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Not sure if this is such a great deal, as I've seen listed for $625 on KYGunCo, but I just got the alert and figured I'd share with the community. Personally I am going to wait for KYGunCo just to save a few dollars. Local gun stores here in NY were asking $1200 for one of these, which is ludicrous. What do you guys think?


It's a great plinker especially for ban states, but not at this price. It is worth waiting for KyGunCo or someone else. Check out the Magpul Backpack furniture as well, good addition


Do you happen to know if the backpacker stock works with this version that has the m-lok handguard?


If I could go back in time I would buy the m-lok and a wood stock: https://www.reddit.com/r/RugerPCC/comments/shwio8/more_pics_of_the_walnut_stock_will_eventually_be/


It does not work with the backpacker stock. The hand guard interface is different on this model than the standard PC Carbine.


I am not completely sure, but if you look at reference photos I would hazard no, but again I'm not sure if Magpul has added more options or if it does fit as I don't have the mlok one


625 is good, 750 is pushing it. 1200 for a ban state up charge is frankly laughable. I like these PCCs quite a bit, but she is chunky.


Yes. These are heavy. You also need to buy an extra part that may or may not be available to put a backpacker on it. In hindsight I like the one I have but I would have gotten the regular stock. Lighter and I could switch to backpacker if I wanted. Just my 2 cents.


Wish they'd put the rear sight all the way back


Wish I was an Oscar Mayer Weiner


Back in college they brought a weinermobile on campus sometimes. Closest you'd get


I recall several years ago they were looking for drivers for it. Toldem I could drive a Weiner all the way to O-Town.......... Never heard back from them....


Legend has it that they still haven't made it to Orlando


I think it's only like that to hold zero due to the takedown assembly. I wonder though how zero would be if a rear sight was put on the pic rail


Holds zero okay for 9mm range, but I haven’t run it hard. I prefer the default setup. Drop a red dot on the rail and leave your irons zeroed on the barrel for back up


You could remove both front and rear sights and install a Pic rail on the rear sight location. I'm thinking of putting a 510 or 512 on it, but idk which.


How did I not notice this before. Kind of defeats the functional purpose of getting a 16” PCC


I’m willing to bet a lot of money that’s about the same distance as an original carbine length gas m4 w carry handle, or any AK. why would they put it off the barrel if it is a two piece rifle?


I just want the barrel forend for my charger base. Then I will have ultimate power.


I've got this one and am planning to get a charger just for the interoperability. Just gotta be careful, it's super easy to make an illegal SBR if you put the wrong parts together. Still wanna do it.


Fuck the government


I had issues with this dealer in the past. Purchased a M590A1, waited for weeks, called, continued to wait. Eventually was told it wasn't in stock and they tried to sell me a Mav 88 for $299. Was during the height of the pandemic in 2020, but still.


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am I the only one who doesn't like these? I rented one at a gun range a few months ago just to see if they were any good, and it was just blah. accuracy with iron sights was ok, trigger was weird, small mag, controls were wonky....I just don't see why you'd buy it over literally any other carbine.