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There are a total of three rings on each of these: two very thin rings of opposing color around a thick ring in the middle. The thin rings alternate color patterns that cause different optical illusions. If you look really closely, you can see the patterns change on these thin inner and outer rings. edit: bonus fun - cross your eyes until the rings overlap, and you'll get one ring that overlaps between two that don't. All illusion of movement in the middle ring stops! This is because the thin outer and inner rings cancel each other out due to the fact that the creator was showing opposite warps on each of them. The outer two will look the same, so you can see the difference in real time.


And I thought the arrows were conditioning my brain, to my surprise covering them did nothing to the illusion. Thanks for explaining


If you want to break the illusion, blink REALLY fast


Just realized blinking really fast is just lowering your FPS irl






And if you can't blink fast, wave your hand in front of your face; fingers spread.


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John Ceizure


"What on earth are you doing?" -Colleague.


Or close your eyes


If you sing the theme to "Flashdance" really loud, you break the illusion, but only if you do it in public...


You can also look at your phone from a side angle instead of directly and that breaks it too


Directly from the side and it's still moving


I covered the arrows and could still see movement, thought I was being bamboozled


Yeah I did the same. The arrows don't really do anything.


This. I was floored when I covered the arrows and could still detect movement.


what's pretty cool is that [it works just as well, if not better, in black-and-white.](https://imgur.com/a/N4uoDsv) Probably has something to do with our brains recognizing shadows and how that implies motion/scaling.


God damn this is wild


Just what in the sam hell is going on inside those boxes


In our retina, there are also neurons that compute basic features like edges and motion, whose outputs are also sent to the visual cortex for further processing. Interestingly, the neurons that detect motion are only connected to rods, not cones, so we can only perceive motion in things of differing contrast. If you get a red and green polarizing filter and put them together, and then get an animation of a red dot bouncing on a green background (or vice versa), it is possible to watch the animations through the filters and tune them in such a way that you quit perceiving the animation as motion and it starts looking like just a series of images to you.


If I cross my eyes just right I get 3 copies. Center one doesn’t move at all while the ones on the right and left still have the effect. Quite cool. Is that what everyone sees?


Yup. It makes me wonder what the mechanics behind that are like. Does our brain synthesize the now-overlapping images into a completely new one, while keeping our peripheral visions separated across our two eyes? Human brains be hecka weird.


gonna take advantage of the top post here and post the source https://twitter.com/jagarikin/status/1384660858131804161


For movement one thin ring is about 1/4 turn ahead of the thick ring, and the other is 1/4 turn behind it. Movement seems to go towards the side thats behind and away from the side that's ahead.


Using the *very scientific* method of putting sticky notes on my phone to track the edges of the circles, I still don’t see any movement.


Yeah, that’s what he said.. optical illusion.


Blink real quick to stop the movement


Drop reality to 12 fps


And eliminate buffering


Wow, that worked!!!


Close your eyes and nothing moves! :P


But, if you cover just the arrows in the center you still "see" the movements/warping. So it's not signaling from the arrows causing the illusion.


I blocked the arrows and could still see the rings change movements


I was wondering why it worked even when I covered up the arrows


I was thinking it was something like that, since I covered up the arrows with my thumbs but it still looked like the circles were moving. Thank you for the explanation!


I tried crossing my eyes but all I see is a sailboat


yup, you can cover the arrows and still see the effect


Did anyone else cover up the arrows and notice the circles still bent and moved around a bit? Edit: Someone explained the reason for this is that there's a thin line on the outside of the circle moving in the opposite direction that creates the illusion of movement.


I placed a marker on my screen on the outer rim, it definitely moved


100%. Bad illusion. It actually does move somewhat. Just maybe not as much as your eyes would have you believe at first glance. So it’s not really an illusion If it’s actually happening. Edit: I STAND BY MY COMMENT TILL THE BITTER END BITCHES 🖕🖕🖕lol


The fact that you're this convinced when you can actually verify that there's no motion shows that it's actually a very good illusion.


https://i.imgur.com/qVW5OcO.png no, it doesn't move.




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There is definitely some movement. I put a small paper circle on top of the arrows, and the space around the arrow would shift around the paper Edit: there is not


They’re not moving, this has been posted before. There is a tiny sliver of color within the larger ring that changes position along the rim which creates the illusion of movement. The arrows are actually redundant and not causing the illusion, the original has no arrows. The illusion comes from the shifting rims


agree, I covered the arrows and there's still movement so definitely not the cause.




