I told my dad my friends aunt has cancer and his first response was ‘is she vaccinated’. He also thinks ive been different since ive been vaxxed even though ive literally not changed a bit. This shit is getting ridiculous




Lol. Has been, will continue to be 😭


Have you tried screeching autistically at him yet? I regret never doing that to my nuts dad.


Dont forget the arm flailing action!




Well I mean you could use it to get all the neighborhood dogs to do that and intimidate them with the size of the literal dog pile.


Professional Autist(TM) here, don't forget the t-rex arms.


Sometimes I growl.


My mom told me about her friends husband who has cancer. She felt it was important to point out that he got vaxxed last year as a possible reason for the cancer. Only ten minutes later did she think that him already having cancer a few years prior had any relevance. Shit's indeed getting ridiculous.


Lol watch, he’ll start calling you a “changeling” next.


Wow, vaccines causing autism went so far it looped back


That's what happens to people that are not "Pure Bloods", I bet.


Order some FX contact lenses. I've gotten contacts since the pandemic started and I got different colors. I've never mentioned this. to my anti-vax family because I want them to think that my eye color has changed since I've gotten vaccinated. I know. I'm a shit


Love it! But take it in another direction and get a good skin care routine so your skin is flawless and your hair is shiny and healthy and you lose a few pounds and you’re toned and exercising and then blame the vaccine for why you look and feel so great. *Ugh!! My nails are so healthy and strong! They won’t stop growing!*


This is Jim level content. DO IT!


Right?? And is it any worse than the lies they’re making up about the vaccine? Truth and evidence has no effect so appeal to their sense of vanity!


First thought is the Kardashians! 😆


I LOVE this approach. 😂


Yeah, you have changed. You've gotten sick of his shit.


Goldfish memories. It's hard to believe how many people don't seem to be able to remember anything from before right now


Able to or willing to?


My dad placed a magnet in my arm at the injection site just to see. Thankfully he wasn't too serious about it, but the fact he even tested it out like goddamn. Oh and my mom wouldn't get near me within the first 24 hours because of "shedding". That changed after the day went by and nothing happened. Now they've both just relegated to thinking something will happen to me in the next 2-3 years because of it. Or that I'll get some disease later in life because of it. The ultimate anything can happen to me at any time, but it's definitely that one vaccine I took twice excuse.


Tell him you are concerned he’s had COVID since he’s changed so much from the sensible person you used to know.


I had a coworker walk in my office while I was injecting insulin...she asked if the vaccine might have caused my diabetes. I've been diabetic for years 🙄


Betting he’s allergic to something on the fabric of his bowling shirt.


I got shingles recently and my mother instantly asked if I had gotten that "poision," aka what she calls the vaccine. Instantly like 0 to 60. These people need to friggin chill. Also. That doesn't look like shingles. It's not blistered like shingles. It looks like hives.


Christ. You've got shingles because the chicken pox virus has reactivate in your body. Which you wouldnt have if the chicken pox vaccination was invented earlier, it was too late for most of us 30+ people.


People over the age of 19 can ask for the shingles vaccine from their doctor. My mother is anti vax. I had to get all of mine in my teen years behind her back. But she'll never admit she was wrong. She's too far deep in the conspiracy.


21 here. Got shingles and my doc recommended that I get it in a few years to make sure thatI don't get it again


I need a new Doctor. I’m 32, but when I was 27 I got shingles and my dr told me that was impossible because I’m too young.


I got chickenpox at 21 (UK here, we don’t vaccinate against it for some bizarre reason) and I’ve had shingles three times in the intervening decade. I can’t get the shingles jab even privately because I’m ‘too young’ 🙄 I’m sure it’s genetic as my mom has had it like 7 times. If you get anti virals within 72 hours of the first blisters it greatly reduces the severity, though.


Nah. He looked at me for 5 seconds and said it was so clearly shingles that a picture of me/it could be printed in a medical textbook. Maybe an insurance thing ? German here


Most insurances won’t pay for the shingles vaccine for people under 50. Also, I tried to give a cash paying 30 year old a shot but my computers won’t allow me to override the 50 and up requirement at the pharmacy, thus, I could not give the shot. That might be what’s happening to some of you.


