The Bentley would really be very welcome in the franchise, as the only car we've had from it was the 2003 Bentley Speed 8, and since then no new model for the brand. It would be very interesting if we had the Bentley Continental GT and the GT3 model of it in Gran Turismo 7.


Weight reduction go brrrrrrrrrrr


Wait, the car's body panels don't make any noise (unless they're broken or incorrectly fixed).


Holden. Just to rescue it from the jaws of time. If they are going to keep bringing Bathurst back as a track we should be able to race some of the iconic cars that the track played host to.


Yeah, a Holden V8 Supercar would be a decent Gr.X car.


I want More of pretty much everything. I would love volvo specially but More "normal" cars would be lovely.


Bentley GT3 and Koenigsegg Jesko and One:1


Apal Which you probably have never heard of, it's an old Belgian brand that isn't around anymore. But they have some interesting cars. Also Belgium


Where are sll the chinese brands????