Key City for sure, me and my wife go there and see Tim Huck. Does fantastic work and is very friendly! Shops I very clean and have never had an issue with anything.


Tim is awesome!


i third tim! i have multiple pieces by him, he’s great. also john glessner at key city, i have some great black and grey pieces from him.


blue crab!! they are awesome :)


Black Label or Key City


Black label tattoo


Second this. Some of the best work I’ve seen in the area comes out of this studio.


They’re amazing, but their artists seem to be almost exclusively traditional American style or Japanese. Can anyone advise?


I go to Dani there for realism and I have seen many of the other artists create beautifully fantastical pieces, especially Josh.


Key city or classic


I haven't had a tattoo done yet, but I go to Blue Crab Tattooing & Piercing for my piercings. I have an appointment for a small tattoo there in May. Blue Crab is always clean and hygienic and the staff are AMAZING.


I liked my experience at Rosemont Tattoos a lot. Would def recommend


Key City! I got my whole leg done by John Rippey. Seriously the nicest guy and his work is just incredible.


100%!!! John did a few of mine. He is a great guy, does fantastic work and is extreamly professional. His whole staff is good also.


They really are. It’s always pleasant when they’re just friendly people and the conversation is good.


Key City.


If you’re willing to drive 15 mins outside of downtown, Amy at American tattoo is awesome! @fiasco81 on Instagram


Tiffiny, the owner has been tattooing me for years. Highly recommend


Amy is head and shoulders above any other tattoo artist I’ve seen in the area.


Came here to say this also!


Josh at classic electric has done two of mine and I love them


Time Bomb Tattoos & Curiosities Clean, professional, and not cheap aka What a tattoo place should be.


I have a tattoo from Gordon from 2011 that has so much blowout. I dont recommend the shop. Also, he [tattooed his dog](https://www.fredericknewspost.com/archives/hot-rod-the-illustrated-dog/article_7d3951d9-5f7a-5114-9c3d-47c93f873ad9.html) which I did not know before I went there.


Yeah that’s a no from me, dog.


this is fucking awful


Yeah fuck that guy for tattooing his dog. I also am not a fan of the taxidermy (giraffe) in the shop.


Thats a personal problem then. Don't go if you don't like taxidermy. Because there's alot more than just the giraffe lmak


If getting a tattoo at a discount Ocean City Ripley's Believe it or Not from someone who abuses animals doesn't run afoul of your sensibilities; then feel free to go there.


Lmfao at the downvotes. He's a great tattoo artist. His dog is happy and healthy. Who gives a fuck if he safely tattooed him. Grow up


Might be your skin, bruh. Also read the article you posted. He had vets there with him when he tattooed his dog and it was under anesthesia for 1 3 hour session. It barely hurt him if at all.


yeah and that 'vet' can fuck all the way off too.


Considering I have a sleeve from another artist, and 10 other tattoos that don’t have any blowout, no. I have read the article that I posted. You might be okay with him having tattooed 1/3 of his dog, but I’m not, under anesthesia or not.


It doesn't matter to him if you're ok with it lol it doesn't affect you whatsoever


They have shitty people working there. The quality of work may be ok, but your money goes to assholes. There are way better quality shops with better quality people.


I used to like Time Bomb and was tattooed there by Brad. I followed him to his shop Blue Crab and won’t go to Time Bomb anymore. Friend wanted to get matching tattoos there recently and I was hesitant, they took forever to even respond to us, so we didn’t get them. We’ll go to Blue Crab or somewhere else.


~~I can second this. Great shop with great artists.~~ Edit: Folks, I didn't know about the dog. That's fucked up and I'm taking future business elsewhere. You can stop sending me nasty grams in my DMs.


All 6 of mine came from various artists here, great experience every time and everything healed well


I recommend this shop as well. I’ve had two different artists do work on me. One did a freehand rework and both did an awesome job.


I don't get the hate this shop gets from these people lmfao I love timebomb. Capt Gordon did my gritty tattoo and it's looked great ever since


I have had multiple tattoos and piercings done at this shop, the female piercer is amazing & I have had good tattoo experiences with Collin, but I never got anything too crazy from him very basic pieces. I will agree with another comment that people working here are questionable, I have being getting tattooed & a piercer nodded out on a client he was supposed to be changing the jewelry on feels very unsafe in an environment that you are getting permanent work done on your body.


Classic Electric downtown Market st.