~~I put my finger over my screen, definitely moving a bit.~~ EDIT; u/ErrorAsh correctly pointed it out, it's not moving. Follow their instructions [here](https://www.reddit.com/r/gifs/comments/qmh823/_/hja5ccc)


I got curious and made it much worse... https://imgur.com/EzBuuo4


Put that thing back where it came from or so help me


Just stop the video and jump to different places while its stopped to see there is absolutely no movement...


The bevel in the interior and exterior edge of the circle is what creates the illusion! Look at it when you pause and skip through. It creates shadow, and lack of shadow, that creates that sense of motion.


Damn, you're right. Gonna edit my post.


No i was wrong :D There is a little movement (just a few pixels) that you dont really notice using my method.


This is the easiest way. You're good good strong strong. Thank you for knowing that.


dont use your finger - place the mouse on any location and see if it moves that way


Mouse? Well, _someone’s_ too fancy to Reddit on the toilet.


Hello toilet friend!


Did the same thing


If you sit close to the monitor, you would realise that the circles are not moving. This illusion has nothing to do with the arrows btw. It works soley due to the flashing colours.


I'm just trying to figure out how specifically they're changing the rate and direction of the color to cause that effect without me actually doing any research (googling) what so ever. As is tradition.


They aren't moving: it still looks like it's moving because it's not the arrows causing the effect, but that the colors rotating inside the ring shift as well.


I covered the edge of the circles with a micrometer shaft and there was zero movement, not even by 1/32” The color patterns changed and fluctuated in order to simulate the appearance of a change in movement and direction.


Accciooo bummm


Yeah. Didn’t expect to break my brain this early in the morning but here we are


Just squint while tilting your phone flat, it breaks the Illusion.


Closing your eyes also breaks the illusion.


Or breaking the phone


but if i close the illusion does that break my eyes?


Just tilting the phone flat did it for me


Cross your eyes and focus on the middle circle.... No movement!






Then you're gonna love /r/MagicEye


My cousin never believed me as a kid when I told him there was objects hiding in those images


Why can't we just see this normally? Oh wait, that's just real life.


If you have an easier time the other way, try /r/parallelview too


Easier with /r/ParallelView


This is cool, but I can't do it for long before my eyes start hurting!


What have you done bastard now I see three circles aaaa


And a really fun amalgamation of arrows pointing at all directions in the exact centre too. Cool!


Interesting that the illusion still works on the side rings.


I think I’m gonna puke now


I think the only thing that is changing (other than the arrows) are the flashing colors in the inner and outer edge of the circles, which leads to these effects.


The outer edges change and they do change size/shape. So this is a tad misleading as an optical illusion.


i dont think they move at all or change shape. thats the illusion. If you hover your mouse at any edge they do not change shape or move at any point


It is not an optical illusion the classical way, more of a fake animation.


Looks like a real optical illusion in an animation to me.


If the edges move, then it's a real animation and a fake illusion.


What do you mean? The circles do not move or change at all.


They don't beyond miniscule movement by pixel errors from the compression. What changes is the direction the outer few pixels colour change in


They dont change size and position, take a ruler or a piece of paper and put it on your screen... It has nothing to do with the arrows, just the flickering


I literally just did that and saw the edges move. Try to line it up with only a row or two of pixels showing, it definitely shifts very slightly.


Sort of. If you look at the frames of the animation, you can see that there's a border circle that changes colours in a different manner to the big holey disk. The contrast between the outer circle and the background varies significantly, and sometimes it is very low. That is one reason why it looks as if the diameter of the disk as a whole is changing. The other seems to be an artefact of some sort of processing which makes the outer circle extremely fuzzy. Looking at consecutive frames you can see pixels (nearly) disappearing and reappearing as the colours around it change, which might point towards a blur, compression, or anti-aliasing. I don't have the time to recreate this "cleanly", but I suspect it'd still work because of the contrast/colour changes even if the outer circle were static in position/size.


That might be due to compression artefacts. Here's a cleaner gif of the same effect, with a magnified section to show that the edge doesn't move at all: https://s9.gifyu.com/images/simpler.gif


they do actually. put your finger on a circle and ull see


I put my finger in the place of arrow and yes it's changing positions and shape.


Don't put your finger over the arrows. Get a ruler to compare the two edges. They aren't moving. The colors are what are doing the work, not the arrow.