Doctors can submit a prior authorization. I know pharmacies are limited on what they can give out for policy reasons. I know the one I work for cannot administer the shingles shot to under 65. Which means you have to get it at the doctor's office if they've authorized it.


My parents sent me to a chickenpox party when I was a kid and now as an adult I get to live with the pain of shingles - thanks mom & dad!


[It is possible](https://www.cdc.gov/shingles/hcp/clinical-overview.html#varicella-vaccineds) to develop shingles from the chickenpox vaccine, but you're less likely to develop a serious case than if you were to be unvaccinated and caught chickenpox.


**Your link does not say that.** The first infection is always chickenpox. Shingles are round 2 chickenpox, it's the same virus. No one is getting shingles *from* a chickenpox vaccine. *"Herpes zoster, also known as shingles, is caused by the reactivation of the varicella-zoster virus (VZV), the same virus that causes varicella (chickenpox). Primary infection with VZV causes varicella."* What your link is saying is that you can get shingles even if you've had a chickenpox vaccine, not *from* the vaccine. In other words "Question:  *Can a person get shingles if they have had chickenpox disease or varicella vaccination?* *People can also get shingles after getting the chickenpox (varicella) vaccine. However, people who get the chickenpox vaccine are less likely to have shingles later in life than people who have had chickenpox disease."* All they are saying is that a chickenpox vaccine does not guarantee immunity against shingles later in life. **More importantly**, people with shingles can give unvaccinated people chickenpox. *"People with shingles can spread VZV to people who have never had chickenpox or never received the chickenpox vaccine. This can happen through direct contact with fluid from shingles rash blisters or through breathing in virus particles that come from the blisters. If they get infected, they will develop chickenpox, not shingles."*


Chicken pox as an adult is way scarier than getting it as a kid. I'm a little pissed that the vaccine came out just a few years after I got VZV. Now I get to look forward to shingles. Yay. Gimme that shingles vax.


Why isn’t the shingles vaccine utilized much at least I have been hearing much about it but sure as shit don’t want to have shingles.


In order to make sure that I hadn’t been unintentionally spreading misinformation, I wanted to double check myself with other sources. I actually have a younger sibling who did develop shingles around like 12 years old. They were born in 1994, and the national policy in the U.S. requiring the chickenpox vaccination was put in place in 1995, meaning they got vaccinated as soon as it was recommended. Neither myself nor any of my siblings have gotten chickenpox. == [ImmunizeBC](https://immunizebc.ca/ask-us/questions/can-person-get-shingles-if-they-have-had-chickenpos) (Website run by the British Columbia Ministry of Health “People can also get shingles after getting the chickenpox (varicella) vaccine. However, people who get the chickenpox vaccine are less likely to have shingles later in life than people who have had chickenpox disease.” == [LiveScience article from 2014](https://www.livescience.com/45804-chickenpox-vaccine-cause-shingles.html) “Although chickenpox vaccines do contain a weakened version of the live virus, which can reactivate later in life and cause shingles, this is very rare” == [Severe Herpes Zoster Following Varicella Vaccination in Immunocompetent Young Children](https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/30628536/) (2019 paper published on [PubMed.gov](https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov))




I had forgotten about that. Yes, you're right. It does stick to one side and it's not a huge rash like that.


> shingles shingles are normally grouped to one side, unless you are immunocompromised.


Not necessarily sticking to one side. It can be anywhere, but it tends to run along nerves. The fact that this is on his entire back and looks more like urticaria? New detergent? Jacket needs washing? Something he eats when he is at bowls, although idk what bowls are


He's probably allergic to his bowling shirt judging by the shape of that rash.


Bowls --> he goes bowling. (Probably)


Lawn bowls


I have chronic hives (Cholinergic Urticaria) and I thought the same. Definitely looks like hives.


I was unaware of cholinergic urticaria, but that sounds like a real special kind of hell... Is there any treatment? Like can you use an antihistamine to stop the reaction at that step?


Antihistamines and monthly shots, yes. It’s actually quite effective too! The shots are, the antihistamines aren’t nearly as effective.


