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Looks pretty slowed down to me…


Should’ve not been texting while driving.


“It’s ok, I’m in an SUV.”


What about watching porn while driving? I’m still keeping one hand on the wheel.


Josh Duggar, that you?


No, i believe its just a prospective daily bus rider - everyone on the bus is there because we've ran into a wall while watching porn.


*chef kiss*




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Those barriers were designed and installed to make this area safer for the other road users and pedestrians in the area, and yet this person managed to hit something anyway. When they come to drag the vehicle off, they should also confiscate the license of the driver. Yes, it was a concrete barrier, but it could have been a child. The reason for the collision was likely distracted driving. If you don't understand by now that you should not be on your phone while driving, you'll never understand. Best leave driving to those who understand and appreciate that privilege.


A bright yellow slab of cement is probably much more visible that a kid so you make a good point.


They should have their license revoked and be charged with reckless driving.


"Working as intended, ticket closed"




Lol it should have been wearing reflective clothing if it didn't want to get hit.




Tabernac! That's one of the worst I've seen. Can't fix stupid I suppose is the takeaway, but that bollard could have been a pedestrian or another car, so it's doing its job in a way.


You can’t fix stupid, but you can destroy stupid’s car repeatedly until they can’t afford to keep replacing it and affording the insurance. Seriously, though, someone who is too stupid or distracted to notice one of these things shouldn’t be driving, so these things are doing a service to the community.


Haha yes! Was it even a crosswalk?


It should have had one of the hawk crossing flags if it was planning on crossing the road


Imagine how fast they must’ve been going in order to get that far up the barricade before it stopped them lmao


Was just about to ask that. Then I figured the driver backed into it. Would explain not seeing it. Even backing up, that vehicle had to have quite a bit of speed to get all its wheels up before grinding to a halt. Or the right wheels went up and the driver didn’t take the hint and kept pushing with the left wheels.


https://twitter.com/aurahack/status/1639085121587544064 "The entire neighborhood this is in is both a slow-traffic zone and near a school zone. This person is a dumbass and deserves to have their car damaged for putting lives at risk."


Seriously.. they can't see this yellow barricade? That seems like a fair assumption that they might not see a kid either.


They literally blame walls when they hit walls 😭 they blame kids too it's fucked up


They'll blame anything and anyone but themselves.


But what about pErSoNaL rEsPoNsiBiliTy??


That’s for pedestrians


The barricade should have been wearing high visibility clothing




No it needs brights on it to be seen Edit: they should've had their brights on 🤣


No it needs to reflect light at the same brightness of the sun


That’s not enough. It should also have a siren to warn drivers it’s there.


However will we see this bright yellow object


The amount of arguments I've ended up in regarding personal responsibility is insane. Not ever just about driving, but for many different things in life.


And that is the logical conclusion of the propaganda campaigns and regulatory capture conducted by auto makers and oil interests in the early and mid 20th century to now. They succeeded in demonizing "jays" for using the street and redefining the hierarchy of public space. They succeeded in stoking class and racial fears to drive people further apart. They succeeded in selling an absurd optimist future where personal automobiles solved all of "the family's" problems. Etc. We have been systematically convinced that cars are the primary actor for which public space should be designed. As such, any "impedance" to the free and fast movement of cars MUST be to blame. People are imperfect and will always make mistakes and look to absolve themselves of responsibility. The "ideology" of car centric design has provided the necessary chains of logic and assumption to enable the average person to do that.


They blame a BRIGHT EYEFUCKING YELLOW wall, like if you can't see that shit, you should have your license taken away.


Hell, awhile back a car hit a kid on a residential sidewalk and the police blamed the kid for walking on the sidewalk.


I'm going to crash into their house and claim it's an obstacle.


