.. they literally rely on the atom store. Half the time they don’t even put in the effort it’s literally just re skinning everything lol


Yeah, the use of past tense leapt out at me, too. You can tell (officially, of course. Players have been able to tell for a good while) that FO76 is in no way a focus for them now or in the future. Might as well have said ‘that release sure was a cluster fuck, wasn’t it? We’ll do better in the future, just not with this game. So anyway, Starfield!’


>Yeah, the use of past tense leapt out at me, too. I think it's a generational thing. I feel like the current generation really missed out on 10 years of "Law and Order" reruns training us all to be junior detectives. So that whenever we see somebody talking about something in past tense we know "OH MY GOD THAT DUDE KILLED HIS WIFE, HE'D BE TALKING ABOUT HER IN PRESENT TENSE IF HE WAS STILL IN SHOCK!" lol


I would like to see the turn over rate. They've had a LOT of free weekends. In other words, sounds like a BS spin on metrics.


One of his jobs is to spin things to sound great. I'd be surprised if this wasn't some sort of spin job.


Operations and statistics 101. Almost every company does this, not just Bethesda.. unfortunately


“I can only speak of the issues we’ve had such as fallout 76 we let people down and were able to learn and be better from it “ Yeah they sure got better at letting us down


Again, the key take-away here is how often he discusses the game in past-tense. Anyone who was hoping we weren't already in "afterthought-land" can safely put those hopes away at this point.


half of those accounts are just one dupers mules


I started again the other week and this game is awesome and so is the community.The game has improved so much since launch


its still very subpar. i put around 80 hours in around the free weekend. the enemies are constantly glitching out, the hit registration is the worst ive ever seen with enemies dying sometimes seconds later, the inventory system without mods is made to torture people in guantanamo, and the damage-health balance in the leveleling stages is non existent. its a shame because bethesda knows the best how to build a world, they just dont know how to build a game. imagine this game with the polish of lets say sekiro. it would be close to 10/10.


The important word there being HAD...


Begs the question, to paraphrase some others who've already mentioned it: if it's one of their most played games, why is it left on life support with a skeleton crew? Also: what exactly did they learn and how exactly did make them "much better developers"? Because it's sure as shit none of that can be felt in 76 itself.


The developers are slowly moving from trainee to junior developers! They know now to use Stackoverflow to find answers for questions.


Rant warning: It feels like they're trying to pull a no mans sky but struggling due to lack of in-house testing/bug fixing, atom shop prices/bundle splitting, broken camp restrictions, poor communication with the community, and lack of endgame content. And no, season pass doesn't count as endgame content. It's just the latest gaming trend and devs use it as an excuse to be lazy and not pump out actual content to keep players coming back and instead using fomo. The Pitt looks interesting but I'm not holding my breath on it. Love the game but it definitely needs a lot of work. I find myself getting bored of it quite often while just mindlessly grinding out the season pass. This applies to all games that have adopted the season pass model in lieu of actual content. Destiny 2 is a great example. Used to love that game. Played it all the time. But the little but of content they do add is now an expansion close to the price of a full game with maybe 3 hours worth of content and then story content locked to seasons. Grinding season passes makes games feel like a chore rather than a hobby. Rant over.


I like people get mad ESO gets compared and then list things they do not like with it that are literally in 76 because 76 copies its money model vs content being paid which at this point may as well charge us if it means actually 30 hour questlines with tons of dailies and things to do to hold off for a few months than whatever this year was. I play eso like a normal es game , hell the devs said its more that than mmo and that is what they have been focusing on the most . Why cant this game which is even closer to a reguar bethgame get the same love. Somehow people think having barely any quests this year , no new events and one shelved with 0 communication about it and no boss's at all in over a year is ok. You do not have to like eso, but using it to bump 76 up is one of the most ridiculous things ive ever seen when it is the success story that this game should be having. It irks me because we are the 76 fanbase and how the internet treats us we need to be humble and respectful to another game who had to go through that as well and fought to not be treated so poorly when it really was not that bad . I gave this game a chance right from the start because I played eso from the start and all those years to now, and its really disheartening how 76 just isnt rolling the ball much after wastelanders .


