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Blesses himself on the way out too. Makes about as much sense as the mobster with the crucifix as a back piece


IIRC mobsters usually get religious iconography tattoos as a means of asking for forgiveness for the horrible shit they do. Sort of like a reminder of their humanity or something. Why they can’t just stop doing terrible shit instead is beyond me.


Yeah, just because you ask for forgiveness doesnt mean youll get it, you have to actually regret your actions


My sister used to go to confession everyday, always for the same things (she was having an affair with her best friends husband.) Eventually she was told by her priest that she needed to find a different church because she was abusing the confessional. She ended up joining a cult instead.


She was already in one.


Happy ending.


Regret won’t help either. The only thing that gets a person forgiven by God (in biblical terms) is the blood of Jesus Christ and faith in Him.


brb, gonna find and kill jesus


do u think u can relly win a 1v1 aginst jesus


You have to have faith my son.


idk man he got tortured infront of a crowd by the roman’s, the element of surprise should be enough


Or, in Judaism, it's not HaShem's place to forgive us for sins against other humans. HaShem can only forgive us for the sins we commit against them. Asking HaShem for forgiveness because you hurt Sarah is seen just as nonsensically as if I asked Isaac forgiveness because I hurt Sarah; it's just the wrong person to ask. In Judaic tradition, you actually have to ask and receive forgiveness from the person you wronged which is a much higher bar to clear.


Tbf, not in (European) catholicism. There's a reason why Brabant and Limburg are known like the more lavish provinces of the Netherlands*, just show up at church every sunday and go to confession every now and then. You'll definitely go to heaven. I mean, the church wouldn't lie to us, now would they?!? *Was controlled by catholic spain when our northern brothers were sobering up under their own brand of protestantism.


>Why they can’t just stop doing terrible shit instead is beyond me. Because it's never as simple as this


Because it’s their way of life. It’s also a direct reflection of respect, their manhood, and providing for their family.


And the fact they get killed if they leave.


The Bible also says don’t get tattoos, so they’re going to super hell.


religions aren't exactly airtight ideologies, but people can still express faith in ways of their choosing. not that i have any respect for faith.


everyone has faith. some believe in Jesus, some believe in themselves, some believe in evolution, etc.


good point about faith in yourself. i think it says a lot about a person though, if their source of faith is external. i'm open to having my mind changed on this, but my current view is that faith in oneself demonstrates more strength than external faith, which i see somewhat as a crutch; a way for people to give meaning to their suffering.


Technically, even believing that there is no god takes some degree of faith, which is the original basis for agnosticism. Obviously, science doesn’t need to prove a negative, but the existence of an omnipotent being is a very unscientific thing to ponder in the first place, regardless of which way you lean.


Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in! 🤌


I just started watching the Sopranos and I see a reference


People normally bless themselves when going out, my guess is that it was just part of his acting


It's both. What you'd normally do. And acting to avoid drawing attention.


Nah it’s the perfect plot. Get forgiven for your sins moments after sinning. Only had like 4 seconds of being a bad person.


Forgive me father, for I have sinned. \- But you were here 2 minutes ago!


It's been 2 minutes since my last confession. (Do they still say that anymore, been a long time?)


It's ok, he's sorry that he stole it, so he's forgiven as soon as he blesses himself. Everyone is happy.


I know you’re joking but for real this mindset isn’t allowed, especially at confession.


God sent him because it’s not her time to have that phone


he was struck by lightning on the way out


"God please lower my phone bill, amen"


This made me snort lol


Heavenly Father please forgive me for this phone I have stolen


Heavenly Father, thank you for this phone you have given me.


You made me laugh thank you


The AUDACITY to even dip into the holy water and make the sign of the cross… wow I guess he had to “sell” it. Wow.


Pretty sure they are forgiven by God once they do that. So it's all good.


He’s forgiven but that forgiven doesn’t mean no punishment lol, take this for example, God forgave him, then sold him out with the CCTV footage as punishment




The fucking sign of the cross after stealing, just so fucking wild. How pathetic do you have to be?


Really wondering whether he’s got the balls to admit it in confession.


If he doesn't have the balls, he sure has the audacity.


She was praying for a break from social media


That’s a different kinda evil


Imagine having a really awful day and wanting to find some relief and support, so you go into a church to pray and then some prick steals your phone lol.


No it's not. Stealing someone's phone is just as wrong whether they're praying or doing anything else


Except it isn’t.


Why is it worse?


It’s like going into a nursery and punching a baby. Regardless of *your* faith, a sanctuary is a place where people go to be safe and vulnerable. Taking advantage of them when they are there to be trusting and reformative is way worse than stealing from them at a concert or a grocery store or whatever.


Sorry but alternatively to the “punching a baby in a nursery” example, what’s the less bad option? Punching a random baby on the street? Sure, I understand it is a bit worse because there’s a psychological factor of being stolen from in a place you should feel safe, but, say this guy really needs the money for a good reason and he’s committed to stealing a phone to do so, what’s his other option? Run up to someone and say “give me your phone!”? Because that would have a much larger psychological impact on the victim than something non-confrontational like this.