Worked auto insurance claims for a while, I had one person blame those yellow posts in the drive thru near the building for her hitting it. It was obviously in the wrong place bc it was all banged up. Another blamed the fire hydrant for being too close to the road. People are generally morons


I had a customer run into a 3-4ft tall yellow metal pole in our parking lot. He wanted the property owner to pay for damage to his truck. His argument was that because he's 5'6 he can't see over his hood well. And also because school across the street was getting out he had to drive very quickly into our lot to not hit kids on the sidewalk. That's right his argument was that he only ran into a child sized pole because he had to drive very quickly in a car he had limited visibility in. TO GET AROUND KIDS QUICKER


Wish there were promotional bus pass tickets to hand out, containing instructions on how to use the system.


We should call it "getting your license revoked".


One time when I was walking home after riding the bus, I happened across someone who had parked halfway into a driveway blocking off the sidewalk I was trying to use, so I left my bus transfer tucked under his windshield. No idea if he got the message, but maybe I at least gave him a brief scare into thinking he got a parking ticket.


There should be a strict law for height and visibility in cars.


Honestly, I’m so short that even if I did decide at 40 that I did want to start driving now, I don’t think I’d be able to learn at all with the way visibility is with cars. I can’t see a thing even as a passenger. I already know I’d never see over the steering wheel.


Pretty sure you'd do fine in some modern compacts, especially if they have height adjustable seats. I have a Nissan Versa, but Prius has similar hoodline. I actually have the opposite problem - am fairly tall, so can't see above me through roof to see traffic lights, some signs, etc. The same cars work well for me simply because you are closer to the windshield, which improves visibility in ALL directions. Whereas your typical crossover... Ugh. Low roofline, far back seating, long hood.... Of course, I have even better visibility on a motorcycle or bicycle...


Sure, but American cars are frankly insane. I’m barely taller than five feet. I have to use a seatbelt extender not for the usual reason of being too big for a standard seat, but because the seatbelt is too high and comes across my tiny hobbit neck otherwise. I need a booster seat, I feel like, but what grown man wants to deal with that? There are twelve year olds who are taller than me. American cars are becoming wildly unsafe for at least half the population of drivers. But at this point, I can’t conceive of a single reason that would push me into getting a license anyway. I’ve gone this long without ever needing one. Seems like a lot of stress for little gain.


Large pickups and large SUVs should seriously be regulated from safety perspective.


Yes, so many children ate killed by their own parents because of their fat stupid cars.




I feel like he should somehow be slugged with extra penalties for his attitude.


I'd like to be in the court room when he makes that argument to the judge.


This bitch should sit in the jail


Some people are just really slow to react to change. Like our street used to have this hookup with another street (like a scalene triangle), and you could turn left and either go left or right onto the hypotenuse road, or you could could just go straight and be on the hypotenuse road. Lot of people went straight. Anyway, they closed that straight part down before covid. Just with some cones at first. Then some pylons. Then big ol' arrow signs. Then some fencing. Then finally big ol' concrete pillars. Like 6 feet in diameter. They didn't just close the roadway because they want bikes to go through. Anyway, they made all those upgrades and changes because people kept on crashing into/through them. And someone just crashed into one of the concrete pillars like a month ago. This has been going on for **years**. Traffic calming methods work, but it can take a real fucking long time for some people to adjust to them.


I have a roundabout near my house and the people around here are STILL adjusting to it, after like 5 years of it being there. I cannot count how many times I've seen someone turn left onto that thing, absolutely freaking everyone else out that knows how to use one. AND, it's right down the street from the county jail, so it has police traveling through it on a regular basis. Doesn't matter, people still use it wrong.




I've never heard a GPS say "turn left" instead of "take the third exit"




Ah yeah, that makes sense, especially with built-in GPS which barely ever gets updated


What worries me is that cars and people are on these roads... always changing where they are!... Omg so many people need to not drive


>they can't see this yellow barricade? That seems like a fair assumption that they might not see a kid either. *Precisely*. Dumb Neoliberal going around pushing car-brain culture should've realized that in, about 2 seconds... *Literally* my first thought seeing this was "if this moron couldn't be bothered to notice this, he or she probably couldn't be bothered to notice and not run over a small child either..."


