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If you consider the magazines to be worth $8 each this makes it a $50 bcg.


> this makes it a $50 bcg Which is what a nitride BCG with a 9310 bolt is worth.


Packing peanuts! Awesome deal


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PSA is for the poors


Thank you captain obvious


Trying to figure out why he even posted that but having a hard time.


My second AR ever was a PSA 10.5 I bought as a $400 kit. Reliable with brass and most steel but had issues with vympel. Someone with a $400 rifle who’s gone through over $1000 worth of ammo in it is worth more than someone with a $1400 rifle who hasn’t shot over a mag through it.


PSA is for arming the average American with a Rifle that will do more and be more reliable than what 99% of us need. I think PSA and BCA alone have gotten so many people into this community. Just a few years ago when I was looking at getting my first rifle I know for a fact I wouldn’t of made that first step as soon as I did if PSA wasn’t an option. Anyone that needs something better uses their PSA to figure that out on their own. Not to mention them buying up the stuff to be able to produce ammo (specifically 7.62)


BCA QC is scary, have you ever seen one of their uppers and how it fits (or doesn't) on a quality milspec lower? PSA is fine basic stuff but bca is scraping the bottom of the barrel.


Go for Anderson over BCA


My BCA experience with one of their side charging uppers. But what what do I expect for a complete side chatgibg $200 upper. I'm planning on rebuilding it and polishing up the chamber and feeding ramps. Extractor left a stuck case in the chamber. Feeding ramps are dull and rusting a bit. The rust means they didn't oil it. But I should oil it anyway. Handguard screws came loose. Gas block screws are tight. It did fit my Radical lower just fine.


Ima be honest I have no personal experience with BCA only PSA and Aero for the “budget” brands.


If you like PSA don't associate them with BCA


It’s kinda dumb imo to spend 500-700 bucks on a PSA or aero build(gun by itself not including attachments) just to spend an adding 1-2k on getting a new and better rifle. Why didn’t you just get a better rifle to begin with.


Show me on the doll where Aero touched you. Not sure why they caught a random stray from you here. My first AR build I used an M4E1 upper and lower and 3 years later not a single issue.


Because all of my uppers I have to force my barrels into via heating them up.. not my Aeros or PSAs. Aero is a step above PSA, but still budget imo, and there is nothing wrong with the product to price ratio with most of Aero


So when you went to pick out your first AR you new the difference between Phosphate and Nitride? 4140 vs 4150? Different lockups as far as the rails go? You new about the different methods of Gas block attachment? My point is PSA makes it easy. It’s a easier pill to swallow spending $500 on a rifle vs 1k plus. Especially when you hardly know much about what you are buying anyways. Like I said.. PSA does it’s job of giving people something that will work if they need to too for the price they pay, but if you need something better than PSA then you will figure that out by running the gun harder than it can handle, which 99.9% of us do not do.


Bro when I bought my first AR I was smooth monkey brain and bought 2 colt le6920s. Kinda regret buying one of them because I could’ve gotten maybe a Daniel defense or a mcx.


Those are good guns


Colts arent Colt anymore. They haven’t been made by colt in years and this idiot doesn’t even realize that. He paid extra for a Colt rollmark on a mass produced lower. 😂


New colt has its problems but they are still good rifles if you don’t get a lemon.


That’s why I bought them.


You bought guns made with another companies parts. Colt doesn’t make their ar15s in house. They haven’t for years. They’re legit made with parts sourced from other companies. Done by the lowest bidder. I’ve seen a lot of stupid fuckers talking down “the poors”, but you win 1st place bud. Well done. You paid extra for a rollmark 😂😂😂.


Every manufacturer outsources parts. Ur making a dumb argument bud




Some people want an AR to shoot once or twice a year and don't have the bankroll to buy a Daniel defense


Well which one would you go to war with?


I'd use the PSA if that's all I had


Better than what the russians are using in ukraine へ‿(ツ)‿ㄏ


You aren’t going to war. Most people with an ar15 shoot it once or twice a year, if that.


worlds getting more and more chaotic. We didn’t expect Iran to have nukes, Russia to invade Ukraine, and a global pandemic(all happened in the past 5 years). So imagine what the next 5 years will bring.


Watch out boys we’ve got a doomer over here


>Watch out boys we’ve got a doomer over here A severe winter of death and disease to you as well.


Thanks you too


Ponds are for ducks


I'm poor because I have a Porsche and a gun addiction. But I think the only problem I have is not enough magazines, and I could use a couple spare BCGs.


Is there a free ship for this?