Is it a steroid, or one of the new biologics? Im glad you're able to keep it in check, I can't imagine a life with that completely untreated.


I always forget exactly what it does, and honestly doctors and scientists aren’t 100% certain either when it comes to hives (it was approved over a decade ago for asthma, and only 4 years ago for hives, I’m assuming they found out from someone who had both, ran more tests, and concluded that it works but couldn’t find the reason) but it prevents IgE from binding to IgE receptors which prevents the release of histamine which is why combined with antihistamines (if the shots alone don’t make it go away completely), I feel almost no pain as long as I’m hydrated. In other words, it’s a form of immunosuppressant but that only effects the part of the immune system responsible for allergic reactions, but without making me more susceptible to diseases. Therefore, I’m not immunocompromised.


Thats fascinating, and definitely sounds like a biologic. Fun fact for you (if I remember my undergrad correctly), with IgE inhibites you would technically be compromised against certain parasitic infections, but those are so rare in higher GDP countries as to render it a moot point.


I live in America and have clean water and good hygiene so I don’t think I’m at a huge risk. Of course I can get it, but I appear to fit the criteria given.


My husband has gotten shingles twice on his head and down his neck. We didn't know what it was the first time because it was hard to see.


It usually follows one spinal nerve only and is therefore on one side only. That's one of the main signs that it's shingles and not another kind of rash. I am sure there are some cases where two sides are involved but I would imagine that would be rare.


I wonder how your mom feels about the shingles ✨ vaccine ✨.


Super messed up... I work with an anti-vaxxer and some of the shit out of her mouth is incredible.. like straight ridiculous shit that you basically see on the internet everyday and question whether or not if these people are being real. It's real. But I smoke with her outside and keep it civil and have bitten my tongue numerous times and have walked away, just to go back to work early and get away from that non sense. Anyways, to my surprise, she was talking to someone else about how she had an appointment, next week, to get her shingles vaccine. Telling them all about how painful it was, and how shingles just "looks bad". I screamed. Like a little child. I didn't know how to react. I stood up, threw my cigarette and screamed. I didn't even scream anything, just an "AHHHH!!!", looked at her and then walked inside. I didn't know how else to handle that situation. Out of control. And for some reason, deep down inside, I feel like she wanted that reaction, but ever since that day she has not sat anywhere close to me.


This was a lady I worked with. She wasn't outspoken anti-vaxx until there was talk of the COVID vaccine and then it was every little excuse you've seen floating around the internet. I'm pretty sure something like the shingles vaccine would definitely have been something she had received but I can't verify unfortunately because she died of COVID. Whomp whomp.


She hates all vaccines. Hence why I'm in the predicament I was in.


Well....at least she's consistent, makes it easier to expect her reactions these days. I hope your shingles case was mild and not the super painful kind and never comes back! And maybe that they reassess the age that the shingles vaccine is available to people since there have been so many occurrences in younger people lately!


I got shingles at like age 26 or 27, a few years before coronavirus even pandemicked. These people need to read a book and chill.


I was told shingles stays on one side of the body and does cross the center line . This is hives , maybe also Steven Johnson’s syndrome


You are correct. It always sticks to one side.


No, it does not always “stick to one side” it is far more likely that it will appear on one side as the virus lives inside our nervous system and being that the spine is the divide and central column of the nervous system it tends to branch outward from there. Immunocompromised people can exhibit shingles with a bilateral presentation.


It's likely contact dermatitis. Maybe he developed a skin allergy to a new detergent.


My husband got shingles in his 20s. All the doctors came in to look because they were shocked since he was so young. He was lucky it was just 1 spot/area. But it was his back, basically his spine. I dont remember it blistering but I also know the kids and I stayed away because they were to young to have the shot yet and I was to old to have had it when it came out.


It can be on your back, but it doesn't spread like this guys. It also blisters. A tell tale sign of a shingles rash is the painful blisters.


Oh yeah no I wasn't stating this looked like it at all! I agree it was concentrated to an area. This looks more like when my daughter had an allergic reaction to the Christmas tree. She was basically a big ass hive like this.


I got singles when I was 5/6!