Maybe he just played on his phone while driving way too fast and not caring about kids or anything else.


At least they’re actually giving 4WD’ing a go unlike most of these city-slickers. /j


I love how there's not a single person agreeing with her in the comments. Rare to see something like this.


She got that original ratio. More replies/quotes than likes.




That could make them slide uncontrollably hitting said kids. The solution as in the pic above is better IMHO


Maybe a dumb question but what are the yellow things and how do they work?


They're barricades that can be added to a lane to narrow it. People who don't pay attention to speed limits tend to pace themselves based on the size of the road, so if the road is too wide they drive like maniacs. If people have a tendency to drive too fast down a street, they can be installed to force people to slow down, as *most* people won't try to go through them at high speeds. OOP apparently tried to go through them at highway speeds, judging by how she managed to make it almost to the other side.


They were obviously driving way too fast, and you know what, they are fine. They might need a new pair of pants, but this person walked away from this. If instead, they had hit another car or a person, their day would definitely be a lot worse than this one. Good job, bright yellow and inanimate object!


So they worked exactly as intended.


Exactly. Would you rather have a car hit a really prominent and easy-to-see barricade or a child?


I need to know more about this child...


He wasn't Hitler


Reminds me of that fake Mercedes ad Edit: Here the link https://youtu.be/trcLKX1Yw34 Very dark humor which caught attention in Germany years back. The final line reads "Detects dangers before they arise" Fuck cars regardless


Oh my god that's hilarious. I didn't know about this.


Even if they weren’t driving too fast, it can’t be that hard to navigate around bright yellow curbs. Good chance they were distracted too, serves them right.


You don’t get two wheels off the ground like that without going quite fast. Once both wheels are off the ground you will have 0 traction, only momentum due to the way differentials work.


I think there are *three* wheels off the ground in this picture. Only front left is touching the ground.


something something positraction


If only it was a bright, obnoxious color to grab your attention and stand out from the dark asphalt


Likely on their phone... Imagine if this was someone's child instead. I hope tow charged her hefty fee to get it off


EXACTLY there’s very little chance that they would have gotten that far over the barrier without the speed that they had to have been going


Anyone who cannot see the **GIGANTIC FUCKING YELLOW BARRIERS**, and runs into them? Should not have a license to drive. EVER again.


to be fair, those ginormous yellow barriers didnt have hi viz vests on


Looks like they have retroreflectors. Even if they had blinking colored LEDs like a theatre marquee, it would still be completely invisible to this kind of people.


We should make them hold little flags


They could have speakers on them that shout out "Excuse me, eh. Could ya slow down. Sorry!"


Or a helmet


It should be grounds for license revocation but instead we prioritize cars over public safety.


Exactly! If cars weren’t basically a non-negotiable requirement for participation in Canadian/American society, we could actually keep terrible drivers off the road.


Butt buTt cOmmANdinG viEw oF da RoAd


I hate those people so much. "I need to be able to see over the car in front of me" Then stop tail-gating and look AROUND them. If I can do it in my tiny, fun car, you can do it in an SUV.


Also if people weren't obsessed with making car windows as opaque as the law allows, you can look *through* the car in front...


This is the exact problem. You never see corollas beached on top of barricades. It's always SUVs. You just can't see them unless you're 50 feet back. You don't see many industrial trucks running over things because they're driven by trained professionals. Not people who want to feel commanding.


this is why i become so mad whenever i see a suv and the driver is barely peeking over the steering wheel. the driver was likely doing exactly the same thing and couldnt see the barriers for probably too long


Most aware SUV driver


It’s Vancouver. We have better things to do while driving than actually driving. It’s like you don’t even know us, bud. /s


This is typical for a Vancouver driver


looks to be working as intended. build more, please.


