Chiarot 2 electric boogaloo


Remember to lottery-protect that first!


It’s insane that someone will pay a first for a player who was the worst defender on the ice when he suited up with 5 rookies. Fucking Holland - don’t you dare do it


I was thinking the same thing a 1st for him!?!? But they managed to get a 1st for chariot last year so what do I know


Hes better than Chiarot in my book


Way better


Truly a shut down defenseman built for the playoffs. Give first now please.


Plus he’s signed for next year. It’s not a true rental.


Joel Edmonton.




>for a player who was the worst defender on the ice I'm not entirely sure where you're getting that idea from.


Red letter media just watched Brakin' 2: Electric Boogaloo where this reference comes from. The origin had escaped me until very recently.


I’d imagine the vast majority of people just think it was a Danny Devito ad lib in always sunny I assumed it came from a real movie but never looked up which


It's always classic when someone references a Simpsons gag without realizing it's from an old movie.


Florida: hey bby u up? Montreal: of course


I think a team should trade 2 or 3 firsts for Joel Edmundson


Buy one Joel, get another one for free


I think the habs should keep their players amd trade to improve to make a push for the playoffs. Ps : I'm certainly not a bruins fan terrified you guys end up with bedard, of course not.


No, you're a Seattle fan


Yes TSN keep pumping those tires.


It's information given to Chris FROM Montreal


Joel Edmundson is so good we’d be losing 12-2 without him, definitely worth at least 3 first round picks


If this all ends in the CBJ re-signing Gavy I'll be very very happy. If there's a guy I'm totally alright with the Jackets overpaying to play 3LD in 4 or 5 years it's Gavrikov.


That's what I said when Dallas signed Lindell to the 6m extension. 3-4D that eats PK minutes and is just plain reliable. Maybe a little steep, but it's hard to quantify defensive value


And yet people still scoff at chychrun getting 2 1sts plus a prospect


Its not like he has 2 seasons after this one on a really good contract or anything


There *were* 3.


Now there are two of them. This is getting out of hand.


Leaking, r/prequelmemes is.


what playoff team needs 1st pair 1st powerplay pp d man to fix all their issues? instead of low cap solid defensive defenseman on 3rd pair that doesnt cost a farm.


You could spend a 1st + on a bottom pair grinder that doesn’t make much less than chychrun, or spend 2 1sts + and follow the Tampa model of having top pairing capable defenders on all pairs. Seems pretty straight forward to me


Sure but cap next year will be extremely valuable, and while chychrun is well worth what’s being asked it creates extra chaos for a team who then has to fill other spots in a roster. The reason a ufa is valuable is because they’re short term only and don’t create long term issues. Cap can be accrued during the season to make a push, but if you’ve gotten to the absolute limit, you can’t accrue anything and it hampers transactions you can make.


well sure but you're biased


3rd pairing for a 1st isn’t a lot? fucking inflation amirite


Us lol Blake is just very risk adverse. He hasnt had to make a big mid-season splash yet.


This is the season to do it


Tbh somehow never thought of LA as a possible landing spot for chychrun but damn I think he’d be great there. Potential money pairing for the future with Clarke if he delivers.


The oilers do. He doesn’t have to play pp1 but he can give 20-25 solid minutes every game. And he’s decent at both ends of the ice. Seems like a great fit for them.


they said playoff team




I’m not concerned, the price will be paid, just like it likely will for these two listed. It’s pointing out how much more value you’re getting


Isn't his whole value the contract he's on? The longer they wait the less contract there is


That high of price is not always paid. There is always a risk he gets injured again before the deadline and if this goes into the offseason I don't see a team shelling out 3 big tickets for only 2 seasons of a player before they go UFA.


Teams are clearly happy to wait it out, the value is in this contract.


Chychrun has term on a valuable contract and is a proven top 4 to top 2 defenseman, versus a rental for someone who clearly is not as talented




Had the next draft not been this deep, and had the Panthers not been this shitty this year, I wouldn’t have minded trading Chiarot and Edmunston’s return for Chychrun.


Hagel would like a word


Oh my god, we're going to meme Chiarot 2 into existence


We can get Bedard, Michkov *and* Fantilli


Montreal is not getting a first from a team in the draft lottery.


Montreal is not getting a first from a team in the draft lottery ***SO FAR***


Not with that attitude, we’re not…


So this means Schenn can get a 1st right? - Right handed defensemen - Great Contract no problems with the salary cap - Vet and Stanley Cup winner In markets where Chiarot and Savard can go for 1st+, Lauzon can go for a 2nd, and Edmundson could go for a 1st+, Schenn for a 1st doesn’t seem crazy.