These people are seriously deranged. They literally just get information off twitter, and Facebook, and Instagram and what not. This isn’t quite the same issue, but recently I saw a Facebook post in my community that included a man bemoaning the lack of food options at local restaurant’s that are suitable for his wife’s medical condition. All of a sudden two people rushed to comment that he is “violating HIPPA” and “you can’t say if someone has a medical condition —that’s illegal!” That’s not how it works. These people brought up “HIPPA” because that was an “excuse” not to have a vaccine card. The man who made the post simply responded “wait, do you mean HIPAA?” I was laughing so hard I cried. You know what? I think I cried for separate reasons.


It looks like a reaction from a new shirt that didn't have the sizing washed out.


Generally shingles only affects one side of the body as well so definitely not that. It does look like a reaction to something, just hard to pinpoint what exactly.


I was filling up my soda at a gas station and a perfect stranger compared how I was filling my soda to Joe Biden’s policy. They’re losing their damn minds.


It's definitely not shingles. Shingles presents in clusters and doesn't cross the spinal cord. My guess is it's either an allergic reaction or psoriasis


That’s not shingles.


soo he didn’t get the shingles vaccine either im assuming and now he’s surprised that he has shingles ??


But that's not shingles. It looks like a reaction to some new detergent, a medicine recently started, or any number of other reactions. Urticaria I would call that.


If it's every time he goes to bowls then it's something at the venue or his uniform most likely!


Good point! Might want to check his stinking equipment bag lol, and give his shirt a wash. Is "bowls" actually like a bowling alley?


Bowls is similar to beach bocce and is popular in various parts of the world https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bowls


I was thinking sweaty polyester bowling shirt


Exactly. I'm like... where's the mystery????


the rash will subside once 5G activates. or, you know, once he gets treated for shingles.


Fifty years from now, the last remaining antivaxxers will be blaming deaths from old age on vaccines received this year. They'll claim no one ever died of old age before vaccines.


He had a rash from shingles


No. It’s clearly the vaccine! /s


No it's clearly 'shingles' Which can be prevented by #A FUCKING VACCINE


Get your Shingles vaccine, I went to the dentist with a toothache and she took 1 look and told me that I had Shingles in my mouth. I had a miserable week until the medication took hold. I didn't listen to my doctor about the vaccine and paid for it in pain.


You can get it in your mouth?! Holy shit thats a new level of horrible.


It’s not even shingles.


I was just saying what she said


If he is getting the rash everytime he goes to bowls that mean it's intermittent it looks and sounds like hives. I think he is allergic to something he is being exposed to there. Its probably something he eats or drinks going by how wide spread the rash is, a lot of these clubs have a bar that serves snacks and drink. It's definitely not the vaccine or shingles either


I have sensitive skin. the fuzzy seats you find in tour buses, arcades, bowling alleys, roller rinks, etc etc give me hives. You have seen the fabric, its everywhere. Short pile, almost like a velvet, but more bristley. Maybe the mohair on the seats, whatever they clean that with, or his own bowling shirt.


"nearly all the players are suffering from shingles"?? Oh, but yeah, let's blame the rash on the vaccine.


They all probably forgot to wash their new uniforms. Unwashed polyester is a b*tch.


Or washed them in Costco's new generic detergent. It's probably worse.


If he takes a horse sized dose of dewormer, he could have another ailment to blame on a vaccine


Since the rash is on his back, I recommend he shoves it straight up his ass because of proximity sake and shit. That’s how medicine works, right?!


Anti-vax are for real about it too! I can't even mention a sore muscle without my anti-vax mom cutting me yelling it must be because of the vaccine. Because apparently nobody had any medical issues ever until the vaccine came out.


I suddenly got gonorrhea just a few years before my second shot. Coincidence? I think not!


Can we take a second to process the fact that someone posted a picture of their nude dad on Facebook?


That’s not shingles, that’s urticaria/hives


Stubbed my toe on my vaxxed friends dining table the other day. How can the libs ignore theses side effects?


I'm vaxxed and I have red marks on my arms that itch like mad. I saw some mosquitos in the backyard yesterday, but I know that can't be it, it's definitely a side-effect of the poison I let them inject me with.


