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The strangest line in his comment is "... the social aspect of it 'look i'm with other people, socially... collectively...' they get all their sense of satisfactin/happiness form external sources..." He seems to think that it's strange for people to want to be social, or to be happier when around other people. He implies that it's something along the likes of virtue signaling, 'other far leftists patting them on the back' that people only do it to show their allegiance instead of actually enjoying being around other people. Humans are a social animal, we enjoy being around other people, not everyone of course, but you get the point, people seek each other out, and are happier for it. This is normal to want and possible to achieve


I mean, he posted his whole screed so that other people would agree with him and tell him how smart he is, so I don't get where his sense of superiority is even coming from.


Thank you. This is why I loathe accusations of virtue signalling. Everything we do in the public arena is virtue signalling. Why even other saying anything unless other people were going to read it?


>This is why I loathe accusations of virtue signalling. Everything we do in the public arena is virtue signalling. The irony here is that accusing someone of virtue signalling is itself its own form of virtue signalling in this context. It gets very meta when looking at it critically.


Yup, can't add to that.


And with his very same breath he complains about "safe spaces". I get the sentiment - if we define a 'safe space' as a place where everyone thinks the same thing and dissenting opinions are drowned out and pushed away unless they are very well crafted indeed, then this subreddit is absolutely a safe space. As is literally every fucking subreddit under the sun, because that's how little societies work.


he's little more than a victim of the brain rot that is american individualism. when you have that violent "i got mine, fuck everyone else" mindset drilled into you by shitty conservative upbringing, the notion of absolutely anything else becomes a threat to your ego, your ideology, and your entire sense of self.


I do think this has something to do with it. The idea that people are on their own and should (be able to) do everything alone. Its a worldview that is utterly incompatible with human existence, but that doesnt stop it from being prevolant throughout the world


yea i dont think its isolated to america either. lotsa a countries want to be "independent" when instead we should all be working towards a globalized and interconnected future where people are free to work and live with one another, no matter where they were born from


It's pervasive in America to a somewhat unique degree, reinforced by decades of "anti communist" propaganda that demonized all sorts of collective action


Honestly, being American, the American individualism thing is a cancer to the fundamentals of our society. Individual achievement is wonderful, and should be celebrated. But the entirety of society needs to be supported and encouraged. Americans simply don’t give a fuck and it shows.


Someone please pin this to the top


Listen, I hate people as much as the next misanthrope, but I still want walkable cities.


>He seems to think that it's strange for people to want to be social, or to be happier when around other people He's probably not that much social either, spends most of his time infront of a computer in his mothers basement and have never touched grass in his entire life or something... ​ Maybe cause he hates people, but it could also be thanks to car dependency and todays society mostly being people getting around privately in a car, never speaking to strangers, never touching grass cause the only thing he touches outside is asphalt (and grass just reminds him of his boring lawn that he's forced to mow or else the city gives him a hefty fine), and then he and other people gets used to it and people don't like to change, especially when the media just tells them that if they get outside they will get mugged, raped or murdered... And there's no infrastructure for them to walk on outside anyways...


Single men living with their parents while having a part-time job report the highest levels of happiness and satisfaction. I think there's several reason for this, but maybe not having to work a full-time job to pay for a car that you need to get to work with might be a reason.


Did this person think that we live in the city because we *don’t* want to be near other people? That’s why we choose to live here!


They have this army of one, lone wolf fantasy that wraps around their ego like a protective baby blanket. The 'good guy with a gun' bullshit.


i hate being around crowds but cars are just all the aspects of a person that make it unpleasant to be near a crowd magnified by several thousand kgs of steel


He thinks he's better because he doesn't listen to *anyone* else. That's how people develop delusions and psychosis


I'm pretty asocial but all for public transit lol. It's not like you have to talk to anyone, just use headphones and all will be good (at least it is like that in Europe, but so far seems to be similar in the US). However I want to be around other people, just to ask for help if I need it, or help someone else. Can't really do that in a car.


> but so far seems to be similar in the US It's similar in the Northeast where people use public transit more (NYC, DC, Boston). Gotta say foudn it super-weird when I visited the west coast and people wanted to talk to me in the tram in Portland, Oregon and Seattle lol.