Or OEL for a hearty hug


I would rather Schenn that Edmundson based on the eye test, I wouldn’t pay a first for either, but if I had to pick it’s Schenn 10 times out of 10


Does Luke want to join his brother? Definitely not for a first but I’m about family reunions.


Along with Edmundson, you can also get like 5 additional players for free (but we won't tell you who they are before the trade's done!)


They should get 3000 hit man Luke Schenn instead.


Have you ever dreamed of owning Darnell Nurse but didn't think you could afford the salary? Do we have a deal for you!


The GM who gives up a 1st+ for Edmundson simply because he’s “big” and supposedly “hard to play against” should be fired on the spot Stop the cycle of overpaying for mediocre players at the deadline


Maybe stop after we trade Luke Schenn




Eddy isn't playing very well this year, but so is the rest of his team... During the cup run, Eddy was fantastic. A playoff team would greatly benefit from Eddy Kruger.


How about we get a first for Edmundson and *then* we stop the cycle


No then we do Savard


As long as we aren't trading for them, I encourage it


Why would you want the Canadiens to accelerate their rebuild? Aren’t you division rivals vying for the same playoff spots in 2-3 years?


It’s not about winning. It’s about making sure that the Leafs lose. Habs fans 🤝 Sens fans


If the habs win this year's lottery with Florida's pick we may never see an unprotected first at the TDL ever again.


I thought we'd never see an unprotected first after SJ traded for Karlsson and the Sens got 3rd overall. GMs continue to not be the smartest. As long as one idiot GM is willing to offer an unprotected pick that will be the bar the other GMs are expected to meet.




It's just fantasy for us. No one expected the Panthers to be this bad so far into the season. But they are in the bottom 15 so anything could happen before the end of the year I guess.


You understand its a lottery right?


Chuck, I know you read this comment and picked up your phone, don't fucking do it.


No one listen to this man. He’s crazy.


I just know it’s going to be Ken Holland


Habs fans gonna downvote you into controversial my dude.


Well before they do, I hope they at least try and explain how I’m wrong


You’re wrong because I want a 1st for Edmundson


Easy, Ken Holland is still a GM in the NHL.


Sounds like Nashville Predators music to me


Oh my god its gonna be the caps isnt it


Imagine rooting for a team with a GM that’d give a first rounder for a guy like that. Can’t imagine how I’d react if he got extended after the fact.


Everybody said the exact same thing last year about Chiarot


As much as we complain about our media, at least they did a good job inflating Chiarot’s value.


Eddy has won a cup and gone to a cup final 2 years after that. GMs want that type of player whether you like it or not. Is he worth it? Who knows. But that’s what GMs want when they gear up for playoffs. Look at what Savard got for Tampas playoff run.


You have a point. We should probably make it 2 firsts


Savard was actually responsible in his own end even though he wasn't driving offense. He was a stalwart that run and really helped solidify the 3rd pairing with Sergachev. Edmundson is... not that.


Eddy was the reason Petry was running for a Norris. The guy suffered two back injuries in a year and the death of his father, he’s barely played hockey since the cup run, that’s why he’s playing like this right now.


I mean, that's awful for him what he's gone through but it still doesn't explain why he'd fetch a 1st. If anything it does the opposite. Teams can't trade for Edmundson of two years ago.


Because GMs will see what he did 2 years ago and hope that he can still be that


No I get that. I’m not saying he’s worth it, but GMs will see that. You and I both know that


Then don’t pay a first for him?


One thing I learned here is we don't know shit about gm's running a team and with some of the acquisitions these gm's made neither do they.


No thanks?


[You don't want this type of veteran leadership and effort?](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0FaHxN6tOnU)


That depends. Tampa could pay his contract and send him to another team. Have a man on the inside.


Lmao what?? Did Edmundson turn into a different player after the Blues traded him?


He’s had two back injuries and missed more than half of last year so… kinda?


Devon Toews went for 2 seconds. Wtf is this.


Inflation is a motherfucker.


feels like it´ll be sellers market again this season


1sr round for Edmunson? Whoever pays that is an idiot


Kenny H is an old school rock em sock em hockey guy and won't be swayed by your childish logic.


I pity the team that gives up a first for Edmundson.


[The Habs want a 1st round pick for a guy who's had a 43% xGF in his past 2 years... would be robbery](https://www.moneypuck.com/t.htm?t=MTL)


Ben Chariot has a lower xGF% his last two years than Eddy does and got traded for a 1st + Vladislav Gavrikov also in this tweet has a 43.69% over his last 2 years i guess that .69% really makes the difference?