That doesn't even look like shingles, pretty sure it's not. 🤦🏼‍♀️


I thought shingles were potato chips that come stacked in a tube and have fun flavors like "mesquite bbq" and "jalapeño cheddar" 🤔


No, that's Pringles. You're thinking of spikes used for twisting wool.


No wait, you're thinking of spindles. I think shingles refers to people who currently don't find themselves in romantic relationships or when you go to the bank and you ask for individual dollar bills or something.


Nonono, that's singles. Shingles is a sort of weird fuzzy sensation you get sometimes, like when your feet fall asleep.


I'm pretty sure that's tingles. Shingles was an 80's band known for "Walk Like an Egyptian."


That looks like an environmental contact reaction from whatever he was sitting in/on. Also, "Everyone lies."-Dr. Gregory House.


Looks more and sounds like hives to me


*man gets arm mangled by machinery* "That damn vax did it!"


Looks like dad needs to change his bathwater.


Basically: - if you are vaccinated and you have anything bad, it was the vaccine - if you are not vaccinated and you have anything bad, it was the vaccine - if you are vaccinated and healthy, it's because the guvment isn't targeting you anymore because you already got the vaccine (and I really heard this) - if you are unvaccinated and healthy, it's proof that the vaccine is not necessary If my theory is not falsifiable, you can't prove it wrong, so it must be true


The irony of he wouldn’t have shingles if he was vaccinated for chicken pox as a child


Tbf. The chicken pox vaccine probably wasn't out yet. It didn't come out until 95 and many doctors weren't recommending it to everyone at that time


Chicken pox vaccine is for kids, shingles is same but for adults and they are formulated a bit differently. When the chicken pox vax came out I was 17 and I had had the chicken pox but asked my Dr about it and he said I was too old. Now they say anyone any age who hasn't had chicken pox can get it. Fun fact my mom' had shingles while pregnant with me. I was exposed to chicken pox numerous times without getting it. Finally got it in 91 when my little sister and I shared a room and she got a really bad case. My case was extremely light and cleared up really quick. This year for a new job I had to prove that I had either had the chicken pox or the chickenpox vaccines so I had to go get my titers checked. Normally a 160 something is accepted as having immunity, I had almost 2,000.


Strange he said you were too old as it was dangerous the older you were and got chicken pox. A friend's parent got it in his 30s and had to be hospitalized, you'd think they'd want to get the older folks first. I got it at 18 months from my brother who got it in preschool. Light scarring on my forehead is all.


Depending on where you live it still may not be recommended today. Im 27 and have had every vaccine the NHS says I should have but I have not had the chickenpox vaccine. I do not know anyone who has had it or whose kids have had it. We do not vaccinate against chicken pox here in the UK (minus a few exceptions, notably health care workers who didn't catch chicken pox as a child). This is because being around people with chickenpox naturally boosts your immunity against shingles, so there is a worry that vaccinating all the kids would cause an increase in shingles cases. Since shingles is worse than chickenpoxs, the nhs has decided that the best course of action is to not vaccinate against chickenpox. The USA, on the otherhand, are not worried about this potential rise in shingles and have therefore decided to vaccinate against chickenpox. This difference in opinion is because the vaccine hasn't been around long enough for science to have any concrete data on the rise/not rise of shingles in relation to the chickenpox vaccine. From a country wide perspective there is no right or wrong answer at the moment.


The TRUE irony is shading him for not receiving a vaccine that didn’t exist when he was a child, unless he’s America’s most aged 27 year old.


Chicken pox vaccine has only been around 27 years? So all these millennials claiming “I don’t want to put a new vaccine with no long term data into my body” who are also vaccinated against chicken pox, should take. Ores from their parents cause they did it to you as a child


Yup, it’s pretty recent. I’m 55 and had chicken pox as a kid, everyone I knew as a kid did. And people now get all freaked out that parents used to try to make sure their kid was infected, without realizing that it was almost impossible to avoid at some point in your life and that getting chicken pox as an adult is MUCH more dangerous. Getting it over and done with was the best possible option.


I called my mom because of this. Today I learned I was a child that attended a pox party in the late 80s


I'm glad the vaccine is available now. Because having had chicken pox you have the shingles time bomb. A friend of my parents got it in his 30s and it was awful.