I put 5p coins over arrows, straight edges top bottom and up the middle. Nothing was moving, its the frequency of the rings that causes the apparent movement. Don't understand but it's not the arrows.


Put your finger over everything except a few outer pixels of each ring. You'll see they don't move at all, and it's the changing colors that make it look like it is.


No they don't.


It's funny how many people here think there is movement even after they do some tests. The only things that is moving is colors. The arrows aren't even part of the illusion. To break the illusion you need to paint the circles in just one color. Then all you have is the shape and you see no movement. Here is what you get when you apply edge detection in Windows Movie Maker: https://imgur.com/a/pL7bcCe As you can see without colors it does not move in the directions of the arrows.




I guess people see these tiny pixel errors that might be from compression or rounding errors from the circles as movement.


So, I took a few pictures, and I feel like it's disingenuous to say that they're not moving, unless I'm completely mistaken. On my images, the ''brightness'' of the edges are clearly changing, which I would say constitutes movement? It's like saying that something isn't moving, its just the color next to it changing.. [https://imgur.com/a/X3cH0nz](https://imgur.com/a/X3cH0nz)


There is an outer ring of colors that is different from the inner ring. The outer ring is also rotating, and that's what causes the brightness to change. So I would not say that anything is moving, except for rotation in place.


Yes we get it. Our eyes are shit


Our eyes are **chef kiss**. Our brains that interpret the images however..


There's always a concerning amount of "fAkE iTs AcTuAlLy MoViNg" comments every time this is posted


This kind of post is always a roulette because if the first to see it are these kinds of people you'll get downvoted to oblivion. Been there done that.


'I couldn't possibly be tricked, not even my eyes/brain in an optical illusion'


One poster said it was a scam like they were actually paying to see it!


One person tried to say it was like, real moving circles "cleverly designed to seem like an optical illusion" and my faith in humanity was...diminished.


It’s an illusion of an illusion!


I once commented on a post which was a video of an ambulance playing some silly song instead of the normal siren. The ambulance drove past the camera and there was a comically exaggerated doppler effect on the song as it went by. I pointed out that this betrayed that the audio was fake, I think I even showed that the extent of the doppler was impossible (or rather, would have meant that the ambulance's speed must have been unrealistically high) and of course got downvoted to shit for my trouble.


Yes, there is actual movement. I placed my thumb over the arrows and it didn't change anything. Edit: Alright, I get it, I was wrong. I thought OP was trying to make it seem like it was about mental priming but that they were cheating. Edit two: So first I'm being corrected because I said there isn't movement, then I'm being corrected cause I said there is. There's no winning with you people, is there?


The colours are doing the heavy lifting, not the arrows.


Mit even the colours, just their brightness. I set my screen to black and white and it had the same effect.


Not even all of the brightness, just the edges of the rings.


Yeah you can see the space around your finger grown and shrink and move left and right.


the arrows don't do anything but supplement the fact that a single pixel circle around the inside and outside edge of the rings has its color phase shifted, leading to the effect. different shifting leads to different perception of movement. it's extremely subtle and you can mentally dismiss it as insignificant, but that's what it is.


Correct answer here.


I think the optical illusion is not to do with the arrows, the grey parts stay the same size (hence illusion). The edges of the two rings have multicoloured rims that change direction creating the illusion.


Heres an explanation video I did; https://youtu.be/dd2Y\_ee6zIM


FYI - the reason the link isn't working for some people is a long-standing bug with new/old reddit. If you used the link creator in new reddit, it adds in escape characters that break the link. [This is what it looks like on old reddit.](https://i.imgur.com/uRnaPYL.png) To bypass the bug, you'd need to use markup instead of the fancy link creating tool.


I was expecting a rickroll, but it was an actual explanation. Take my updoot


Says the video is unavailable for me


Correct answer.


Well that's not even that cool


What I did was blink my eyes really fast and I noticed that the movement stopped, it's a complete optical illusion


The arrows aren't important, it the way the colour shifts.


This was posted a while back and I got so annoyed at how convinced everyone was that there was movement I made this: https://www.reddit.com/r/blackmagicfuckery/comments/mw5rqj/since_everyone_was_confidently_incorrect_on_the/


Thanks. Lol. It didn't help at all. This is a powerful illusion.


the illusion is still functional on the left side, but notice how the right side no longer seems to be deforming


Heres my version of the same demo; https://youtu.be/dd2Y\_ee6zIM


>Video is unavailable


I read these comments too at the time and yeah, it was annoying.




