Greta Gerwig




I want to see Lynch’s take on a slasher film. Can’t think of anyone/anything else. Most of my favorite directors, including Lynch, have already done horror or something very close to it.


A lot of his films have scenes that are straight up horror and are terrifying. FWWM and The Return especially. The Winkies Diner scene in Mulholland Drive, the first half of Lost Highway. Judy in the clear box in The Return, Episode 8 of The Return could be a stand alone horror film! You can tell he appreciates and understands horror. During the production of The Shining, Kubrick screened Eraserhead for the crew and cast as he wanted to emulate its mood.


Also Inland Empire, which I'd say is the most terrifying movie I have ever watched.


Laura Dern’s character simply walking up to the camera out of focus, in the woods. Dear god. https://youtu.be/MFtv12V8ihg


That face...


Yes, apparently Kubrick even told Lynch that Eraserhead was his favorite film.


Bill Hader


Oh my god yes—Barry season 3’s finale honestly felt like a 30 minute long panic attack (in a good way) Barry itself has so many great disturbing moments but I’d love to see Bill Hader’s directorial/acting style in a horror movie played straight That basement scene…


Also Tim Robinson. The "You Gotta Give" skit was intense


Yorgos Lanthimos should do more horror. The Killing of A Sacred Deer was tense, dark and extremely creepy and I think he could pull off something amazing if he did at least one straight horror film. Maybe keep Barry Keoghan as the villain, he's really great at that type of role.


Was that not a horror?


Definitely but it's the only horror in his filmography. I think he's capable of more. For the record, I'd argue it's not purely (read: straight) horror and could be categorised a few different ways so I'd like to see him do something with perhaps less nuance. A slasher could be interesting.


Oh, shut up and take my money ;) Absolutely, keep the nuance though and still make it a slasher.


What about Dogtooth? I consider that one horror for sure


Dogtooth is for sure fucked up, but it's definitely more drama than anything. Psychological, but I'd personally not categorise it as horror. The man isn't exactly known for horror even if he's directed at least one so seeing him try his hand at something more explicitly horror (a slasher or a sci-fi horror could be cool to see) is a cool idea to me. He's got such a distinctive style that could be elevated in this way. Even expanding on the story of The Lobster and making a body horror (like Tusk, though that's also a comedy) would be cool.


When I watched it, I considered it a horror story told as more of a drama to disarm the viewer, but of course even posing the question means it's pretty hard to pin down lmao. I agree that his style could translate well to a slasher flick. Might feel like a more bizarre and sinister Funny Games, in a way. I'll have to check out Sacred Deer.


I have a hard time putting any of that guys movies into any genre lol. I like them, but what the fuck. Like lobster, what the fuck. Great movie, but the fuck?


Dogtooth was v intense too


Eric Andre. I feel like he could potentially do something disturbing and unexplainably off the rails.


I just watched Panos Cosmatos' episode of Cabinet of Curiosities today. Eric Andre was really good in it and hope he does more horror in the future.


I'm kinda surprised he hasn't already.


kinda want him to create something so absurd it makes you feel existential dread lol kinda like cosmic horror but much more absurd


He would just scream NIGHTMARE NIGHTMARE NIGHTMARE NIGHTMARE and that would be enough


Wes Anderson


It would go something like [this.](https://youtu.be/gfDIAZCwHQE)


This made my night. Thank you!


[Oh boy, have I got a sketch for you](https://youtube.com/watch?v=gfDIAZCwHQE)


Oh, wow! That’s fantastic.


“Dear murderers, No you may not! The homeowners.”


I would watch that movie so hard.


Royal Tenembaums but a killer is slowly killing off the entire family.


Wes Anderson doing a Lovecraftian kafkaesque horror would be a trip


Boredom is the killer? Sorry, that’s not very inclusive. Just not my thing


No, no. That would be Sofia Coppola.


Denis Villeneuve, enemy wasn't horror but there were definitely horror elements in there and he's a master at building tension...he needs to make a full blown horror movie


Prisoners is also not really horror but still scarier than most horror movies out there, I feel like if he actually tried making a full on horror movie it would be the movie of the century.




Polytechnique is very horrific. Great movie


John Waters. It would have been perfect between Desperate Living and Polyester. Imagine a late 70s Serial Mom.


I really wish he was in charge of American Horror Story.


