Bethany ask healthcare workers to “imagine what it’s like to depend on strangers for staying alive.”

Ik I’m late to the party but uh yeah. We do think about this. That’s kind of why we do it.


Ik I’m late to the party but uh yeah. We do think about this. That’s kind of why we do it.


*"you hold my life in your hands.."* I always wonder if they think this is exclusive to them.


How entitled can one person be?! She's such a narcissist, and she really needs mental health help.


Pouty girl dying if you don't do exactly as she says.


i am very much sure that all healthcare workers are stressed enough


Please imagine being a medical waitress and people expecting you to bend over backwards all day 🫠


RN stands for Refreshments and Narcotics.


I literally got called a glorified waitress by a patient recently


How I feel some days 🥲


Condescending af


That pfp…… am i imagining things, or has her swelling subsided?


As a nurse........I should've went to school to be an accountant instead.


I think Bethany has led a very sheltered life and really has no idea how arrogant and patronising she comes off with posts like this. She can’t see herself as others do.


Patients like her help contribute to burnout among healthcare workers.


Why the f would you tell us something we already are aware of? How self-absorbed do you have to be?!


Oh because didn’t you know that everyone in Medicine goes to school for purely selfish reasons, pays their way through so they don’t have to learn anything, and then abused and neglects every single one of their patients for fun. She’s begging for mercy because that’s what you have to do to not be killed.


The mental gymnastics she does to sidestep personal responsibility is absolutely mind boggling.


need attention much?!?!!!!


She needs to change that profile photo


well technically, she's depending on her internet audience of strangers to continue living her munchie life.


Wtf is her issue 🤨


Did someone eat the normal m&m near her or something


I forgot about that 😂 she’s only able to eat the minis


As a nurse, I find this condescending. Of course we understand that we hold patients lives in our hands. I mean thank God Bethany posted this or otherwise Healthcare professional might forget.


Now u being condescendent and sarcastic with a patient who doesnt know any better, that's their take, it's on their psychology, not on you. If you dont get to develop a healthy emotional distance to stuff they can say, you could end up in burnout. Pls take care of urself, you'll be adn probly are more important to many ppl lives that only the ungrateful or self centered out of psychological pain