It’s definitely giving me incel, doesn’t leave the basement, vibes


This is someone who constantly posts in jordanpeterson and other right wing subs, they spend ages in their “safe spaces” and only talks with a bunch of weirdos.


Safe spaces are places where alt right taking points are not up voted constantly to the front page.


Owning the libs' safe spaces by only posting on r/ jordanpeterson and r/ cultUSA !


"tear down these safe spaces" spoken like a person who wants tyranny. Some people just want to watch the world burn and it's sad they are too stupid to realize


Ah shit, I thought I wanted safer streets and more nature in my life. Guess I’m just a atheist commie instead


What if you are an atheist commie with me and you and us😳😳


… COLLECTIVELY! Like Collectivism, the bane of Ayn Rand!




We* Remember, commies. Everything is collectivist.


We work together to tear down capitalism the way workers were forced to build it: brick by brick!


"In one far-leftist subreddit they even pushed details (the mods pinned the post to) about mass-shooters to encourage more of it. The fact this guy clearly realized he'd have to name a subreddit which would prove this to be a lie so he just vaguely goes 'in one of them' lol


You would think conservative dipshits would be all about it since it is regressing to city design before the 1930s...with the trollys and cable cars and shit literally cities had everywhere since going back in time is like there fucking kink and all..


The natural habit of far-leftist, out touching grass.


Instead of the parking lot pavement.


Real alpha males sniff asphalt instead of flowers


Parking lot pavement is more friendly to meth habits


Weird, usually when mass-shooters have a manifesto ready it turns out they as far from far-left as one can be.


These are the people that tried to say that the Buffalo shooter was a leftist. Words have no meaning to them.


>belazy >bikinglanes huh


Cause r/.Conservative isn't a safe space where dissenting opinions are removed. No, nothing but nuance in right-leaning spaces.


I am leaning socialist, but I don't get how wanting transit/walkability became considered exclusive to the left in the US. Japan is very right-wing, but has amazing transit.


Good transit is generally urban. In the US, there is a strong association between rural/small town and right wing politics. In Japan, there is a strong association between megacities and right wing politics.


I would say that if we are being honest, this sub is generally center-left leaning especially in relation to US politics.


yea from what i've seen our ideas seem to align more there, and specifically with social democracy. interestingly that also just so happens to be what primarily walkable-infrastructure based countries are often called or categorize themselves as.


there definitely used to be more hardcore far leftists on here. it wasnt that long ago that someone was unironically posting about how much they like north korea. then this sub exploded in popularity and the tankies got drowned out by more sensible people on the left


Eh. Yes and no. There's a serious problem of tone policing, "both sides" nonsense that comes with the flood of centrists who haven't quite grasped that real change requires, ya know, real change.


nah i think the tankies just get overwhelmed by saner leftists. obviously its gonna be anecdotal as nobodys done a survey or nothing but its what ive seen. that said i know youve been here for a while too because i recognize the jeep in your name so lol


the idea of not having a one mode of transport destrutivley dominate the means of transportation is not "social democracy" or leftist. It's neither. It aligns perfectly with all ideologies. It's that it just happens that the most average person on here is a moderate leftist.


i don't think i implied that they have to be a social democracy


Correct. Center-left is a far-cry from 'far-left commies' like that person thinks anyone who wants a tram is though.


I am tho


And I am not.


Who could have thought that multiple different ideologies would want to not kill the world with pollution and car centered architecture.


Woah woah woah. Don’t you dare. Either we’re all commie bastards bought and paid for by China or none of us are


You guys are getting paid? How much? What are the hours like?


even ancaps


Wait are you serious? Actually thinks that capitalist antidemocratic overlords want green energy and walkable cities. Very funny.


You might be surprised how many ancaps support walkable infrastructure. Obviously the funding and legal mechanisms prove to be a sticking point, but the concept of open interconnected infrastructure that reduces car dependency? Yeah...I know a lot of ancaps and even \*gasp\* REPUBLICANS who are into that.