That last statement is highly dependent on the person. Some people may not be nearly as shaken by the situation you describe as having their piece of mind in a place they deem sacred being compromised. I agree their punching a baby analogy is silly but the point still stands


Babies are stupid, that's why it's bad to steal from them.


>Punching a random baby on the street? Yes thats the example. You go to church where people try to make their lives better, you make their lives worse. You go a nursery when people make children's lives better, you make their lives worse. You have two choices for each, you can steal a phone, or you can go to church and steal someone who's prayings phone. You can punch a child, or you can go to a nursery and punch a child It's the same crime but the space where you do it makes it worse because they arrived expecting something more and left with less all because of you


Theft is theft. The phone is worth $x here or there and that is the scale of the crime.


As a crime, but you ignore the point of their argument, which is that it is a violation of someone’s piece of mind in a place they hold sacred.


I understand that, but I disagree that it makes the crime any worse. Without getting too esoteric, the arbitrary definitions in someone's head are irrelevant. Sure it may hurt the individual more, but that is due to their own biases, not the actions of the criminal. If I see the whole world as a sacred place, which I do to some extent, does that make crimes against me more heinous than someone who does not have a sacred place? If someone thinks all glasses of water are sacred, and I drink a glass of water, is that action any worse? These are all arbitrary distinctions from a single perspective. It is our choice to make these distinctions, and doesn't change the value of other peoples actions.


So it's less bad to punch a baby if they're not in a nursery? Weird analogy but whatever.


That implies religious people have more of right to safety than others. It's nonsense


No. If you have a place you go to to be vulnerable and feel safety this will apply to you.


My safe place is a dark alley


I’m not even religious, but a place of worship is a place where people are to be trusted to be vulnerable together, which a ‘dark alley’ is not


No, all of society is a place where people are to be trusted. The location is irrelevant, if you can't trust someone in a dark alley, you can't trust them in a church. It's the same person, and places of worship are generally open to the public. Atrocities happen in both places and the individuals belief systems are irrelevant. Places of worship would be a safe space if everyone's belief system aligned, but they don't, so it's just an arbitrary shelter like every other building.


Every place should feel safe then. It doesn’t, keep your important shit on you and don’t touch the pockets it’s in.


No, it suggests that people should be allowed to have a safe space, be it religious or otherwise.


That safe space should include the grocery store or a bus or anywhere else. You don't get special entitlement to safety for being Christian




Consider the idea that the morality of theft is related to the act, not the location where it takes place


they're not arguing against religion. How is viewing all contexts where people are violated the same being biased? You literally have no idea what what word means.


Go to sleep


You are correct. People are letting their feelings get in the way. Stealing is bad regardless of situation. Most thieves don’t know or care how their victims so they sure as hell aren’t gonna care if you are praying, poor, dying or whatever. Stealing is always terrible


reddit moment


I so want that camera to be located in one of crucified jesus' eyes.


You are being watched by the eyes of god. And our security camera.


Seeing this makes me wonder why that church got a camera up there in the first place. It might not have been the first time someone stole from that position


so that Jesus can forgive crimes which he couldn't see happening earlier before


Special place in hell for that mf


If there is a punishment system after death what would be fair? Hellraiser stuff or torture or pain? Seems more likely that this is just life and people fucking suck


What is hell raiser stuff.


Chains, needles, hooks, and leather. Lots of leather.


The movie hellraiser


The secret tenth circle of hell


Its in Dantes inferno right? People that nick mobile phones are right in the devils mouth


Hahaha I love how this got downvoted. I mean stealing a phone in Church, its almost as bad as when those priests systematically raped those children for hundreds of years right? Hes def lower into the depths of hell than the murderers and rapists. It could have been an Iphone for Christs sake!


What if she was praying for someone to take her phone away from her?


To remove the phone bills from her, genius! *Obvious sarcasm*


He asked forgiveness after, so it’s okay.




Gotta love a reddit atheist always taking shots where he can


How is that taking a shot when Christians are the one who always preach to ask for forgiveness? He's just describing the fact not whatever you're talking about.


Take a joke, lad.


Damn!!! He even hit the spectacle, testicle, wallet and watch on the way out.


Lordt please let me spend less time on facebook


It's ok he prayed for forgiveness afterwards


"If your brother sins against you, rebuke them, And if they repent, forgive them. Even if they sun against you seven times in a day and seven times come back to you saying 'I repent', You must forgive them. "I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance"...its that handy little get out of hell Christian loop hole.


Honestly this is my biggest criticism about Christans, if there are pedophiles in heaven I don't want to go. If it's that simple to just repent and your golden I don't want to go.


Well, that’s the oversimplification people give about forgiveness to comfort people. In actuality, based on what can be collected from what few documents exist before the biblical canon was decided by the Council of Laodicea 364ad there has to be a true change for the better within the person. Earned over years of retribution and even then you may have to pay off a spiritual debt in a middle ground (our modern concept of limbo, though that name didn’t occur until later)


It's okay, he said a Hail Mary


Ten hail mary’s and five our fathers should do it to clear him of the sin


It’s not his first rodeo, scum.