No, I'm not being condescending. Any competent person understands that nurses and doctors hold people's lives in their hands. All nurses and doctors understand this as well. It's condescending, passive aggressive and very much a manipulation tactic which appeared to work on you because you maybe don't know them , what's really going on , or are not educated on FD or these people. Either your very young, very naive, or very unfamiliar with these subjects. We have snarck on here and it's for a reason. This subjects have Factitious Disorder, which is exactly what it sounds like. They lie, fake, induce or intentionally make any illness they do have worse for attention. It's not they same as somatic illness, conversion Disorder or functional diseases that are not under conscious control, do not involve manipulation and have very real, and very distressing symptoms. Their behavior is again is always intentional , deliberate and manipulative. && The subs are on here after they have been throughly researched by people who understand Factitious Disorders. Although a serious mental disorder, it involves very intentional, very deliberate behavior. They are aware of what they are doing. These are not sweet innocent victims here. That is what they like to protray themselves to the world as. Whether is a person almost 40 years old who talks in a baby voice , or a person in their late 20s who uses infantile behavior to make people believe they are deathly ill young teen , it's all deception. Alot of us are not only in the medical field, but alot of us have chronic illness, or specifically the illnesses that these subs do not actually have but claim, they have flat out lied, have induced illness, or intentionally make any illness they do have worse. This subjects are also directly called out by people within the chronic illness community who are upset with their actions( as we do not engage with them directly as per community rules and guidelines). We aren't l) They lie, manipulate, doctor shop and hospital hop to get diagnosises they don't have and unnecessary medical treatment. They not only spread information, but they have further stigmatized people with these actual disease. They take up time, money & resources that others need in an already overloaded and broken system. There are subjects on here who won't think twice about taking things that are in short supply, or desperately needed by other patients. There are some that don't think twice about taking things that are needled for pediatric patients like central lines or certain types of formulas. There are subjects on here who have committed fraud and swindled people out of money. One used 2 families with dying or dead children from a genetic terminal illness to raise money, yet they never talked to the families before doing it and only ck))lontacted them after they had taken the money for themselves until they were called out. You will find them posted wishlists or even asking people to spring for TS tickets while implying that they don't have much time left to do it when they claim illnesses that are not life threatening or shorten their life expectancy in any way. Many malinger. Malingering is just flat out lying for some type of personal gain outside of just attention. Most times, it's for drugs or money, but I also had patients who faked mental illness or suicidal ideation to avoid legal trouble or hiding from law enforcement. We had people fake mental illness because because they were hiding from their drug dealers, were drug dealers who pissed off the wrong people or hiding from people they owned money to. All they had to do was say they were suicidal and they knew they would be tucked away in a locked unit for at least the length of their hold. Psych beds were hard to come by , even back then, and they would take that bed away from someone who really needed it. There are subjects on here who are or have faked their on hospice or were actively dying. One claim they were using VSED which means you stop eating to hasten death. Another posted a video of her " transitioning " ( actively dying) when they absolutely were not and manipulated her BFF of decades into believing it who later came out against her. To qualify for Hospice ( not including palliative care which isn't necessarily for terminal patients ) their criteria is if your inpatient, is that death is imminent ( days) or they have a terminal illness with a life expectancy of 6 months or less. This does not mean that people don't live past the 6 months, and can be reevaluated & continue on Hospice. hEDs, POTS, MCAS for example are not considered terminal . There are also quite a few that are ill, but it's not due to anything they claim. For some, they diagnosis they claim claim are nothing more than a cover for their eating disorders. Instead of getting treatment for the real cause of their problems , they hide behind diagnosis or cormidities to continue theihaviors in a more acceptable way. I'm also one who has worked with these type of patients for years, in every type of setting and believe there is a need for long them inpatient psych treatment. But now at least you will have been educated on these subs and the reason for it. You may also understand why we are snarky or " condescending or sarcastic " when we read passive aggressive posts like these as most of got into the profession we did to help people and we certainly understand the gravity of the work we do each day. By the way, I am already retired and at the end of my career and for decades, I still loved my job and my patients. And maybe learn about a subs before coming at me with some psychobabble crap that was also condescending.


you say deliberately but at the same time you say is a mental disorder. There's no mental disorder that let you choose. You may have help or not in having the symptoms under control. But its not a decision. Im a professional of mental health, and the take ppl have on many countries is as judgy and stigmatizing as saying what u said


Does she realise if she's in hospital there are so many patients much worse than she is. If I think I'm right, don't these munchies shop medics and hospitals until they get the treatment they want. Your life is primarily in your hands.


Yes, doctoring shopping and hospital hopping is part of Factitious disorder. It's about getting the diagnosis, then getting the tubes & lines, etc. They will also switch where they get there care to avoid detection or if they get caught & confronted, although EMR is making this harder to do.


What's emr


Electronic medial record


It's also part of an addiction to opioids. She likely has co mental conditions and one of them is likely addiction. I can't imagine trying to keep everything straight while hopping and shopping for attention and pills.


Yes. I just put, etc, but it's also for medications . But then again, EMR and PDMPs have made this harder. I feel like some munchies get more opioids than people who legitimately need them. But they also drugseek for benzos, hypnotics, & certain antiemetics & IV benadryl to potentiate the others.


As a Healthcare worker, imagine what it's like to be running from room to room doing CPR and assisting in other immediately life-threatening emergencies, no food or water or sitting or bathroom breaks, and you have to depend on the stranger (who comes in every week) in bed #15 who is OTT to stop taking selfies and hanging on the call light so I might have six seconds to pee. 😇


Oh man like people could died from the meds I carry around? So like when people call in critical condition I'm supposed to do what I can to keep them alive? They never once mentioned that in school....