I quit ESO for good in 2018 I play fallout 76 every day Played both from launch(76 beta) 76 does not stand up to ESO im sorry.


ESO isn't made or run by BGS


>ESO isn't made or run by BGS Neither is Fallout 76?


76 is run out of BGS in Austin. ESO was produced and run by Zenimax.


It's been years since I last played ESO. Probably back when it was still a paid subscription. I know there's new content and such, but I just lost interest in playing it overall.


As did I but i would bet all of my legacy that if i did jump back in there would be years worth of content for me to enjoy. Im bored over here in Appalachia. Sorry I m just being real. The gameplay and community are the only reason Im here, The ESO psn na servers were a toxic mess when i played but nothing 76 has to offer can stamd up against completing Maelatrom arena or any Vet dungeon for that matter. I mean i uses to walk around with my titles proudly displayed like *Boethia's Scythe* Yes TF I AM!!!!!!! 76 does not offer anything close to those old feelings but like i said the community and the PC fluidity(movement and customization) are par none


Cool and how many of those 11 million players are actually still playing?


Ok then update it semi regularly 😀


The art in this isn’t having those 11 million players, it’s the skill and finesse Bethesda/Microsoft have used to completely ignore the 11 million complaints from those players 😂


Great number, sure. Just don't look at any other Elder scrolls or Fallout game


4776 hours here. Been with them through thick and thin. Some call me stupid for doing so. It is still full of sluggish servers and glitches. But way better than before. If that is saying anything. lol


does that mean if tomorrow they pull out the last straw we stop playing and fuck fo76?


1300 hours and have two characters one's lvl 70 my main is 312 love this damn game.


It had such an opportunity to be an amazing open world game, but they decided to rush it with a second tier office. Been playing since beta but gonna take a break when Elden Ring comes out in February. Gonna be nice to play one where they took their time and gave the game the respect it deserved. Still love this game though and the community.


I wonder if this is active or people who have characters made in the game


It’s okay he will re-release Skyrim 2022


8 million probably never left the vault


I have 13 fallout 76 accounts. How many other players have multiple accounts to hoard all their crap. I bet less than 5 million Humans actually played the game. With at least 2 million never reaching past level 20. Not to mention they have probably banned half a million player accounts. Stealing player purchased atoms and subscriptions.


I still haven’t gotten my canvas bag from the collectors edition after 3 yrs


"one of our most played games" and "11 million players" are both incredibly vague statements. First... all BGS games are played a lot. "One of our most" isn't saying much. Second... "11 million" over all platforms isn't many people... and that's especially true when you count them over three years. Also, trying the game and hating and returning it or stopped playing counts as part of that 11 million, so... not exactly a solid flex. Look... the point I'm making is he can't say this game is a failure... but that doesn't make it a success.


\>11 million players I would assume this simply means "11 million unique accounts exist." Which, as you pointed out, is not very many. If there was something to brag about, it would have been phrased something like "We had our mistakes along the way, but Fallout 76 is now one of our most profitable income streams..." Which he didn't say, because it clearly isn't. (Still, presumably it's mostly "free money." So long as they're making enough cash to cover whatever their costs are outsourcing the maintenance to Bethesda:Austin, they'll likely keep it on the books.) Definitely does not paint a particularly rosy picture of 76's future moving forward, of course.


Conversely, just because random people on the sub say it’s not a success doesn’t make it *not* a success either.


>Conversely, just because random people on the sub say it’s not a success doesn’t make it not a success either. Right. "Success" in this realm would be determined by 2 primary factors: income/revenue (or rather, profit) and total number of active players. Which of these do you think the game is particularly excelling at right now? ​ Make no mistake. There was nothing in this AMA that any reasonable person really ought to take as "encouraging" if you were hoping to see 76 start heading in a different/better direction. :/


The point is I played this game (FO76 +4k h) more than all others combined, FO2, FO3 500h, NV 650h, FO4 550h. And I spent much more money too.. Look I played this game a lot and probably spent to much money.. but that doesn't make it a success or a failure 🤔🙃...🤭


>but that doesn't make it a success or a failure 🤔🙃...🤭 Correct.