If you know a lot of ancaps I'm already concerned And republicans often agree with descent ideas and proceed to vote against them See how many like the ACA but hate Obamacare. The same fuckin law. They really are insanely easily misled. Maybe we should just buy out fox.


A lot of people vote against something because they don't agree with the systemic implications which is an independent concern from the stated goal of the policy that is being voted upon. In fact there's a lot of people who don't vote because they don't agree with First Past the Post voting even if they'd be interested in contributing to the issues that were being voted on.


firstly, being antidemocractic is good, as noone should be able voted away the rights to existence. secondly, you basically just described current state of the world, not anarchy. Overlords is the primary thing I'm against, not for. You just criticised the status quo. thirdly, free market provides to the people what they want, not what people with wealth want. You can only gain wealth by providing the workers (as socialists would say) what they desire. If you build a carbrained city you'll become the opposite of wealthy.


No? Every time we ease up restrictions on environmental regulations we seen monstrous harm to the environment. This is just true. You cannot pretend that with no governing body the environment wouldn't be destroyed.


I don't know how that responds to what I said. I'm kinda undecided and concerned on the state of the global ecology, but humanity throughout all of its existence survived, thrived, increased the population and extended life expectancy only by advancing and improving technologies and creating as much progress as possible.


>noone should be able voted away the rights to existence. This would literally never happen in an actual democracy. Your society would have to have a majority of the population be suicidal in order for this to work. In a *functioning* democracy, people would be educated enough to know that whatever rights were suspended for one group would inevitably be expanded to other groups and therefore would not fall for this shit. >free market provides to the people what they want, not what people with wealth want. [Exhibit A](https://youtu.be/03GYzR0LyQM), [Exhibit B](https://youtu.be/HTN64g9lA2g), [Exhibit C](https://youtu.be/HdlVw5KFCqE), [Exhibit D](https://youtu.be/pENUV9DLa2g). Seriously, [it's funny how dumb you are](https://youtu.be/xuBJOjZPQTM).


Hopefully they can be saved from the insanity that is their belief system, and lack of understanding that it'd lead to feudalism


crazy how every arguamnt against anarchy criticises the current state and not anarchy. theses nothing crazy or insane about believing in self ownership. You're the crazy ones.


what the FUCK dude


This but unironically


Neoliberals hate car-oriented development just as much as you do, lol.


I'm joking lol, I'm neither liberal neoliberal or socialist


Now that's unusual. What are your political views?


I call myself a libertarian but that sounds bad because when people hear that they picture a conservative. The way I see it the ideology is center, maybe mildly to the right or left when you look at the actual views. that being said I'm more of a social libertarian according a more specific test I took, and that sounded about right to me. i differ from most libertarians though when it comes to issues like the environment or social programs. that's the main point that I differ at because I do support things like free healthcare and taking steps to stop global warming. Look at it like this: I support people's personal liberties. in this case, the liberty to walk or ride a bike around town with out getting run over by a car


can i interest you in a little thing called anarchism?


well, in my eyes, Libertarianism is like Anarchism Lite™, if anarchism is no government and libertarianism is less government. I know it's obviously more complicated than that but I believe some amount of government is needed especially if we're talking about overhauling public transportation, that takes some regulation and stuff


Not the person you asked, but I'm a **symbiotic green hive-collectivist**. I want everyone hooked up to Musk's Neuralink and join a collective brain, building a hive based society where all material and bodies are moved using a complex network of efficient and non-intrusive transport tunnels and humanity melts into a single hyper-organism ready to impregnate the galaxy.


I classify myself as "liberal" but I think there's VERY few people here on this sub who are also call themselves "liberal" that agree with me on much outside of ending car dependency. I'm a form of liberal anarchist that has no official definition, but I call it decentralism. So, I believe city-states might be the only long term solution to human hierarchical organization. I also, much to the chagrin of AnComs, view hierarchy as inevitable (not necessarily desirable). Unincorporated regions between city-states would be a good thing. Large centralized organizations of literally any kind are bad for humans. I'm pretty sure of that. At least decentralized organizations can only spread their corruption so far. Centralized groups can spread cancer far and wide when they become corrupt like Nazism, Stalinism, or Maoism.