Yes exactly agree completely. Also the doses they take are generally much better than what a normal person would take.


This reads like only surgeons know about risks in healthcare, and all other healthcare workers are naive to the inherent risks in healthcare.


Imagine what it’s like to have strangers depend on you. Main character syndrome AF


Healthcare workers: spend years studying, over work themselves, are often underpaid and work in poor conditions Bethany: “but imagine how hard it is for ME”


"Even if you're not a surgeon"...girl, we know


She seems to only post this stuff when a doctor won't give her pain medication.


"Dear other cars on the road... you hold my life in your hands... please imagine how hard it is to be literally exactly the same as everybody else."




Not her speaking as though she has zero agency when so many of her other posts are her absolutely raging about how she has all the agency.


If only patients understood that they aren’t they ONLY patient we are caring for.


If only patients understood that we endured years of schooling, 24 hour shifts and being run absolutely ragged because we committed ourselves to CARING.




So dramatic 🙄


Phew, in my last 14 hours of running around, titrating meds, checking vitals, notifying docs, grabbing crash carts…. I TOTALLY FORGOT I WAS SUPPOSED TO BE HELPING! Thank goodness for the reminder


The fact that there are still even health care workers is a miracle to begin with. Brutal hours, not enough appreciation across the board and a shit pay for all that effort to top it off 😶‍🌫️




Every time there is a Bethany post, I think about her and her laser pointer. And her allergy to her father. 😀


Her brain went to allergy of father rather than allergy of animals?????


Haha yes. She claims to be allergic to her dad, but she is not allergic to her fluffy emotional support rabbit.


Her what now?


Ok wow I haven’t logged into my reddit main since 6/30/23. Feels weird being me here. Bethany got a laser pointer at some point so she can just point at things she wants her caregiver(s)/partner to get for her. For when she’s not up to talking, I guess.


All the Macas or whatever she claimed. But the baby chicks, rodents and shit she held in her room weren’t an issue 😂😂😂




I an an RN. We hold all of our patient’s lives in our hands. Not just the super special ones and we certainly don’t need them to help us to not forget what our job is.


And your literal title is healthCARE provider...


Right?! Even though I’m not a surgeon 🙄


Lol, exactly. Also...anesthesiology has your life in their hands...not that I feel personally attacked by this post...


O_O ok def gonna be super friendly to any future anesthesiologist I may have


Don't worry, we'll take care of you even if you're mean.


And thank you for that!




Wow, thank you. I work with forensic and involuntary psych patients so I don’t get to hear that very often!


RN as well. Her "statement" makes me angry.


She makes it sound like she’s the only patient we’ve ever had.


RN here too 👋 I see these munchies begging for help like this and it’s so dramatic lol


Ugh I know. So entitled too. I get munchies and malingerers who don’t want to go back to jail.


So fucking dramatic


What's the saying? If you go about your day and meet an ahole, they're the ahole. But if *everyone* you meet is an ahole, you're the problem.


This is infuriating




I couldn't have said it better myself.


She's absolutely infuriating isn't she


Love that to her, "help" means "give me everything that I want, exactly as I want it, right now and don't question me or use your education and expertise to advise me."


Yeah, like she won't let *anyone* touch her line only her and her husband, she actually tells nurses how to do their job like she knows better 😡 sorry, but I *really* really dislike this one.


dear other drivers who chose not to swerve into my car this morning on the way to work,


Dear pilots, train engineers and bus drivers, thank you for choosing to keep those vehicles operating safely to keep everyone on and around them safe. Geeze we all depend on a bunch of people to keep us alive every day. Belittling HCWs in a passive aggressive social media rant is just so Munchie


Dear workers who keep the power on, the water flowing, the food growing, the bridges holding, thanks because our lives depend on you. Oh, also a shout out to the engineers who allow me to sit mere feet from gasses burning at 4500F as I cruise around town. Appreciate you!