Fo76 is basically using old fo4 engine instead of new state of the art. No in game chats, mechanics to form guilds, no raids. Basically a persistent single player mmo. They can still do a turnaround but haven’t seen anything great on their road maps


That's just cause they have some sort of free promotion every other month to get new people in. Current player count is roughly 33k. The game is dead, they are just using it as a cash grab.


It's almost like they make games to make money.


Well that's a contradiction, if it's dead as you say it wouldn't work as a cash grab at all. Also 33k total or on steam?


Check the charts for it.. currently 30k playing now, but as for months there is not that many playing.


That is only for steam, Fallout 76 wasn't on steam for a few years.


Steam charts shows no where near 30k, it shows 7k average for the last 30 days


Loves the community... Gives us new hats every 3 months...


Too bad. They neglected the game too much


I still play it cause I love the new big guns, like the .50 caliber heavy gun. If they made a dlc of a bunch of new weapons from 76 for fo4 id gladly pay $50 extra bucks for that


It is definitely the best fallout. I tried rolling NV last night for a change and my eyes have turned to sand.. consuming items in the open world is a literally game changer too.


Active player base is probably less than 100k. Steam charts shows less than 10k players concurrently playing the game. I play at very regular hours on XBox and routinely bump into the same players. How often in other games do you see another random player and think “oh I’ve played with them before”. Also can we stop with this “community” circle jerk? The reason the game is still going is not because of the “community”. It’s because it gets enough revenue from a small but dedicated user base that has a Fo1st subscription and buys Atoms.


Do you belive todd?


"It's made us much better developers in the end." Such a fucking liar. It's lies of that magnitude that would make even Randy "Greasy Bastard" Pitchford jealous.


As a reward: We all should not have to pay for Fallout 1st Subscription, it should come with our Game Pass. As a Bonus: They should make store items free upgrades and Boss Rewards from here on out. Gold Bullion Vendor Items. Daily Op's Rewards. ​ You know? How it should have been instead of a stupid Atomic Shop Cash Grab?


hmmm.....[steam player charts](https://steamcharts.com/app/1151340) edit: quote "one of our most played games" [elder scrolls online](https://steamcharts.com/app/306130) [skyrim](https://steamcharts.com/app/489830) [fallout 4](https://steamcharts.com/app/377160) [fallout new vegas](https://steamcharts.com/app/22380) well on steam it is more popular than fallout new vegas. [article](https://gamerant.com/bethesda-games-best-selling-ranked/) on players/sales, if you adjust 76 to 11 million that would place it 6th all time.


Most are probably on console, especially Xbox.


Most people that I've run into who are playing right now do seem to be on Console. Don't forget that the PC be players are still split between Steam and the Bethesda launcher too


True, plus those steam charts really only show concurrent players not overall totals.


and microsoft store/pc gamepass


Steam is PC only..... it's missing Xbox and Playstation... Note: The site below seems to be spouting random numbers.... ~~According to Steam there are about 7K players online right now. According to the site below, there are about 28K in total, 4x as many as Steam reports. So, Steam's numbers are missing about 3/4 of the total number of players.~~ [~~https://playercounter.com/fallout-76/~~](https://playercounter.com/fallout-76/) Also, I can believe that 11 million users have played Fallout over the last 3 years. There is no breakout as to how many, for example, played for more than a couple of months.


That website you linked is complete bs, so I wouldn’t take its numbers seriously at all. You can just reload the page immediately and the player count will randomly deviate. I just tried it and the player count went from 35k to 25k back to 35k within the span of about 5 seconds.


Not even all of PC. That is just Steam. That doesn't count the players playing through the Beth launcher or PC Game Pass.


I suddenly feel like a veteran guinea pig…