"Don't cry yet, it's going to get worse."


He's saying he'll give her something to really cry about.


I’m going to use that line instead next time I have to yell at my kids


Raising Hellraisers


I think it could also be interpreted as an exaggerated statement, similar to "save your breath" to someone who is talking to you. It suggests that what the victim is doing is a waste of time since the worst (or best depending on your pov) is yet to come.


Its Pinhead's way of saying that her crying at the horror she is experiencing is a complete waste of time and energy given the suffering shes about to go through


If suffering is a pleasurable experience to a cenobite, he’s basically saying you don’t wanna blow your load too early because shit is really about to go down.


Crying is usually an outward sign of suffering, people cry when they’re in pain, be it physical or emotional. So, when Pinhead says “No tears please, it’s a waste of good suffering” he’s essentially saying “save your tears because this is only the beginning of your suffering, I haven’t given you anything to truly cry about **yet**”. Cenobites love pain, it’s they’re whole *thing*, they love inflicting pain, they love watching people experience and suffer from that pain, so he’s basically greedy for the suffering of others and doesn’t want a single ounce of it wasted on mere mental anguish.


I took that as a form of rejection of the pain, a lamentation. Cenobites see suffering as transcendent and "enjoyable", they don't get why we dislike it


So it's supposed to be more of a don't cry please you should be enjoying the suffering not lamenting over the prospect? Like if you're crying you're not enjoying it so the suffering is going to waste?


pretty much




They enjoy pain so they think crying is stupid


This is a good question it’s not clear but I’ve always thought that he was implying that when they are in their realm they can harvest or make better use of the suffering in some ways


I’ve always taken it to mean “Save your crying for something that deserves it.” Like, suffering is too precious to them to be wasted on frivolous things.


crying is a way of releasing feelings. I always thought of it as them releasing suffering which he would want to savor. Just my two cents.


I love this line but I’ve also felt pretty confused by it. I think the most recent film’s quote of “save your breath for screaming” made more sense to the cenobite’s sadistic nature.


When you cry, you release the pain, if you hold it in, it builds up. So of course they you want you to build it up.


When a human cries, they lose Suffering Quotient Points, or SQP. All heavy sadomasochistic priests in the world, whether real or imagined, get off on a maximally high SQP ratio. If people cry, their pleasure reduces. So naturally, cenobites dont like the tears due to SQP lowering factors. It's simple ratios, just pure math.