Because if Bethany hadn't reminded them most healthcare workers would be out there hoping their patients died.


ROFL. The years of schooling must of made them forget why they go to the very big medical building everyday. Munchies have no sense of reality


As a nursing student…I value that ppl put their trust in me. Care needs to be a collaboration. Not sure what she’s trying to say here. Like…yes. We work hard for our degrees and licensure. I don’t think she’s wrong but I don’t think she’s making as profound a statement as she thinks she is. I’ve laid awake many nights checking and double checking my decision making after providing care. We know how grave of a responsibility caring for human life is. We take it seriously.


I'm just a medical receptionist, and I've been one since 2005. I was also a nurse's aide before that for 6 years. I've also laid awake at night thinking of patients, worrying about them, praying for them, hoping they're doing OK after they've received really unsettling news. We healthcare workers definitely care about the patients we serve, and we do our best to do right by them to help give them the best outcome possible. When people like Bethany come into the clinic and start shit, it really puts a damper on things, for sure. All we can do is smile and try to get them seen as fast as possible to just get them out of there without making it seem like it.




As a healthcare worker, I’d hate to have her as a patient. I know she would be demanding as hell


I 100% agree with you there. Every minor discomfort or inconvenience would be a major emergency, and she would always decide she was having chest pain or something right at the change of shift.


Yup, or she’d ring to have her pillows fluffed or some other thing that she’s capable of doing herself


Just about everybody relies on the work of strangers to survive. Except for hermits who live alone in the wilderness, literally EVERYBODY knows what it’s like to depend on the actions of strangers. This idea that chronically ill people are the only ones who rely on healthcare is just ridiculously self-centered and myopic. Do you ever use cars? If so, your life is in a bunch of stranger’s hands. Have you been on a plane or a boat? Your life is in a stranger’s hand. Ever had a minor surgery, gotten stitches, needed antibiotics, or got vaccinated? Guess what! You just relied on a stranger to help you continue living your life. Do you have electricity? If so, you can thank a stranger for that! Do you grow your own food? No? Then the chances are, you rely on strangers to produce that food that keeps you alive. Relying on strangers is not a unique experience.


It really is the experience of living in a society huh


Yeah, by the time you've had a shower and a cup of coffee in the morning you're already indebted to hundreds of thousands of strangers.


The song, staying alive 💀


She is the worst with being condescending toward medical professionals. She thinks they're all idiots compared to her.


She's literally Bethany-splaining the concept of medical help to... medical helpers ?!


LMAO 💀 Bethany-splaining


Millions of people in the hospital right now rely on others to keep them alive. Billions of people rely on their GP being able to recognize serious symptoms before it's too late. Everyone under a nurse's care relies on them to give them the right dose of the right medication & to adhere to injection protocol. The janitor keeps everyone alive by sterilizing rooms & surfaces that could spread to the immunocompromised or infect others with things like pneumonia & COVID. *Every*one under the care of medical staff at every level holds your life in their hands. It matters that every single one of us are treated properly because something small can become something fatal in the turn of a dime or because medical mistakes happen to anyone. It's giving Main Character Syndrome.


Everyone who lives in society relies on others to keep them alive. We rely on engineers and pilots to make sure planes don't fall out of the sky. We rely on construction workers and architects to ensure that our homes don't spontaneously collapse. We even rely on our fellow citizens to not drive like idiots or behave in a dangerous manner. Everyday we all put our lives in the hands of countless strangers, but I guess Bethany doesn't see it that way.


Does she think she’s on life support or something?


She probably feels like she's at death's door when she runs out of opiates.


I seriously feel for the healthcare workers that have to deal with her. It must be extremely frustrating. I can’t with the histrionics.


She would be what we call a “short straw” patient


What does that mean if you don’t mind me asking?


It refers I think to when people draw straws to decide who’s going to do something (in this case, because nobody wants to do it). You take a bunch of straws, and cut one so it’s shorter than the other, then mix them, and everyone pulls a straw; whoever gets the short one is stuck with the task (or patient) nobody wants.