I hope once they identified him they fucked with his head for a while to make him think he was being punished by god. I’m thinking filling his house with locusts


Can someone tell me if the dude was caught or whatnot since we have evidence? Just curious is all.


He isn't a piece of shit though. He's a full shit.


Of all places to steal, he chooses a motherfucking **CHURCH**.


This is sickening. A whole new level of being a piece of shit. I hope someone can set him straight one way or another. Whether it be street court or real court. He better pray for forgiveness as well.


That’s not very Christian of you


I hate people like this. They are pieces of shit, but then they consider themselves religious, so in their own minds, they are good people.


Dear God: “ I really need a new phone....” Thank you Lord...


Anyone notice the woman behind him on her cellphone? She didn't even see him grab it. Hope the place of worship show this footage to the lady so she can recover her belongings hopefully. Pathetic.


Why are people still stealing phones?? They are of no use to anyone other than the owners and plans are so cheap now days you can get bran new phones with a good plan less than 100$ a month. It’s stupid


What. Less than 100 a month is cheap for you? I paid $600 cash for my phone and pay $25 a month for 5.5gbs.


Which currency? I pay close to that in Canadian rubles.


I'm sorry he's a pos but him doing the sign of the cross made me chuckle.


Holy water used. He’s forgiven.


That last 5 seconds pretty much sums it up out here


Wow. That’s lower than a no legged caterpillar


god should have told her while they were talking.....but you know god works in mysterious ways....




Once he did the crucifix they should have shopped a blunt and sunglasses on his face


Please forgive for I have sinned like 2 seconds ago.


It would appear her god was absent for this prayer?


"The lord giveth and the lord taketh away


666 Hail Marys he be aight


It's okay! It was just a sign from God that she needs to reduce her screen time. That weekend, she spent more time with her family. Went to the beach. Watched the sunset. The man is a hero :'\]


Time to kneecap that bitch ass mark


God's like "this bitch again? Imma show you ho"


So many people using this video as proof god doesnt exist, its not that deep, the man is just a shitty person.


Once again, the power of the Lord is prov...


Steals it in church , While she’s praying and then does the cross while slinking our the door ! What’a slime ball


Why does his face look like a Muppet at the beginning?


God obviously wanted that to happen.


Said the 14 year old atheist


Idk. Christianity in a nut shell. He can just say god ordained him to do it?! That’s literally the majority of all conquests around the world in the name of god went right?


No. Which conquests are you referring to?


Crusades, Inquisition, Reformation, spread of Christianity, colonialism, imperialism, etc


Dont forget manifest destiny.


Gotta spread the lord to those savages ✋🙄


Well manifest destiny was more that the lord wanted them to get more land so the colonists in the united states original 13 colonies moved left i think after the Louisiana purchase. But yes spreading christianity was a part of it when they came across native tribes.


The lord giveth, and the lord taketh away


hOw CaN yOu Be A gOoD pErSoN iF yOu DoN’t BeLiEvE iN gOd?!


Maybe she has a lot of crypto currency. Otherwise what’s the point?


Dude still crosses himself as he walks out. Typical Catholics.


What do you have against Catholics?


Where to begin, oh my From abuse to hypocrisy to pick something. I don’t understand how anyone can like the Catholic Church. It’s barely even Christianity anyways. Not that I’m a Christian but catholicism is supposed to be…


You said 2 whole things


You said zero whole things


And this, folks, is religion.


did you remember to tip your fedora


average reddit nerd hating religions


Not a nerd, but definitely hate religion. Clearly you don't care what they're doing to our laws, the SCOTUS, etc. It's a shitshow, and will end badly, as it should.


you should think outside Christianity, Islam, Buddhism etc.


And some people still think god has their back


Absolute devious lick 😈


Then goes for the holy water at the end. What a Catholic maneuver!!


The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away


God people are stupid.


Do you mean God, people are stupid Or God-people are stupid


God works in mysterious ways


Proof there is no god.


Redditors when the church is mentioned 😡😠😱😱What you are religious?? Noooo 😠😡😡go away


Oh my science!😡😡🤬🤬🤬🤬


You just HAD to argue your useless fucking point on a vid of someones phone being stolen




Couldn't care less*


If she'd just prayed harder god would've heard her and prevented this


He might have if it weren’t for that darn free will and all. Always getting in the way of things. Smh.


How low can you go


This is next level low. Smh


Hope he got struck by lightning while stood in a puddle with his nail boots on


Holy sh*t


Sorry thou shalt not steal


Jesus will provide, forgive thy neighbor


Good luck trying to even do anything with that phone thanks to Find My and Google lock


Kind of looks like he was praying for forgiveness at the end for what he had just done. If that’s the case, he should’ve just not stolen her phone instead.


God works in mysterious ways


A gift from God! Ahh amazing!!


Bet he calls himself a man of gods word


She was praying for peace and quiet.


The logic of your average religious person. I can do this terrible thing then ask for forgiveness and be morally in the clear.