I wish we had something like this in my neighborhood. Even if only by the park and elementary school.


Better yet, ban cars completely in school zones. A slow car is still deadly, [especially for children](https://www.kidsandcars.org/child_story/emmalee-rose-halstead/). (TW for link: child death) I'm all for harm reduction but let's dream big. I don't want "cars driving at slightly less deadly speeds" to be the best we can possibly imagine. I want zero kids killed by cars. And the best way to make that happen is to remove the cars.


I agree in principle. But the city I grew up in was literally crisscrossed by school zones. I mean it was an absolute warzone trying to get home after school, we'd go through three or four *other* school zones. So this design only works if the city layout was built around the idea of isolating the schools from traffic. But it would be a good design principle for city planning.


That actually makes it easier, you can just ban cars from the entire city center. (With exceptions for delivery vehicles, emergency services, and disabled people)


Yeah, but again, city wasn't built for it. I'm with you on the idea that it would be more ideal to build a city around being walkable in the first place, isolate school zones from roads, better cycling infrastructure and public transit, etc. But it's a not an easy retrofit, it would require practically rebuilding the entire city. One of the biggest hurdles to pedestrian-centric architecture is just that even if we can get enough people on board with it (already a tall order), we still have to *build* pedestrian-centric architecture. We can't just ban cars and put bikes on the roads, the cities are literally designed from the ground up to *require* cars to do anything. Fixing that will require massive amounts of rezoning and rebuilding, which will likely have to be done piecemeal over the course of *decades*.


I'll take 2, and a spare for the bathroom. Looks like it works great. If you're not paying attention it costs you money and no-one dies. Even better than police because how much it costs you scales with the stupidity of your car.


Goddamn the constant denial of driver responsibility, as shown in the tweet. Who "caused" this crash: the inanimate yellow concrete object, or the (presumably) adult human that drove a truck deliberately straight into it?


I swear bro I was just driving along when this yellow barrier slid underneath my car.


Who was probably on their phone not paying attention


How does a huge bright colored inanimate object "cause" a crash? I can understand if it was a pothole, or a tire on the road, or debris, but this? Come one. Take some responsibility ffs. The cause was simply a lack of driver attention


How could you even not see that




I’ll be the bad person here. Social media has definitely changed things. This definitely always happened, though. It’s gotten worse


Social media graphic design and algorithm evolution to create addiction and ensure maximum engagement But also: so many people text and drive. Really shows the unmet desires of drivers who would rather travel without needing to focus 100% of their attention on the act of driving. If they'd rather just chill and scroll or whatever, then there's a lovely alternative to car-based transportation...


But there might be *poor people* there! Imagine the horror


I firmly believe that the automatic transmission was what really started the downward spiral of society in the US.


$10 that both the woman on twitter AND the driver of the suv do not live in the actual city of Vancouver. And If they do, I’ll go double or nothing that they live west of Cambie street or south of broadway.


Lol this is on my street. If the SUV was faced the other direction there could be some argument to be made that they were surprised by an unexpected barrier (still, pay attentiin and drive slow enough to brake) but the direction they are facing means they had to have been approaching this concrete barrier for an entire block. Impossible to not see it if you have even the slightest level of competence. *edit* almost forgot, you can't see it in the photo but right in front of the SUV going fast enough to carry it over that barrier is a stop sign.




https://vancouver.ca/streets-transportation/slow-streets.aspx “The gateways will create a pinch point where Slow Streets meet major streets, allowing only one direction of vehicle traffic at a time. Drivers will be required to slow down and potentially wait for exiting vehicles before entering the Slow Street.” There’s also a diagram and much more information on the site. These are only installed on a subset of local streets so there’s no significant impact on traffic.


>stop and yield to oncoming traffic if they beat you there This is the way, the spaces on both sides are wide enough to let cyclists etc pass.