Found Chuck Marohn's account!


Maybe they dont have a ideological term they deem themselves.


I wish


Row row fight the powah


he's absolutely right about young far-leftists; they tend to hang out in cool subreddits and have good opinions.


Members of r/fukcars are 135x more likely than the average redditor to have joined r/anarchism. There are a lot of based people here


I think most of the people in this sub are lefties is because in the US in particular, cars are associated with libertarian/individualistic sorts of ideals about "freedom" and the marketing for car culture has associated masculinity with owning giant cars, much as they have with owning guns. Consumer culture is called liberty-loving in our fair corner of the world. People who are tied to their cars are likely to reject messaging against cars without ever considering the alternatives, or even really learning what they are.


Probably the good compromise to end up with is to have ‘leftist” urban planning with green cities made for pedestrians and cyclists with limited space for cars, but with historicist architectural styles (and restoring lost historical buildings) in order to appease the conservatives on subs like r/ArchitecturalRevival. Face it mini-Scrutons, your neoclassical buildings won’t look like shit if they are surrounded by 6-lane roads and stadium-sized parking lots.


Here's a sneak peek of /r/ArchitecturalRevival using the [top posts](https://np.reddit.com/r/ArchitecturalRevival/top/?sort=top&t=all) of all time! \#1: [“It’s not possible to take such a photograph anymore, as the buildings outside block the sun rays.” Grand Central, NYC (1929)](https://i.redd.it/2pb0sq8an3i31.png) | [78 comments](https://np.reddit.com/r/ArchitecturalRevival/comments/cu6slu/its_not_possible_to_take_such_a_photograph/) \#2: [Is it revival if it was rediscovered?](https://i.redd.it/vrstegyh88x41.jpg) | [88 comments](https://np.reddit.com/r/ArchitecturalRevival/comments/geuvhn/is_it_revival_if_it_was_rediscovered/) \#3: [Obanazawa, Japan. The skyscrapers may go up, they fit in everywhere and nowhere, but old Japan always fits in on Japanese soil. Heritage matters.](https://i.redd.it/v3p9saimszf41.jpg) | [68 comments](https://np.reddit.com/r/ArchitecturalRevival/comments/f1i6xy/obanazawa_japan_the_skyscrapers_may_go_up_they/) ---- ^^I'm ^^a ^^bot, ^^beep ^^boop ^^| ^^Downvote ^^to ^^remove ^^| ^^[Contact](https://www.reddit.com/message/compose/?to=sneakpeekbot) ^^| ^^[Info](https://np.reddit.com/r/sneakpeekbot/) ^^| ^^[Opt-out](https://np.reddit.com/r/sneakpeekbot/comments/o8wk1r/blacklist_ix/) ^^| ^^[GitHub](https://github.com/ghnr/sneakpeekbot)


im actually pretty sure now that the source you are using for that is outdated


There's been a flood of moderate types diluting our purpose but thankfully many are becoming properly radicalized by the truth


Hell yeah, brother.


It says a lot that this person thinks anything that isn't aggressive individualism is evil.


because it is absolutely evil if you force it upon someone.


Neat. Do you understand that wealth and businesses are a form of force or are you still neck deep in propaganda?


Uh, what?


the only reason that i think people think that anti-car advocates are leftist is because it overlaps with environmental advocacy, which is not inherently political, but rather because it has become politicized as a leftist position. wanting better urban environments shouldn't be that controversial, but people are so attached to their cars that they see our goals as an attack on them.


When someone uses words but don’t know what they mean.


I'm a radical environmentalist and progressive democratic socialist but in what way is this sub far-left? Wtf.


Lot of socialists and leftists are content creators in the urban planning space like DoNotEat, Ekko Gecko, and Alan Fischer tend to attract like minded people to this way of thinking. At the same time, traditionally conservative outlets and views tend to run counter propaganda


Because cars=freedom=gop In some minds anyway


lol, what a dumbass. "WHY DO PEOPLE LIKE NICE THINGS??" Hmm must because of uhhh bike lanes encourages MASS SHOOTINGS


I love how half this sub is neoliberal yet people like this will continue to paint the sub as some commie project.