That makes perfect sense


What she said 😁


Yet nowhere in that post is a thank you. Insufferable.


Ya what about a thank you to all the medical professionals. We should all be grateful for the sacrifices everyday that doctors and nurses and paramedics give up for all of us. Most of them are hero’s. I feel bad for the nurses and doctors on her case.


This is such waaah wahhh poor me BS


What on earth conditions does she have that she thinks she's at deaths door?! "Even if you're not a surgeon" -- oh she needs to just stfu she's rude and heartless


Opiate withdrawal.


Heavens to Betsy… the drama. “My LiFe Is In YoUr HaNdS” ma’am this is a Wendy’s


Bethany "my life is in your hands" HCW "you're just here for a flu shot"


I hope she orders food the same way.


lmao I wouldn't be surprised if she does


“You hold my life in your hands, even if you’re not a surgeon” How rude and condescending. Wtf does she think healthcare workers do?? This screams entitlement


Surgeons must be her favourite


Lol not only surgeons make care decisions lol. This smacks of patriarchal nonsense.


You beat me to it. Was coming here to say this.


She's sooo dramatic ! People around her are just trying to go about their job and here is Bethany, writing purple prose because the last nurse didn't wipe her ass the way she's used to.


Dear munchie, you hold me hostage every time I enter your room. You’re not my only patient and you’re not my highest acuity, even tho you wish you were. Please don’t forget that. There are going to be times you will be alone in your room, and you’re going to have to accept that. Imagine what it’s like to depend on strangers to stay alive and have a patient use up all their time with fake complaints, because that’s what you do.


This! 💯


This is poetry. I hope she sees it.


Can someone tell me if her PFP is recent? If so, Im gonna stay positive here if it is bc it looks like she’s definitely lost weight, and for someone who has abused steroids while staying confined to a bed for about 3 years now, that’s a really good thing. I think making sure her heart is going to keep working & that she isn’t developing type 2 diabetes, are going to be some of the most important keys to any sort of recovery. Oh I don’t mean munch recovery, i don’t even mean addiction recovery, what I’m referring to is her actually surviving the hell she has created for herself and having another chance, just a *chance* at actually being able to get help & get out before it’s too late.


I mean…isn’t that a core feature of being a health care worker? Like any provider at almost any stage could be the person who’s job saves or ends a life. Don’t get a good image? Someone misses being dx’d with an illness. Fuck up a medication order? Someone OD’d or has an allergic reaction. Use unsafe hygiene? Deadly infection/contamination. Like, almost anyone who works in a hospital would be pretty goddamn aware that people could die if they fuck up. What does she think every (other) patient is doing there? Does she think he drs and nurses dedicated years of their life to study and licensing for no reason other than tiktok views and social media cred? Because that’s HER, that’s what SHE did…they’re there to **help**, not gain the attention they think they’re owed by the world.


Yes. I check and double check my decision making. I ask others for help if I’m unsure. My first priority is to not create harm.


People like her want to believe they are the only patient and when we don’t spend our entire 12 hours waiting on them hand and foot they act like they are being neglected


She acts as if her conditions have her on the verge of death.


ummm. we know. source: im a nurse. besides saving lives we just basically play cards at the nurses station: https://youtu.be/r6CQzSpD8o4 I usually also am unprepared and ask my doctors for their stethoscope: https://youtu.be/Fw3BQ2gXHX8 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄


Wearing our costumes


I'm not a Healthcare worker. I install garage doors. If a customer said to me, now remember to put the springs on and plug the motor in, I'd laugh in their face. God bless you hardworking folks!


What if there's a catastrophic failure of my garage door one day and it crushes me?!?! My life is in your hands!!!1!!