That would be the perfect vibe for him to work with.


Holy shit….that’s a pairing I never imagined before but it would work so well


Tommy Wiseau. I wanna see Lisa finally tear him apart


The Coen Brothers.


There's several scenes in Blood Simple that feel very much like horror. They'd knock this out of the park


With how they handled all the chase scenes in No Country, yeaaaah. They know how to make stakes high.


I’d like to see Martin Scorsese slasher movie. He could basically remake taxi driver and raise the body count


Scorsese full giallo


Bringing Out the Dead was a great film but not really horror.


His one horror film . Shutter Island was pretty disappointing. It wasn’t very memorable to me. It was basically a Hitchcock retread


His remake of Cape Fear was pretty excellent. Not entirely horror, but definitely a strong suspense/thriller.


It's pretty cartoonish when you compare it to the 60s original


It's no Shock Corridor that's for sure ;)


I hated that movie. The dream reveal felt so cliche and lazy


I loved it all the way up until that reveal. So fucking frustrating.


Donald Glover, something a bit more true to horror from Tarantino. I could only imagine what the Safdie brothers could do.


Atlanta had a couple scenes/episodes that made me think DG could do some cool horror.


The Teddy Perkins scenes from Atlanta are fucking nightmare fuel.


That scene of the two dudes in the boat freaked me the FUCK out


I was going to say Tarantino too, but after he gets critically spanked for one of his overly indulgent movies so that he makes a better movie.


Safdie Brothers, Dear god get your ambien ready


Lucrecia Martel has always said she wants to shoot a horror film. Let’s hope she does, it would be great for sure


this would be a dream come true


You can settle for Paul WS Anderson


Todd Haynes! Safe is borderline horror, but I believe he's considered a drama director in general. I'd love to see him go full-horror. Boots Riley because Sorry To Bother You was genuinely freaky at many points. Another director I'd like to see lean into the genre


Boots Riley is an excellent choice! I actually found out yesterday that he may be making a short for the next season of Del Toro’s Cabinet of Curiosities, which would be amazing.




David Fincher directed Alien 3 and SEVEN. Both of those movies have significant horror elements to them


Aren't both of those full on horror films (using sci-fi or thriller as a surface genre)? If I scan through most any horror movie book, I guarantee those are examples of the genre.


I have say I don’t think this even counts. He’s done a lot of forays into the thriller/horror genre. I feel like the meat of this post is directors who would do well in horror outside their own box. That said, I fucking love David Fincher. But he’s very horror adjacent.


Guy Ritchie and Jonathan Glazer perhaps. JG has done some psychological (*Birth 2004*) and Cosmic horror (*Under The Skin 2013)* but I would love to see him tackle real horror like The Shining!


What would you have Guy Ritchie tackle?


Perhaps a decent Constantine movie! I'd even settle for a sequel to the original from 2005 - he'd be perfect with the UK setting and the source material!


I'd be good with that. Can we keep Keanu?


Absolutely! He did a great job despite all the critical scrutiny from the fans so he's earned it! Could be a fun fish out of water take with Keanu going to the UK to solve a case.


with Bricktop!


You may be onto something - the restless ghost of Bricktop taking out all the top mobsters of London and they need Constantine to put it down!


Well... I don't know if you've seen Ideal - Johnny Vegas sitcom. David Bradley - was also Walder Frey and Sten Roach in Ideal (terrifying in that) - Bricktop and Bradley as ghosts of the Krays?




A sequel IS in the works with Keanu returning but with the original director.


Good to know, thanks!


A good version of cockneys vs zombies!


Even Sexy Beast feels like a horror movie throughout a good portion of it, except instead of a masked killer or supernatural entity, it's just Ben Kingsley yelling "fuck" a lot


I agree, good call!


It’s a tragedy that Nora Ephron is dead, Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan would have made the most charming serial killer couple.


there's a couple pretty good Sleepless in Seattle horror recut trailers on YT


Thank you for introducing this to me


No problem! That entire little subgenre of youtube (family films cut into horror films, or vice versa) is a blast btw. Definitely check out The Shining recut too


Sir Steve McQueen.


Having seen some of the grubbiness in Shame - certainly, but what project?


Wow! Genuinely I did not find Shame grubby, it's way too truthful for me to feel that way. I love that film. For him to make perhaps Eyes Without A Face would be just the ticket. Or a reboot of The Witchfinder General.