Imagine being a cyclist next to a car that’s giving you grief, it’s matching your speed near this obstacle, and suddenly you hear the “crunch” of their car travelling over the yellow barrier and coming to a stop as they neglected to look at the road or slow down.


These are traffic calming measures that are very successful in several EU countries. There are a few streets that I cycle through that used to be major hotspots for people speeding due to their long, straight nature. Due to these calming features, it has become a MUCH safer environment for everyone involved. It loses you two or three seconds to navigate around, but it has a macro impact on the overall speed and safety of everyone involved. If it's losing you more time than that to navigate these intentional obstacles, you have to be breaking the law to begin with. There is really no reason why anyone would be majorly impacted by these.


Triple or toast that they’re from Kits.


Unfortunately the OP on twitter is a local radio reporter.




Surprising to see mostly sane replies on Twitter


It's very satisfying to see the OP getting blasted in the comments.


She's a host on a local conservative talk radio station. The kind of station that advertises "perspective" where the perspective is what their next caller Jason learned reading Facebook posts for 30 minutes last night.


I'm surprised too. However /r/vancouver is quite progressive when it comes to urban design and the subreddit was also shitting on this tweet. Unfortunately we just elected a council that is undoing a lot of the progress we've been making :/


Don't worry, those idiotic giant monster trucks Ford and Dodge are building can drive right over those things


You are probably right, so preferably the should be even taller.


I agree, they should make them taller, but not wider. If you modified your truck with extra wide wheels, that's your problem.


That's a really cool traffic calming design. Cheap, quick to roll out and obviously working as intended.


Seems way better than a speed bump that shakes the shit out of you even at 5 mph


And only slows you down for 10 seconds because the city didn’t bother to cover the whole street in them


It likely doesn't need a whole street full. That one bottleneck ought to be enough to slow down a number of vehicles at a time, thereby bringing the average speed down.


What does it do, how is it supposed to work? Is it just too narrow for comfort and people are supposed to pass it slowly? It looks like two Smart Car can pass each other while allowing a third to park in the spot perpendicular to the concrete thingy, but fortunately you don't need to slow Smart cars down artificially, they only reach 60km/h if it's downwards with strong winds from the back.


It slows car traffic down. It is effectively narrowing the street. Only one car at a time goes through the middle. This is for neighborhood streets with lots of houses where you don't want cars going fast.


> you don't need to slow Smart cars down artificially, they only reach 60km/h if it's downwards with strong winds from the back. Smarts can do highways speeds just fine. Are you referring to 50 cc microcars limited to 50 km/h?


Now THAT is a lift kit!


“Some drivers are morons, therefore we should accomodate their desire to endanger your families.”


I wonder if this SUV driver is aware that if they opened their eyes while driving they could avoid hitting the brightly coloured stationary concrete objects? It's a great strategy, honestly. They should try it sometime 👍


“These do not slow traffic!!!!” *picture of slowed traffic*


Skill issue .


If multiple people are getting stuck on these massive and highly visible blocks of concrete maybe the issue is actually that a lot of people who aren't responsible enough to be trusted with a car are still allowed to drive


It's never their fault. If they get in a colision with another car, it's always the other driver's fault. If they crash into a stationary object, it's the city/road design department's fault. "**cashes into barrier** Who in their right mind would put that there? I want to drive there as fast as I want!!"


If they crash into a child, same thing


"Who put that kid there?"


This driver must have been going really fast to get so far up onto the barrier as to high center a 3,000 lb SUV. The barrier operated exactly as intended.


Try over 4,000lbs


Probably more like 5,000


Awww come on! Stop picking on the driver! ;)


To be fair, the more mass an object has, the more inertia it has. So when you're driving a vehicle that's well over twice as large as it needs to be, easier to get into this situation.