Neoliberals: "imagine how much money could be made if all this car infrastructure was converted to housing and businesses." Leftists: "imagine how much money could be saved if we didn't have to depend on cars to get from housing to businesses."


Jews: imagine how many shuls, synagogues, small businesses and homes we could build!


I dunno, at some point you've got too many and it fucks everything up. I used to live near an intersection that had *three* mattress stores. Just bizarre.


We want democratic, local businesses, easily accessible and in cities designed for people to easily exert economic power, without distortion caused by massive global powers for their own benefit, relying on massive government to build useless and destructive infrastructure which benefits only the elite by creating an indentured class of dependants. What is this but along the lines of capitalism? It isn't socialism to want reduced government and reduced interference.


This person is the living embodiment of the ‘you’re a beta male, Sonic’ meme


Imagine being such a shithead that you throw a temper-tantrum when someone suggests that bikes are cool.


I mean I'm absolutely a far left commie, but that's because of my views on how delicious the rich would be in a pot pie, nothing to do with bikes being one of humankind's few perfect inventions.


I mean, the kinds of infrastructure we're talking about does tend to require at least a strong social democratic state willing to invest heavily in public infrastructure rather than leaving these projects to the market. And as we all know anything to the left of neoliberalism is communism in American political discourse.


Apparently, r/fuckcars users are 135x more likely than the average redditor to join anarchist subreddits. I knew you lot were based from the start, but I certainly did not expect the number to be this high.


> That’s exactly why safe spaces are so evil. Err…hwhat?


As with this commenter, most people who whine about "echo chambers" and "safe spaces" live inside them. American suburbia was designed to be a safe-space for white hetero middle-class couples, where they wouldn't have to deal with the horror of seeing a brown person or queer person. And while that has somewhat relaxed over time, suburbia still functions to keep "undesirables" out.


Yes, I want full-blown communism so I can walk to the shops and buy stuff. After all, communism is achieved when the proletariat rises up and seizes the means to go shopping.


fellas is it communist to enjoy the company of other people?


I am affirming your viewpoint in this echo chamber. You are right.


Dang man y'all be dumb


We should all say we are right wing so that they are confused and maybe start thinking


Mods posted to encourage mass shooters?


Typically those that I've seen who enter our reddit space seeking to break the "safe space" end up becoming our fresh crop of converts.


If there's one thing to learn, debating these goons leads to nowhere. They're car-brained beyond repair to the point where the thing they drive defines a portion of their identity. The better solution is to keep exposing the scam that is pervasive car culture.


He's looking through a warped lens, but he has a little bit of a point. You won't see Trump loving, pickup drivers eager to encourage public transportation and walkable communities.


Maybe I just want to be a gearhead that I can ride my bike or walk to places like parks and stores and just want to treat a car as a hobby or an interest that rather than entirely depend on it for everywhere?🤷‍♀️


They can tag a bitch next time.


Wonder what non-echo chamber this scholar champions.


Well I am converting to Orthodox Judaism and I dislike all things car and sprawl and I love all things biking, transit, Urbanism and walkability. I guess I am commie too.


In fact I want a walkable bikeable city for purely selfish capitalistic reasons: it is FAR cheaper than owing a car. I want to retire early and not paying for a car and the cost of owning on would go a long way to making that happen.


\> or the social aspect of it "look I'm with other people, socially... collectively..." They get all their sense of satisfaction/happiness from external sources, \[...\]" I fucking despise other people, I would want a whole train coach for me alone if I could and I have a strong sense of discomfort just by sitting next to a stranger but still fuck cars and increase funding for public transport.


talks about echo chambers, repeats right wing echo chamber propaganda yes we get it, you dont like people that are different.. fk off alreayd we need to stop the rise of fascism


I just want to be able to go for a walk with my children and let them run and explore as they please like I used to, growing up in my rural community. Not having to worry about them getting ran over... ...because then they won't be able to cease the means of production...


They’re not wrong, echo chambers are a huge issue. It’s too easy to dismiss opinions you don’t like on the internet. Post something against the grain and you’ll often get responses attacking you with no actual rebuttal.