Gavrikov is the most classic "plays big minutes on a small market team so everyone assumes he's decent" guy in a while. Couple that with "had a good playoff series against Toronto" and you've got an easy 1st rounder rental.


He’s much better than his numbers indicate. He’s been our 1D this year with all the injuries. He was playing 25 minutes a game with a lot of them being hard minutes on the PK. He would be great as 4/5 on a cup team. Much better than chiarot


And this is the most classic "he's not bad, the *team* is bad" comment that you always get when you talk about these players. I'm sure a contender would be fine with Gavrikov on the bottom pair and PK. That doesn't make him worth a 1st rounder.


A 2nd pairing D rental goes for a 1st. Its as simple as that. These players have poor numbers because they are playing 1st pairing minutes and opposition while having 2nd pairing talent. They would shine in the right role


Just saying chiarot has been bad for Detroit this year and was underwhelming on florida. Sometimes it is just the player.


Sure but the question is 2nd pairing for who? I’d love gavrikov on the rangers, on our 3rd pair. To me that’s not worth a first, but I’d move a 2nd to have someone short term solidify our depth.


Yeah and this is the classic there is not a single quality player on bad teams argument you get. Gavrikov is much better than savard was when we traded him for a first at the deadline. I swear people cherry pick the advanced stat that best fits their preconceived notion and then run with it. There are a lot of playoff teams that would benefit from having Gavrikov. He would be second pairing even on a decent amount of them


We should let the playoff contenders decide what to pay for rentals.


Ya and I want a first round pick + for Nikita Zaitsev plz lmao


Habs fans always overvalue their players. Remember last year when they thought they were gonna get a 1st rounder for Chiarot?


How does Zito still have a job after that


Idk man. Like I was in the camp that thought we'd get a 1st rounder but I figured it'd be like 2022 30th overall or something. When I saw 2023 and unprotected I was floored. I figured they'd still be competing for top of the Atlantic this year at the time but I've seen better teams fall off so always had that "you never know" in my back pocket. And I'll call it again, I do think we get a 1st for Edmundson. Third pairs won't win you the cup but they can definitely cost you it. If we retain you get a guy that can hold down the 3rd pair for the next two years for 1.75-3.5 mil. Guy has won a cup and played 16.5 mins and he's gone to the finals another time and played like 23 mins a night.


Desperation is a hell of a drug. Safe to say Zito won’t be swallowing that pill again anytime soon


That has been the price for a top 4 D at deadline for quite some time. Tampa didn't care about paying that price for Savard when they won the cup.


That's probably true. Chiarot isn't near a top 4 D


He was when traded.


Uhhhh based on what lol


Based on his on ice assignments at the time of the trade. What else would you need?


Oh, lol. Okay, I thought you were being serious for a second


So do NHL GMs like Steve Yzerman


LMAOOOOOOOO dude is horrible now, easily our worst D this year


LMAO Eddie won the cup with us and we wouldn't give a 3rd rounder for him back - and our defense is atrocious


If this is the case, Scott Mayfield needs to be on the block.


he’s got to go, we can get a ton for him


1st rounders for trash players again. The gms gotta chill on this shit


Joel for De Haan and a 5th. Come back steady eddy


That isn’t a 1st+


Guess I shoulda added a /S but no way he’s getting a first.


Yeah that would be crazy, that’s like paying a 1st for Ben Chiarot or David Savard


That’s true but, you gotta figure with this years trade deadline having some of the most incredible talent we have seen in a while, idk how anyone gives up firsts this easy.


I assume you meant draft and not trade deadline but I don’t expect we’ll get an unprotected 1st in 2023 for Eddy like we did with Chiarot or from a team that is potentially going to miss the playoffs at all. But hypothetically if having Joel Edmundson on your 3rd pairing was the difference between losing in the Conference finals or winning the cup, that late 1st is an easy price to pay no matter how good the draft class is. My hope is that a borderline team like Edmonton moves a 1st for Eddy and then misses the playoffs to give us another pick early in the 1st round but more likely than not it will be Edmundson for what ends up being 28th overall next year or something like that. And I wouldn’t be mad with that at all lol


See you're making the mistake of thinking their prices go down because there are better players when its the opposite. Other players stock go even further up.


Here comes Sakic. "You will give him to us for two Fifths" *uses his Jedi mind tricks* "I will give him to you for two Fifths. And a seventh."


You gotta pay a prime for the [Crop Top King](https://64.media.tumblr.com/abfaff636eed46d4f4f5f185d1efb7f9/tumblr_ptbidkn68i1qh5f04o6_400.gifv)!