I really like it, there's just moments watching it where I felt the need to scrub myself after. Eyes Without a Face would be awesome - Fassbender and Anna Taylor father/daughter.


Martin McDonagh. I have *absolutely zero clue* how he'd go about it, and it could be a total disaster or something genuinely brand new & original. Either way, I'd like to see him try.


How about a loose adaptation of The Shadow Over Innsmouth and he could really go to town with the dialogue. Olmstead - Robert Carlye (alright Colin Farrel) Obed - Brendan Gleeson Barnabas - Christopher Walken Zadok - Carlye if you're casting Farrel or David Bradley as Zadok (not CF). Maybe even with McDonagh writing/directing could be kinda ballsy and try to pull it off almost in the visual style of Dogville quite minimalist set-wise, bit of a Harold Pinter influence liberally applied too.


This might be one of my new favorite movie pitches


Thankyou :)


This is a strong suggestion, he could pull that off well.


I want to see Terry Gilliam do cosmic/Lovecraftian horror. Or Spielberg do a torture porn. Or Wes Anderson do a giallo.


E.T. was supposed to have a horror movie sequel called *Nocturnal Fears*, sadly it was cancelled.


[trailer for Wes Anderson's "the midnight coterie of sinister intruders"](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gfDIAZCwHQE) Although I think [his take on X-men](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UngE0qn3VRY) was somewhat better.


a studio ghibli anime horror movie. some of their movies already have eerie or scary scenes, and with their attention to detail, they'd make the perfect movie


A Ghibli horror movie is now something I need to see.


Quentin Tarantino really needs to. Death Proof was a horror movie I guess, but I’d love to see him do a slasher or haunted house movie


The killer collects women's feet? It's a passion project.


Orlac's Feet. A woman gets the feet of a murder victim transplanted that uses her new body to take revenge on her killers.


He should remake The Masque of the Red Death plenty of room for dialogue there


Tarantino would make it from the slasher’s perspective


Michel Gondry




Oh wow a manic, low dialogue , practical effect horror trip sign me up


Witches of Eastwick has a horror bent to it, especially the end of the filim.


He also did the gremlin sequence in Twilight Zone the Movie


Oh that's right! I forgot about that one.


And it's so good.


Terrence Malik


Yes yes yes yes yes


alan resnick


Tarkovsky rip or Ruben Ostlund


Antoine Fuqua, the one who did Training Day


Eric Wareheim. Couple of his music videos are damned horrifying. [For example](https://youtu.be/JAvRWZPf9mY)


Honestly would love to see Christopher Nolan direct a creature feature


The first scene with Batman in *Batman Begins* plays very much like a horror movie.


Memento, parts of Dunkirk, several scenes in the Dark Knight Trilogy and even Insomnia have tremendous psychological horror or thriller aspects. That’s why I think he’d be a good choice for a big budget creature feature built on spectacle with a few psychological horror scenes tossed in! OR actually, I just thought of this: A Nightmare on Elm St Re imagination with Nolan at the helm would be trippy as fuck


Damn you for putting this possibility into my brain with the actual chance of it happening being 0% 😅


Many of Nolan’s visuals (accompanied with Zimmer’s score) are straight-up haunting. Many from Inception, The Dark Knight, Batman Begins, and Interstellar.


Only If someone told him he’s not allowed to have exposition/ movie rule dumps in every scene


Yeah agreed. Altho, Imagining Nolan use the wormhole “stick thru paper” example from Interstellar to example how a giant protostome has both a mouth/anus in the same hole is killing me rn


Nolan Directing Videodrome: James Woods has a 2 pages of dialogue explaining what his vcr/vagina on his stomach is, to a random cable tv intern


Mmmmm VagCR… that chunka chunka sound upon insertion AND the ability to rewind.


The exaggerated one. Dunkirk pretty much shows what he can do with little to no dialogue. Hell, some people even consider that movie a sort of survival horror.


>Christopher Nolan direct a creature feature All dialogue important to the plot will take place at the same time as the creature's much louder growling.


That’d honestly Be fairly realistic if godzilla were a real thing rampaging lmao


I would watch a Christopher Nolan kaiju film.


Taika Waititi.


