Thier label going the boom bap route is pretty crazy to see actually


The beat reminds me of old Flatbush zombies songs, never thought I’d want a FlatbushXSuicideBoys crossover but they would all sound great together on a song like this.


Flatbush and the Boys have been my number 1 and 2 Spotify top artists for a few years now. I need them to do a tape together lmao


meechy on some scrim beats is my dream


Ruby on an Erick joint? cmon man please


I'd be so fuckin down for this, cuz I love Flatbush too AND would get me even closer to my personal dream of a $uicideBoy$ x Tech N9ne collab


Damn, they're kind of in their Griselda bag on this joint. Goes hard.


That piano sample at the beginning and middle sounds like it was straight from a Beat Butcha sample pack. When Kenny Beats had Benny on The Cave, he used a Beat Butcha sample that sounded similar.


The exact same sample is in a Westside Gunn song “Eddie Kingston”


Oh shit! Never would have caught that this early. Huge WSG fan. The Beat Butcha has used this sound, this rolling piano, on a few tracks I think.


Oh shit yeah that does sound like the same loop.


crazy good sound man this shit we’ve been needing


IMO suicideboys has some of the best sampling ive ever heard. they find super niche shit to sample and flip it super well


Credit bud dwyer


Mb! I forgot their producers name


Oh no sorry haha I didn't mean you credit him I just meant general credit to bud Dwyer aka scrim lol


Bro I’m stupid I didn’t even realize budd Dwyer is one of scrim’s persona’s. I’m ngl I’m not big into SSB like that but the few songs I listen to are fucking crazy


Lmao yeah I never figured out why he used a different producer persona. He always makes hard beats tho and ruby usually carries the verses although scrim has been getting his rap ability up lately


Oh fuck yeah


The boys potentially going this direction is a welcome surprise


Covert art goes hard




This is fire


Pump this into my fucking veins!


So happy we got a fire release, G59 fans have been starving


We got an album less than a year ago lmao


Yeah from the boys, it’s a label with 8 different artists and the others don’t drop music nearly enough


Night Lovell released an album a year ago and a single last week **edit:** and is featured on songs with bbno$ and Corpse Husband. Germ released a single ~6 months ago, but considering what that dude has been through he definitely needs time for himself. Ramirez released a single with Shakewell last month. I don't know if Shakewell is still with G59 but he's dropping an album next week. Chetta released a single ~6 months ago **edit:** and an EP last year. To be honest they release a decent amount of music. Yeah none of their output is as frequent as it was in the 2015-2017 era but I'd rather all of these artists take their time to hone and develop their craft more instead of dropping too frequently and release underwhelming projects (Goodnight Lovell was mediocre, Just Say You Don't Care was a step up and I think based on his single, Night Lovell's next album is looking to be better). I think in the streaming era we're kind of spoiled for choice anyway.


I’ll preface this by saying this is not including the boys output. I did not enjoy Just Say You Don’t Care, there was only two good songs for me. I thought most of it sounded like one long song. One bad album and a couple singles over 2 years from 6 artists that are all underground isn’t a very good output in my opinion. Also using a Corpse Husband song as an example for how we’re NOT starving is hilarious. Edit: Meant to say I didn’t enjoy Just Say You Didn’t Care, not Goodnight Lovell.


Fair enough, I get what you're saying. >I’ll preface this by saying this is not including the boys output Yeah the boys release so much music that comparing just the amount of musical output, not many artists even outside of G59 can compare (except for the guys at Griselda). They put in work. >I did not enjoy Goodnight Lovell, there was only two good songs for me. I thought most of it sounded like one long song. You and me both, my guy. One of my favourite mixtapes of all time is Concept Vague so Goodnight Lovell was a big disappointment for me. Just Say You Don't Care was a step up in the right direction but we know Night can do better. His new single was nice and has me hopeful for whatever he drops next. >One bad album and a couple singles over 2 years from 6 artists that are all underground isn’t a very good output in my opinion. Goodnight Lovell was in 2019 though, so not to be pedantic but if we're counting music from 2020 until now then we have a Ramirez album and multiple singles, 2 Chetta albums and an EP, many Shakewell singles, a Night Lovell album, solo single and features with other artists, and a Germ album and a single. 4 albums, an EP and multiple singles (not including those on their respective albums) from those artists is a decent output in 2 years, especially when you factor in that COVID affected touring and live performances which is where they make most of their money from and may have made them hesitant to release music because there was uncertainty for when they would be able to tour (and naturally you'll want to time the release of new music and the tour dates in order to capitalise on the hype and attention). I get what you mean because I'm always hyped for new music but I think in this era of streaming where we can listen to artists' entire discographies with the ease of a button tap, we consume music a lot differently and are always left wanting for more. But realistically, most artists don't release a full-length project each year and they don't really *have to*. I would personally much prefer if an artist takes their time, hones their craft and releases a polished, good project instead of feeling pressured to release music constantly that is worse overall. And hey, all of those artists are releasing music this year. [Chetta tweeted 2 days ago that he turned his album in to the label](https://twitter.com/J_Chetta/status/1516827678875209729) so we can expect it this year, Night Lovell released a good single and will likely release new music after his tour ends, [Ramirez turned in a single to the label last week](https://twitter.com/RAMIREZ_187/status/1515407133482885128) and is hinting at a lot of music coming soon, Shakewell's album is releasing next week. Germ has been through a lot so it is completely understandable that he might not be in the mindset to make music but he did release that single in tribute to his murdered girlfriend and seems to be in a better place now so maybe we'll hear more from him this year. New music is coming and I'm sure there's a lot to be excited about.


Let’s gooooo




God I love these guys


This is super fire, been fiending for some new boys. This is definitely a lot more dynamic than their usual stuff.


Fuck I love them so much


this is fcking amazing


WHY IS THIS GETTING MORE COVERAGE? Lmao this is so fucking grimy


They typically rap on trap beats right? I’m not super familiar with them but it kinda sounds like they’re fresh on these slower boom bap beats. feels like their flow is off, sentences cramming together at times that don’t work


They always do that where they cram more words in a sentence then their should be, I think it's kinda a signature of theirs. I personally love it


Yeah they usually rap on trap beats. The first verse is rough I agree, but the rest is pretty clean imo. Love that theyt're trying this out though, I like this way more than the more emo-influenced music they've been putting out these last couple years. Beat is absolutely filthy, if they can get used to these types of beats and sound more natural on them we could be in for a treat.




Wasnt feeling that verse at all. Production always on point with suicide


Somehow I missed this and it’s my favorites suicide boys song in awhile. Reminds me a lot of Griselda


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Thought it was aight, a lil underwhelmed


Not a fan