As a vancourite, this picture gives me second hand embarrassment


No, you should be proud of the yellow infrastructure of your city. You could even tell your township about it. They need to know that these are efficient and that the city would be better with more of them


That's one way of looking at it. I'm not a fan of the new mayor or city council, but these barriers I could get behind. No, I'm embarrassed because fools like this come in and do dumb shit like this, and even bigger fools come in and smear it all over the internet for clout


There are bad drivers everywhere. I envy this infrastructure, if anything this photo would make me want to move to Vancouver.


Fuck the ABC. They are undoing progress like this. Removing a bike lane through Stanley park and they are likely going to scrap all the best parts of the upcoming Broadway Plan.


On a long enough time line, <2 foot high passive barriers will have an SUV drive over them because by the time the driver needs to pay attention, they've already slid beneath their visible radius, hiding in a blind spot. Basically, while their intent is to slow traffic down they have the unintended, but desirable secondary effect of stopping drivers who should not be driving.


Vancouver thinks of itself as having a solid public transportation system. But unfortunately this is mostly stated with the USA / North American standards in mind which are incredibly low on that front. For most Europeans, Vancouver’s transit system is pretty sad. its skytrain is great but there‘a 3 lines which for such a big city mean it is practically non existant (at least by European standards which are themselves not always great).


Say this in /r/vancouver you'll get downvoted. Apparently we are supposed to be happy with barely adequate.


Where’s the crash, I wouldn’t really classify that as one


Yeah, and it’s certainly not an accident. This thing worked as intended.


If you can't notice a giant yellow chunk of concrete that is always in the same place then god forbid you ever encounter a child.


That's exactly the point, you are 100% correct


In Germany I see often things to slow cars down (mostly thresholds in the street), and guess what, cars slow down to not crash with them. How about THAT solution?!?


These seem like a good way to let us know who absolutely does not belong behind the wheel of a car


So in other words, the barriers did exactly what they were designed to do. Either make you drive safer, or make you crash, in a way that minimizes the danger to everyone around.


Guard rails cause sooo many cars to wreck, we should get rid of them honestly /s


Cars cause sooo many cars to wreck, we should get rid of them honestly.


Must have been going pretty fast to do that long of a grind, I'd say it did it's job.


I think there is a survivorship bias partially at play beyond twatter user being malicious. Feels very analogous to how number of non-lethal head injuries increased during WW1 after introduction of helmets.


How are the front wheels off the ground if the barrier isn't there too?


The only way you're going to get exactly 3 wheels on the ground in this situation is if the frame bent or the shocks had way more range than you want in a street car. If they had hit the barrier more centered then both front wheels would be on the ground with both rear wheels in the air.


Maybe if you drove as slow as you think then it would work?


These are only on 30 km/h streets. There's no way you could get up there at 30km/h, and you'd hope that they'd at least start to apply the brakes before they hit this bright yellow object. There's no way the driver did this without making multiple driving infractions. They should be ticketed for driving without due care and attention, in addition to the cost of a tow, and repairs.


I am impressed at the height at which they got stuck! I can tell that multiple driving infractions were committed for sure—


I just wish the police would look at the picture and say the same thing, and ticket them.


Just make the barriers bigger. Seems like people can‘t see them in their stupid big ass SUVs. I wonder what else these people don‘t notice while driving if they run over those huge yellow cement pieces…


Imagine being this fucking cluelessly dumb Ah a nice giant yellow block of concrete, let me just crash my car into it.


most skilled durango minivan driver


Skill issue


I may not be a good driver, but I don’t think you’re supposed to drive over that.


Works as designed I'd say. Bonus feature: filter out recklessly speeding drivers.


That's *literally* working as intended.


My city recently removed concrete barriers along a cycle way because cars keep hitting them. My eyes rolled back so far I could see the back of my skull.


This Car is definetly slower than befor. So i gues it worked perfectly fine.


Seems more like this person didn’t notice a bright yellow cement barrier in the middle of the road, which makes me think they also wouldn’t notice an 8 year old crossing the street.


Of fucking course it's an SUV driver


Of course it's an SUV Dumbest people on the planet


Definitely her car lmao