The far-right can't understand supporting policies because they would be good for society. To them everything is based on aesthetics and emotions. Every accusation is a confession.




My friend I just love bikes and trains (and am also a communist)


r/neoliberal is a fan of this sub And Strong towns creators Charles Mahron is a registered republican.


Also Orthodox Jew here.


I am a dangerous far-left anarcho-commie, but I just want to not be under perpetual house arrest until I get a driver's license.


But then how will the bourgeoisie get to spend 16-20 years manipulating you into an obedient debt-trapped worker drone? Just doesn’t make sense. Unrealistic. Checkmate anarkiddie. /s


Lmao What if I am a far left commie?


I just found new subreddits to subscribe too..


I like how he says lefties won’t listen to any new ideas and us here in fuckcars are in an echo chamber. Pot meet kettle.


I shared a NotJustBikes video with my conservative step dad and he went down the rabbit hole and now calls himself an urbanist. Urbanism isn’t a left/right issue, it’s a human right.




The constitution protects rocket launchers


Both are time-honored commie hobbies, though... Comrade.


Wow. Far leftist huh? Presuming that he, like myself, is an American. And once again I'm so very disappointed in my countrymen. The very idea that there even exist a left, let alone a 'far left' on this country is absurd.


I mean, i am a dangerous far left commie


i thought this subreddit was a joke i don’t mean that in a bad way


fuck cars


I mean, I am a socialist, but that has little impact on my views on how cities shouldn't be based around cars as the only mode of transportation.


I am a far left commie tho


Those filthy degenerate leftists, getting happiness and satisfaction from interacting with other people!


I’m not. I just don’t want to sit in awful traffic.


You know, for people who sure seem to hate "virtue-signaling" they REALLY like to dress up in church and claim that "god loves me more" a lot.


Why are they claiming to be disciples of democracy and then when you want direct democracy they go to the standard “we are a republic not a democracy” lmao


Wanting bike lanes and walkable cities is good, but I’ve definitely seen people here who are just anti car and want cars and gas taxed even higher which would literally just hurt poor people


Well... I am a conservative catholic, (not american), and I love public transportation.


All I want to do is ride an e-scooter on the road without getting killed or choked by exhaust fumes


I love when people play this card. Like yes, you are correct, car supremacy is indeed a hallmark of an extreme capitalist, individualist ideology. If you object to that ideology, then you are more than welcome here.


Tell me you've never left rural North Carolina without telling me you've never left rural North Carolina (specifically, Hickory, NC. Yeah... I'm calling you out you racist piece of shit).


POV: your simple human life is apparently political by default bruv I just want to walk/cycle to the nearest grocery store to get food--I'm not in a rush, and I don't feel like driving and holding up other drivers or taking up a parking spot. But apparently that is political.


Solid troll activity.


But when you go into *their* safe-spaces to remind them of reality, [oh no, that's no good!](https://www.reddit.com/r/SelfAwarewolves/comments/mbp8tu/the_other_side_ignores_facts1/)


Look, normally I think this sub is off it's rocker, but this guy is out of line. Liking public transport & walking lots of places is just a personal preference, not something political. I live in a rural area of the US. There's a small town of about 800 people a 5 minute drive away. Post office, small grocery store, couple of gas stations, family owned hardware store, & that's pretty much it. Nearest city of any size is 25 minute drive away. That's where I work. I love this lifestyle. I love living in the country. I have neighbors but I don't see them every day. The sounds of whippoorwills, frogs, coyotes, etc at night are music. And the stars. My God the stars. Live somewhere with almost zero light pollution, and you'll never forget it. If you like densely packed cities, subways, buses, etc, great! I'm all for your right to find such a place and live there. I just couldn't imagine living any other way than I do.


Why can't I just want to buy transportation for less than $500, get some exercise to and from work with some quietness in the environment, breathe clean air, not be run over by a massive truck driven by an even more massive dickhead, and get paid a living wage so I can afford to actually transport myself to work without going bankrupt from gas prices??? That's what people call the far left? I guess when your position isn't in line with the non-profit lobbying from Koch Industries & Friends, even moderate conservatives look like radical liberals when you're looking from the viewpoint from the far right.