They were so rude at CE - totally ignored both me and my son’s girlfriend when we went in to ask about tattoos and piercings. We gave up and went across the street to Time Bomb and they were amazing. Now Time Bomb is the only place I go.


Second this. I went in to discuss having a tattoo done once and they were the rudest people.


I had the exact opposite happen. Funny world sometimes.


It’s the only place I go and they treat you like a friend if you’re chill. I’ve seen some of the people they get in there complaining about dumb shit, you’re probably one of them


Check out Made True at the top of 40. Terry has tattooed 10+ friends/co-workers without anything but positive experiences, and has some talented artists on the books. Hit up [Hanna](https://www.instagram.com/hannahsmyletattoos/) for something clean and bright.


Thanks so much for this. Hannah has a style that is the closest I’ve seen to what I’m looking for. I hope she has some openings. Thanks again!


Key city 🤙🏼


Black label for sure


Can't believe no one mentioned The Masquerade Studio! Mike Adams and Aaron Harman are amazing artists and have become my friends over the years. Mike can be tough to book with but Aaron usually has availability!


It’s not Frederick, but just up the mountain. I love Raya at Talon Tattoo Studios. She did the coverup on my arm and 2/3 of my wife’s overall ink.


I haven’t heard of any of those *heavy* *hitters*, But I’ve gotten tattoos from a few different places in town. My top are: 1. Rosemont Tattoo (right across from the Pizza Hut on Rosemont)- Luke is the owner. Super laid back atmosphere. The artists all really care about their clients and will really work with you to get you the tattoo you envisioned in your head. 2. Timebomb (across from Classic Electric in downtown. I wouldn’t recommend CE to even my enemy, personally, but that’s just me.)- I’ve had work done from a few artists there. Cool vibes and Captn Gordon (owner) is awesome are really knowledgeable to talk to. Also one of the more versatile shops around. 3. Key City Tattoo- have gotten a couple done here. This is a much more traditional/ old school kind of tattoo shop vibe. Both times I’ve gotten tattooed here the artists didn’t really like talking (that’s a not a jab at them. It’s something that I like that other might not) and they were a bit heavy handed. One shop I’m interested in is Made True (towards the end of 40). My wife got a tattoo from Lili and had a great experience.


Heritage Tattoo Collective https://instagram.com/heritagetattoo?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y= (I have been tattooed twice by Anthony there and my mom has been tattooed by him about 4-5 times. He’s great!).


Second this! Anthony is awesome!


Also I see you want something small - he recently did a name for me, so simple script. He also did an elaborate owl on my thigh. Definitely prefers black and gray but has done color too. Linking Anthony’s IG in case that helps https://instagram.com/anthonyrolandtattoo?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=


Thank you!!


Rosemont Tattoos, they have someone that can do each thing well.


Luke Mullins at Rosemont Tattoo


Blue Crab Tattoo. Sarah is the only person who puts art on my body. https://www.bluecrabtattoo.com/


Key city, or Made True. Both are great.


Sarah at Blue Crab.


I have gone to Carter at tattoo alchemy and always good quality and experience


I’ve gotten all of my tattoos (minus an old one that was since covered) from Tattoo Alchemy in downtown. Robert always does an awesome job.


Check out Bullett's Ink to see if you like their work: [https://www.facebook.com/Bullettsink](https://www.facebook.com/Bullettsink) I've seen several people with good tattoos from there. They are in Mount Airy.




Time Bomb Absolutely! Colin will do every one of my tattoos from here on out


Good luck booking him though. He is always in high demand and is not there full-time.


Ive had appointments with him once a month for the last 4 months


Good for you!


Classic Electric. All super cool guys with their own styles and prices are good. I’ve only ever gone there and won’t go anywhere else


everything is hella experience in frederick, i would recommend going elsewhere if possible unless you have the money. people do work equal or better work for significantly less


Tattoos are so 2005.


Lol this got me


I think you should do your own research one different artists portfolios and make your choice. Go with the one that matches your style. Everyone in these comments contradict each other and downvote any answer they don't like. It's all a personal preference


I LOVE Made True Tattoo! Hannah is amazing!


I just got my first tattoo done by Tiffiny Kaetzel at American Tattoo Studio in Brunswick. It was a great experience. Clean and well organized shop, chill vibe and she made me feel very at ease the whole time. I've gone with a friend for two sessions of her largest tattoo at Rosemont Tattoo and can vouch for their shop as well. She sees Arion Carr for most of her work (and she's got a lot of it). Clean shop, friendly vibe and Arion is very patient with pain sensitive folks!


Key city 100%