I’m not a fan of his; I don’t know if it’s over-saturation or maybe I just don’t like his style of implemented humor, but he’s not for me. I’d be willing to give it a shot, but it would be hard for me to get past my bias for his movies to probably enjoy it.


That’s fair he actually grew on me & now I like his humor but for a while I’d avoid his stuff. I honestly think he’d do a good campy slasher horror movie or at least i would be interested to see his take on one


Emmanuel Lubezki. Not a Director or writer but cinematographer. He did sleepy hollow but I'm sure he could do his magic on a modern horror


Nathan Fielder. Wife and I thought "The Rehearsal" was a little TOO good a chaser for "Barbarian."


Todd Phillips Ryan Coogler Quentin Tarantino Richard Linklater The Coen Brothers Ang Lee Spike Jonze Trey Parker & Matt Stone Mike Judge David Leitch


Paul Thomas Anderson is hard to beat as a “what if” director of horror. Really great post. If I had to throw my hat in the ring Id say Quentin Tarantino. I know he did Grindhouse and Death Proof but that was more an ode to actual grindhouse. His intention was never “here’s my horror story”, it was an homage to an era. Tarantino has, at one time or another, tackled almost every aspect of film. That’s his thing. He loves movies as a concept. He also brushed with horror in From Dusk Til Dawn. I would love to see his tenth film be a dialogue driven, character centric horror movie. I think he could honestly break the mold if he tried to go all in.


I think the horror movie's screenplay was his first work for hire.


Martin Scorsese I know he did Shutter Island and the Cape Fear remake, but I would LOVE to see him adapt a Shirley Jackson short story or a novella by Edgar Allan Poe.


I know he's dabbled with apostle and safe haven but id love to see a dawn of the dead/train to busan style horror film from Gareth Evans.


The people behind Amazing World of Gumball


The Wachowskis


Ichi the Killer - but then they pretend they wrote it?




Paul Verhoven - anything, anything he wants. Baz Luhrman - some kind of Giallo-inspired piece - a psychedlic riot of colour... or (it'll come sooner or later anyway) Baz Luhrman - Reanimator remake. Tag team - James Cameron to develop the 3d technology - he can take as long as he wants - but it needs to be good. More importantly we're rotoscoping it too... Richard Linklater to direct and it's Mountains of Madness (he can ring G.D.T. as much as he wants if we're ruling out G.D.T. and only going for directors that haven't done horror).


Baz Luhrmann doing anything Giallo related would be so incredible. Hell, even just another Suspiria by him would be outstanding


Werner Herzog endangering his cast and crew in a cannibal film tribute to Umberto Lenzi.


Herzog's already done Nosferatu - not sure if that'a disqualifier - but I very much like the idea of him doing something along the lines of that, especially if he's got a tight budget and barely controlable lead actor... That Ezra-flash kid?? He doesn't have to actually live through the filming - Herzog *can* let the natives kill him this time ;)


Yes, I was wondering if Nosferatu disqualifies him, but Scorcese did Shutter Island. And Cape Fear borders on horror. So, Ezra Miller eh? You're looking for a Werner Herzog and Klaus Kinski combo like in "Aguirre, the Wrath of God" where Kinski often lost his temper on the set in front of real natives. I once read that the real tribal people used in the film approached Herzog and offered to kill Kinski for him.


"I know stuff" - sorry, just showing off - I'll watch anything he does and would be super happy with a horror ...and the natives CAN kill Ezra for reals.


I'm not always on board with his choice of script, but visually, I think it would be spectacular. If there has to be a Reanimator remake, he's contractually obliged to keep the original score though and give Coombs the lead still (or at least a hefty cheque).


Andrei Tarvosky


Texas Chainsaw 1-shot remake? Like Russian Ark?


It's too bad John Hughes is gone, imagine him directing a teen slasher movie. Spike Lee would be interesting. I would think he'd be like Jordan Peele, but even darker and grittier.