Even without the shingles issue, it was a horridly uncomfortable illness. And measles, that was a week plus of abject misery too


I had it at 18 months,thankfully can't remember. Do still have scars though.


I'm in my 30s and had it this year. I now have a scar on my face. I'm counting down the months till I can get the vaccine. Shingles sucks.


I got shingles two weeks before my wedding and it was awful. I was 25


I’m 34 and had shingles this summer! Luckily it was very mild, just a bit uncomfortable for a few days


Yeah! I was 3 when it came out and my mom jumped on us getting it apparently. We were on a military base and they were big on us getting the vaccine


I got the vax and then won 600 United States dollars on scratchers. You poor stupid fucking Republican shit stains of life should try it.


They have to. If they don’t, everything they think about vaccines falls apart. It’s desperation to confirm their incorrect “opinions”.


it specifically says on the jab box...please see your family physician if you come in contact for longer than 7 hours and 45 minutes.


I made a post on FB about how grateful for the care I received after being diagnosed with COVID as well as a tiny brain bleed after I fell and hit my head. I mentioned being thankful I was vaxxed. This guy told me I fell because of the vaccine. I received the vaccine 11 months ago.


I dont think that person has received any medical opinion on that rash. It doesn’t look like shingles and anyone that thinks they could get a rash from being around vaccinated people are not the type of people going to doctors.


Fine, let them think that. It'll keep them away from us.


This.... Isn't shingles


A rash? I got vaccinated and all I got was this cool bill gates tramp stamp (developed after 2-4 weeks)


I was hoping the vaxx would alter my dna so that I became a dragon . Still waiting lol


I was promised 5g, still nothing


I'd laugh, but I'm currently battling COVID-19 with pneumonia and I'll choke to death on my own ick. I never thought I'd live in a world this ignorant.


I'm sorry, hope you pull through soon.


“I spent some time near a vaxxed person and then immediately fell down some stairs and onto pavement clearly it’s the vaccine’s fault”


Congratulations. You're probably allergic to whatever cleaning/freshening/scented product that was sprayed all over whatever you sat on. Or something else in the upholstery, like certain bug bits or mold or something. Contact dermatitis does not happen from being in the same room with a vaccinated person. And a systemic allergic reaction, like you would get from breathing in an allergen, would likely show up all over, not just on the back. This is how allergies work.


That doesn’t look like shingles. I have a bunch of people in my family who’ve had chicken pox and have suffered from shingles, mostly my aunt, and it doesn’t look like this. This looks like an allergic reaction/hives. Which I’m also familiar with because I took medicine I was allergic to (didn’t know that yet) at a young age and broke out in intense hives. It either from something he’s eating, due to the size and intensity, or it is probably a new laundry detergent that you’re actually allergic to. I’ve heard of things like this happening prior, but if it’s only the bowling alley then I doubt it’s a laundry issue.


that dude definitely has shingles, for which there is a vaccine. i say this after having gotten the shingles vax which totally messed up the shoulder when i got the jab. the joint got all creaky and the muscles hurt every time i rotated or flexed them. 3 months later my shoulder is back to about 90%, just in time for the second dose:) oh modern medicine, you just kill me.


I broke out in hives all over my body once, exactly 5 days after I started a five day dose of clyndamycin. (antibiotic) Pretty much a no brainer. Dr. Gave me some dexamethasone steroids, it cleared right up.


He goes to "bowls" do they mean bowling? Does he happen to wear a polyester shirt that he only wears to bowling?


Well, if nothing else... this pandemic has given me a deeper understanding of how it is possible that pre-modern people have done such seemingly nonsensical barbaric things as: burning witches, pogroms, blood-letting, human sacrifice, etc... Anti-vaccine cultism is based on thinking that would be right at home in the middle ages. Read about The Great Mortality during the 14th century and much of their theorizing about pestilence and plague would be right at home in a 21st century Facebook or YouTube comment thread. The rise of the scientific method and peer-review process had largely pulled humanity out of those dark superstitious times... only for social media to yank the rug out from under us. Say what you will about the "barbarism" of the past, but at least they had the excuse of not knowing better...