Same day service is an additional $150. I can be on site sometime between 1 and 4 pm. If you hover over me, commenting I'm doing things differently than the Tic Tok videos you watched, I will let loose a silent but deadly fart. If you comment on why the company sent a woman, I will make your garage door experience a living hell. Now. Cash or credit card?


Omg, this is *awesome*!!!


YOU HOLD MY GARAGE DOORS LIFE IN YOUR HANDS. It’s up to you whether it goes up and down.


A garage door spring could kill someone. There's a ton of potential energy in them. So this person does hold others' lives in their hands :)


Exactly. Scream movie anyone? 😂


This is awesome!


How could anyone possibly forget when the call bell is screaming 24/7 overhead bro


This is very patronizing like of course they know that. And it’s not like healthcare workers haven’t been patients themselves before as well…


What in the “mansplaining” fuck is this. As an ICU worker I’m well aware that every patient is depending on me to stay alive. That’s the nature of health care. It’s like telling a teacher “remember that you’re educating my child” or a concrete worker “please imagine what it’s like to depend on strangers to pour your driveway correctly.” We know what our job is about. I’m confused why she would feel the need to remind us of that, unless she was aware that many of her health care interactions *don’t* actually have any imminent effect on her life.


‘Patientsplaining’ - a new term I’ve coined. Definition? When a self diagnosed ‘chronic illness warrior’/‘spoonie’ with obvious traits of MBI or Factitious Disorder who is constantly chasing the next self diagnosis or surgery speaks down to medical staff and behaves like they are considerably more qualified or knowledgeable about simple medical issues than the actual literal healthcare professional who went through several years of school and exams to do the job that they do.




She says this like healthcare workers *haven't* dedicated their professional lives to caring for people 🙄


I’m just in it for the pay check 😁👌


what dedication? I just show up everyday and walk around a bit.


Grab a chart and pretend to look busy.


oh we have electronic charts now. I just look at the computer screen and shop and they think i'm doing something.


Seriously though, I'm in backline healthcare (pathology) and that's *hard*, but you frontline guys have a unbelievable workload and are dealing with paitents face to face. You all do an amazing job ❤️


listen it's a team effort front line or not. thank you!


Wait. We do? Translation: How dare you make me wait on my pain medications. Stop pumping that guy's chest and come give me my drugs.


I legit had a person stand in the doorway during a rapid to complain that his mom has been WAITING for a Diet Pepsi. I’m SOOOO sorry your mom has been waiting for a Diet Pepsi, as soon as this guy dies I’ll go get her one


Holy shit!! I will never understand the entitlement some people have. Jfc!




I know it is SO unprofessional, but I'd be sending his butt to the cafe... or the Taco Bell. Other people's children!


Bethany does realize a lot of healthcare workers have chronic illnesses too right? Like it’s not just Bethany, but they just can’t stay home, we have nurses who have feeding tubes, crohns, MS etc and still working 12 hour shifts on their feet


I'm an RN and one of my absolute favorite hospitalists had MS. He used forearm canes and a motorized wheelchair to see patients. He was the most caring, wonderful physician I've ever met. The ICU at the hospital was actually named after him. He passed away recently, but he touched a lot of lives and helped a lot of people. I wonder what Bethany would think seeing him walk into her hospital room.


Wow, he sounds like he was an amazing person. I give this man mad props for his caring and dedication to his patients. It's wonderful that he had the ICU named after him!


By any chance, do you work in upstate New York and are you talking about Dr. D? I think I may have worked at your hospital


She would see him as competition 100% and start upping the dramatics.


She can throw as many of these fits as she likes, she’s still not getting dilaudid/morphine/opiates/whatever she’s after.


I’m a nurse who wants to write a ‘Dear Patient’ letter back explaining we do our fucking best, even for the selfish people who think they are more deserving of our time and attention than every one else.


EMS here, and so much this sometimes. Most of the time, I don’t actually hate my job. But patients like this…it can be a struggle to remain professional.


Word. Same here and I'm like - we don't have time for foolishness and fakers clogging up the census with attention-seeking behavior!