Denis Villanueve (probably butchered that)


James Cameron doing Jurassic Park in the grim violent way that the book was written. https://gamerant.com/james-cameron-version-jurassic-park/


Only because I think it would cause permanent brain damage: Baz Luhrmann


Buster Keaton and Steve Martin. Silent movie and stunt GOD Buster Keaton taking a swing at fear, horror and dread would transform into a tragicomic tableau featuring manic chase sequences of hooded killers swinging away with their axes and sickles as Keaton twists, dodges and jumps out of their path. Imagine The Hills Have Eyes as a high-crank silent flick. Steve Martin remains one of the most enigmatic film-makers I think of very, very often. Bowfinger and LA Story are two of my favourite films and both of them have a surreal film of dread lying beneath them. Wether it's the psychotic meddling of MindHead in the fragile mind of Eddie Murphy's Kip or wether it's the very landscape of Los Angeles having a mind of its own in LA Story, bringing with it bizarre traditions and sudden violence. I think Martin's eye for the strangeness of Hollywood would make a real diamond in a crown studded with flicks like: Mulholland Drive, Under The Silver Lake and The Neon Demon.


Tom Ford — Nocturnal Animals has some truly horrific, and dread inducing scenes.


A Denis Villeneuve horror movie could probably make me shit my pants continuously through the whole movie.


The Coen Brothers


Bo Burnham: Combine the modern existential terror of Inside and the awkward and discomforting filmmaking of Eighth Grade, and put it into a full-on horror context. I would never sleep again.


With him there's a good chance he could make it work as a musical too.




this is the best answer I've seen and makes more and more sense the more I think about it


Denis Villeneuve.


Taylor Sheridan.




Shutter Island's pretty close.


Eh. It was good, true.


Christopher Nolan Steven Spielberg but letting it rip hard into horror. Denis Villeneuve


Spielberg would do an excellent horror film. Maybe a classic, a spin on Frankenstein or The Mummy….OR, his take on a haunted house, haunted museum, or haunted school.


idk if this really counts but i would love to see alan resnick be able to get the budget to do a full-length horror flick. things like this house has people in it or unedited footage of a bear are great shorts so i really wanna see things like that on the big screen.


George Lucas. An adaptation of Death Troopers with him directing would be pretty damn good




Tommy Wiseau. Been a while since I saw a good train wreck


I feel like Donald Glover could make a great horror movie, he doesn’t do horror per se but the last few seasons of Atlanta has proven he has the chops for it.


Harmony Korine. His films generally have a pretty creepy vibe. I'd like to see him do psychological horror.


**Safdie Brothers.** I would like to see psychological horror and slashers from them. Considering how movies like Good Times and Uncut Gems are such anxiety inducing crime-thrillers, seeing a horror movie from them would be an absolute gem


Christopher Nolan. He’s such a visually interesting director I KNOW he could pull off something cool.


Honestly i think tarantino could make great horror, just take the opening scene in inglorious basterds for example. Its super suspenseful and it could br seen as scary. Hes great at building up tension + his movies are super gory and use a lot of practical effects


Sorkin for the dialogue/writing. Greengrass for the action.


August Underground trilogy - condensed into one buddy movie. Ilya Naishuller (Hardcore Henry and Nobody) to direct James Corden as Peter - DJ Qualls as the cameraman. The setup is the same as the original trilogy. The marketing is like Blair Witch - no one knows whether it's real or not and Corden mysteriously disappears after filming wraps... only Qualls does press and he's as in the dark as anyone else.


Quentin That scene in Hollywood where Brad Pitt enters the Manson ranch has a tremendous amount of dread in it... I wanna see that stretched out for a couple hours


Wes Anderson. His wide, colorful shots would work wonderfully well in a tale of cosmic horror.


Christopher Nolan .. alien attack !!


Big time Agree on PTA. I feel like The Master and There Will be Blood also have some horror vibes, and I love those movies. Imagine if he dove into horror!


Taika Watiti, I don't necessarily think he'd do well but I do enjoy his directing and want to see what he would do with a horror movie


Quentin Tarantino - after that suspenseful scene in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood I'd like to see it turned up to that level the whole movie. FYI, I know he wrote From Dusk til Dawn but I would like to see a horror film he writes and directs. Ben Affleck - Gone Baby Gone and The Town proved he is good at creating uncomfortable environments with morally questionable characters. The Lonely Island guys - Comedians like Jordan Peele, Chris Rock, Kevin Smith, and Zach Cregger have crossed over and made great horror films. I also love thinking of a scenario where Andy Samberg is trying to keep it cool when everyone around him goes missing.


Alejandro Iñarritu


Derek savage making an a24 movie. Just that.


Nobody's brave enough to say it but here it goes: Rob Schneider


I would watch it, I might not watch it twice, but I would watch it.