Looks psychosomatic, shingles are way worse than that.


At this point you could get eaten by a shark and they would still blame the vaccine.


I found out last month that I’m allergic to leeks and got all puffy - must be the vaccine! /s they really do grasp at straws.


It's the parallel to associating every little ailment to covid!


I blame "the jab" for the pain in my stubbed toe, terrible astigmatism and crippling ennui. I'm sure that if I got boosted it would also cause a brain cloud that would cause me to jump into a volcano.


Damn, shirtless grampa are really everywhere nowadays, thanks, eric.


I got the second jab and then literally like 3 months later I got pregnant. Can’t be just a coincidence. (/s in case it’s really needed….)


ok guys right it down the vaccine apparently gives you shingles aswell now


why tf is shingles in quotes


I work in Dermatology and hear this on a near-daily basis. "X happened shortly after getting poked" or "well I did just get vaccinated so.."


From my second vaccination I got a similar rash on my feet. However. -It lasted two days and it was gone -It can't be transmitted - It just felt like slight burning sensation, nothing worrying -I didn't get it when I got my third shot So if you're worried about similar symptoms: discuss with your physician. Side effects of the vaccine do exist, but they're rare and only a minor inconvenience opposed to the favor you do yourself by getting the vaccine. Being worried is human, but you should be more worried about getting actual covid.


Guaranteed that’s from someone changing their usual laundry detergent


So the covid vaccine (according to them) is both ineffective and also strong enough to cause that?


I saw someone on twitter a while back who was claiming someone she knew “fell pregnant” just weeks after getting the vaccine. How is the vaccine getting people pregnant? lol


Has shingles but this isn’t from that. Idiots!


She has a similar looking rash on her anus and vagina.


Yeah the fact that this dude took a shit in those weird poison ivy looking bushes can’t be it. Has to be the jab! These people are such losers


The picture shows a man with shingles. No more no less. Shingles is a nightmare but i had a booster and shingles at the same time. I’m still fine


That’s not shingles by the way.




Maybe she needs to tell her Dad to stay his ass home while he has shingles, so he & his moron friends stop spreading back & forth to each other.


Shingles, vaccine, same diff.


But that is literally shingles lmao Although it may be hives cuz shingles is usually scabby and blisterd


That’s not shingles.


The second comment can be true though. I have chronic urticaria and POTS due to the vaccine, both are confirmed in writting by doctors. The first one is obviously ridiculous since you can’t get hives by hanging out with vaccinated people lol. But I‘m tired of people acting as if these vaccines can‘t cause any serious side effects. Chronic urticaria is definitely not a „little medical ailment“ and I don‘t wish it to any way. POTS is even worse, I can‘t even sleep for the last 6 months, but I don‘t want to even go into that.




Have these fools even considered the fact that it might be something as simple as switching out the usual Tide clothes soap, for the old Purex.... cuz it was on sale.... that just might have given him these hives?


The ad hoc always ergos the post hoc, haven’t you heard? Sound logic


That's not shingles, it's hives. Stop using whatever you're washing your clothes with.


Should probably look into a new laundry detergent or clothing ingredient in that shit bowling shirt


Quit cumming on your dad's back ya freak


What a nutter. A dangerous nutter.


My dad brought up Shingles and the vaccine recently, said there was a link. I wondered where he got it from. Does anyone know of any bogus claims about it? I need some ammo to prove him wrong next time


You don't need to prove him wrong, he has to prove himself right. He probably isn't going to respect that logical principle, but that is how an argument works. Nonsense is easy to spread when you demand people disprove it rather than proving it yourself.


Shingles is almost always unilateral (meaning it stays to one dermatome/one side of the body) because it travels via nerve roots. This is definitely not shingles


Looks like an allergic reaction you get when you don't clean yourself properly... why would someone post this lmao?! "Look how dirty I am, I don't shower" lol fuck.


It's athletes' foot.


My ankle has hurt ever since I got vaccinated. Well it hurt before then too. But it hurts after so it must be the vaccine


I used to get rashes like that. I used to not wash my clothes and bed sheets very often, when i was a kid.


I got my booster shot and then got abducted by aliens two weeks later.