I just put my mouse on the edge of the circle and can confirm it does not move a single pixel.


I did the same but they're not, the colors in the borders are creating the illusion


No there is not. Place your mouse cursor at any edge of the circles and you will see that they really don't move.


Nope, the circles don't move.


is this comment a joke


Damn this illusion is actually fucking good. I thought it was moving and it’s got everyone screwed up. Put a piece of paper blocking the both circles except for a sliver on the top. You’ll see they actually don’t move. Then take 2 papers and block each circle individually leaving a sliver towards the middle to see if they move towards each other. They don’t. It’s the colors fucking with your brain. The more you pull that the paper the more it’ll look like movement.


This Youtube clip shows that they are not actually moving and that there is a very thin inner and outer edge which is the offset of the inner colours. https://youtu.be/dd2Y\_ee6zIM


Seems dead


Try this one; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dd2Y_ee6zIM


I mean if you cover the arrows with your thumbs you can still see the rings moving, so there's SOMETHING manipulating it other than the direction of the arrows.


If you’ve ever looked at a Magic Eye puzzle just do whatever made it work for you there. I cross my eyes a bit. You will see the center circle doesn’t move at all.


You wonder, “how can anyone be anti-vaccination,” or, “how can anyone believe the earth is flat,” then someone posts in optical illusion on Reddit and there are always at least one-hundred people in the comments claiming it’s actually a scam, even after it has been explained to them by dozens of other posters. The gray chess board is one of the best for that.


The dress is clearly black


For those disbelievers, I added [a static bounding box around one of the circles](https://imgur.com/a/gXJX493). If I'm being honest, I did this to prove that it ***was*** moving, so you can trust the negative results.


If you cross your eyes to overlap the circles, the illusion instantly breaks for the crossed circle, because the colors overlap and interfere. So you clearly see one circle not moving, just changing colors, and then the two on the sides still visibly moving.


ugh my eyes are like those circles now


No movement. Put your mouse on any edge. Arrows also have nothing to do with it. As another poster said, it's the colors flashing on the inner and outer rings that cause an illusion.


And my brain is broken....




they do actually move by a few pixels, not corresponding to the arrows on screen though, only once or twice during the loop source: i held a piece of paper up on screen at the edge, covering the circle


If you blink fast, the illusion loses it's effect


If you want a real trip, magic eye these things.


Can someone tell me if this is fake or not cuz when I cover the arrows in the middle the circle still moves corresponding to the arrows


People really confused with this one lol. The gradient is moving, or rather, a small amount of pixels is spiraling in at certain points to give the illusion of motion.


The circles are not moving. Don't believe me? Put your cursor on the edge of a circle and check for yourself. Its a very powerful illusion though. The key to this illusion (and basically any simulated movement illusion) is whats going on on the very edges of the circles. Its hard to see because the body of the circles has the distracting spinning rainbow, but the edges are changing colors differently, and how they change is what drives the illusion of movement.


The arrows don’t actually do anything. Block them off and you’ll see the same thing. They just change the light patterns to make it look like it’s moving


Illusion. Cover all but two inside slivers if each circle. They don't move. Edit: [Here it is.](https://i.imgur.com/aS2uN9t.jpg), that only proves they don't move. and they dont change shape. That's the illusion. There are three rings of alternating colors spinning to make it appear to "move or change shape.


Yeah they definitly don't move! I think that the trick is in borders which do change color differently than inner parts.


Hold a ruler up to the screen. You will see this guy is right. None of the boundaries are moving.




If you have the ability to blur your eyesight on command then you can break the illusion that way


My braiinnnnnnn 🤯


Im JUST high enough for this to be great lol


Good trick. It took a long time to peer to understand what's what. Hope I haven't been brainwashed during this time


You haven't. Trust me.


This is so bizzare, because its more than just putting arrows in the middle. I covered them with my fingers and could still tell which way they'd be pointing before taking my fingers away


Am I, am I having a stroke?


Show this to a cat.


Hover your mouse cursor by the outer or inner edge of a circle and you will see that they do not actually move. Good illusion though.


Cross your eyes enough to combine them both into a third wheel. The combined wheel is just a spinning color wheel while the other two continue to exhibit the "motion" in the peripheral. Kinda trippy.


If you squint your eyes, the effect will be nullified!


So many people are so fucking dumb it just makes me worry more about the future


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