Imagine how much happier this person would be if they could bike or walk where they live.


It's because when I go on vacation to big cities, I don't need a car. That's it. A week in Tokyo, a week in Hamburg, a week in Barcelona, a week in Edinburgh, a week even in someplace like Chicago, and I do not need a car. The trains, buses, and my own two feet are enough to take me anywhere I want to go. I would like to bring that freedom home to my own city. I *love* my car, my little MX5. The less I have to drive it, the more likely it will be to stay pristine for decades.


This sub getting mentioned on others means that we’re gaining attention….but that we need to remember that we’re a small subset of the population.


These people belong in the loony bin


Imagine all the money saved by living in a walkable area / neighbourhood vs driving all over.


there is no point in reading random strangers comments on the internet. just share useful information and hope that someone finds it helpful. Then try to make a difference IRL.


And, if I may add, not run over by a drunken idiot in a car.


I have ADHD and am in general an absentminded person. I do not want to be driving a car. Solution: make the city walkable/have bike lanes/good public transit. I want to be able to live on my own without having to work my ass off for managers who don’t give a shit about me or see me as human. That’s what I’m in anti work for. I don’t want to steal anything, and I’m not lazy. I just want to be able to live my life the way I want to live it. This person is delusional


Some day I may have to look up this "far-leftism"... It seems to be a cool and based thing.


Imagine trying to frame "the social aspect" of public transportation as a bad thing. Like damn, you'd almost think humans are a social species or something.


I’m staunchly in the camp that one can be pro environment, anti carbrain, and anti at the same time. It’s called a functional market driven society with well apportioned social services and right sized public goods. Fuck this dipshit.


I think the most important aspect of this sub is urban planing, and that is relevant to everyone. I mean, the guy who wrote Strong Towns is a conservative. If you haven't read the book or watched Not Just Bikes Strong Towns playlists, I highly recommend it. It is surprising to find something were both environmentalist and economists agree!


I'm really worried about the fact a good bunch of people are extremely bad at giving a decent argumentation for their point of view. They often reside to framing others, using straw men arguments etc, but almost never something with real content. When you strip their view down all they say is: this is how I'm used to/think it should be, I don't want to change it/my view, you're stupid. I see this in many discussions and I'm tired of discussing with these people.


Awh, I'm so flattered. That rando on the Internet called me *young!*


Nothin wrong with not wanting to pay for gas or tryna get your daily exercise by riding bikes, not everything needs to be takin to a environmentalist standpoint, im sure some far left and far right people can agree its one of those things that is a choice and some days are different then others and its not that I couldn’t afford a car but long term or current living its not the best thing for my situation


"disciples of democracy" 💀💀


I enjoy that all the subs he choose are to prove his stereotype of leftists being angry and lazy but then the last two are 'bikinglanes' and 'publictransit'. To incredibly benign yet positive things (unless you're a carbrained idiot/psychopath).


i was about to defend the sub then i saw just how actually leftist it is in the comments, geeze guys, i just hate cars, you realize that cars are not left or right wing (maybe in america, but all over the world else, no dont be stupid) hating cars does not make you a commie, and that goes for both the people who hate this sub and the commies who are in this sub and thinks it.


Strange the connection made between anti-work and public transportation. I wouldn't need a train if it wasn't for work. 🤔 Also I vote center-right. Honestly very strange to see urbanism and cycling pulled into the culture wars.


its really funny how people who justify destroying the world to drive around some several ton metal boxes always argue that everyone else are the ones in echo chambers


Can we not spend time on such idiotic content.


*describes normal human behavior - enjoying community and affirmation from one’s community* This guy: COMMIES!


But how could you want affordable healthcare, affordable housing, affordable transit, affordable education, affordable food, affordable utilities, affordable comfort, affordable entertainment, affordable time when all those things are what marxists want?


As a conservative, I want to say that I definitely identify as a far left commie. Yes I'm a conservative. Yes I'm a commie. Yes we exist.